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Found 3 results

  1. This thread is for my favorite recipes. My boyfriend is from Ecuador, so I end up learning and cooking a lot of Ecuadorian recipes. However, I also love lots of other cuisines and make (or try to make ) dishes from all over the world (including my home country, 'Murica). We rarely eat out, but we're both busy so I end up doing a lot of batch cooking on the weekend. A lot of these recipes are primal, paleo, or easily modified to be so. My boyfriend isn't in to healthy eating, but he likes almost everything I cook and has a big appetite. To start things off, here's one of my favorite Ecua
  2. All of my life I've wanted to learn languages, and I've finally decided to go for it. I'm working on adjusting my eating habits, getting into shape, losing weight, and now I want to work out my mind as well by trying to learn a new language. I've tried to learn a new language before but I haven't been able to 1, stick with it or 2, find a method that works. I'm a very visual learner, but I can't seem to get a handle on a new language. The top five languages I want to learn are Russian, Arabic, Farsi, Korean, and Chinese. Does anyone have any advice/tips/tricks/suggestions/HELP! that they can
  3. Welcome to the battle log of Ms. Lolavictrola! Me: 26 years old, 6'3", female Starting Weight: 350 Current Weight: 345 Current Goal: 330 by 2/16 (-20), Ultimate Goal: 195 (24.9 BMI) Calorie Target: 1800-1900 Log: Food Breaktfast: 1/2 a banana + coffee (got up late) Lunch: 1 slice leftover healthy meatloaf, leftover veggie mix (sauteed summer squash, onion, and peapods) Dinner: Red-braised haddock, a DELICIOUS and light Chinese recipe that my family loves. Also called Hong Shao Yu. Net Calories: ~1900. Exercise: None today. I have a huge 3 hr dance rehearsal tomorrow (I'm a lead
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