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Found 4 results

  1. For 2017, I chose a word to help guide me through my goals for the year. My word was 'Connection' because I wanted to be more outgoing and connect with people - being an introvert I actually need to remind myself to do that. I wasn't sure how I'd done, but when I mentioned that word and goal to friends of mine at the end of the year, they said they could tell I was putting myself out there more, so that was nice. For 2018, I've been struggling to find the right word for what I want to achieve, because frankly I have lots of goals. 'Center' was one thought, and another possible word that I really liked was 'Win'. But they weren't quite right - too focused on me, when I'm trying to be more outgoing toward others. Then today in church, the sermon focused on a favorite verse of mine. Isaiah 60:1 - 'Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.' As part of his sermon about how we can shine in our lives every day, the pastor used this phrase - 'Be Extraordinary at the Ordinary.' And suddenly I had my perfect word for the year, a word that will motivate me to do my best even at the little goals, and to shine all the while with a positive attitude and kind words for everyone around me. SHINE Since the RPG leveling up side of Nerd Fitness has never motivated me much, I'm going to add stars - - to my signature when I succeed. Then I can keep better track of things and have that visual reminder of my progress as I go. My goals for this first challenge are fairly simple, and I'm using the 3 R's of forming a habit to try and make them stick. Reminder, Routine, Reward. SHINE has the bonus connotation of constantly reminding me of Firefly. So I got myself a nerdy/geeky theme to boot! Yay me! Goal #1 - Sleep More I'm supposed to being getting 7 hours of sleep minimum, but lately I've fallen back into bad habits of staying up far later than I should. My goal is lights out by 11:20 on work nights. Reminder - I have two alarms set for 10:30 and 11:00pm nightly. Routine - Shut down the computer at 10:30 sharp, the first alarm. That gives me half an hour to get ready for bed, pack my lunch for tomorrow, read a devotion, or whatever. And the 11 pm alarm will give me time to crawl into bed and read a book or brush the cat for a little while before lights out time. Reward - for 15 stars or more on this challenge, my reward is too be better rested. But I further shall reward myself with a new book. Maybe this one... Goal #2 - Drink More I really need to drink more water. Once upon a time, I drank tons every day at work, but I'm so busy I don't think about it these days. However I can tell that I'm dehydrated, and I also think I have the tendency to think I'm hungry when what my body really wants is H2O. So... Reminder - This one is trickier. What can I do to remind myself to drink? I do have to run to the copier, and to my co-workers cubicles to drop off work - coming back into my own cube could be my cue. Routine - When I return from getting copies, I will take a drink before sitting down. I might not do it every single time, but my goal is to drink eight glasses - 64 oz of water at work every day. Reward - for 15 stars or more on this challenge, my reward is be better hydrated. But I will reward myself by upgrading my next massage to a hot stone massage. That's very motivating, right there. And so is this... Goal #3 - Exercise More In early March, we have the annual Fight for Air stair climb by the American Lung Association, in my building which is the tallest in the state. I work on the 15th floor, so I can train for this challenge, I've already climbed the 600 steps from my floor to the top once already, and I know I need to do more. This is prep work that I can do while the weather is crappy, to start getting in shape for a 5k. Aside from lunch hour stair climbs and my weekly Zumba class, what I really need to add back into my routine is a home strength program. Reminder - When I come home from work the first thing I do is take off my boots. Routine - When I take off my boots, I'll also change into work-out clothes and on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I'll do some kind of strength training - I haven't figure out what quite yet. Reward - for 8 stars or more on this challenge, my reward is that I'll start converting some of this fat over to muscle. But I'll reward myself with a new top. Goal #4 - Floss More Seems silly to make this a goal, but I recently had a root canal - Yuck! And I switched to a new dentist at the same time for my regular cleaning and check-up. The hygienist was friggin' BRUTAL. It was like being in a torture chamber while she worked on me. I gotta go back and face that again? I don't know, maybe it's me and I just really need to take better care of my teeth. Or maybe it's her and she's psycho. But either way, I ought to floss more than I do, which is very little at present . Reminder - I've put a bowl of floss sticks right next to my toothbrush and paste, super convenient. Routine - Whenever I brush, I will also flush, either before or after. Reward - for 20 stars or more, my reward will hopefully be kick-ass checkup the next time I go to the dentist, but that's not until June. In the meantime, I'll reward myself with a new movie from the bargain section. I already have this one, clearly.
  2. Hi all a long time ago I used to be on here under another name. I learned a lot from other people but otherwise achieved little, classic case of collecting underpants. Now I feel like a bit of different person so thought I would come back under a new name and embrace my knightly inner self. from the middle of England, surrounded by castles and history It is hard to not feel a bit like a knight. I reckon knights are the ultimate hero they are strong, tough and dedicated, and also kind and with a good moral compass - not a bad thing to strive for on to the challenge Goal 1 - Eat Like a Knight A little bit like going paleo or 'only eating food your grandma would recognise', But keeping it on theme. sure knights didn't eat perfectly what with beer and cheese but they didn't eat junk food, crisps and cola so for a first step that's good enough. i will eat like a knight every week day with 1 non knightly thing a day (trying to make small changes and not shel, shock myself) Goal 2 - Pull them Home Best way to travel in winter when you have a heavy pack is by sled. Saxon must pull his kit through the blizzard to the nearest town so that he can get warm and rest. In the gym sled push 5 times a session, two sessions a week. Goal 3 - Fight the Darkness been struggling for the longest time to find exercise I enjoy, way back when I used to do western martial arts and really enjoyed it so I'm thinking something similar could be a great way to lose some weight and get active. it isn't really close but there is a kendo group the next town over that I keep thinking of going to and keep bottling out of. Challenge here is to go to a class and give it a try. Goal 4 - Scale the Fortress back in university I used to live rock climbing, now I keep hitting a strange mental block in that I don't want to go back climbing because I know I won't be as good as when I used to go regularly. logically that makes perfect sense - of course I will be rusty. Illogically though my brain doesn't want to handle going back and starting over again. but I need to get past this block to try and fall back in love with something I used to enjoy. Challenge is to go climbing 4 times over the challenge
  3. Hey there, So here my adventure begins! Gonna log my past week to start Mon: Long day in college and society business to attend to! So didnt feel that motivated to work out. Some bodyweight workouts for about 25mins and attempt (sorry attempt) at handstand. Tues: College and then 2 hours Ultimate Frisbee training Ladies tournament in 3 weeks! So felt I seriously needed to work on my running. Weds: Rest Day after intense training Tues. Thursday: Was sick Decided to remotivate myself by starting to post on NF Forums. Ate alot of crap and realised I should work on diet too (though I am'nt here for weight loss it would be good to be healthier) Friday: Woke up early and ran 2k (slowly ) with 10s sprint intervals. Had to take 2 or 3 30s breaks Overall happy because Im a crappy runner Also did 30mins body weight workout. Cleaned up my diet, fruit for breakfast and an omelette for lunch, curry for dinner. Only thing is I ate biscuits because my boyfriend brought them over Saturday: Ran 2k again. Had to take more breaks this time Bit of muscle soreness from other day. Again fruit for breakfast, bacon and salad for lunch and then had homemade burger for dinner. Sunday: Missed Jugger training Took today as a rest day to do college work, committee work and to organise gaming tomorrow . Try have a better week tomorrow! Now to finish my study and play Borderlands 2
  4. Hi, I've come up with my shtuff for my first challenge. (As well as some personal background on myself). My main quest is to build muscle, of the cardiac and...well...normal kind. I've really never been super active. I sit in front of my computer when I'm at home, just kinda browsing the internet. I play lots of music, which doesn't really qualify for exercise, and i'm a full-time student in Engineering. I found NerdFitness on January 2nd, while searching for a way to get into this "exercise" biz. I'm a complete novice, so I didn't want to just show up to the gym, wander around aimlessly and embarrass myself. I've created three goals for myself: I'm going to stick to the Paleo diet (maybe not beer - That's a major part of my lifestyle as an Engineering student) for 6 weeks (the length of this challenge). If I succeed and I don't find myself craving sugar and grain anymore, I'll keep with it. I will complete the Couch to 5K running plan, which means I'm going to run 5km without stopping. I've never been a great runner. I have crappy endurance, mostly due to my asthma as a child.I'm going to complete the beginner Body Weight Circuit with at least double the reps (seconds) as the basic.​40 Squats​20 push-ups40 walking lunges20 dumbbell rows (With bigger dumbbells)30 second plank60 Jumping JacksMy Life Goal is to ask a girl out (as tough as that is being in engineering). Hopefully I'll have gotten into my first relationship by the time this challenge is over. Signing off BludEvil
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