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  1. It's been a good few months. I've made challenges and succeeded at most of them (still trying to get those splits!). I'm training for a race, never thought that would happen. Queenie's looking amazing, so now I'm just waiting for her to drop down dead(she would totally do that just to spite me). And I'm going away. On a plane. Without parents. For the first time. In less than a week. Barring the runs, which I absolutely intend to continue whilst away(I mean running on the beach, that's an experience right?!), I'm gonna take the next four weeks easy. Focus on relaxation, and eating right, and just chilling out. And what better way to chill out than to abandon the world in favour of a fantasy one? Enter challenge Bookworm! Main Quest: Read 4 new books in 4 weeks (18XP CON+2) -Buy 4 new books (18XP STA+2)] Yes, I'm totes using this as an excuse to get new books. Why? Because I love buying new books. I love the book store. I love the comfy chairs in the bookstore. I love the zombie section of the book store. I love books. Books!! -Read in different places, gardens, fields, beaches, in a tree, etc.. (16P WIS+1) I used to just read in bed, but I kept falling asleep. As this is quite a sedentry challenge, I'm going to make a point of exploring new places to read. Though, going on holiday will defintely make one week easy! -Occassionally read out loud (16XP CHA+2) If I'm reading, I'm not socialising. I'm terrible at talking. I flub my words so bad people often think I'm drunk. It comes down to being very shy and quiet, then getting braces and learning how to talk around them whilst getting into my drama class in high school, then getting them taken off 5 years later and having to learn how to talk all over again. Talking is difficult. Let's practice without the pressure of actually having to talk to people. -Focus on running and healthy eating when not reading (16XP STR+2) Still training for this 5k. I can't afford not to, I want to do well. Or at least just do it. And my diet's gone out the window recently due to lack of money. So let's work on those things. Side Quest: Teach Hutch a new trick. (16XP, DEX+2) He hasn't learnt a new one since BANG, and that was a while ago. I'm off to town tomorrow while Honey's at the vets, 1) to try and keep my mind off it, 2) I need more shampoo and conditioner, and 3) to buy these books. BOOKS!
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