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Found 5 results

  1. My boys are 8 yrs and 6yrs respectively. They are in general very busy, both playing inside and outside of the house, but they are not the tree climbing kind of boys. For a while they liked the jungle gym we had built for them, but that didn't last long, as we got them a trampoline. Our oldest spent a lot of time on the trampoline, but the last month it is off to be repaired, and will take another 3-4weeks before we get it back. We have to drive to another town to give it in, and haven't been able to yet. He isn't overweight at all, but could be firmer and stronger. The better the gross and fine motor control, the better kids learn, actually. Our oldest also does Playball and horse riding every week, while the youngest started with riding lessons again now March. The problem is they are built totally opposite, with our oldest tall and lean like me, and the youngest short and squat/strong like my husband. Our youngest really is very strong, but has recently started putting on a lot of weight. He isn't obese, but I don't want it to get to that point. The two have seen my husband and I do our separate bodyweight exercises, and said they want me to "train" them. We homeschool, so they see me as trainer, teacher, "mom-will-get-it-done" person. I have a series of exercises that I got from our medical aid's kids section, and from Fitness 4 Homeschool (and yes I totally forgot about it till now) that I would like to do with them three times a week. Short lessons to focus on core and arms strength. I'll update with an exercise plan later today, although any advice in the meantime would be great. Oh, and we are contemplating changing the design of the jungle gym to a permanent obstacle course, so if they don't want to use it, then at least I can.
  2. Heyla Monks! I am a visiting Assassin but my 11 year old girl is definitely a Monk. We both practiced Martial Arts together for quiet awhile until our dojo had to move. I was no longer able to make it to classes after work. But she continued and has been studying martial arts for over 3 years now and is very good and loves what she has learned. She is in love with her sai's. She practices hard and knows that what she has learned is for self defense, exercise and fun only. She is why I am here. I need.... an opinion or a reassurance.... Yesterday as she was walking home from school 3 boys ganged up on her and started throwing ice balls at her. She asked them to stop but they continued. At any time she could have ended it and sent them home crying like babys....... BUT she held her ground. One of the boys faked that he was going to come apologize and threw another at her. She came home and my husband saw she was really upset so she told him what happened. He has a meeting with the principal today. She was upset about it but went to her MA classes anyway last night. Now please understand that I am SO proud that she didn't retaliate. I am afraid that I would not have had that restraint at her age. My dilemma is this.... Part of me wishes she would have retaliated. I know she would have been the one to get in trouble... but I feel if she taught them a lessen she would not be bullied anymore. Swallow the punishment to teach them a lesson. BUT then I can see others wanting to challenge her and get her to even more trouble. I am frustrated and pissed and I want nothing more than to protect her. I know its her battle and she needs to make the choice. I feel she made the right one and maybe I just needed to vent. But if she can't defend herself what is the point?
  3. OK, I'm finally back! Made it home safe from Queenstown, which was beautiful, and am all ready and rearing to go - for the challenge, and to go back to work (ok, one slightly less so than the other... guess which is which ) So without further ado.... Main quest: Baby On Board Get healthier and fitter throughout my (very exciting first) pregnancy safely, reduce stress and increase knowledge to win at childbirth and early baby stuff (well, as much winning as is possible with unpredictable things like this!) Motivation - it's not just about me or us any more, it's about the family and raising a healthy happy person. Goal 1: Spread 'em! (Flexibility) Using Gold Medal Bodies Focused Flexibility, plus Xtend Barre to increase flexibility and mobility safely. First two areas: neck/front of shoulders, hips Measure - aim for daily practice, fortnightly assessment of progress in flexibility and to choose next four stretches. Success - feeling flexy and not tight in areas worked on (3.5 rounds in this challenge, as first week already started - shoulders and hips) [3 WIS for daily practice, 2 WIS for up to 5 missed days, 1 WIS for 6 or more missed] Goal 2: Strong as a Mother (Strength) I'm going to purchase the Gold Medal Bodies Level One Bundle and then pick one to work on for next 3-4 months (will let you know which one I pick in the next couple of days, I'm still easing in after a very lazy holiday!) I'll also continue doing Xtend once a week. Will need to reassess my approach in January and maybe move to something different, or modify the program I'm currently on then. Measure - Xtend each week; GMB program as often as recommended (cumulative 2-3 hrs per week probably). Success - feeling strong and coordinated, not getting too flabby too quickly (see below for body measurements) [3 STR 2 DEX 1 STA for 90-100% workouts completed, fewer for fewer, will determine at end] Goal 3: Eating for Two, but not two adults! (Nutrition) In consultation with naturopath, make a reasonable effort at low-histamine, mostly primal diet which doesn't cause overt stress. Up the veggies, take all supplements she gives me, look at making gelatin-rich bone broth again once a week etc. Food prep - make a routine, deal with boredom in order to get things made quickly and easily. Basic breakfast, 2-3 lunches, 3-4 dinners each week. Allowance so I don't go crazy: Max two whole meals (out of 21) or four smaller less-good choices (eg a good meal which includes potatoes, or a snack with chocolate in it) per week. Measure - food diary and alienjenn's Foodz PvP; weigh, measure and BF analyser weekly (less for control reasons, more because it'll be interesting to track). Success - getting nutrition routine under control by end of the challenge (two weeks into second trimester) and weight gain is at acceptable level throughout. [3 CON for 80-100% compliance with food rules, less for less] Measurements 15 Sept 2014Weight: 64.3kgBody Fat: 24.2%Bust: 95cmWaist: 75cmAbdomen: 81cmHips: 99cm My body fat measurement might go spaz because the electronic analyzer I use apparently doesn't work too well for pregger ladies, but it should be interesting as an academic exercise anyway.I'm aiming for no more than 15kg weight gain (so topping out at under 80kg hopefully). My Mum gained about 20kg when she had me and my brother, she's the same height and build as me and it didn't hurt her or us none so I'm not, like, paranoid about this, but it's good to have a guide. Life Quests I want your knowledge inside me Read books and reputable articles about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, early baby stuff. Start making lists of stuff to get/not get. Look at classes through midwife group, book when appropriate (many not be in this 6 weeks). Also talk to recent parent friends for tips and thoughts. Measure - Aim for at least 2, up to 4 hours per week [1 CHA for learning and becoming smarter] All in my head Mindfulness, meditation, facing fears, visualising what I want, generally being with myself and my growing baby throughout the next 7 months. Guided or unguided, take the time to work through (especially after learning new things, to process properly). Measure - 10 min a day. On the train counts, at work during a break counts, whilst walking counts. [1 CHA for becoming a calmer person] Bonus quest: Dead Plants Having been told to take it down a gear and relax more, and seeing as I've been during on all cylinders recently I'm taking this advice seriously. I need space in my schedule to do the important things, and in my house if we're going to move and/or fit this kid in here soon. Ruthless clearing of stuff I might enjoy but which takes time away from the above five things is necessary. [1 CHA for making myself more Zen through implementing simplicity] One thing I won't be doing is following quite so many threads this challenge, because it was just too much for me in the end. Unfortunately spending time on the forums will be one of those culled down things (not a totally Dead Plant, but I need to turn it into more of a cactus in terms of the amount of effort I put in!). Apologies in advance if I lurk instead of posting on your thread - I am still here and I do care! Also, you will notice a lack of story - but never fear! I've decided I'm going to participate in my first ever NaNoWriMo this year in November where I will adapt and expand the story I started So there's one goal for a future challenge already sorted.
  4. Hey, I'm teaching some kids in secondary school (ages 13 - 14) about the importance of silence in our lives. I was thinking of adding some meditation, or Yoga or Tai Chi and was wondering if some of you druids could give me some suggestions for good exercises?
  5. Is anyone keeping their wee ones on a paleo diet? I'm looking for meal and snack ideas. My 1-year-old will eat pretty much any pureed fruit and vegetable if I had the ones he doesn't like by mixing them with the ones he does. I can't get him to eat much meat. Besides, he only has 8 teeth. The jarred meats smell like cat food and I hate them but sometimes I sneak them in with a fruit/veggie puree so I know he's getting some protein. He'll eat a few bites of baked chicken and thats about it. He'll also take a hard boiled egg thats all mashed up. Also, what do you do for snacks? The docs all suggest crackers and cheese and the like but I don't really want to feed him that. I'm leary on giving him cow's milk too because of how dirty it is. He's had some, but a super organic pastured cow's milk. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.
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