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Found 13 results

  1. This challenge I am mostly aiming for just keeping up the momentum. Last challenge was not perfect, but a really good start back into training, so now it's time to keep going. Goals are therefore pretty similar: GOAL 1: workout 2x / week GOAL 2: no food for min of 14h over night, few carbs, 2 Liters of water per day GOAL 3: edit and upload all meditation recordings (morning meditations and retreat meditations) GOAL 4: finish reading "Atomic Habits" and reflect with a little journaling on it daily (4TW streak) Goal 1 and 2 are basically the same as las
  2. folx, we're getting dirty for this one i probably should be doing this challenge with the assassins but i'm a warrior at heart and like it here so deal with it. this challenge i'll be training for my first tough mudder - i have done short spartan races but these obstacles look crazyyyyy sooooooo goals! 5 workouts per week go outside once per week – a deliberate outdoor walk or activity don’t buy a drink at a bar unless out for a meal; keep restaurant food to less than 3x per week roll over goals: track fib
  3. Hi, I'm Seraphina. Backstory below... I'm new to NF and I just finished my first challenge. I was so pumped to start the next one, and I just found out it doesn't start tomorrow like I thought. What is this BREAK business? I'm not taking a break from smashing my goals, so I'm here for accountability, commiseration, and camaraderie.
  4. I'm so happy I get to join the Rangers guild for this challenge! I did my first challenge in the nub section last month. Main Quest: No more I have a sugar demon that needs slaying. No more sweets at home or at work. This is going to be really, really tough for me compared to my last main quest. I'm fully resolved to conquer this by the end of the challenge, though. Secondary Quest: I create myself Schedule and complete 2 planned workouts per week (continuing this from my last challenge because an injury had me batting 50%) At least 1 of t
  5. For those of you who are also fans of Mark's Daily Apple you might already know what I mean about sleeping low. Essentially, avoid conventional wisdom to replace used glycogen be eating carbs right after intense exercise at night, combining that with intermittent fasting and only consuming carbs during the IF feeding window. That's the shortest explanation I can come up with, but feel free to follow the link and get more details. For the last 11 weeks I have been following a program that has me feeling pretty good after having dropped from 220 to 212 pounds on the scale and droppin
  6. I guess I'm used to having a week between challenges and am behind on setting this challenge up. So, let's get to it. A cold derailed my last week of the last challenge, but I have found the path I plan on following back to fitness. Doing what I felt like doing helped me (re)discover what type of training fits me. That includes circuits with lots of volume for my lifts and sprint intervals. I like running, but for me its more of an enjoyment of being outside and communing with nature. Using it as a form of exercise doesn't work. I'll still go for some runs, but they are not going to count to
  7. I used the same name as my last challenge, because this time it’s a pun. I’m hilarious. Hi, I’m NeverThatBored and this is my fourth challenge. I’m trying to get fit for a lot of reasons - to make shopping for clothes and looking nice easier, to be able to keep up with people when they do something athletic, so that I don’t feel limited by my body, to get rid of annoying aches and pains, to hopefully lower my genetically high cholesterol, etc. After a blip in my second challenge, my third challenge went very well! I was able to meet my goals, but I didn’t see the same (any)
  8. I crashed and burned in the January challenge and I've been licking my wounds ever since. I know what my problem is. I have this all or nothing attitude. When I try to change habits I go all in... FIX ALL THE THINGS AT ONCE! Time for a new approach. For the rest of the year, I am going to focus on one primary quest at a time in one of three focus areas: Eat. Move. Sleep. In addition to the primary quest, I've added some ongoing quests to support good habits that were established in previous primary quests. My only goal for the remainder of the year is to end 2015 in better health
  9. My wife has been getting into running pretty seriously for the last year or so, so I joined her gym and started running. Not bad, but it doesn't really trip my trigger. After reading more on NF and Mark's Daily Apple, I get the impression that the primary benefit of running is a good cardio workout, and if that can be obtained through another exercise, running/walking isn't really necessary. I've just started with Steve's Dynamic Warmup and Beginner Bodyweight Workout (switching from the lifting routine I was provided by a trainer at the gym, not that it was bad, but the bodyweight stuff see
  10. I almost didn't post a challenge thread this go 'round. Some other folks have created battle logs instead of the challenges while others have gone to lurking as that's what they have time for. Honestly the battle log probably makes the most sense for me. But, I opted for a challenge thread simply because it has a definite end point to use as a convenient comparison/evaluation marker. See, last challenge went well but I ran into a few overuse injuries (forearm, knee, ankle) and the week between has been a good healing time. I used that time to come up with a plan and move forward. I've tried
  11. So, I usually post @ the bodyweight section of this forum. Mostly, because I'm focusing much more on my bodyweight techniques than on cross training (used to do that, but want to get my strength up in a hurry). But I thought it be nice to share this small circuit challenge with you guys. BTW, the link is to my blog so, yes, this has some blalant self promotion in it. The circuit consists on burpees, pull-ups, hanging leg raises and animal movements done in ladder format. People with a crossfit background will be kind of used to something like this. So, for the details: the link: An Evil Ea
  12. Hello fellow adventurers! This is my second challenge and I am raring to go after Christmas and New year. Main quest: Reduce body fat percentage to 15 or lower. As 15% is generally considered the optimal training body fat for men; this is my target. I will post my starting statistics tomorrow morning once the challenge has officially started. I will also post my statistics at the end of every week. Goals: Workout a minimum of 5 days every week. (3 STA, 1 STR and 1 DEX) I will be doing the beginner bodyweight workout and interval running on alternating days as well as the occasional Dodgeb
  13. I remember that in one of my workout classes at the gym that I go to, the instructor told me that pretty much every exercise they do includes these basics: a push, a pull, a lunge, a press, a squat, and a swing. For instance, a workout could consist of pushups (push), TRX rope rows (pull), walking lunges (lunge), overhead press with a kettlebell (press), jump squats (squat), and kettlebell swings (swing). I'm just delving into developing my own circuit training routines, since I like the results I got when I was in this circuit training class at the gym. Does this sound about right to you guys
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