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  1. "Alright, now go fix it!" Orthos pushes Red1263 into a cave and after he naivagates through it for sometime, he notices strange things around him. Rocks are starting to float? He himself doesn't feel anything different so he keeps pressing onward, making note that the floating rocks are getting bigger and bigger, until he comes across a chasm. In the middle of the rocky abyss, he sees someone floating on a platform , he's moving around, almost as if he's struggling. "Hello? I was sent here to help... you?" The figure sees Red1263 and then stret
  2. It has been a challenging year for me and I am looking to get myself back focused on “me” . Up till June I was doing so well....lost 10 lbs even...now that is all back on my ass and I am feeling it.... I can not get into the Challenge proper until August 12th ( have a animathon conference to attend this weekend out of town) but I will jump on in and get myself on Track adn hit this hard on Monday 12th . Here is my game. 1 - Three weeks ( till end of August) of cleanse diet followed by the rest of the time testing food back in– this is a non negotiable as I have developed ugly der
  3. In my continuing effort to reclaim the glory that was me & fitness circa 2016, I'm throwing some more spaghetti at the wall to see if I can get something to stick. Because YET-A-FREAKING-GAIN I was reminded recently (of course when waxing rhapsodic about my Nerd Fam trying to rope in a new recruit) that a: I was kind of a little badass back then, and b: I had my shit under so much control diet and exercise-wise that it was easy. So easy, I was Queen of the damn side challenges. So ... ummmm ... yeah. I AIN'T THAT ANY MORE. And on the one han
  4. Boy has it been a year. There was a point last year where I really felt I had my fitness identity figured out and I knew what *I* needed to do for success. But I had some mental health and relationship issues to take care of first and that blew everything else out of the water. It's been really tough to get my head back in the game, so much so that I had completely lost track of what was starting to work before. This year has brought a few ups, and many downs. But my head is finally in the game and I feel ready to make some progress. I think I've blown enough of the cobwebs off of my fit
  5. A very busy April through May made challenging, and even hanging out here with any regularity or focus, a pretty daunting task. So I sort of loosely hung out, updating my own thread just to keep somewhat in the habit- but otherwise fell off the NF boat! But I think I am ready to return. There's nothing too out of the ordinary planned until mid to end of July so I think I can get back into a good routine. Which actually - is not to say that my past weeks have been terrible. I weighed 5lbs on Thursday of last week, than I did on the Friday before my vacation started in April. And I
  6. Greetings and salutations to all of my companions on this road to health! Its been a while since I've been as active as I want, so I am going to make my first goal to: 1. BE ACCOUNTABLE: Come on the forum at least 4-5 times a week and read up on peoples progress, update my own progress, and not be too hard on myself. Now for a little about me. Hi my name is Crafty and I am an alcoholic.......wait, scratch that, wrong forum. lol! Seriously though, I am currently working on getting my certification as an EKG Monitor Tech. I will be reading patients EKG strips that basica
  7. This time around I am settled in Florida and ready to commit to a challenge. I know I know, this sounds like a broken record the past few challenges. This time I am serious! A big issue is I have a GORUCK Challenge in a week from Friday on the 28th. I have been rucking but I have not been lifting much. I am going to break this challenge into some themes for catching JAWS and assign point values to the categories. Boat In order to catch JAWS I need to have a solid boat. For me this will be my daily home habits. Things like taking the trash out, doing dishes,
  8. This challenge I'll move on. Quite literally: we're going to move in with my MIL Not forever, just until we'll get the key to our new house at the end of December. We'll stay with my MIL for 6 weeks. Which will be a challenge on its own Not that I don't like my MIL, she is great and sweet and amazing. And it is beyond kind that she'll let us stay with her for so long. But still, it won't be my house. I'll have to adjust. Last challenges I've been working on "food freedom". Not letting my life be determined by food or my weight. And I've succeeded. Fina
  9. Posted April 12, 2013 Jammer: "I'm not really cut out for this, sir." Apollo: "Me neither. Sometimes you gotta roll the hard six." Jammer: "What does that mean, sir?" Apollo: "I don't know. It's something my dad says. Just don't shoot until I tell you to." BSG - Season 2, Episode 2 Pretty fitting title and saying for my 2nd 38th challenge. My first last challenge I approached sort of half-assed, quarter-assed so now I gotta RE roll the Hard 6. (See, I just mixed gaming with BSG.) Fitness Goals Strength Train: 3X / WEEK Sweat!!! 3
  10. Last challenge was all about the self-love, self-care and recovering from stressing myself out. That, combined with the fantastic week-long vacation in the Rocky Mountains that I just returned from was seriously successful in getting me into a good headspace and ready to tackle this whole health and fitness thing with renewed vigour. This round is going to be pretty straightforward and back to the basics - Eat well, exercise and sleep. Winning formula. Also I'm doing a 5 week challenge; eff this week zero nonsense. Goal One: Eat clean. Which means Vegetables, Meat, Fruit, Nuts, Se
  11. Since I'm focusing more inwards this challenge, I decided to hop on over to my Druid buddies! Hi!!!!! This Heathen Mama has a Master Plan to start eating like a Viking! This challenge will be 100% diet based for me. After much research I keep coming back to the Nordic/Viking Diet. The paleo diet that I have tried many times before is far too restrictive for me and my carb-loving self. I do well for about a week and then end up going carb crazy and derailing my progress. So instead I found that the Viking Diet allows me limited carbs in the form of root veggies (potatoes, etc) and w
  12. FATE / STARPUCK : ZERO The last few challenges have seen a change in how I see myself, and how I approach life, fitness and food. A GOOD change! I'm also fresh off of ACEN and my anime floon is high, so this seemed a fitting time to delve back into some anime themed challenges. TRAIN LIKE SHIROU Shirou got dragged into a war he wasn't even aware of, but chose to stand up for his ideals nonetheless. If he had any hope of surviving, let alone being a hero of justice, it meant he had to work hard and gain some combat skills. He also had to rest afte
  13. I am Rhovaniel. One day, I will earn my place amongst the Dúnedain. For now, I am a Ranger in training, and I have much to learn. I have something of an unsettled challenge ahead of me. I have my holiday in the Lakes, where I hope to do more challenging walks than I have done previously, my driving test, and I’m in the middle of de-cluttering my house. I am also determined to nail my nutrition. So much so, that I am going to try to avoid unhealthy desserts (fruit, yoghurt, home-made stuff made with healthy ingredients don’t count for this) completely, except for one, m
  14. So new year, new goals. The big thing looming which I have been looking forward to for a long time and was one of the main reasons I started my fitness journey is a Spartan Race. I intend on running in the Boston Sprint race in the middle of June. That means that I have 6 months to get into fighting shape for that event. In order to do that, I have 4 overarching goals that will continue up to the Spartan and beyond likely. Drop weight, definitely below 300lbs for race, stretch goal of 280lbs Continue strength training specifically upper body and core Learn to
  15. Red finds himself backed into a Corner with a mountain on one side and the horde of Zombies on the other side, his energy failing and the horde seemingly endless Each swing taking more and more strength from him, he wonders if this is where he'll meet his end, eventually his sword becomes too heavy to hold and he embeds it into the ground as the zombies get closer and closer. Then the ground begins to crack, and the weight of the approaching Zombies starts to cause the ground to give way! Red falls in to a pit! Landing wit
  16. November 2016 Challenge Hello Druids, for those of you who don't know. I'm Waldgeist, a 29 year old German guy. I've been mostly rolling with the Assassins but I feel that for my current situation this is the better place for me. Whats going on right now (the prologue, if you will): I moved to another state/city and enrolled in a university course to pursue a 3-year degree in 'Physical Activity & Health', because I was not happy with were my work life was headed. I had realized that I can't sustainably work an 9 to 5 office job, but I love working with people and te
  17. As you all have become aware, there's a chance I can be attending school in the Masters of Science: Orthotics and Prosthetics program at a VERY prestigious (and expensive) university! So as a (religious) man who believes that things happen for a reason, and with my application not guaranteed, I have 2 roads before me: Get Accepted into the program, Then I will be attending school full-time, work part time, and exercise sometime, and this challenge will be me trying to balance School, work, NF, and personal health Don't get accepted into the program, Then I'll be resuming my
  18. What is Blitzball? The aquatic sport is played on spherical stadia filled with pyrefly-infused water. According to the Final Fantasy X Scenario Ultimania the sphere pool utilizes pyreflies to congeal the water into a sphere. Blitzball players can stay active underwater for extended periods of time because they are supported by the pyreflies contained in the water. The objective is for the player and their team to kick the blitzball into the opposing team's goal, while the opposing team simultaneously defends their goal and attempts to steal the blitzball to make an attempt at the pla
  19. New Challenge, new Game so Welcome to: Schaengel vs. the World But first: Do you want to help me? While having fun? And also maybe get better at something yourself? Sounds awesome? How about joining my PVP for this challenge https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1E67yxY5Kh6tlC_zGlU7YJleIQ67jAepJ6RUGwe-UH0s/edit?usp=sharing Quest 1: “And I will walk 500miles Part 2” this one will continue so no scott pilgrim theme ;/ Follow the training plan (meaning between 3-4 runs per week) Go bouldering once
  20. Main mission: To get back into a positive and healthy lifestyle Life has been busy with two puppies and a new job. I am spending less time on my mental well-being and physical health. I want to use this challenge be a catalyst of a healthier mind and body. I have finally found two forms of exercise that I really love. I have been indoor bouldering and doing yoga a couple times a week, as well as some strength training. My ultimate goal weight is 115-120 and I want to decrease body fat, so here's to hoping! Goal 1: Fitness: Workout at least 180 minutes per week Make
  21. Hi all. After an absolutely horrible job which derailed all my progress; I am back and ready to get healthy again. 1. Since I am still having health issues; I am going back to basics with my fitness goals. A. Walk every day. B. Exercise 3x/week 2. Herbology: finish studying the immune system. 3. Health/Hydration A. Eliminate bread from my meals. B. Drink 64oz of water a day. 4. Get Creative: keep working on my craft projects.
  22. Arrr.. . I felt like sticking with pirates, but I'm branching out and recruiting a bunch of famous pirates to help me with my quests. This will be a 5WC, since I prefer just continuing along with things, so the points are intended to encompass that. Main Quest: Parkour all of the things!!! Climb all of the things!!! Balance in mind-bending ways! Play with weapons! Sail to new horizons! Loot, pillage, plunder. Pirate #1: Edward Kenway (parkour)- Naturally, I'm turning to Assassin's Creed and the Pirate Edward Kenway to help me with my parkour. My goals
  23. Hey everyone I am jumping in at the end of this challenge and will continue with it in next months challenge. So here we go. Fitness quest- get back into a workout habit, hitting the gym or yoga class 3-4 times a week. Diet quest- Super smoothie everyday Lifestyle quest- Miracle morning routine everyday
  24. Alright, to start with, I didn't realize the new challenge started today (or that it was February 1st). Opps. Still getting used to this new format! With that said, I'll start tomorrow with my clean eating plan, using today as one of my freebee days (see below). Onto the goals! These are designed with the goal of making progress towards my weight loss goal in mind so that I can start running again! Goal 1: Follow a clean eating plan at least 20 days of the challenge. So, as a step to start cutting processed food out of my diet and working towards being able to do a Whole30 in the n
  25. MAIN QUEST: Lose Weight Feel Great! To hit my goal range of 125-135 and do it in a healthy way! Goals (diet and fitness related) that will help me achieve Main Quest: I have managed to GAIN some weight back. I need to get back on track!! I am doing a Challenge Du Jour for workouts until we get our home gym set up, and then I am doing the Master's Hammer & Chisel, if anyone wants to join me in the Challenge Du Jour, here's the link: https://www.teambeac...ingRepId=558773. Update: I am now doing a month of CIZE! 1. #KickSugar - I have started cutting back on candy, because I was eating
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