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  1. Hello fellow rebels! I'm a bit new around here, been lurking for a little bit, and wanted to go ahead and make a place for my first 4 week Challenge. I recently had a bit of a wake-up call in my life, and am ready to lose weight and get fit. I want to get There (healthy), and never come back to the way I have been living my life. I have always been kinda overweight, but I am currently the heaviest I've ever been (well within obese) and I'm ready to change. I've made some half-assed attempts at weight loss in the past, but I intend to stick with this. This is for the rest of my life, not just t
  2. This is my first 4-week challenge. Here we go! 1. Main Goal: Lose $1,000.00 in Quarters (lose 50 lbs). I need to lose one of these. Challenge: Stick to 1,200-1,500 calories a day. I will log everything I eat on My Fitness Pal, I will stick to it for 4 weeks without a cheat day. 2. Main Goal: Keep up with Shannon (BFF who is running circles around me) Seriously, look how much fun we had after the last race. Can we do it again? Challenge: Restart the c25k. Stick with it for 4 weeks (well, 9 weeks really
  3. Well, here I am again. I’m back and this time, I’m here to stay. For a while, I have only had other people tell me that I needed to be healthier and I never came to the realization myself. Recently, after some 4th of July celebrations, I felt really physically unhealthy. I’ve been eating terribly and I don’t remember the last time I exercised. I came to the realization myself that I need to become healthier and actually get into proper shape for the first time in my life. I switched to the Druid class because I’m really going to focus on my mental health as well as my physical
  4. Soooooo! I am getting in on this new challenge too! Last challenge was a sort of "grand" return to these fine forums, and I had a lovely time doing it, and could not wait to sign up or volunteer as tribute for the new challenge! My goals in four parts are thus, this time, not all fitness oriented, because Summer's coming and I have art to make! 1) I have a FitBit. Time to make use of it's nifty app. I'm aiming to hit my step goal (10,000) everyday, but the goal is more to track food, water, sleep, and calories in/out. I tracked calories last challenge with a different a
  5. Morning crept up over the horizon on the shore of a small island. The red sand shimmered and gleamed as the rays began to tickle them and spread warmth across the deserted beach. On the very edge of the beach, was a small figure. She was disheveled, her long brown hair tangled and knotted and green eyes were red from tears. Her toes had dug themselves into the cool sand and she sat curled with her arms hugging her knees. There were no tears now, they had dried themselves up and she looked weary. As the sun ran across her and began to warm up the sand around her, she blinked and cl
  6. "How long has it been? Two months, three?" The Ranger pondered, staring up at the weathered and ragged leather roof of the barracks tent as he lie on his cot, suspended precariously above the mud on little more than a set of uncertain sticks. Unable to either rest nor find the will to train, he found himself listening to the heavy, quick pitter-patter of raindrops against the roof as they beat down upon the encampment. "Time seems to hard to keep track of when you are never certain how much of it you have left." Dark, angry clouds stirred in the sky that summer morning, mixing and
  7. I was watching several proper form videos to make sure and I'm doing things right when a fitness "guru" mentioned he was trying the no sitting challenge for 30 days. I know sitting too much is bad for our health, so is standing too much. Has anyone else tried it? Is it really that much of a benefit to not sit so much? Also, what if you have a job that requires sitting? I'm looking into a standing desk for my work, but standing too much it's good either! I'm thinking of trying the challenge if it's a good idea.
  8. Hello all, I've fallen off the internet a bit, but I am clawing my way back to the forums and just in time for the 4 week challenge! I'm setting out my goals as such (from the nifty worksheet): Put House in Order (Konmari Method) 4 Weeks of Calorie Counting, goal is 1,200/day Zombie 5K Meal Plan for the week, and making one shopping day. I have already started the KonMari method of putting my house in order, but I am hoping I can finish it up in these 4 weeks. My reward to myself (another chore) is to paint my living room whe
  9. I am Odinson_Rising, and I am...unworthy. That, however, will not always be the case. I will find my path, and I will lift my hammer once more. There is plenty of work to be done before that happens, though. I feel it's reasonable to say that I've recently experienced what felt like my own personal Ragnarok. In the aftermath of these life-altering events, I've come to realize that, although I can't control all the things, I want to be smarter, stronger, fitter, and more flexible, so that I can not only endure the challenges of life, but thrive under the worst conditions. I fe
  10. LOADING... Hey guys, I feel like I'm currently in the "loading screen" portion of life, meaning that I'm finally getting my head in the game and my butt off the couch, but I'm not sure what the game is. This is a place of anticipation and expectancy, however. I'm finally facing my fear of commitment to myself! I've been making small changes in my life despite the fear of failure or the fear that I'll somehow be the ONE person on earth that making healthy changes doesn't work on. I have some basic goals for this challenge (which I forgot to post about LAST Sunday) and hopefully
  11. Hello! I feel like I've started so many new threads to manage and all. For a brief recap of my respawn and daily logs: I'm Elliott, I'm from Alaska, been a long-time lurker/Rebel. Been primarily sedentary due to a back and leg injury back in 2015, still have trouble with getting around and pain. Don't have a physical therapist or a doctor, my life sucks. Husband's work has comp'd him with a brand new gym membership for the two of us thanks to new benefits structure So... I've started my daily log here and my character sheet here, and I figured it would be
  12. So, here we go! I'm going to commit to my first challenge. I'm posting here in the Rebels forum because I'm not entirely sure of what guild I fit in - although I have some hunches. My background and what I do most often would put me on the fence of Monk and Druid. I could probably lean toward one or the other depending on the goals I plan out but for now I'll stay neutral. I also found that awesome character/guild generator quiz and plan on using it to help sway me and it's just really fun. I was always an RPG fan. Q1: Daily Meditation: Trying to find 5 minutes a day to medit
  13. Battle Log: 12FEB17 Today my first four week challenge begins. Hopefully, I can stay on track. I have 3 goals: a different workout 3-5 days/week (each workout taken from my various Pinterest pins), eliminating wheat from my diet, and clearing some clutter from my habitat. Tonight's workout courtesy of Obese to beast vlog: 30 second plank x 2 (1 at beginning, 1 at end) 10 jumping jacks x 4 10 hand release push ups x 4 10 lunges (each leg) x 4 5 burpees x 4 No wheat. Reorganized shed. Found 9 articles of clothing to donate, another 6 t
  14. So far the only consistency I have managed with the monthly challenges is not finishing them. After skipping a month, this will be my third try. REBEL CHALLENGE: Diet 96 oz water per day ( 30 Day Habit Challenge ) Nutrition: No fast food Fitness Reach NF Level 13 (Currently just under NF Level 10) Level 12 Fitness: Complete one month of workouts ( Strength 3x Week= 12 total) | Level Up Your Life Plan Summer Road Trip Vacation with son 1x per week = Hit that mark! LOOT$$$ Loot for staying with thi
  15. IIIIIIIITTT'S TIME! From the lands of Brazil comes Duke Proteus, a noble warrior of House Pandaren seeking the ultimate prize: who's the leanest by February 8th! For this a I have the HONOR to request my latino heat brother in arms, @The Shogun! Our mutual goal is 110 kilos. I also would like to invite @Br0din, @Laghail, @Sam Ashen and @Volki for mediation and motivation DA RULES: We are Fasting Warriors! To use this powerful tool is to fight compulsion. We fast! Move as you must, push if you want and lift if you can It's free, it's fun! The first prize is 100
  16. Here I go, trying yet again to organize my life despite my affinity for chaos. So many goals, so many challenges ahead, and yet so much accomplished in 2016 that I'm confident and optimisitic. 2016 was a year of improvements for me: I lost around 50 lbs, give or take 10 or so depending on my bloat level. I got a new job that I don't hate with a passion (used to regularly tempt myself with the idea of hopping into traffic on the way to work, not to kill myself but because an injury would mean at least a day off). I began dressing like an adult- no more hoody and jeans
  17. Hello! I'm stoked about starting up here! My challenge is to do a high intensity workout at least four days a week, and do "the angry birds challenge" two days a week, as well as keep my eating clean with a 90% success rate, and when I DO slip up on eating that it doesn't become a complete backslide. "No two bad days in a row" thats my challenge for me, I'm working out at home because before I get a gym membership I'd like to show myself I'll actually go and use it. so that's my challenge!
  18. First Challenge, woo! *puts on crazy motivational music* Where I want to be: Strong enough to climb rocks and trees and anything else. Fit enough to run away if I'm chased by a Zombie, and climb over any obstacles in my way. Able to cook delicious, good-for-us food for my family on a consistent basis to keep us functioning at our best. Weight the right amount to get top surgery without a surgeon assuming I'm going to spontaneously explode on the operating table. Rich as Croesus (will settle for financial independence). Where I am right now:
  19. For my first challenge I’m picking tasks that are just that... challenging. However unlike other times in my life I’m not setting the bar so high that it is unattainable. These things are small improvements I can absolutely commit to and build upon! Fitness: Do something that promotes fitness and wellness for 20 minutes (or more every day for the challenge (up to +7/ week) Dietary: Eat 2 (or more servings of vegetables every day. (up to +7/ week) Level up my life: Schedule my day the night before. Having a plan makes reaching my goals significantly more
  20. Hello, I just discovered NF and am excited to get started. This will technically be a five week challenge with this week being "week 0". 38 year old female Diet 1. Log all food for the month in MFP. 2. Lose 2 pounds. 3. Research ways to incorporate more protein into my diet without going over my calories. Fitness 4. Begin a bodyweight strength program (3 days per week). Life 5. Successfully finish this semester at college! 1 research paper 3 tests 6 finals I've been working on my diet over at MFP
  21. So as the title states, I have FINALLY sold my house... as in I just got notification that I am richer 5 min ago I also have my competition in a week and a half, and I am starting to feel the nervousness of it creeping in. This challenge will be a bit wonky due to the comp happening, and then me changing things up afterwards to recover properly and then start losing some body fat. Dec 1-10 Goals 1. Hydrate and keep up with protein. - minimum of 66oz of water and a minimum of 160 g of protein a day (OMG, thats a lot of chicken) 2. Train smart th
  22. This is my first Challenge! I just joined Nerd Fitness tonight, and I'm so excited to start my journey. I'm in the worst mental and physical shape of my life, and the number one thing keeping me down is my depression. It's hard to even get myself out of bed and take care of myself. So I'm starting small. Every time I push too hard, I fail. I'm going to try the "slow and steady wins the race" route for once. For some extra accountability, here is my My Fitness Pal food log; the key is "NerdFitness". Diet Goals: Log ALL intake, daily. NO BINGES.
  23. Hello fellow rebels! I'm starting my second challenge. ** Diet ** When I do drink alcohol, replace fail drinks (I'm looking at you, sugary cocktails and beer) with better alternatives (like red wine or vodka soda) - see the Can I Still Drink Alcohol? quest. This goal is one I'm rolling over from my previous challenge, as I didn't do nearly as well as I wanted to and need to keep working on this habit. Defeat the sugar beast! Cut out refined sugars, and limit the use of other sweeteners like maple syrup and honey. ** Fitness ** Complete one of the foll
  24. Quest for the Dragon Balls Quest Start-Date : December 5, 2016 Phase I : Preparation for Long-term Journey I'm a super-duper newbie around here, so if I'm doing something wrong--let me know! Trying to get a feel for this setup. - - - I. Diet (Packing & Prepping for the Trip Ahead) Log foods, drinks, & other sources of calories everyday for the rest of the month. Cut daily sugar intake to <30g per day, to start. II. Fitness (Tinkering with the Radar) Light cardio 3x per week. III. LVLUP Life (
  25. Okay, I'll be out of town, living it up in NYC for Halloween on October 30, so I should line up my 4 Week Challenge now. It's pretty straight forward. I am starting Week 3 of the Zombie Run 5K program, and my goal is to continue that 3 workouts a week. I am also starting the Handstand course from Nerd Fitness, I've not had time to look it over but I intend to do Handstand work on my non-running days. Also I am headed to Japan in EXACTLY 2 MONTHS! So I am not reading any more books, or listening to anymore podcasts. Only my Japanese lessons so Ican get back to functional
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