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Found 4 results

  1. This is a PvP for those of us using a Bullet Journal or some other form of challenge log. I want to keep this intro simple. RedStone, MaylaKae, and I thought it would be fun to get us going using our bujo's more frequently. 1. one point for each picture of your BuJo/Log that you post 2. if you get get least 8 points during the challenge (or around 2x per week) you get a reward that you select yourself, when you post your first pic indicate your reward I'm doing this as a PvP so all of our bujo inspiration will stay in one place. If it was in accountability buddies we would have to recreate this every challenge. Folks who may be interested, please tag others who bujo. @RedStone, @MaylaKae, @elvenengineer
  2. So There is no better hockey theme in the world than Goon.... Which also happens to be the SO's and my favorite date night movie next to Deadpool. Meet Doug, The Thug... Glatt Fire under my ass time. I have been lazy, and un-motivated for quite a while. So I said F'it, I am going to (hopefully, which I managed but just) fit my ass back into my Hockey gear I bought years ago and finally learn how to play properly. I had set up my first personal lesson, and the lady training me said I would be fine going to the team clinic that her and her husband run so that is that. By summer season next year I will be on the rookie roster I know I am a warrior but I am putting the heavy shit down and getting some agility and endurance so rangers was the place to be. To complete this half year goal I need to... Train Hard! - Circuit Training/HIIT/Cross Training twice a week - Hockey Clinic on Wednesdays - Skate on Saturday or Sunday - Walk/Cardio twice a week - Yoga once a week Adult Hard! - Figure out daily/weekly chores and get them done - Get the new deck sealed weather permitting, hopefully it will get cool and dry enough to get this done - Get one disaster removed from the house, and possibly paint some shit. Lose Hard! - Keeping this simple, 1600 calories average with 1800 on hockey clinic day. Will fine tune if needed, but everything will be tracked in MFP Extra Credit * Save Hard! - Cancel Gym Memberships, and stop spending on frivolous shit so that I can afford the hockey clinics/skating and save up for the new car I want come December. Now to get to work...
  3. So I may or may not have seen the Deadpool movie on Valentine's Day.... She saw it. She totally saw it. Yeah, Wade. That was obvious. ​Not to me, sweet cheeks! Can I get back to my story now? ​Yeah, yeah, sorry. You're doing the important stuff. The life-changing accountability... let me get out of your way- Anyway. I love Deadpool - who doesn't? - and maximum effort! has become my life motto, so I decided to make this challenge Deadpool themed. Because life is better when approached with humour, sarcasm, and a death wish. Couldn't have said it better myself. And yet you felt the need to comment.... So, without further ado *trumpet sound effects* My first challenge, or, Winning At Life With Wade Winston Wilson. Part One: Work Out! (10 xp) Oh yeah, her author-ness wants me to say that she's logging her epic quest in the epic quest thing, and that's what the xp points are all about. I'm only doing this under sufferance. She doesn't control me. Much. Thank you, Wade. I'm running every day (have been for a few months now - on Day 59, yay!) and started strength training last week. I'm shooting for three times a week, and I'm on Bodyweight Brigade Level 1 now. I might level up during this challenge, but the consistency is more important to me than the increase in difficulty. So, to win this I will do 12 workouts, barring injury. Part Two: Eat Popcorn (15 xp) Popcorn? I love popcorn! It's what people eat when they watch movies. And I love movies. Especially ones with me in them, that are wildly successful, and deserve sequels... This one's not about the popcorn. Not really. I tend to emotionally eat when I'm stressed, when I'm feeling overwhelmed, and when I'm tired. So to succeed in this challenge, I need to do the following. First of all, eat healthy snacks when I feel the urge to comfort eat. Popcorn and carrot sticks (seriously, those things are delicious!) are much better than crisps and Hobnobs. And even better than popcorn and carrot sticks is seeing the urge to eat coming and trying to divert myself. Not that I expect to beat the habit in four weeks. I just want to see if I can become more aware of it, to start off with. Part Three: Drink More (Water)! (10 xp) Water? Really? You're no fun. Ok. You're some fun. But still. Water? That's boring. Actually, Wade, I agree. Water isn't my favourite thing to drink. I have a Tony Stark-level love of coffee, especially in the morning. But I feel better when I'm more hydrated, not to mention that my skin is clearer, and it's probably better for me to drink more water anyway. So my goal is to drink at least two litres of water 4 days a week. That's 16 days in total. Part Four: Good Morning Mojo! (15 xp) What the hell? Dude. You have been reading way too many self-improvement books, lady. Seriously. Can't you come up with a better name than that? Wade, if you come up with a better name, let me know. Seriously. Dude. No sassing the mercenary! Pot, meet kettle. Those in glass houses... Should not walk around with katanas. In all earnestness, though, this one's going to be the hardest for me. My goal for this is to every day pick an affirmation (doesn't have to be new every day), and say it, out loud. One, I'm not a spiritual person at all, so it feels weird. On the other hand, I'm a huge believer in the placebo effect, so I'll take what I can get there. Also, if I'm honest, I'm not as confident in myself, and specifically my body, as I'd like. It's only been about a year since I was able to actually see myself as attractive at all, and I find myself backsliding lately. Not that I want to be stuck-up or anything. I just .... I'm not sure how to explain it. I don't want to look at myself and see the parts I don't like. So yeah. Affirmations. One a day, in the morning. So that's it from me and me! for now. I'll be posting at the end of every week with a report, and daily in my battle log, which I'll link below as well. Wade? Anything you want to say? Need you ask? Anything I want to say? So many things. Don't match your purse to your shoes. Hello Kitty is always acceptable. Katanas are awesome. And totally appropriate in conservatories, don't let her tell you otherwise. Wolverine - Wade! Stop there. Please. I meant about the challenge. You know, any advice for me? Or anyone else reading this? Oh! Oh, that. Um... Advice. Sure! Advice! Don't get into fights with people named after soap companies. Also, true love conquers all. Also- Wade.... Right, right. What's that you always say? Oh yeah. FOR THE REBELLION! *whispers* maximum effort! Bye guys. Let me know if you enjoyed it For the rebellion, Petra. MAXIMUM EFFORT!!!!!! Also, links - my battle log is here
  4. Introduction: Hello my fellow adventurers! I'm a 29 year old lady from the middle of the US of A with a painfully common first name. I'm a lover of tokusatsu programming, anime and manga. I'm one who is awash in the seas of fandom most of the time. I also enjoy reading non-fiction, getting lost in the library, and going for long walks with my dogs. Why 'novaturient'? It means "desiring or seeking powerful change in one's life, behavior, or situation." according to the Pinterest quote porn I borrowed it from. That describes what most of our adventures are about quite nicely, doesn't it? A Few Fun Facts About Me: I have three dogs and a blog. [None of my dogs have blogs though. ]I love mangos and sushi. [Never had them together.]I have eclectic music tastes. [Mostly leaning towards twangy stuff here lately.] Adventure Notes: GOALS: Track my macros on Cronometer every day, with targets of 100g of protein each day, 1600-1900 kcal per day and some other macro goals that I'm not going to bore y'all with here. Walk at least 6mi every week. When I do walk, I can sometimes walk like 4mi per day so I think 6mi/wk is doable if I spread it out over a few days each week. Start taking a regimen of supplements to help with my hormonal imbalance and my skin issues. [That won't start until next week or maybe the week after due to my finances and shipping delays. Boooooooo.]LIFE SIDE QUEST: Finish researching, outlining and wikifying my projects for NaNo and the Fanfic challenge I registered for last week. I don't want to wait until the last minute this year with my NaNo.OTHER: I plan on checking in to update this challenge log on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Or something like that. Leave me notes of encouragement. Shower me with accolades of praise. Memes, gifs and youtube-tasticness are all excellent and accepted. Occasionally I will rage and rant about things here. Just thought I'd let you know. Quote of the Day:
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