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  1. Hello Rebel Army! My name is Parker. I am a 160lb 20yr old college student who is tired of feeling sub par about my fitness level. I have done one challenge before, but some family tragedy along with passivity on my end helped me fall off the wagon pretty hard afterwards. BUT: the past is in the past, where it belongs. I'm ready to kick some tail, and I am honored to do it alongside of you inspirational fighters! Goal #1 Lose 10lbs I understand that because I am wanting to become stronger my weight might not change that much whereas my body fat percentage might, so this one is flexible. Ultimately I plan on trying to get from Level 4 of nutrition to level 6 (based off of the Academy descriptions.) This means to go to level 5: "I consume a vegetable with every lunch or every dinner, replacing a normal carbohydrate or starch, for 10 total days in a 2 week period, and I go one week without eating pasta. Instead of french fries, I order broccoli. Instead of white bread, I’m eating asparagus." and then to go to level 6: "I have gone 12 out of 14 days without eating bread OR pasta, and 12 out of 14 days with a vegetable in every meal I eat." Goal #2 Do bodyweight workouts 3x a week This one is pretty self-explanatory. I just want to get back into a routine. To help me with this I decided to do the Nerdwarts mini challenge, so I will be adding those workouts to my schedule as well. Goal #3 Drink 3 liters of water a day and go to bed BY 11. Also self-explanatory. Needless to say the times I have felt the best were when I drank enough water and consistently had a good bed time. In other words: NO MORE BINGING ARROW UNTIL 1AM. Life Side Quest #1: Keep up with French I am aiming to learn 5 new french words every day. I am about to enter my 4th and final semester of French, and I HAVE to kill it if I want to maintain my scholarship. Life Side Quest #2: Budget for this summer I am moving away from my parents's house finally and I'm about to be in the big, bad renter's world. I need to work my tail off and save money like a miser. I look forward to updating y'all on how life is going and to hearing how your journeys fair! (Hopefully my next posts will be more fun and dynamic with nice little gifs and such.) Loot: Vape Mod If I get an "A" in all of my goal categories (and the budget allows it) I'm finally buying my own (zero nicotine) Vape pen/mod and ejuice. Yay no more borrowing a few hits off of my friend's!
  2. Howdy all, fourth challenge incoming. Decided to jump away from the "Journey of a Moisture Farmer" thread, and just start basing it off of movie titles for fun, that said there won't be much theme in the challenge itself. Main Quest Get into Healthy Shape by Wedding to look good in a Kilt Motivation To feel good about myself, gain self-confidence, and finally become the awesome person that lays within. Sub-Quests Perform at least 2 Different Exercises at least 3x a Week [STR:3|STA:2] Grading: A: Perform Exercises 3x a Week All Six Weeks B: Perform Exercises 3x a Week For Four Weeks C: Perform Exercises 2x a Week All Six Weeks D: Perform Exercises 2x A Week For Four Weeks F: Perform Exercises <2x A Week For Four Weeks ​​Take the next step towards Paleo by removing cereal grains, ice cream, and cheese from Diet. [CON:4] Grading: A: No Cheats For All Six Weeks B: 1 Cheat A Week For Four Weeks C: 2 Cheats a Week for Four Weeks D: 3 Cheats a Week for Six Weeks F: >3 Cheats a Week Exception: Cake Testing at Bakery meeting on 11/12/2013 for Wedding. Continue Tracking All Exercise and Food Intake [WIS:3] Grading: A: Track all Exercise and Food Intake B: Miss one meal/exercise session of tracking C: Miss three meals/exercise sessions of tracking D: Miss an entire day of tracking F: Miss >3/a Day's worth of Tracking Exception: 0 Calorie Beverages do not require tracking. Life Quest Complete at least one course of Cisco Certifiaction Training [WIS:3] Grading: A: Complete Course B: Complete 75% of course C: Complete 50% of course D: Complete 25% of Course F: Complete < 25% of Course Starting Stats (will be updated on Sunday 11/10/2013) Height: 68" Weight: 222 lbs Waist: 41.75" Hips: 41" Chest: 41" Neck: 15.5" Thigh(Left): 22" Thigh(Right): 23.5" Bicep(Left): 13.25" Bicep(Right): 13.5" BF%: 30% For those that are curious, here's the measurements for where I stopped last challenge... Weight: 219 lbs Waist: 40.875" Hips: 40.5" Chest: 40.5" Neck: 15.375" Thigh(Left): 23" Thigh(Right): 23.5" Bicep(Left): 13.375" Bicep(Right): 13.5" BF%: 29% So my semi-poor care of myself over the past two weeks (sometimes eating grains and ice cream once a few times and no exercise) has caused some backtracking, but nothing I haven't seen happen during a challenge either, so I should hopefully be able to get back to where I was relatively quickly and get back on track. Mini-Quests Mini-Quest #1 - Clean Out - Completed +1 WIS Mini-Quest #2 - Enjoy and Destroy - Completed +1 WIS
  3. Normally I would have posted for the challenge the day it started - or maybe the day before. My wifi is out, and since my husband is the nerd in the family and currently extremely busy, I have been without internet. I have however already started the challenge. A ranger is the life for me - currently. I love to run and can currently run a 5k in about 30 minutes, but I also enjoy the results from weight lifting, so to pick one to focus on more than the other is impossible. This is why I chose this guild. As for may challenge... Part of what I'm doing in my diet is getting rid of the things that would cause insulin spikes naturally. My mom has both diabetes and hypoglycemia. Due to this, she has to be very careful about what she eats. Besides flour, the thing that causes the highest spike in her insulin is corn. That is a very starch food and not paleo anyway, so that is the thing I am focusing on for the diet part of this challenge. This will include anything that contains any type of corn product in it. This will be added to my current status of keeping flour and sugar out of my diet. I will, however, allow myself 2 days to "cheat" on this strict diet due to Thanksgiving. - An A will be anywhere from perfection to 10 days of having corn, sugar, flour (CHA+4) - A B will be anywhere from 11 to 21 days of having corn, sugar, flour (CHA+3) - A C will be between 22 and 32 days (CHA+2) - A D will be 32-41 days (CHA+1) - An F would be having these nasty things every single day. I have been successful at keeping up with a 30 minute workout 5 days a week. During this challenge, I plan to increase four of those workouts to an hour long. These are my P90X strength training workouts, and the Yoga workout. I'm hoping to add a 6th day exercise, but it will not be included in my challenge. - If I manage to miss less than 5 workouts during the challenge, I will have an A (STR+3; DEX+2) - 13-16 missed workouts will earn me a B (STR+2; DEX+2) - 17-20 missed = C (STR+2; DEX+1) - 17-20 missed = D (STR+2) - I will receive an F if I miss more than 20 workouts during this challenge. I've always had the occasional heart palpitation, but have just recently discovered that Cardio arrhythmia runs in the family. I do know that msg aggravates this condition, but I don't eat that stuff anyway. In order to have a healthier heart, and to test to see if anything else might cause palpitations, I have decided to keep a food journal. - An A will be anywhere from perfection to 10 missed entry days (WIS+4) - A B will be 11-21 missed entry days (WIS+3) - A C = 22-32 missed days (WIS+2) - A D = 32-42 missed days (WIS+1) - An F = 0 entries into my food journal for the entire 6 weeks I have never done a side quest before, but there are so many things that I want to tackle that I though I would give it a try. Last week, I read the blog post about learning to do a handstand and thought, "Why not?" By the end of 6 weeks, I plan to be able to do a handstand. I will work on this daily. If completed: (STA+1) Now for a Life Quest. When I home schooled my children, we had Bible study daily as part of school. Since they've started public school (3 years ago), I'm ashamed to say that I've seriously dropped the ball. For the next 6 weeks, my goal is to have a Bible study once a week. Small beginnings... If completed: (WIS+1) My main quest in these adventures is to reach a size 6 in clothes, and to obtain the best health possible. My motivation? My family. I don't want my husband or my children to have to care for me as I age. I also want to be a good example to them.
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