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  1. Hello, I guess this is a respawn attempt on my part. I've gained some weight and been stressed out. I recently signed up for a 5k on March 22, 2020 and hoping this inspires me to go from 171.8 lbs to under 160 lbs Goal is to not binge and lose a little over a pound a week I guess. I have 9 weeks to lose about 12 pounds. No more waiting until tomorrow to start.
  2. Hi! I’m Ingagr and once again at respawn point (ouch!) I got back to practicing taekwondo in july 2020, started caring for my meals (again, once again) by the start of january 2021 and now I believe am ready to get back to the Rebellion. My goals for this challenge are: 1) Weight loss: 7,5 kg. To achieve this I will focus on caring about my meals, performing 2-3 NF begginers bodyweight training per week, going to bed not so late and practicing taekwondo 2-3 per week. 2) Learn/Practice Taekwondo’s 5th form: Taeguk O Jang. I will attempt to practice i
  3. You thought that title was metaphorical, didn't you? No, in fact I'll actually be escaping a labyrinth in this challenge. Allow me to explain.... I generated a maze in Excel and my challenge will start in its centre. It's totally filled in, and as I move around it, it will reveal more of the labyrinth. For each kilometre that I run, I get to move 1 square:
  4. "The Band!" "The Band?" "The Band..." "The BAND!" Jesus H Tap Dancing Christ, I have seen the light! We're putting the band back together! It's been way too long, so @Endor and I are brushing off our running shoes (or just feet as it were) and getting back into our pre-COVID shapes. For me, this means forming proper habits again: Exercise every day. It can be 5 minutes, or an hour, but the goal is to get my heart rate up and move some muscle every single day. I'm tracking this with Habit Hub, and am
  5. The crystal broke from the violence. The deceptive tranquility had been destroyed in the tumult. Surrounded on all sides by battle cries, the screams, the collisions of weapons, of swords against shields, arrows into flesh, and louder weapons still rebounded forcefully off the stone walls. It was disorienting for the one who fought free of the crystal. Years of sedentary submission had left her dazed. But the skirmish in the throne room grew more riotous by the moment. Another desperate push was being made. As her eyes began to adapt again to receiving light, she saw the gleam of light on axes
  6. Hey Doodlies, how are you all doing this lovely fall? I've been away for a while, but now I'm back. And I'm really feeling like starting another pvp challenge. Don't know what a Doodlie is? No worries, you're still welcome We're a weird bunch that have been around NF for I think 5 years, maybe even 6. We worship the Great Yak, talk a lot of smut and just have fun accomplishing our goals. We divide yourselves into two breakfast items: pancakes and waffles. And sometimes French toast (or Flip Bitches) if our numbers are great. To get us started I
  7. "Suiting up" Hiya, guys! Here's my challenge for the next four weeks! I'm really excited to check in and update as and when I can, and to keep up to tabs on other peoples'! I'm a workaholic and often let my dedication to my job override basic things like eating, sleeping and more. My main goals this month are going to be to navigate my new promotion (yay! Lets nerf this ♡✧ Mission 1: "Check me out, securing the point!" Navigate the first four weeks of my promotion at work ♡ Have quiet TLC time at least x3 work-nights a week. This could be as sm
  8. Hey Doodlies, and welcome to a new challenge! This challenge is only open to existing Doodlies, you know who you are! If you're not a Doodlie, I'm sorry this is not for you. This time we're playing hangman. But no ordinary hangman, it's Doodlie hangman! We're having two teams again: Pancakes and Waffles. Sign up here if you want to join. So how do we play? I've got a list of challenges here. Each challenge will earn your right to guess a letter. There is no taking turns. The faster you finish your challenge the sooner you get the right to a letter. I
  9. Hello! Welcome to my challenge! I want to keep a healthy diet. who doesn't. but I want to successfully eat healthy all week. I also want to be doing body weight work out three days a week. And I'd like to run three days a week(c25k) I want to write one poem a week too. FOUR WEEK CHALLENGE HERE WE COME.
  10. This is my second challenge. The first went pretty well and I want to continue my successes and level up. NUMBERS Current NF Level: 23 Back Squat PR: 205lbs RDL PR: 235lbs Bench Press PR: 100lbs I cut my teeth on classical mythology, Xena, and Star Trek. I gravitate more toward film/TV nerdery, and have a soft spot for David Mack’s Kabuki comic series. I also started LARPing a year ago. (I’ll be at Armistice Arcane II in January, in case anyone else is as well!) Fitness-wise, I’ve been around the block. Fencing, weight lifting, Muay Tha
  11. For this challenge, I am focusing on getting myself into a strong routine so that many of my good habits become automatic and consistent. I am also reading Aubrey Marcus's new book Own the Day, Own Your Life as well as going through the Youtube videos that partner well with the book, so as I progress I will probably be modifying my challenge a bit. Goals: develop and practice consistent morning and evening routines that build on the following: prayer/meditation study scripture bodyweight exercises make the bed drink more water cold shower brush/floss shave read more jo
  12. So I am back from my crazy trip to Korea for work, I am a year older now as well since I hit 33 while I was there, and I am already back to the weight before I left (because I lost while I was there, and my boyfriend has cooked all the horrible amazing things for dinner since I got back). I need a change of pace, and I need to have a serious cut. I know that strength training is important but it's easy for me to get strong, so I am going to focus on what is hard for me to accomplish. For those of you that haven't seen my IG, I am all of 5'1" and built like a Shetland p
  13. Hey folks! Good to be back I've built up some good habits over the past few years doing challenges on and (mainly) off, but have found the weight/size creeping back up and not shifting as it once did. Coming up to summer I have a bunch of clothes that don't fit as they once did, and I don't feel like the strength and health is as on track as it has been. My weight was a fairly steady 11-11.5 stone for a good long while, but it's crept up to 12 stone in the last year, and then over in the last few months. Currently at just under 12 stone (168lbs) and wanting to get down below 1
  14. Greetings humans. I am Optimus Prime. I have witnessed many humans accomplish great things and show exception strength. So it is now time for I, the leader of the Autobots, to undertake a similar journey. I've been working out for a while now but I'm tired of all the bros and meatheads. I wanted to find more nerdy/geeky fitness people so that's how I found NF! My main quest for this 4 week period is the Russian Fighter Pull Up Program for 30 days. https://www.strongfirst.com/the-fighter-pullup-program-revisited/ The way it works is that
  15. It is quite amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it. Well, sometimes we think that something might be unachievable or out of range but, if you evaluate your dreams, sometimes there’s a way to achieve them. This challenge will be a new way to gather more tools in order to achieve my goal. We need to make a plan and gather supplies so, this is my idea… MAIN QUEST - Visit a forest or/and a river with my family and explore (yes kiddies, they might be pictures) I live in Puerto Rico. Is a tropical island but we have access to beaches,
  16. Here is the list I have created for my character, I may even add more quests for no XP just to keep progression. But my main concern is becoming consistent.
  17. Hello awesome nerds! I'm really excited to have joined Nerd Fitness and get stuck in to all of the training!! I’ve decided to make some big changes and create a lifestyle I love. My big ‘why’ is a combination of things. Firstly I want to be able to feel comfortable when I travel. I love going overseas but those plane seats yo, it's not a good scene. I want to walk the great wall, climb the Eiffel tower, and hike Machu Picchu – sit in a plane seat with room to spare. I want to look like I know how to look after myself, strong, fit, and healthy. I know I was meant to be more than wha
  18. Because it's expected by now... So in the middle of the last challenge I lost my mind...and signed up for Kickboxing classes They are honestly a lot of fun, even though they make me realize how out of shape I am! Made some not so good food choices over the weekend and ended up with a flare up that made me realize why I don't eat those items anymore...time to recommit to myself and my challenge. I'm currently heavier than I've ever been in my life according to the scale this morning...that includes pregnancy (the first one I gained 50 lbs and was the first time
  19. So far this challenge is going much better than the last one. I've managed to make not drinking my default for the last few weeks. Also - I and Mr. Nyx have gotten serious about getting our home in order. So that is taking more of a priority. I will be 31 on the 22nd - so this is perfect timing to get myself into a good place before the New Year and my new year begins. Sobriety: Drink 1 day a week - not to drunkenness Do not drink calorie bombs ? Home: Put clothes in front closet Take down giveaways
  20. So the last week of my last week of my last challenge I decided to go keto again. And it was the first time I had stuck to anything for over a week in a long time, and I made some serious progress before thanksgiving food fest 2017. I know a large part of my issue is that I haven't wanted to be at my gym. It's odd how a sentence or two coming from someone you thought was a friend can do that. And really while my work has been a shit storm since Sept I could make it in, I just let myself use the excuse that work has been busy. So this challenge I am going to start off wit
  21. Hey guys, Better late than never I always say! While yesterday threw a slew of distractions at me I got a perfect window today to post my second challenge and my first one in the Rebel group. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Ratynda and where my last challenge focused on a broad group of topics meant to get me to broaden my thoughts towards new opportunities, this one will hold a lens to my progress in what I've established and measure out progress in a more tangible way. As I got to know myself better, I started to realize what motivates me and what drains me, and this mont
  22. GREETINGS REBELLION!! I am Wraiven but those whom know me well call me Mitch Jnr. I have been working on leveling up my life and developed my quest log in a way to grow, not only for me but for the benefit of those all over the world. Since I can remember I have always been a very giving person and gathered joy from tasks that not only helped me be a better man, but also to help others grow too. Since my Father (Mitch Snr) passed away started really struggling with depression and anxiety in recent years and it's truly effected my growth and attitude towards what I always believed of myself.
  23. Having survived the Island of Lost Souls, Ruby-Wan Kenewby uncovered a hidden cavern at its heart, potentially the one that would lead her to the prize she had been searching for--the idol. Ruby-Wan still had a ways to go, however. Reaching the base of the cavern would take days, and if this was the ancient tunnel system of legend she suspected it was, it could take her weeks to reach another gate. She didn't have that kind of time to waste, so having replenished her rations on the island and sharpened her blades, she headed out down the megalithic causeway, remnants of a perplexing and long-f
  24. Noddy has a mission. She needs the money to buy proper gear, so she definitely needs to solo the dungeon alone. She's always been a lone wolf. It has prevented her victory many times, but she really has no other option as LFG failed miserably. But this time... this time she'll reach victory! Here's for her main quests: Learn skill Firestorm Noddy needs to be fit so she can learn the two component spells and launch them into one powerful magic attack. Hit the gym at least 2x week; Eat BLE modified version + record it on MFP; Make note
  25. aka 'My First Ever Challenge' Hi! My name is Wepeel. This is me: I'm the bespectacled gentleman, not the baby girl - in case that wasn't clear. I'm just an average dude with next to no fitness ability trying to become Jason Bourne. I got married three and a half years ago and was, on my wedding day, at my lowest weight/peak-iest level of fitness since the advent of adulting. I've since put on 15 pounds (#marriage) and have slipped into complacency on the fitness front. It's time to get back on track. Often the thought of lookin
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