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  1. @mu

    Fall wizardry

    I'm going to revamp my goals with a little bit of magic. Persian Well, magic comes from a Persian word (cf Magi), right, so it totally fits. I will focus on contemporary Persian: Read (literature / newspaper – social media do not count) – 7x/week Possible variations (I must at least have 5 reading sessions though, that's the primary focus): > Watch a movie or listen to a radio programme > Start a Persian diary/notebook? Work on calligraphy (or least a decent hand writing )? Copy and translate bits of texts? Maybe include some drawings t
  2. I need something new and shiny to kickstart 2018, so I got myself a brand new battle log! I have a whooole bunch of shinies to chase this year, it's going to be great. My plan is to screw the four week SMART goal framework and chase them on my own terms, i.e. inefficient and haphazard, but with gusto. Everyone keeps telling me you can't do everything at once - to that I say pfffft. Here are things you can expect from this log Handstands Climbing Aerial Pole Flow Acrobatics Flexy things Strengthy things ??? Oh and fooood
  3. My circus gym's student showcase is coming up at the end of January. (1/27) Here are the various deadlines/milestones associated with the show (as per the gym owner). 12/30 Music selected/act conceptualized (done) 1/13 Costume complete (mostly done) 1/22 Tech rehearsal 1/26 Dress rehearsal 1/27 Performance day! Performance music: Super strength-based routine with some playing to the audience and a bit of braggadocio. Goals of some kind will be added as I think of them... likely do do with gett
  4. For the ones that already know me - OHAI! For the ones that don't - Yay, glad you're here! I'm a dabbler in all the shiny assassiny things like circus and pole and climbing. Some say I get easily distracted -SQUIRREL! Oh uhmm... yeah they're probably right. But that won't stop me from DOING ALL THE THINGS (badly). I'll add some more goal type thingies when I feel like it, but for now I want to take off the challenge pressure and just hang out here in this battle log. Hope you're cool with that.
  5. January 27th. That is the date of my circus gym's next student showcase. I've decided I'm going to perform. I have until December 30th if I decide to chicken out (not likely) so I need to really commit to getting this thing going. Choreography and costume decisions. I have some rough ideas for both, but it's time to get something more solidly in place. Costume deadline is 1/13. Endurance & Strength. The planned concept for my routine is a string of ridiculous athletic skills. I need to not pass out or fall from the apparatus while doing this. Circus endurance - Pu
  6. Hypothetically speaking, in January, a friend and I are going to put together a ridiculous silks/rope routine that is going to be heavily focused around amazing feats of strength--straight arm/straight leg inverts, flag, front and back body balance, iron cross, etc. That means in the next couple months it's time to tighten up, get stronger, and generally stop faffing about so I don't make a fool of myself. I've just gotten back from a work conference during which there was tons of food and beer and I re-gained the 5 lbs I've lost over the past 6-8 weeks. Hopefully most of it is wat
  7. New challenge = new profile photo! Continuing down the PvP road with Hatter from last challenge, plus publicly available PvP ab/core torture videos this time around. Whee! Abs - PvP ridiculousness! +5 points for each completion of a weekly abs vid Inverts - I want a straight arm, straight leg invert on the silks or the rope SO BADLY. To that end, +5 points for focused practice around that. On apparatus or off, but not inclusive of the core PvP stuff above. This is dedicated hollow body work, pike reverse crunches, etc. Also (perhaps not intuitively) this is also
  8. Okay! First, read this. I'll wait. http://www.laurawitwer.com/2017/06/29/post-laura-witwer-ego-smashed/ That blog post hit me preeeeetttty hard in the feels. When my circus gym reopened after >1 year, I somehow expected to pick up right where I left off. Amazingly, this did not happen. I spent a few months bootcamp-ing, aerial style and when i had some strength back, jumped back into a skills class. My ego did not take this well. I'm finally to the point where I'm feeling somewhat strong most classes, but I definitely have the "Comparing myself to myself" moments come back and b
  9. More rehashing of old goals. Am I actually progressing or just managing to stand still? Impossible to tell, but this is my new normal. Most days I'm even okay with that. Circus-I'm really liking my combo silks/rope class. I've regained some strength and some confidence, gathered an interesting collection of bruises and am ready to keep going on this. Being in the air and/or upside-down is apparently pretty therapeutic for me. Also, I have a silks friend that's interested in doing some morning open gym before work so bonus points if I get a couple of those on the books. Muggl
  10. As the video and title might suggest, this challenge is all about the spreadies!* Just as my last challenge I'll continue to do a bunch of circusy things like handstands and pole, but this time the challenge will be points based, and somewhat more focused. On the surface that is, mainly I just wanted to use the word spready a lot. My overall aim is to collect 200 points over the course of the challenge, which might be a tad ambitious. I’m feeling pretty good right now as I'm on a good streak, but we’ll see. I’ll use zero week to experiment, keeping in mind that my main focus has t
  11. Hey! A challenge! I will make up goals as I go along, or something, but I am feeling the urge to get back to this... I have been terribly slack-y over the last *mumblemumble* months. And sick. Like once per month sick for the last three months. Ick. And stressed with some family stuff and some RIDICULOUS work things. So, yeah.. some fitness-y reset would be good. Goals.. you're supposed to have goals for these, yes? Okay. Let's do that... Vertical Apparatus. Starting 5/3 my circus gym will be offering a combined silks/corde lisse class. I will do this every
  12. Ok maybe I'll expand a little. Truth is I'm a little lost and directionless, fitness and otherwise. So until inspiration strikes, and because I'm me, I'm simply going to do all the things and play around with whatever floats my boat, as long as it's vaguely circusy. Also climbing, but that's a given. The main goal is to do something circusy every day. And if I cannot manage every day then at least no break two days in a row. Ideally, I'd like to include pole 1-2x per week, climbing 1-2x/week, active flex training 3x/week and handstands as often as possi
  13. Challenge 1, L sit Pull ups Week 1 goal attempt 3 days a week 5 shoulder shrugs in a row 10 knee tucks in a row 5 knee circus pushups in a row 5 sec L sit 10 scapula push ups in a row Week 2 attempt 3 days a week 10 shoulder shrugs in a row 15 knee tucks in a row 10 knee circus pushups in a row 10 sec L sit 15 scapula push ups in a row 5 cheater pull ups Week 3 attempt 3 days a week 10 shoulder shrugs in a row 15 knee tucks in a row 10 knee circus pushups in a row 10 sec L sit 15 scapula push ups in a row 5 cheater pul
  14. I hope it's ok for me to post here as this is only my second challenge! I joined NF back in April, did my first challenge with the Rebels, and then kind of lost track of things. I've been active in the FB group, but not here, and I want to change that. Part of the problem was that I felt like I was wasting too much time messing about online, but I think posting here is actually useful and I love getting feedback and having a sense of community. I think I also got ridiculously over-ambitious with my first challenge and burned out by the end. I set myself 16 initial goals, and proba
  15. Lifted 3 workouts/week I've got a good system going, I'd like to keep it up. Regular workout days are Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. Things may get squeezed to accommodate missed workouts but the goal is to have 12 workouts during the 'official' challenge timeline. Grounded Morning sun salutations 4/week This was my favorite task from two previous challenges. Perhaps it'll be a nice way to ease into some stretching prior to the re-opening of my circus gym. Fueled Cook 4 meals over the course of this challenge Seems like it wo
  16. There is quite a sturdy rumor that my circus gym will be re-opening some time in July. I've been in and out of a fitness-funk for the last 8 months while they've been closed/relocating so it's time to see if I can be in some kind of decent shape once I can get back to class. Lift weights My old faithful push/pull/legs split 3x/week, please! 15 workouts total Core progressions So much about being in the air is reliant on core strength. I am sure mine is not where it was 8 months ago, so lets work on that. Hollow body holds, floor tucks (no idea w
  17. am currently undergoing a preliminary test to see if I can qualify for rescue swimmer school (search and rescue SAR swimmer) in July. that means I have to attain at minimum the following: run 1.5 miles in under 12 minutes swim 400 meters in under 11 minutes pushups at least 30 situps at least 50 pullups at least 2 The qualifying test it THIS FRIDAY!!! So I better be on my a game this week! I
  18. I love Alice in Wonderland, the show I'm in is based on Alice in Wonderland, Alice in Wonderland is super gifable...perfect challenge theme! Admittedly I prefer the book to the film, and the animated is vastly better than the 2010 version, but book gifs don't work quite so well. I liked my points method in the last challenge so will probably repeat that. A google sheet means that I can update categories on the go so don't have to try to remember what I've done at the end of each day, and points are just fun. Down the rabbit hole we go...
  19. Hi, I'm Mad Hatter, a dabbler and explorer of the circus arts as well as a climber and all-round messer-arounderer. And this is my battle log, where I'll be tracking some of the fun skills I'd like to learn this year (current level in brackets): Handbalancing 10s consistent freestanding handstand (extremely inconsistent handstand kickups, but can occasionally catch long holds 15+ seconds) Make shapes in forearm stand (need the wall to stabilise me) Flying crow (solid crow and ok flying pigeon) Crane (can sometimes hold it for a split second) Crocodile
  20. I'm sylph. Given my preferred choice of exercise, naming myself as an air elemental seemed appropriate. Been at this for a few challenges now, and into fitness/working out/health for quite a bit longer than that. Lately I've had the niggling feeling that the challenge format isn't doing me much good; my habits are well-ingrained and I'm generally happy where I am. I wind up creating some manufactured goals just to fit into the expected structure. As an experiment, I'll be backing off from the 6WCs for a bit and keeping everything here in one continuous place instead. As a bit of histor
  21. So when you last saw me I was bailing out of a challenge because my mental health was going a bit squiffy. Since then I spent a month in Brazil doing circus training, lost a few of my older rats, obtained four new baby rats, got my second tattoo, aaannnd my mental health went SERIOUSLY squiffy. Like I'm currently on a three month interruption from my PhD because I stopped getting out of bed and going in for like three weeks squiffy. I am, however, starting to go a wee bit stir crazy on my own in the flat all day. So here I am. I don't have to worry about my PhD for the next little while s
  22. GIANT LIST OF THINGS I like to check things off. I like spreadsheets. So, here's a giant list of things for which I can earn points this challenge. I have no idea how the points will work out, so can't make a weekly goal for # of points, but I will make a goal that each week is better than the last. So, here's the list. Now to figure out the best spreadsheet to do this. That should do for now. Spreadsheet here
  23. DAY 1. Joined NF. Still reading through things. Joined Assassin Guild as it fits the best with my circus background and goals (half of which are in service of being a better aerialist, and the other half are just general life-improvement things). GOALS 1. Develop a home fitness program that I enjoy and actually stick with. Belonging to a gym was not working for me (money, transportation difficulties, lack of space at free weight stations [bros!]) so I quit. But I don't want to quit exercising- I want to make it more regular. That's why I joined here- community and accountabili
  24. Space here for stuff... Silks gym still not open. This song still is crying out to be silks-ed to. Challenges for this, uh, challenge (mostly repeated from last time, since that was such a stellar success. ): Flexy workPullups and Toes-To-Bar stuffConditioning, because who KNOWS how much stamina I have lost?No alcohol, just to prove I can. Since challenges are now <4 weeks (like 24 days? Yeesh) I'm going to get away from the # x per week goals and do a tally system instead. Also, I apparently need scoring, otherwise I do nothing and fail. Flexy work 8 sessions. -Some kind of yo
  25. As I crept into the Assassin's guild for the first time, I found myself nervous with anticipation. There was no way the Assassins would welcome me. With such poor strength and even poorer flexibility, how could I possibly hope to earn a position in such a noble guild? I knew I must take on a formidable quest in hopes of proving myself. Must I find the knight's sword and challenge a fierce dragon? No! Must I rally up my brave comrades to take down our tyrannical king? No! Must I overcome my fears to save our world from destruction? No! I must DANCE! No! I Must Dance!
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