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Found 5 results

  1. Hey all! Better late to the party than never, I figured it best to get started right now rather than wait for the next six week challenge, cos hey why wait and waste three weeks of progress? So I have been here before under another name and learned an awful lot from some fantastic people, then a series of unfortunate events happened that I let get to me, rather than being anti-fragile which ended up in me going off the rails, getting injured and then going seriously off the rails. Well I'm all good to start exercising again although my strength and conditioning have fallen drastically so I will be finding my feet a bit to begin and find where my current limits are. Primarily I am looking to get healthier by losing weight, improving strength and conditioning and improving the food I put in to my body. So let's crack on! Goal 1 - Eat like a beast Eating right is the big part of the battle so I am going to take these three weeks and start going paleo. I know from the past that jumping in off the deep end and going 100% in to anything doesn't work for me so I am is for ten paleo meals a week. Goal 2 - Strong as a beast Still not allowed to do weight training for my legs or lower back so it will be all upper body for now, in particular I need to work on my shoulders which have gotten super week So three strength sessions a week. Goal 3 - Beasts Hunt And to be able to hunt beasts have to be conditioned to chase their prey, right now getting to a jog is a victory but I want to be able to run a 5k eventually so I am doing a modified c25k. 'Run' three times a week Goal 4 - Beast for Life A big problem in the past for me has been picking up injuries especially sports/fitness related injuries, so I am wanting to make a point of becoming anti-fragile by working on my self with stretches and light cardio and weight work in my problem areas. I don't want to kill myself so I am going for twice a week to start off And that's it short, sweet and simple. Feel free to swing on by to check up on me, bluntly call me out on my bullshit and enjoy my ramblings of this thread.
  2. So the Bye Weeks Challenge have made me realise something. Six weeks is too big a period of time for me to deal with in one go. It's like when I used to be at uni and would be given a huge assignment months in advance, I would do sod all for months and then live in the library for the last couple of weeks up until the deadline. Two weeks however is a much more manageable chunk. I feel like I can 'make a special effort for two weeks' in a way that sounds mentally exhausting to commit to for six weeks. Also with the usual six week format if I fuck up in the first couple of weeks I then feel like I have ruined the whole challenge so there is no point anyway. SO this time around I am breaking my challenge down in to 2 weeks blocks, starting unofficially over in the Bye Weeks Challenge. I will set my goals for the following two weeks. based on what I have learned on the proceeding two weeks. I might end up doing the same thing for another two weeks or I might make a few little tweaks.
  3. Okay so I'm 100% sure you're all very well on track, eating clean, training hard, sleeping loads etc etc. All to become your own version of the SUPERCAVEMAN Goodness grace, that sounds good. THE REAL QUESTION THOUGH: Are your cheat meals cheat worthy? A supercaveman requires a super cheat!! One worth remembering, a cheat worth fighting bears, tigers and even the hulk for. What is your ultimate cheat? Is it this? Chocolate chip pancakes with candied bacon, oh my. Or maybe this? The ULTIMATE pb&j sandwich Or are you more of a 'just a tiny piece of chocolate' kind of person? Tell me about yout favourite cheats!! And add as many drool-worthy pics as you like
  4. Solemn in demeanor, a young Druid approaches to be beset his initial challenge. "Namaste, Siblings." He offers to the crowd before beginning to read the scroll handed to him. Of the Arcane Arts: Trial No.1 Floating Buddha Baby 20 Minutes of sitting/walking meditation per day, minimum. That's one or the other. If I can find the time to watch at least one episode of Dragon Ball per day or burn 20 minutes without realising by scanning these forums/youtube then I can make time for this goal. I am also booked on the Goenka retreat in July, of which I'm sure some of you have heard. This retreat involves 10 hours of meditation per day for a period of 10 days without any social interaction, one meal per day and no outside contact. However, the retreat is designed for beginners and the experienced incorporating guided programs. This, hopeing it doesn't actually overlap with my brother's stag night, will be one of the most difficult things I have ever done! and my preparation has thus far been abismal! [Wisdom, 1] [Constitution, 1] [stamina, 1] A: 7 Days per week, B: 6 Days per week, C: 5 Days per week, D: 4 Days per week. Trial No.2 Feed The Inner Flame Recorded Hours per Week of hearty Literature! Oh, my. This one does excite me. I have found myself reading more books these last 6 months than any other period of my life however it has been very unregulated, some weeks I would disappear into a world of fantasy for a back-to-back ride on Saphira (Eragon's dragon in the inheritance cycle) soaring over the hadrac desert until being teleported into the world of super-grammar and the eloquence of Steven Pinker. When this happens I tend to lose track of the other things that we must do, you know.. food shopping, preparing lessons, speaking to your friends etc etc. Even as they say- Mediation is the key to Sopravivation, this goal isn't a way to mediate my intake as I would never restrict myself of something in such a way as it would quite simply not work. This goal is purely to increase my awareness of that which I do.. do. [Wisdom, 2] [Charisma, 2] A: Hours logged every 2-3 days. B: Hours logged every 4-5 days. C: Hours logged every week. D: Hours unlogged. Of the Martial Arts: Trial No.3 Cock It and Lock It 4 Pistol-squat and handstand push-up focussed sessions per week. I have fallen in love with the chase of the pistol-squat in this recent period. They are extremely rewarding in many different ways, one of which being you feel and look like a ninja especially if done wearing a bandana and throwing ninja stars into the tree opposite. Anyway, I've just taken off with these squats and currently perform them on a raised platform, usually a tree trunk, with one leg hanging down and bringing it out in front of me and forming the L-Sit when I feel at a point stable enough to do so and finally expliding up into the standing position attempting to keep that L form as much as possible. Hopefully one day I will be able to maintain the L throughout the entire movement but in order to that practice and regulation is required! The second aspect of this trial is progression toward the handstand. Now I don't know why but I always chicken out of jumping up onto my hands, even with a wall behind me! Thus I highlight this here in order to face my fear and stick a finger in its ear. A wet one. Maybe with a bit of jam on, too. So the incorporation of some set/rep structure of handstand-push ups here is the goal. (I will work on this with scrutiny once I have found some limits that need to be broken etc, it's a bit lame as is, I know...) [strength, 2] [stamina, 1] [Dexterity, 2] A: 4/week. B: 3/week. C: 2/week. D: 1/week. Of the Social Arts: Trial No.4 Everybody Touches Themself 10-Minute conversation with one new person each day. You never know who you will meet and what wisdoms you may gain. I try to do this as it is however sometimes my nerves get the better of me and I wimp out! [Charisma, 2] [Wisdom, 1] A: 7/week. B: 5-6/week. C: 3-4/week. D: 1-2/week (how sad is D!) "I bear no ego here, I invite your criticisms so that I might yet become more than a simple caveman" Were his parting words.
  5. Quitting is not an option. One more rep. Embrace the suck. Do you hear/say these things on a regular basis? Do people act shocked and call your workouts "crazy", "insane", or other similarly awesome word? You probably belong with us. Post your loads and times to comments.
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