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Found 5 results

  1. Jayim's first Assassin Challenge!!! Hello Assassins! Newbie here. =) I've been beaten down by a chronic illness for the lasts decade. Well, I've decided to beat back! I've been trying to get my life back together since October, so I've already made some progress. Then I found NerdFitness and now I'm even more excited! My big goals are at the bottom of my intro post: https://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/94695-a-life-to-live/ Anyway, on with the Challenge! Food 1.) Eat an Egg, Meat, Veggie breakfast every day instead
  2. Eirlys

    Eirlys: Revival

    I am continuing with my agile self-improvement processes, rather than setting up-front several so-called SMART goals - a system which I think has quite a few weaknesses! The term "agile" is borrowed from software engineering, rather than the exercise idea. I am definitely not physically flexible - but we will work on that... My current status is as follows: STOP: looking at newspapers' websites - CHARISMA - HABIT making strangers' problems my own (particularly, trying to give advice) - CHARISMA - HABIT crossing my legs/hooking one leg over the ot
  3. That's become my new mantra. I can keep going. I can keep growing as a person as long as I follow that one simple rule. Be a little braver today than I was yesterday. That's exactly what I'm going to do. My name is Jess. I'm 22 years old, class 1 obese and training to be an assassin. I did well in 2014. I made a great foundation with my health and fitness. I'm ready to graduate to an intermediate level. I know what to do now, I just have to do it, and stick with it. Train for Spartan Sprint The next two months are a little nuts for me. Next Sunday I am running my first ever hal
  4. Points: Verbal reasoning every week:5 wisdom Minecraft programming at least once this challenge:3 wisdom Tap and modern practice maximum twice every week:4 charisma Running every week: 2 stamina. Parcour every week: 1 dexterity. This is flyer19, back and better than ever! I myself will be dodging zombies, and doing mind boggling puzzles. I will be doing the odd swim here and there, and even tree climbing and parcour! By the way this is Herobrine with the words NOOB and DEFEATED written all over him!
  5. Hello! TennisGeek here. This is my 4th challenge. For first 3.5 challenges, I've put in a lot of work, time and effort into each challenge. I felt exhaustion just keeping up with my own challenge so I'm going to change the tone completely. For this challenge, I've decided to not put any stress on myself. My challenge is to simplify my life including the challenge itself. Main Quest: Becoming a Wimbledon Champion Goals: #1 - Sleep better. Don't sleep on couch. Count night that I went to bed. CON+3 #2 - Throw one thing away every day for the duration of challenge I want to cl
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