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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! Over in the ladies academy facebook group today, we came up with the idea of making a character sheet with a bit more oomph, so that we can keep track of our NF levels with regards to the academy stuff as well as the main 6-week quest stuff. People who are not in the academy can still use it; the academy part is tiny. I made an editable google doc. I based the sheet on a D&D character sheet, but I've tried to keep it in line with the NF 'rules' as much as possible. Of course, I think the Borg might be better at this than me. Plus, open source stuff rocks. So, here's my call to you: coders, rebels, gamers, and other nerds - let's see if we can make this Character Sheet something that everyone can use! If it's pretty too, that's a bonus. I've made version 1. I'd love to see what you do with it. Note: if you want to use the template to make your character, make sure you save a NEW copy of it and work on that, rather than on the template that everyone else is fiddling with while we develop it. Here is the link to the current version: Nerd Fitness Character Sheet v1.1 Typewritery fonts are those fields entered by the user. Data in the sheet is not real; it's just to show you different ways you could enter your own info. Added: Pretty colours and NF brandingSwitched it from editable to commentable to avoid user errors of people putting in their own infoTidied up formatting and added a section for goalsMade XP easier to track/read at a glance What's the XP good for? Well, you could use it to 'buy' yourself rewards, or as a scale of when you would receive them. Or another system you think of. Buying rewards: This follows the HabitRPG model where you assign a value to a reward and can use your 'gold' or in this case, XP, to buy it. Can also be used to buy equipment which would give bonuses to your skills (e.g. upgrading a stationary bike, getting better running shoes). E.g. A block of dark chocolate costs 10XP, while a bowl of chocolate ice cream costs 200XP. It's best to assign this to non-food things or you'll end up undoing the hard work you've put into earning them. XP Reward scale: this would be more like a milestone list.You can choose what your milestones are and assign rewards to them. E.g. When your total XP equals the milestone, you get to have that reward. 100xp: play a cellphone game for an hour 500xp: watch a marathon of your favourite show 1000xp: go for a romantic dinner with your partner 50000xp: take that dream vacation to Tahiti (it's a magical place).
  2. Introduction Hi there! I've been lurking in the forums and chat room for a week or two, waiting eagerly for this challenge to start. Well, really I'm mostly eager to get into the Assassins guild. But all good things come in time, or something, right? I'm a middle school English teacher in Korea. And, well, let's get this thing going. Short and sweet because I'm tired and am reserving my typing energy for NaNoWriMo. Main Quest I want to be able to run, climb, jump, and be a bad-ass. I want to be as capable as Lara Croft is, to handle whatever comes my way. I want to be able to do handstand pushups on the edge of a cliff. Because I know I can do it; it's just a matter of getting there. Tasks 1. Do the bodyweight workouts 3 times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. (a total of 18 workouts) ( STR 4, STA 2) Grading: A = 18 B = 12-17 C = 7-12 D = 0-6 2. Go without takeout meals (A = 100% B = 75% C = 50% D = 25% F = 0%) (CON 2) 3. Go to the climbing gym at least 2 times each week. (DEX 3, STA 3) (a total of 12 workouts) A = 12 B = 8-11 C = 4-7 D = 0-4 Side quest Life: Complete NaNoWriMo (WIS 1) So, everything neatly summed up in the goals part of my character sheet (check the link in my signature to make your own): Rewards: Well, being able to fit into three 'new' pairs of pants (gifts from my mom who hadn't seen me in a year) will be reward enough. Motivation: I want to be able to do anything and everything that Lara Croft can do, if I want to. I want my outside to match how I feel inside.
  3. Hi there. So...I'm 36, 240 lb., 5 ft. 4 inches. Strong, but not as strong as I used to be. Slow as heck, always have been. I've always, always, always been "the fat girl." Peasant woman stock -- think a fat bar wench. I'm looking at Paleo, but really I think I'll just take my family back on the Michi Ladder. We do pretty well on it, at least for a while. I wonder what the results would be alternating six weeks Michi, six weeks Paleo? Anyway, my goals are... To walk a mile in less than 20 minutes. To not feel like I'm dying when I do it. I'd love to do capoeira, but there's no classes around me. I've already set myself a personal goal and set myself up an accountability group over on Facebook with my friends, but I'm looking for advice, help, and new friends are always awesome. Thanks. ShadowSilk
  4. Helloooo fellow Rebellians! So, for an introduction, I felt I should take the RPG IRL article as inspiration and create and actual character sheet. I haven't set my physical and mental goals yet, but I will be soon and I felt that creating this character sheet is really going to help me achieve this. Feel ABSOLUTELY FREE to take this idea and run with it if you think it might work. I know its effectiveness is highly subjective, so no worries if you don't want to. That said, thank you for taking the time to check it out! I hope to be a good part of this community, offering help where I can, and getting the support that we all need from each other. To me, the base stats can mean whatever you want, such as perception. It might mean something completely different to me than to you. Also, my way of measuring the base points has no real math basis, They are just what I feel I have to work with on my personal scale. Make sense? This was an interesting experiment for me. I think when someone tells me to really sit create goals, this is what I should have thought to do first. I feel that it really helped me take a second and figure out what I am working with, which will help me identify where I can begin to change, mark progress, and get things going. I think one of the key things I discovered writing this out were the character perks. I often don't think about the good things that I have, and now I have them written out. I have many more things that i can use for tools now that I think about it (parents, friends, etc.) but I felt that those were more external resources than immediately available perks. I don't know, but without further adieu, here is my personal Character Sheet. Race: Human Permanent Physical Attributes: Sort of Tall, scar on face, a few tattoos, curly hair, blue eyes, a few lipomas here and there. Current Adjustable Physical Attributes: Slight beer gut, average muscle definition, not strong, but not weak. Base Stats: (out of 20) Strength: 10 Intellect: 13 Agility: 8 Stamina: 10 Charisma: 9 Perception: 5 Luck: 8 Confidence: 6 Speed: 9 Special Trait: Emotional Stability Emotional Stability affects the character’s ability to handle life situations. It can be influenced by almost everything. Emotional Stability follows a 7 point chart. Whenever you are rolling to add or subtract to emotional stability, start at 4. Emotional Stability will only reach 0 if a traumatic experience happens. See the “Charts†Section for a breakdown of the Emotional Stability Chart Profession: Artist Artists are an interesting bunch. They use their ability to dream and relate their life experiences to create the aesthetics of the realm. They can work hand in hand with almost any industry. They are similar to musicians, using visual representations to create emotional reactions and convey thoughts or feelings.. Character Perks: Pets: Constant Companions. Pets provide the owner with the ability to deal with social problems in a small way, add 1 to Emotional Stability when interacting with character. Must be fed and cleaned up after on a regular basis. They will occasionally piss off the character. Roll a D6 every so often. Even numbers mean nothing. Odd numbers subtract 1 from emotional stability. However, if you roll the same number more than 6 times in a row, something dire has happened. Emotional Stability is at 0 for an undetermined amount of time. Job: Source of income. Job provides the character with an ability to support themselves in the economic world. Perk special attribute: Job can boost or lower certain attributes. Tinkerer: Based on intellect. The character enjoys finding out how mechanical things work. Add.5 for each 2 points of Base intellect to skills related to mechanical know-how. Nerd: This perk is a side effect of Interests. Usually based off of intellect, but there are many exceptions. Provides the character with a large number of ways to connect with random other characters in the world. Can be the basis for Friendship. Technological Hobbyist: The character likes technological advancements and tends to try and keep up with them in the world. Not a profession. Adds .5 for each 2 points of base intellect to skills having to do with electronic devices. Allows for easy access to the internet for research purposes. Sympathetic: The character has great passion for the well-being of other living beings, be that sentient or not. Moral alignment +1 Randomizers: Empathetic: Character feeds off of other character and animals emotions. Roll a D6 whenever the character is interacting or near another character. 1-3: Subtract from Emotional Stability the number the D6 reads. 4-6: Subtract 3 from the number the D6 reads, add the difference to Emotional Stability. ex: Character rolls a 2, subtract two from Emotional Stability. Character rolls a 6, add 3 to emotional stability.(6-3=3) Character Flaws: Character flaws can be changed for better or for worse depending the characters perception and willpower. Root Flaws take quite a bit longer to identify, heal, and overcome than minor flaws. Selfless to a Fault: Root Flaw Though the character has the ability carry great passion for all other living beings and their troubles, he hardly spends any time thinking about himself. He has covered his other character flaws with a blanket, only covering up his ability to identify and stop the growing flaws he carries. This character flaw leaves him unbalanced and in a constant state of emotional instability, resulting in good highs, but very low, lows. Subtract one more point from emotional stability if it ever is below the median of 4. If this results in a 0, the character has lost his ability to cope with the situation, and goes into a state of complete vulnerability. Porn Addict: Root Flaw The character has ingrained in his mind a “feel-good†neural pathway related to pornography. This addiction flows out into his everyday life causing mental strife and confusion. Certain situations can heighten the response. Women in revealing armor cause a slight effect. TV shows and films containing overtly sexual, sensual, and softcore scenes cause a higher effect. If the character is attempting to destroy this flaw, he will become irratible, sad, and full of despair randomly throughout the recovery process. This will consume a high amount of energy to keep willpower from falling too low. While the character is attempting to remove the Porn Addiction Flaw, all Emotional Stability rolls related to situations relating to Porn Addiction take an additional 25 points of energy from the energy bar. If this drops his energy level below 25 points, he will need to sleep. If it drops his energy level below 0, he will not sleep, and the thoughts will consume him for a short time. Roll D6 in this case. 1-5, he will make it through without a relapse, though he will start the next day with 25 points less on the energy bar. If a 6 is rolled, he has relapsed, and suffers a -2 to willpower for the next day. Smoker: Character habitually smokes cigarettes. -2 from base stamina and -15 from the health bar while this Character Flaw is in effect. This means that the maximum stamina that can be achieved is only 18/20 points until this flaw is removed from play. There is one benefit to smoking, It does allow the character to “take five†in almost any situation, giving him a second to level out Emotional Stability one point. note: There is an item out in the world that is rumored to reduce the stamina and health deductions by half, and helps the character quit smoking in the long run. Keep your eyes peeled for such items. They are not permanent, but for a short time they will help until the character quits for good. Procrastinator: This flaw puts the character in a perpetual state of “i can do it tomorrowâ€. Waiting until the last minute to finish certain things. This can be anything from Chores, to school work, and assignments from a Job. 100% of projects related to Job, Career, and Living will be finished, but not necessarily to the best result. Hobbies and side projects suffer the most from this flaw, resulting in almost 90% of hobby projects done outside of work, school, and chores, unfinished. Energy Potions: Different from coffee. These alchemical concoctions will boost the character’s energy 10 points whenever consumed, but at the expense of an equal amount of health points. The effects last about 4 hours, after which, subtract 15 from the energy bar. Use sparingly if at all. Items: Bicycle: Saves money on gas. Requires energy to use. As the user gets used to using the bicycle, the energy consumed will drop at a slow rate. energy consumption is variable depending on a whole host of situations ranging from distance ridden, hills, weather, starting energy, clothing, etc. Car: Consumes Gas, costs a variable amount for upkeep. Car provides transportation faster and greater distances than Bicycle. It also allows the user to carry more items. Add 4 slots to inventory if driving Car. Car also saves energy provided it is working properly. Computer: Used for a great many things. Can be a problem for the porn addiction flaw if the character has not taken steps to attempt to remove Porn Addiction. The computer is non-negotiable, and must be used. Avoiding its use altogether affects the characters ability to function in the current technological world he lives in. Cell Phone: Variable Upkeep. cell phone allows the character to communicate with other characters when not at home. Provides a vital lifeline in some situations, and a problematic distraction in others. Character must learn to balance use of this technological advancement. Clothes: They are clothes! All characters must have some form of clothes! Even nudists have some clothing here and there. they offer protection, and provide unique styles to the user, creating a sense of security, humility, and individuality. Some clothes protect the physical form better than others. Be sure to check the armor rating depending on what the character is doing. Watch: Allows the user to tell time and keep appointments. Journal: Extremely useful tool to help with removing Root Flaws. Use whenever necessary to help return Emotional Stability to a manageable level. Can be used even when ES is at 0.
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