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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, everyone. The name is Kerri. I am a 22-year-old woman, passionate about psychology, writing, and crime dramas. I collect Carebears and X-men anything. I've been a "nerd" in some aspects for as long as I can remember. I'm the kind of girl who tied jump ropes across our trampoline so I could be a 'spy.' I love all things Marvel but have a particular affinity to the X-men. If you cannot tell by my username, my favorite character is X-23, aka Laura Kinney aka Wolverine's clone. I also enjoy video games, the Sims, some anime, and recently have started dabbling with Magic and D&D. Outside of
  2. In 2015 I moved to Brooklyn after accomplishing some great changes in my life. Since then, I've hit a lot of stumbling blocks and now it's time to get back to it. After losing my job in April of 2017 (primarily due to my poor health negatively impacting my work), I spent 6 months recovering. My depression was out of control, my anxiety through the roof, I was in constant pain, often sick, and I had a feeling that I had the wrong diagnosis. Three hours after I was informed I was being let go I had an appointment with a new psychiatrist who then gave me the contact info for a therapi
  3. Hello! I'm a chronically ill student nerd with more dreams than spoons. I would especially love to meet other disabled/chronically ill nerd fighters to share my journey with! A bit about me: I'm a final year vet student living in the UK I love to read, draw, paint and write. I'm a lover of sci-fi, video games and true-crime podcasts (my latest obsession) I suffer from Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, which causes me chronic pain and weakness in most of my joints, and chronic fatigue, which is just unneccessary I'm also a mental illness warrior I'm current
  4. Ok. Here it goes.... You can read about the current issues I'm having here but short version is I may be dealing with a lot of pain in the short term. I'm not sure how much, and if it's like my really bad days as of late, I'll be couch-ridden and unable to do much at all. I almost wasn't going to put up a challenge whatsoever this month, but I've been doing a lot of thinking (and a lot of time on the phone with doctors and insurance company) and have come up with a lists of truths - things I know that I can apply right now. This is not the end of the world.
  5. I have been struggling with my weight on and off for years. I only have 10lbs to loose and I know for some people that might not be enough to worry about but for me it is beyond frustrating. For the last 3 years, I have been significantly unwell, this has impacted my digestion of foods and means I have been everything from slightly unwell to bed-ridden. As a result, my body is bloated and larger then where I am comfortable. I have been trying since the start of the year to loose these few kilos and get on top of my health and not only am I still not well, but I still feel fat.
  6. Hey lovelies! I'm going to come out and say it: I have a mood disorder. My mood disorder is like what happens when bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder get together and have a baby. A baby that is prone to adorable swings between mania and depression and it also gets so obsessed over perceived faults that it won't leave the house. Bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety couldn't be prouder parents! It makes functioning pretty difficult sometimes, and it sometimes takes all the joy out of... well... everything. I'm on a nice little cocktail of medications and actively se
  7. Hello! My name is Savannah and I've actually introduced myself before. 2 years ago. I need to start over. In bullet points, because I like them. I am a 28-year-old wife and mother. I had a very active childhood filled with running and swimming and dancing and horseback riding, up until I began college. My college years were less active but I was still relatively fit and healthy. Then I got married and had a kid.Two years after my daughter was born I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease, an autoimmune condition that makes my thyroid over active. August of 2013 I began a new, active job working
  8. Hi folks, My Main Quest is to become more fit; which is to say I want to: Lose 3.5 inches from my waist at the end of 6 weeksWalk at least 75,000 steps each week (I have a Fitbit which tracks for me)Bike 30+ minutes three times per weekThe reason why I I want to become more fit/active, in short, is because I miss it a lot. I played a lot of sports until the end of high school where I was hit with a chronic illness that made life really tough. Once the illness absolved itself some, I developed severe osteoarthritis, which resulted in 3 major surgeries in 3.5 years. Now that I'm "recovered" fro
  9. A couple years ago I was biking with my kids... it was our FIRST long ride (about 50 miles)... we were on our way back to the car but still about 10 miles from the car... we were tired.... we were hot... Zombie (my youngest he was about 10 then??) got VERY frustrated and threw down his bike... he wanted us to go get the car and come back for him (wasn't an option because we were miles from the nearest access point)... I told him whenever I get frustrated I think of my favorite verse and my favorite childhood book and he was like HUH? and I said... I can do all things (through Christ who stren
  10. In truth, I started my quest on July 9th, 2014. However, since I wasn't sure if I was ready to stick to it, I've kept this information as my computer background up until now. I've been bedridden for the past year because of major joint deterioration due to very active RA. I want to get a hold of my health again. I want to not be afraid to risk taking a job in fear of not being able to pull my weight because of my illness. I don't want this disease to define who I am, because for a while, it has. Measurements: Starting weight: 245lbs Current weight: 230 -> 225 -> 220 Height: 5'9.5" Fa
  11. Hello fellow Rebels! Finally I decided to take care of myself. After a living a life for other people and spending lots of time helping others, who often neither where grateful nor deserved it, I realised that I am an important person myself. Last year I've been sick for a long time and had to take heavy medications (antibiotics really can knock you out!). I wasn't able to go to College (I study Cognitive Science), thus I had plently of time thinking about my life. It's not just, that I was physically ill - I've also been ignoring a severe depression and panic disorder for quite a long time,
  12. Challenge: Core of Steel Last challenge, I blew it. Just a few days before the end, I peaced out of the forums, stopped replying to threads, completely disappeared. There were a lot of reasons for that but the simple answer is that when your brother gets married right in the middle of the holidays, family tensions run high. Add a Lyme flare and you have no time for forum-ing. I did, however, stay in the gym. In fact, I've worked harder than ever. I'm there for an hour 5-6 days a week at the moment and still building muscle and joint stability like a boss. If the honorable assassins can
  13. Hi everyone, I've been a lurker for awhile now. My thought was that I could just read enough posts and then apply what I learned on my own, but it's not going well and I need some community encouragement and support (and you're all such awesome people). I'm 23. I was a runner and a rock climber and a very productive, energetic, nerdy* college student until four years ago, when I suddenly got very sick. I ended up being diagnosed with an infection-induced autoimmune disease and I've been battling it ever since. I had to drop out of school and I went from being able to run twelve miles to b
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