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Found 8 results

  1. As 927589452 steps into this new year, he will have to fight many opponents. This is the place to follows him along. He knows his two big foes, which are the Summer at the Lakes and Pools and his degree, but as any big hero, he has to conquer them step by step. Therefore he has to Fitness do his BW Workout or Yoga on 4 of 7 Days he has to have no break longer than 1 Day between Training Health have a self cooked meal for Lunch on 3 of 5 work days Fight do at least two full kata Science: read at least
  2. This is an open Bodyweight loss challenge: The Winner is the Person for whom (BF_{beginning}-BF_{current}) /BF_{beginning} is the smallest biggest number The attendents need to give their BF calculated by http://fitness.bizcalcs.com/Calculator.asp?Calc=Body-Fat-Navy when joining in. There is no chance of leaving once you have begun. The Penalty is (rank-1)/(#attendees-1) * 1000 burpees in 48h Spreadsheet ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules by Br0din:
  3. This will be my very first challange ever. I made 5 goals in 3 focus areas. I hope this will work Small question, should I make these into epic goals of my character? I decided to add attibutes to my goals. I like that aspect So I devided 15 points to my goals & epics. Diet - Don't take office snacks (celibrations) in Nov. (I love office snacks) [CON+3] - Only have 2 coffee's before 1 one after lunch rest of the day drink water/tea (that's 3 of the normal 7 to 10 which leads to Reduce caffeine consumption by 50%) [CON+2]
  4. At the beginning of last challenge I was inspired to create a series of challenges based on major battles of Middle Earth. Right now these challenges only contain the exercise aspect of the challenge so I will be adding other goals as well. I decided to skip over the first couple as they are more geared to beginners or at least people who are where I was a few challenges ago. If you are interested in using, viewing, or helping me construct these challenges there is the Link. If you look at the challenges I posted in the other thread you will see that I made some changes to parts of Helm's
  5. So I was checking out some new challenge threads and I came upon IslandGirl_Becks' thread "Becks goes There and Back Again with the Hobbit", which appears to be the first in a series of Hobbit/LotR themed challenges she is planning on doing. I am a big fan of LotR and the Hobbit, I have even read the Silmarillion (it is a hard read do not attempt unless you are a total nerd). I have seen several Middle Earth based challenges and workouts but most of them are walking/running based, something I have no interest in participating in. But as I read Becks' post it occurred to me, there is certain
  6. Hi there I'm a swiss guy trying to get stronger. I'm working out since 2 years and probably did a lot wrong... but learned a lot and now I think I'm on the right path. I'm actually 100% paleo! I did Low-Carb, and I lost a lot weight since I left school but also a lot of muscle mass so now I want to gain strength. I read a lot of books about workout and nutrition but was never able to stick to one thing. In This challenge I want to stick to my own wourkout routine and stay 100% Paleo with no excuses. Routine: A: Squat 5x5reps / Front Squat 2x 10reps, Benchpress 3 x 6-12reps or Dips 6 x 10r
  7. Right here Go's Ive already put my aimes in profile box. Well i found a Huge Openspace Gym in my town and its not fare either. So i will put up pic of it and me so i adding to the Pull/Chin up. making it three of each a Toatal of Six just to make the challange number sound good. Bring it On!! P.S im gonna see if i can join a Buddie group in rangers, anyone have room for a newbi who gonna level up.
  8. I'm Newbie to Nerd Fitness and this is my first Challenge. Around Christmas last year I reached 145 lbs, which was the most I have ever weighed. With Weight Watchers (I still use the old system) I've reached 134 lb. I'm not really overweight, but my womanly curves are in the front instead of on the sides, so the goal is ultimately to create a waist to be proportional to my narrow hips. I know that building strength is the way to get my middle into the right shape instead of just trimming the fat alone. This challenge is perfectly timed for me because on Feb 15th, I'm going to a convention
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