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  1. EDIT: CHALLENGEME!!! I want to get going on Pullups, and i want others to join in cause a little competition works wonders for me! Real easy, pick a thing you want to get better in and do it in a GtG style of way throughout the challenge. Let me know (here on my thread or on your own) how many sets a day you did and we will get a little competition going. Okay some tips: Do half of what you are capable of at a time. I can do 2 consecutive pullups, so i'm gonna start with a set of one at a time. Try to get in as much "sets" as possible throughout the day. Leave at least 15 minutes between sets. If you start doing something that has a weight, start with half weight (KB Dumbbell Barbell etc.) So who is willing to help call me out on this! Okay, Go super KISS (keep it simple, stupid!) i want to do the following. Clean up eating Keep running Start lifting Keep in touch with as many rebels as possible! I want to build my challenge around that. I'm not quite sure how though. Maybe i just need a rewind. One of my downfalls is wanting to go big or go home... So now i purposely want to work around that. Work with teeny tiny steps. I know! Ugh this is so hard! First things first, just like last challenge i want to keep accountable cause it helps me most to keep to my challenge. But with the teeny tiny steps (not setting up for failure) i will do a check in at least 3 times a week (instead of every day). 3/w check in The 2nd goal will be the "cleaning-up-the-eating" part. One of the easiest things to start out with is cutting out the sweets. Which comes down to desserts, and sweets in the evening. It's not that big of a problem for me, but i think it's something i can easily start off with this to get things going. (instead of all the restrictions) 3/w check in no-sweets Third goal will be a combined thing. I want to keep running cause i've a pretty good base stamina now. Also keeping in mind May 2021 when i have to run the Ratrace Dirty Weekend (20 mile / 200 obstacles) obstacle run. But i also want to get back into the habit of lifting. Now preferably i want to keep it doing both 3 times a week. But i just know doing that would be setting up for failure. And even though i hate it, i'm gonna start with every other day a workout. And alternate the running with lifting. (instead of doing full running AND lifting program) 3/w check in no-sweets run / lift The challenge is 5 weeks and starts monday. 0-week will be the week to try this out. Preferably on sunday i want to do a recap and tighten or loosen things for the upcoming week. Now we are gonna have a little problem with Week 1 cause i will be on holiday as a tourguide. Working out will probably not be possible. So i want to try to keep me to the other 2 goals. No sweets (which basically means no snacks at the gas station, no desserts after dinner) and check in a few times here. After that on week 2 i want to kick off the challenge right. Easy check in format: Week 0 / Day 3 Checkin 2/3 NoSweets 0/7 run 1 / lift 0
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