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Found 1 result

  1. I just graduated from college. I just turned 22. Time to be a productive human. Goals: By the end of each week in the mini, my points >= half the team average. Bonus points if my points >= team average. Do one thing every day to be a productive human invested in her future. Log that one (or more) thing here with as many details as is appropriate for an online forum full of strangers. This can be as small as watching one educational YouTube or Khan Academy video to finishing cleaning/painting my room to filling a box full of things to sell in a garage sale to nagging my doctor friend to follow up when he says we'll be in touch about me shadowing at his office. Cooking dinner for my family does not count. Cooking dinner for a friend's family (e.g. our church friends whose daughter is having brain surgery) counts. Basically I'm not allowed to sit on my butt all day every day being lazy. Work up to waking up at 6am and staying awake. This obviously requires going to bed early. June 3rd is an exception due to going to a potluck, but my parents are eating paleo so I need to eat paleo. AIP would be even better (cleaner, not because I have any known autoimmune diseases) but somehow I don't think I'll be able to get out of eating tomatoes and coconut milk when my mom uses them to cook. Except for using butter (ghee is such a pain to make/buy), their current diet is almost Whole30 compliant so... Starting 31 May (because birthday 30 May --> sushi, mochi ice cream, and champagne) and excluding 3 June, eat paleo. Use BEMER at least once a day. Bonus points for twice a day. Go to three church things outside of regular service. This can include volunteering to pack or distribute lunches for kids who were on free/reduced lunch during the school year. These can count toward being a productive human although I should strive to have something else as well. Go through 1 skein of yarn a week. I guess it can be split up but I want to see some of these million projects done already. I have 4 bins of yarn under my bed and a basket of reject projects. Two of them have yarn that is not tied up in or for any project. I'm not allowed to touch those or buy more until the other two bins are empty. SUMMARY #dobetter in the mini Be productive. Don't be lazy. Wake up earlier. Naps are for wussies. Eat paleo. Use BEMER. Moar church. Use up some yarn. All this in addition to my other ongoing goals: DuoLingo, making the bed, eating breakfast, etc. Month Church: X _ _ Mini: X X/ _ _ Yarn: X X X _ Week 1 (4 days) Mini: X Productivity: O O / XX Wake up/bed early: X X X X Paleo: X X X C BEMER: / X / / Yarn: X Week 2 Mini: X/ (X or X/ only) Productivity: X X O O X O O Wake up/bed early: / O / X / / X Paleo: X C X X X O C BEMER: / / X / / / / Yarn: X Week 3 Mini: X Productivity: X O O O O X / Wake up/bed early: / / / X / X / Paleo: C O / X X O O BEMER: / O X X / / X Yarn: X Week 4 Mini: / Productivity: O X X O O X X Wake up/bed early: / X / X / / / Paleo: / / / / / / O BEMER: O X X / / / C Yarn: O
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