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  1. Well here goes challenge 2 of 2016! First one was pretty much a giant fail but I suppose we all face plant from time to time although I seem to do it pretty often. I have pretty much been treating myself as a garbage disposal / punching bag and I feel like my garbage disposal sounds. (it sounds really really bad. I'm worried it's going to explode the every time I use it...) But just like a garbage disposal I can be fixed and made into a smooth running machine again. First off I need to and WILL stop comparing myself to myself when I was in shape 10 years ago... I have been doing that way too often and I now think it is hindering me. Someone posted that I should stop doing this because lots of things have changed and I disagreed with them. Well you were right and I was wrong. Second. Sodas are off limits along with the craft beer. (150-250 calories of nothing in a 12oz can/bottle are not acceptable at this point in my life.) Just like last time the vending machine at work is off limits. Third. Again sleep needs to take priority in my life. I don't get enough. Hell I usually eat really fast in during lunch time and take a nape to finish off the time I have left for lunch at work... Fourth. I must get in the habit of dedicating 45-60 minutes 2x a week to working out. Right now I dedicate about 0 minutes a week to working out. I don't think it is unreasonable to aim for a couple of hours a week to start off with. Fifth. I really should do some sort of work out daily but its hard with my schedule right now. I leave for work at 7am and don't get home til 8pm 4 days a week. I also have a round trip time to work of 2 hrs. Sixth. Again I will try and keep track of everything that goes in my mouth via myfitnesspal. I do think this helps although it is a pain the the ass. Seventh... I am not going to write any more goals otherwise I am going to end up at nine hundred seventy eight before this is over and try something that is completely unreasonable. Bonus / something I should do: I have pretty much failed again the last challenge about getting on here and updating my post and posting on any other forum post. This only works as well as what you put into it, just like a workout. Side note. I got a text wile writing this and somehow managed to start angry birds as I set my phone down. Perhaps its a sign I need to do the angry birds workout throughout this challenge.
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