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  1. Great things hardly success before thousands of failures, good thing is that we never stop trying. One day we would find that those little things that we used to ignore will make a big difference if we try! I'm a dreamer, rather than a practitioner. After high school, seems like I never really keep one thing as habit, especially for exercise. I'm always thinking of losing weight, but never fulfill my goal. I hate my laziness and weakness to challenge myself and control myself. While when I look the girl in the mirror, I know there is a brave Gao inside me, she knows what she want and are ready for change, and try a new life! So here I am, I want to remember my history and failures as reminder, I also want to tell myself this time is the last time to say give up! I summarize the reasons for former failure to my weight loss goal: 1) want things to go fast, while in real life, small things accumulate to big success. 2) a big thinker, small practitioner. 3) care too much about how others think about myself, while what really matters is your own feeling 4) always compare self with other girls, while what I should really do is to compare only with myself! 5) bad eating habits 6)never record little steps Based on those reasons, the following changes are listed 1) record little things online 2) find a group to challenge together 3) do it!!! This is a MUST, not a Should or COULD! Main Quest: fitness for both body and life Goals: 1) lose 3 pounds in 6 week 2) 2 time fast food or grains per month 3) no vendor machine food at work Life Quest: sufficient self-esteem Goals: 1) speak up at least one time in business meetings, be brave to show ideas 2) save at least $500 per month 3) shopping at least one time per month for beauty (as a girl, I'm really proud that I'm not a shopping fun...) Motivation: Hey Gao, just look back your life, have you ever succeeded in challenging anything?
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