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  1. Hi all, Been a hermit on this site. Accepting my first challenge. Hoping to start the year off right and get healthy. Quest 1 - Decrease my soda consumption by 50%. Soda is my addiction. Time to kick it! Right now I average 8 24oz cokes a week. Quest 2 - Make it to swim practice 2x/week and do a body weight workout 2x/week. Can't be a good rebel without working out the body. Quest 3 - Run 2 miles without walking. Gotta get ready for that half marathon and don't want to run/walk the whole thing! Life quest - 5 minutes of meditation a day. Can't be a good rebel without working out the mind. I
  2. Hi This is my first 4 week challenge, I'm level 0, as I'm so out of shape mentally and physically at the moment I need to work up to level 1! I've signed up to walk to Mordor, starting today, so in addition to that, for my first quest I have chosen: Diet Eat a vegetable with at least one meal each day. Swap out one soda a day with water. Fitness: Complete the BBWW 1x per week (this one will be my real challenge at the moment) Level Up My Life: 10 minutes of meditation daily wish me luck!
  3. Hello! A newbie here! Pick 3 diet and/or fitness quests quest, and one level up your life quest. 3 DIET AND FITNESS QUESTS Drink one milk tea per week. Drink one soda per week. After I use the toilet, I'm gonna squat five times. LEVEL UP YOUR LIFE QUEST Be thankful for something wonderful that happens each day. How to grade myself As my 2 diet quests are quantitative, I'm gonna count how many drinks I consume for a week. For my squats, I'm gonna count how many squats I've done. For my level up quest, I'm gonna post all the things I am thankful for in my blog. Please feel free
  4. Hi all This is my first challenge as a warrior and I’m super excited. Between travelling late last year and being slack getting back into the gym over Christmas/New Year I’m only just getting back into weights seriously after about 7 weeks out. This challenge is about getting back to basics. A good platform of food, fitness, strength, stamina and mobility to launch the heavy lifting next challenge. I launched a new Instagram page wild_darwin to share photos that a friend and I take of all things wild around where we live (Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia). For me this is primarily
  5. This challenge I'm beginning an IRL quest. I've got a coworker who invited me to join a group she's starting at the end of January to prepare for and ultimately run a half-marathon in April (IIRC), and I said, sure, what better way to push myself in the spirit of the Assassins? Thing is, the furthest I've ever run is ~6.2 miles (~10km). A half-marathon is ~13.1 miles (~21km), more than twice my furthest distance ever, and after the holidays I'm a little extra out of shape. On top of that, I packed on around 10lbs over the last 2 months or so; gotta get rid of that holiday weight! So here a
  6. Here's a little fun for us while we are in between challenges before the new year arrives. Let's play Battleship! I just randomly dreamed up this game while making my next challenge... so let's play! The Challenge: Each day, a fitness challenge will be set out (ie walk/run 2 intentional miles, 100 squats, 5 pull ups…) Each person on a team who completes this gets one shot (completion is honor system - don't be a cheat!) With 5 people per team, this means you could have up to 35 points per week You have approximately 24 hours to complete the task and post here. (completion posts wi
  7. Hello fellow nerds, I am a person who, if I have someone to compete against, can be dedicated but without a specific goal has a tendency to be a little ADD, oh look a cookie! So here is the challenge Starting thanksgiving day you will have several ways to earn points 5 points for every mile run( no stoping to catch your breath) 15 points for every mile of swimming( no stoping to catch your breath) 10 points for a heavy lifting session 2 points for every mile walked 15 points for an hour long group class Food: 5 points for a veggie salad meal(iceberg lettuce doesn't count ) 5 points for drinki
  8. Hi there! I think exercise can be incredible for both emotional and physical health. There is a great group of inspiring, people on Nerd Fitness and I am excited to become a part of this... A little bit about me, I first started with Nerd Fitness with my uncle and cousin a while back, I was only able to skim the waters and I was taken out of the game...I stopped being able to do basic exercise because of injuries. I tore my left rotator cuff injury and I also sustained soft tissue damage in left knee. It took a LOT of physical therapy and endurance to overcome my knee injury. I want to g
  9. Introduction: Hi I am LilLionLamb (also Lil'Lion or Lion) and this is my first challenge! Yay! I'm trying to get myself to love running a little more, but otherwise I enjoy swimming, playing soccer and generally feeling stronger. I weigh 155 lbs and I'm in college so I'm trying to figure out time-managing class, studying and exercise. I like writing, and love reading. Main Quest: Lose 20 lbs by end of February and Deadlift 1x bodyweight Quest 1: Jog and Walk for 30 minutes a day (at least 10 min must be jog), 3 days a week. I haven't been going to the gym consistently, and I want to b
  10. I normally run, but I'm trying to focus on strength training for a while. I like doing organized races to encourage my running so I decided I should throw myself one heck of a challenge: a powerlifting competition. There just so happens to be an Open in Boston on December 4-6 (link). So I think I might enter. At the very least I will attend as a spectator. The reason I hesitate is this: in running there is a "I just want to finish X" element and there are the people coming across the line an hour after the dedicated runners finished and that's encouraged because it doesn't interfere.
  11. Heyas, in the last few months i've looked through tonnes of blogs, studies and articles. Learning so many interesting things about health and nutrition, yet barely implementing anything i learned. Over the next few challenges i plan to change this. I will gradually add in interesting practices over time, instead of attempting everything the start. With the end goal of being the healthiest i can be, even if i only keep that up for a month. I'm going to attempt to enchance my nutrition, cognition and physical health as much as i can over that time period, im curious as to how i'll feel by the en
  12. Allie's Journey Begins: Kiya & The Hourglass There is only an hour left until the clocks are turned back. While I will get the chance to repeat every minute of the next hour, repeating other things in life is a fleeting concept. While 1:08 AM will change an hour from now, there is no changing the candy corns that I ate during that minute (Halloween candy is a blessing and a curse). These poor choices have slowly piled up for me like sand trickling in an hourglass. I'm ready to flip that hourglass over. Now if only I was strong enough to do that... *A light autumn breeze flows through t
  13. Hi all, I’m Mike and this will be my second challenge. I’m not sure where I fit in Guild wise so I am hoping I will fit in here. My last challenge I lost about 10 lbs. and did descent enough hitting my goals. I did see some change throughout the last challenge but not as much as I was hoping for. This time I am going to push harder. I have set some more difficult goals and I am determined to stick to them. My overall long term goal is to get fit and reduce my body fat percentage to an acceptable level. My goal of 55 lbs. of weight loss is the first major boss battle I face on my journey
  14. Hello! My name is Dandelion, and this is my first challenge. I joined a day or two ago but I've been shadowing NF for a while and decided to make the jump. I'm 228lb at the moment and feel too heavy to do anything so I tend to do just that; nothing. I've got an active brain and a thirst for excitement and adventure that needs to be quenched. Main Quest- Reach 125-130lb by May 14, 2016. (My Anniversary.) SMART Quests: Quest One; Fortune Favors the Brave Lose 28lb by Oct 25. Here's the reasoning math: I weighed 250 when I moved 7 weeks ago. I now weigh 228. 250-228=22 22÷7 weeks= 3.14 a
  15. My name is Nate, I'm 28 and married. I work as a teacher and am helping to start a new church in my city. During highschool and college I was a multisport athlete; and then I got married. Adjusting to married and working life (responsibilities!) led to a great decline in my physical fitness. I've slowly gone from weighing 190 lbs to 245 lbs, and not much of it has been muscle. I've gotten up to about 25% body fat. It stops now. Main quest: Drop 5% body fat by the end of the year. Quest 1: Get Committed: 5 recorded workouts per week. Measurement: A=5 workouts/Week, B=4 Workouts/Week, C
  16. This will be my first challenge after my respawn (excellent timing, really). Keeping it short and sweet: Main Goal: lose 20lb by December 22nd EAT CLEAN! Continue on the Whole30 for the entirety of the challenge. +5 CON STRETCH! Spend time every day doing PT routine for my anterior pelvic tilt. +3 DEX EXERCISE! Strength training three times a week (Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday). +3 STR, +2 STALife Quest: October is the time for COSTUMES! +1 WIS, +1 CHA Complete costume designs: Orange/Black tunic set; Mando armor set; Paladin armor and attire set.Spend time writing prose (converting story/charact
  17. Name: NikaNika Level: 3.5 Note: Almost didn't write this today... but feel like I should. I will be taking my last session's challenges and minimizing the goals to be more narrowed/specific, as well as focus on losing weight because I am entirely frustrated with my body. Recently got a scale to more accurately track my weight as well, since guessing and avoiding scales appears to have backfired for me. Main Quest ☽☥☾ Lose Weight (lose 6-12 lbs by challenge end) Explore Connection to Body. Embody Peace of Mind. Challenge Quest Breakdown Earth Eat with Healthy Patterns that boost
  18. I am a 24 year old uni student still figuring out how to do everything I want to do in my life and fighting the procrastination monster and some major energy suckage. I wish I could do everything but there’s not enough time in the day or energy in my body. Main Quest - Find some sort of life balance, feel good in my body and in my professional life. Goals: 1. Complete the Ultimate You challenge! Ultimate You is a gym and training facility that runs a weightloss challenge called 9 in 6. Basically, you try to lose 9 kilos in 6 weeks to get some wins on the board and to get you motivated to
  19. OK, technically this is my 3rd challenge that I am starting but have had a rough time of it. So instead of starting a 3rd challenge that follows in a string of failed challenges, I am taking the mentality that I am starting anew! Here goes! Main quest: To lose weight and build muscle Missions: 1 – Walk at lunch at least 4 times per weekday 2 – Do cardio at least 3 times per week and strength at least three times per week; including starting back up the Zumba classes I had been taking 3 – Create, get into, and stay in the habit of logging every meal, and by the end of this challe
  20. Hello Newcomers! Greeting from the UK fellow adventurers, you can call me Iggy! ;-) To those who don't know me: I'm 25 years old, and I came to NF around 2 years ago because I was really ill and unhappy because of what living with asthma/well-over BMI affect my quality of life and approach with work and enthusiasm. That all has changed since last October, as I managed to reach neutral BMI for the first time + control my asthma after a 1 year+ of creating a sustainable/fun routine, and all thanks to the amazing NF community who guided me (and chewed through my winded-out posts!) challenge to c
  21. Hello, my fellow Rebels! I am an old follower of Nerd Fitness, however, brand new to the forums! I'm having a bit of a late start with the challenge, but as everyone on here says, better late than never, right? For this Challenge I'm going to focus on the Recruit Mini Challenges as well as work on refining my goals and formatting these challenges. I'm incredibly excited to be doing this because I've been looking for ways to incorporate myself into a bigger community to help motivate me through my journey. Anyway, enough about personals, I'll write an introduction and link it later. Main Que
  22. I woke up this morning thinking, "Ooo, what if I made a character sheet of the new persona I want to be" Now, here I am posting on the NF Rebel forums What a crazy day. I'm extremely pleased to not only see so many faces here, but to see this has been around quite some time. Seems like perfect timing with this new challenge just about to start and all. Game on! My main goal is to reform my personality, to shake off my fear of photographs and mirrors, or instagram and twitter. To be as bright and shining a face on the outside as I feel on the inside. To buy suits and look sharp. To
  23. I've said before that I want to be Odinson. Now, granted, I don't have the hair for it. Or the muscles. Or the axe. Or [droppin sum troof on myself here] the dedication to being the strongest version of myself. Really, the hair isn't that big a deal and I can make an axe. So it's down to the muscles and the character. I believe that the pursuit of one can lead me to both. Mr. Rollins was on to something. Let's find some perspective. With that said, here are my goals for the challenge: I will lift three days a week and do cardio (running, stairs, walking, biking) three days a week. Sunda
  24. Hi! This is my first challenge as an assassin and I'm sooooo excited! I'm going to skimp on the bio here, you can learn more about me via my last challenge or my battle log if you're curious. I learned a lot about myself, my habbits and what works and doesn't via my last challenge. I seem to falter when it comes to cascading physical challenges. I tried strategically un-modifying pushups on the last challenge and it went horribly. So this challenge I am going to use a darebee program which will cascade for me without me having a say. My long term goal is to break into the aerial arts
  25. Name: NikaNika Level: 3 Note: Nearly a year later, I’m back and remaining amongst my fellow druids. I broke my five-point elemental system down into a sub-three point Body-Mind-Spirit system to help focus intentions in my return challenge. There’s a possibility I’ll be starting a new job in the next few weeks, so some things might change around if that happens… but they might not too; will see when/if it happens. Main Quest ☽☥☾ Strengthen Body-Spirit-Mind Connection. Body Realm of Earth Commit to Daily Fitness Habits with intention to lose excess fat and strengthen muscles
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