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  1. I have a few short points to make before I dive into what I will be attempting to do this challenge. I have several bad habits that I need to break because they are breaking me I have no support net at home or in my local group of friends I refuse to let other people in my life manipulate me into doing shitty things that I don't want to do I refuse to sugar coat my problems I refuse to sugar coat other people's problems I will be channeling my inner Villain and pulling a @Teros this challenge Now! On to the bad habits I have held on to that are on the chopping block of life this challenge Smoking Frivolous spending Neglecting the cleanliness of my home Eating like a jackass Not getting regularly scheduled sleep Smoking This is just a bad plan all around, it is in no way beneficial to me, it makes me and my clothes smell terrible and inhibits my sense of smell and taste. I'm a social smoker and it does nothing for me other than give me a small thing I can do with a very small set of people that we can do together for 3-5 minutes at a time here and there. I can just go outside with my smoker friends and hang out without having a smoke myself. So I'm finishing off the pack I have and just calling it a day. I will not accept a smoke from my well meaning but manipulative friends and I will not spend money on smokes for other people (my girl-friend and my room mate specifically) Now I will guess that a few of you will be thinking "Well why not just throw them out now and start faster?" There's a selfish reason: I already spent the money on them so I'm going to enjoy them until they are gone. Frivolous Spending I work 42+ hours a week for a low, but decent wage. My monthly expenses are way less than my monthly income and yet I always seem to be a bit broke and I have nearly nothing in savings for fun things (vacation, new computer) or emergencies (vet bills, replacement glasses, medical crap) So I'm giving myself a small budget for pointless spending, paying my bills as soon as I get them, and not waiting until their due date, and then when my next pay comes in, 2/3 of my remaining pay is going into savings and the other 1/3 is going to paying off a debt I have. I'm thinking that $20 for pointless food spending (Iced Coffee with my assistant manager/bestie) each week is reasonable. $20 feels like a sensible amount of money since it gives me $4/day for iced coffee which is what my preferred size/drink costs. I'm also not going to be purchasing cosmetics, accessories, clothing or permanent physical objects this challenge unless they are actually required. Exceptions are things like: replacement work clothing, hair ties (the god damned cats LOVE them), work/gym shoes (I have damaged my feet and will potentially need new footwear to correct the issue) Neglecting My Housework I live in a small 2 bed room apartment with three other adults humans, as well as 3 cats. Today I took two HUGE Ikea bags full of recycling out to the dumpsters that were full of drink containers, cat food tins, take out boxes, and shitty boxed food containers (sugar cereal, pop-tarts, KD etc) and that all had been in my kitchen for longer than I can honestly remember. I also swept the floors and got something like 3 cups of debris off the kitchen and hall floors (general dirt, cat hair, kitty litter, bits of random small trash, cat food etc) and I still need to vacuum tomorrow (my sinuses can't handle any more dust being kicked up today) and We're not going to talk about the state of the bathroom and the fridge. I cannot neglect to clean out the kitty litter and leave it all to my room mate Jordan. They are NOT his cats, they are NOT his responsibility and as nice as it is that he will clean the box, he shouldn't have to unless I'm out of town or something. I know that I am one of four adults who are responsible for the mess in this place but I feel like I'm the only one who really cares so I'm just going to take care of it. I'm sick of asking them to clean up, I'm sick of them not cleaning up their mess and I'm just going to get that shit handled. Although I swear to the gods, if my sister bags up trash and leaves it in the kitchen again I'm putting it right smack in the middle of her bedroom floor and telling her to throw out her own fucking trash. She is a grown ass woman and she's fully capable of walking down the fucking hallways and throwing out her personal bedroom trash. I don't care if she doesn't want to get out of her pjays and put on a bra. Jordan is NOT responsible for keeping her fucking room clean. So yeah, you'll likely never see this oh roomie mine but guess what? Clean up your own fucking mess. But back to me again... check and clean the kitty litter daily sweep the hall and kitchen floors daily vacuum weekly clean the bathroom weekly take out the recycling as soon as the bin is full do the dishes daily Eating like a jackass I snack on cookies and diet pepsi all day at work 5 days a week. I routinely get take out food when there is perfectly good cookable food at home that I have already spent money on. I'm keeping this simple, and just saying I will not eat any more cookies at work. I will drink 2 glasses of water for each glass of diet pepsi when I am at work. I will eat food I've already bought 5/7 days a week. Heck, I'll post stupid food photos on here to prove it. I suck at sleeping Bed time is 10 pm the night before any work day and 1 am on any other day unless previously agreed upon social events run late. Bonus Task I'm going to pick one container each week and purge all the useless shit it contains that I forgot I owned, don't use, don't really want or need. That colouring book someone I live with gave me for Christmas that I will never use? Recycling bin. CDs that I will never listen to again. They're toast! My ever growing yarn pile that I will never, ever get through? Tossed. The shoes my room mate has bought that cause her feet to bleed that she refuses to throw out. Opps! Sorry... one of the cats puked all over them so I threw them out... (obvious lies, but they're just taking up space and in our tiny, TINY home. Exceptions: objects that belonged to my Dad that hold strong sentimental value. Containers = book shelves, dresser, storage bins, cabinets Not going to burn it or anything, but I will likely take pictures of the before and after of the spaces and possibly the piles of stuff I'm purging from my home and my life. Wish me luck Nerds. Also fair warning. I am not going to censor myself for anyone on here and I will likely rant quite a bit because it's cathartic and it will hopefully keep me accountable to anyone who cares to follow me this time around.
  2. So I'm still distilling the challenge down to its essence by simply bragging about what I did. I'll try to be better about telling you what I made for dinner.
  3. I am feeling optimistic about the new year. I have three major goals for the year on top of the usual fitness/healthy eating/sleep more/keep up with chores. I. Train for my next exam. Sensei told me that I should test this year. I have quite a ways to go to get from where I am right now to feeling ready to test. I need to work on weapons, randori, and koshinages. II. Weaving. I have been moving my loom between apartments for years and not used it. I have all kinds of projects I would like to make. My goal is to get my loom refinished and set up in the house by the fall. III. Backlog reduction. Filing, unfinished projects, boxes of papers and old magazine to get rid of; they are all bogging down my life and taking up space. Sort, finish and get rid of things. These are all big overwhelming goals. I will do small things to move each one forward every challenge. This photo shows a warp-weighted loom with a weaving sword. In medieval Scandinavia, old broadswords were refurbished for use as weaving swords. More proof that fiber arts and martial arts are related. Challenge 18 - Moving forward 1. Continue my current fitness activities. I'm just putting this in here for continued accountability. This program is working pretty well. Alternate leg and upper body days. At least one shoulder/core day a week and three leg days a week. Substitute in yoga on bad days. 2. Aikido goals: Learn one more sword kata. I need to learn #10 and 12. Keep working on 7, 8, 9 and 11 which need cleaning up. Just keep cleaning up my weapons kata overall. My training partner has been doing solo work and can make his jo whoosh when he strikes. I am sooooo envious. Go to at least one seminar. There are two possible seminars in January. I plan to go to both, but weather may intervene.Go to at least two advanced classes, more if I can't go to both seminars.3. Meditation and sleep. I am a happier and more productive person when I am good about sleeping. I've been getting 7-7.5 hours a night and really need 8. Continue focusing on going to bed on time. Zen meditation seems to be working for me. I know that it will take a lot of time before I start to see the benefits. Part of my mind is okay with that. The other part wants to start getting special ninja powers NOW. Regular daily practice is the goal. 15-20 minutes, more on weekends if that works out. 4. Creative projects and backlog. Last challenge I started spinning a fiber blend that I have had in my stash for at least 20 years. My goal for this challenge is to finish the singles. Bonus if I get it plyed. Extra points for every box of stuff I haul to the charity shop or used bookstore. edited to fix tags
  4. Hello sweeties! I am the Lady of Gallifrey and this is my first challenge. I have been living a pretty sedentary over the last few years, but I've started taking steps to change that. I'm hoping that the support of the rebellion will make the change a bit easier. I am really looking forward to seeing the changes that will come over the next six weeks!! Update (2/24/15): I've realized that I'm trying to do WAY too much for just starting out. I'm making some adjustments today, and may make a few more throughout the week. I'm looking at this week as a opportunity to refine my challenge goals into manageable and achievable goals. No point in setting myself up to fail! Update (2/27/15): I found a place to take pole classes!!!! So I'm switching from the aerial classes/goal to pole! I changed my gf/df goal to only be on weekdays. I also updated the grading system for each goal. Update (3/7/15): I went to the intro to pole class today and realized that trying to take a second pole class right after is not something I'm ready for right now. So, just one pole class per week for this challenge. Goals for 2015 Do a pull-up Hold a five minute plank Get 1,000 miles on my Fitbit Get down to 25% body fat (44% as of 1/1) Challenge Quest 1: BUTI Do three BUTI yoga workouts each week - Monday/Wednesday/Friday after work. A = 18-16 BUTI yoga workouts B = 15-14 BUTI yoga workouts C = 13-12 BUTI yoga workouts D = 11-10 BUTI yoga workouts F = 9 or fewer BUTI yoga workouts Stat points available: STR +2, CHA +2 (STR +1 for Level 2) Challenge Quest 2: Pole Attend intro to pole and pole fit classes on Saturdays (Starting 3/7) A = 5 pole classes B = 4 pole classes C = 3 pole classes D = 2 pole classes F = 1-0 pole classes Stat points available: STA +2, DEX +1 (DEX +1 for Level 2) Challenge Quest 3: Nutrition No eating grain or dairy before dinner on weekdays A = 0-5 indulgences B = 6-7 indulgences C = 8-9 indulgences D = 10-11 indulgences F = 12 or more indulgences Stat points available: CON +2 (CON +1 for Level 2) Life Quest: Clutter Get rid of one big bag/box of clutter each week A = 6 boxes of clutter B = 5 boxes of clutter C = 4 boxes or clutter D = 3 boxes of clutter F = 2 or fewer boxes of clutter Stat points available: WIS +1 (WIS +1 for Level 2) Motivation I want to start living a healthier life. I want to be a strong, healthy and sexy woman. I want to be comfortable in my own skin.
  5. This is mostly a placeholder post so far. What I have written so far is below the line. ---------- This is a continuation of my last quest, which was inadvertantly set on hardcore mode due to renovations both at home and at work. The former resulted in frequent delays when it came to room cleaning, and the latter often resulted in 10+ hour days after which I didn't feel like doing fuck-all. Nevertheless, I managed to get some decluttering done, so progress was made. This is the continuation of this quest to declutter my living space. Or living spaces, rather, since I've also decided to clutterbust and clean the front porch. A simple continuation of the last quest is a bit...boring, however. The amount of progress I make depends on other life events and is somewhat hit-or-miss, although I've become better at telling myself "no, I need to do things instead of fucking around on Marvel Heroes all day" lately. So to keep things interesting and form some new little habits, I've decided to extend the cleaning and decluttering to my body as well. Goals: - Continue decluttering, especially clothes. - Brush/floss before bed - Skin brush! (As soon as I get a brush) - Drink more water (tea also counts). - Cut and clean vegetables every day. That's right. Not even "eat vegetables", because whenever I give myself a veggie goal, I always do poorly because I'm too lazy to cut and clean the bastards in the first place. Hopefully if they're cut I'll eat more of them since it will be easy, and I'm going to be more full and less likely to reach for the peanut butter jar. Banned foods: - Peanut butter* - Chocolate chips right out of the bag - Maple syrup* Potential life quests, in order of importance: - Graduate - Get an appointment with my doctor to get a few tests done, because there are a few things I'm worried about. - Get coffee reselling business going - Get new job To accomplish the first one, I will WORK ON THE GODDAMNED THESIS 20 MINUTES EVERY NIGHT** Vegetables to experiment with: - Broccoli - Quinoa - Brussel sprouts - Cauliflower - Sweet potatoes - Squash - Carrots - Mushroom, MUSHROOM - Grape tomatoes - Zucchinis - Onions, green beans, yellow beans, garlic, eggplants...ALL THE THINGS D: Ehh...I'll pick whatever happens to be in the vegetable basket in the fridge. Mom is a cooking nut and likes to try different things, so there is usually a great variety of vegetables there. * One tbsp of peanut butter allowed per day, and one small spoon full of maple syrup allowed per day. ** Every night that I'm not fucking exhausted after a 10+ hour work day.
  6. I tried creating a character in the Game of Life in the last challenge and that didn't work. Maybe my computer was inadequate, or maybe I don't have enough RAM to run the Game of Life. Maybe the system is too cluttered with old files that are never used, resulting in very little free space, memory problems, and general slowness whenever I try to make it anywhere in the Game. Creating a character included. the system might run a little smoother if I clear up some space and run defrag. I've had "clean my room" as a side challenge for over 6 months now, and yet this goal has been neglected all this time. It's clear that this task needs to become a 6-week challenge all in itself. Here is a list of what must be done, in no particular order: Organizing and decluttering: - Get rid of the small wobbly shelves that are greatly reducing floor space - Get rid of slightly larger wobbly shelf that is also greatly reducing floor space - Clear out (and clean) the large crawlspace on the south side of my room - Bring shelves into the crawlspace - Go through books and donate the ones I no longer care about - Stack remaining books onto crawlspace shelves - Sort through the boxes that were formerly in the crawlspace - Put boxes back into the crawlspace - Bring box of old VHS tapes to the thrift shop - Dispose of old taped-from-TV VHS tapes - Figure out an organization scheme for putting clothes into the drawers inside the wall - Go through remaining clothes and make a give-away box - Put remaining clothes into said drawers - Move the bookshelf elsewhere since it's in the way of the drawers - Cut out the carpet. It's too filthy to clean, and probably moldy - Convince family to donate the closet space near the staircase to me because there is no closet in my room, and the standing port-a-closet is a freaking eyesore - Clean out newly acquired closet space - Put clothes into newly acquired closet space - Dismantle (and put away) the ugly port-a-closet - Organize all the junk under the bed, mostly books and action figure boxes, and LEGO Makin' money: - Take pictures of items to sell on eBay - Write a thing about the items to sell on eBay - Actually sell items on eBay - Take pictures of the clothes I no longer wear, to sell or to give - Actually sell or give away said clothes Bonus items: - Build stands for my cosplays - Buy a little zen garden, so I can be all zen and shit There is a long, narrow, and sketchy crawlspace in my room. Maybe my books can go in there. I think some of my old consoles are in there right now. N64 and PS2 maybe? I never play either of them anymore. Maybe those can be sold, too. Oh right, I also have an Xbox 360 collecting dust. Wait no. Two Xbox 360s. The crawlspace cannot currently be accessed because there is a desk in the way. The desk can't really be used either because it is full of junk, Loki armor pieces, comic books, and regular books. The drawers have my NES and SNES (and games) in them, but I'm not getting rid of those ;P Still, they need to be moved elsewhere. Or the desk has to be moved because it is a good desk that is only placed in a bad location. It needs go be where the crappy wobbly shelves are. Or where the bookshelf is. The bookshelf also needs to go because it prevents some of the wall drawers from opening. It's like my room was designed with no furniture in mind, because any desks or shelves that go in there always end up either blocking a window or preventing something from opening. Oh, and both side walls are only about 4ft high and then slope at a 45° angle towards the ceilings, making it so no tall items can be placed in the corners. Even regular furniture can't be placed in corners because that's where both crawl spaces are. The wall drawers are also close to a corner, which is bullshit. This is me rambling about things more than anything. I'll probably edit this in the near future. I also need to add a life quest. For reference, the following images of my room were taken just a few months ago. The clutter level is about the same, it just changed locations. For example, the Loki pants are on the middle shelf now, instead of being on the side shelf.
  7. This quest is not very fitness related, but as the habits I want learn are important in keeping me SANE I thought I might best fit into the druids. Motivation I hate it when things happen that I'm not prepared for, somehow this is the motive of my whole life. Stuff to be prepared for reaches from "when the shit hits the fan" to "being able to invite neighbours over without getting a panic attack because the living room is all messed up". I don't have strong habits regarding cleaning, neither does my boyfriend. We have a habit of leaving stuff around, and a dog. And of buying stuff that clutter our home. (We are still able to ninja clean the home in one day when parents etc. are coming over but it would be exhausting. So it doesn't look like in those messi "documentations" on tv. Just for scale ) The mess at home is a huge psychological problem for me. For example sometimes I can't just go to the kitchen and make something healthy because stuff is standing around. Work is demanding too, so the last thing when I come home from a hard day is being grossed out by my very own mess. Main Quest Make my home a comfortable relaxing place, not an additional stress factor. Quest 1 *3 sun salutations per day (morning or evening) +4 Str Quest 2 *Keep the space near my bed clean every day, including my nightstand. This includes not putting down clothes, magazines, etc. +3 Wis Quest 3 *10 minutes of concentrated, continued tidying up or cleaning every day. +5 Wis Livequest *Get rid of 100 things +3 Wis
  8. For my last few challenges, I have been hanging my hat in the Assassins guild. While checking out the new Women's Academy, I decided that a Warrior class was a better choice for me quest-wise, so I figured I'd try this challenge in your area for something different. I'm having a hard time deciding what I'd like to do with this challenge. I know that it ends two weeks before Camp Nerd Fitness, so I'd really like to buckle down and focus between now and then. I've been having a great time with more fun challenges with the Assassins, focusing on hula hooping and decluttering. It's been wonderful, but in the process I kind of lost focus on my gym stuff, and my diet has slipped a little bit. I have 5 lbs to lose in the next 8 weeks to meet my goal before Camp, and if I lose just 2 more pounds than that, I'll be at 75 pounds lost total. THAT would be amazing. WARRIOR WOMAN My main goal for the last 3 years has been to become strong. Strong enough to handle life. Strong enough to overcome chronic pain. Strong enough to be confident. I need to refocus on my strong, lifting 3x a week. If I have to miss a day at my work gym, I have to do a comparable bodyweight workout at home that night. No more excessive rest periods. I have to have the last 13 workouts of my new superset routine done before camp.Track food every day. Only exception will be any days without cell range when camping. My life is not a free for all. Keep carbs <50g a day, except for one meal for glycogen refill. I can be a little looser when camping for after dinner treats, but the rest of my food must be on point.Continue to focus on general decluttering, reorganization, and redecorating. One thing a day at least.SIDE QUESTSDiet Side Quest: W A T E R. Drink more of it! Seriously been bad in this area lately. I bring two jugs of water to work every day. I MUST drink them! Every day! DO IT!Fitness Side Quest: Cardio. Oh how I hate thee. I've been slacking. I want to up my daily step average to 8,000 a day, with bonus points for any 10,000 step days, or days I actively do cardio on purpose.MOTIVATION PROGRESS 3 Points a week for Lifting. 13 points total for superset routine workouts 7 points a week for decluttering 7 points a week for eating (either tracking, or eating appropriately when I can't track) Bonus Points for water and cardio 17 Points a week Total + specific workouts + side quest (1 for getting all my water, 1ea for cardio). Week 1: 22/17 Points Week 2: 23/17 Points Week 3: 22/17 Points Week 4: 22/17 Points - all 13 superset points achieved Week 5: 18/17 Points Week 6: 19/17 Points TOTAL: 126/127 WOOT
  9. To achieve Level 9 I will be focussing on myself, mostly on my mindset and motivation. My main quest is to fit comfortably into size 14 trousers by losing body fat. To move towards this achievement, I have set the following quests for this challenge: 1. Handstands! STR+2 DEX+3 As a much younger hooman, summer lunchtimes were spent out on the fields doing cartwheels and handstands. Now I wish to revisit those carefree days. Using Chris Salvato's method as a guide, I will spend 5 minutes per day on handstand practice (continued from previous challenge). A = 28+ days of handstand practice B = 25-27 days C = 22-24 days F = 21 days or fewer of handstand practice. 2. Floor! CON+2 CHA+ 2 STA+1 I can fit my exercise mat on the floor (just) but in order to really make use of the space in front of my mirrored wardrobe doors, I need to have a clearout, to tidy up and to keep it that way (continued from previous challenge). A = Plenty of space to workout on my mat B = Satisfactory space but clutter is starting to creep back C = Mat barely fits and I trashed everywhere else F = No space for a mat to fit. 3. Mindset! WIS+3 CHA+1 CON+1 Inspired by Neghar Fonooni's email article recommending spending 15 minutes per day dedicated to personal time, I have decided to set aside 15 minutes of my day for personal reflection. This time will include my participation in the JillFit "Mindset Makeover" email course and also could include things like meditation, journalling, walking, reading or whatever at the time gives me energy and renewed motivation. A = 28+ days of reflection B = 25-27 days C = 22-24 days F = 21 days or fewer of reflection. During this challenge, not only will I have a birthday, it will also mark a year since I started lifting free weights
  10. I have been doing very well with my diet/exercise/fitness portion of leveling up my life, and have been struggling to conquer my CHAOS. The declutter queen FlyLady defines CHAOS as: Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome, and I have it BAD. I have an 1100 square foot rancher-style house, a 3-year old, and too many hobbies. I ended up with a good amount of my childhood crap when my parents down-sized, and I'm tired of feeling like I'm drowning in my house. I have done very well getting rid of stuff every day (even if it's one thing), but I have to step it up, and now is the time to get things really moving. I'm going to flip-flop my priorities for these 6-weeks, and really work on a Life Quest, with my Diet and Fitness Quests being side quests. BECOMING MORE MINIMALIST Part of my Level 100 "what does Teddie's life look like" goals is to live a clutter free life.My friends are letting me sell stuff at their garage sale at the end of the month. Part 1 of this challenge will be spending the next 3 weeks getting everything I want to try to sell ready and over to their house. I must do something notable towards this goal every day for the next 3 weeks.Identify and list higher-priced items online for sale. One item a week, minimum. Bonus if I list more than 6-items over the challenge.Continue to focus on general decluttering, reorganization, and redecorating. One thing a day at least. Major strides can go towards both decluttering and the garage sale. SIDE QUESTSDiet Side Quest: Track food every day. Only exception will be any days without cell range when camping. Bonus for estimating ahead of time.Fitness Side Quest: Work on mini-hoops 3x a week. Goal is to see if I can pick it up with 2-beat and 3-beat weaves.MOTIVATION My home is not a container for my stuff, but rather a place for joy and connection.PROGRESS I'm not going to count specific points in my challenge this time around, I have a lot going on still and I don't give myself stat points anyhow. I am going to do a Pass or Fail on how the week went, and work on making significant progress on decluttering, and enjoying my hooping. Week 1: Pass Week 2: Pass Week 3: Pass
  11. UPDATED: APRIL 21ST/23RD EPIC QUEST Get down to 25% body fat CHALLENGE QUEST Drop 3 inches off body measurements Nourish CON +4 Track calories and stay under 150 grams of carbohydrates. I've started back up with MyFitnessPal. I know that I eat better when I am monitoring what actually goes into my mouth. So, I'll be tracking my calories every day (starting 4/23). I would like to keep my calorie intake at a reasonable level, and I feel that making sure my carbs stay under 150 grams a day will help that. Eat breakfast before leaving the house for work. I am always SO busy at work. If I don't manage to make a smoothie to take with my for breakfast, I usually don't eat until about 10 or 11, which pushes lunch back to about 2 or 3 and then I'm not hungry for dinner until 10 o'clock rolls around! So.....I will be eating breakfast before I leave my house for work in the morning. Not bringing a smoothie or something with me, I want to finish my breakfast before heading out. And I don't want to be rushing or scarfing down my food either. I want to be able to sit down and have breakfast. Eat Paleo for breakfast and lunch Monday thru Friday. I’ve tried Paleo before and it hasn’t really worked out for me. My boyfriend is definitely not Paleo and I do almost all of our cooking. So I figure, if I only eat Paleo when I’m not eating with him, I’ll have a much better chance of succeeding. Reduce sugar intake. I was thinking about it this weekend, and I decided it will be more helpful to work on reducing my sugar than to go part-time paleo. I have a sugar problem. I absolutely love it! Once I start eating it, I can't stop. I'll be eliminating it gradually, as to avoid putting myself into shock! Week 1: Eliminate sugary beverages Weeks 2-3: Eliminate junk food Weeks 4-6: Drastically reduce carbs Train STA +2 | DEX +2 | STR +2 Workout 6 days a week everyday, for at least 30 minutes. I need to keep my body moving. I’ve been doing pretty good lately but I want to do better. I want to incorporate a lot of dancing, but I don't want to slack on strength training. I want to work in some kettlebell training, but body weight training is fine too. Improve splits. I miss being able to do the splits. Inspired by a few of my new Assassin friends, I have added a split component to my challenge. I will do stretches in the evenings that will help me to improve my splits by the end of this challenge. Starting photos will be posted tonight. I will post my improvements at the end of the challenge. Prepare WIS +2 | CHA +1 Clear out and prep my temple for painting. My boyfriend and I moved to a new place last spring. He has his office (he works from home most of the time) and we have our bedroom and other common rooms, but I don't have a place to relax and call my own. There is a room downstairs that we're using as a storage room. It's going to become my temple. Inara's shuttle is my inspiration. Though I will be working on the room most days, I’ll only be posting weekly update photos. My goal is to have the room ready to paint by the end of the challenge.
  12. A year and a half ago, I lost 40 pounds, and I've managed to keep it off, even through last year, which was very stressful for me. Ideally, I would like to lose another 10 pounds, but since I am trying to get pregnant now, I don't feel that is the correct focus. Therefore, for this challenge, I want to focus on building good habits, habits that will take me through many (hopefully soon) life changes. My main focus: Eating 1) Stop over eating. (WIS +5) • A book was recommended to me and I have reserved it from the library. I should have it by the end of this first week, and I will finish reading it by the end of the challenge. I am hoping there will be suggestions from the book that I can add to my challenge, things to work on and evaluate. OR if I do not enjoy the book, I will do research and find out if there is another source I can work with. The issue is that I know I"m over eating, even when I'm doing it, and yet I do, so I feel like some external "pressure" could help. • I will also drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day, 12 if I'm running. This way, I know I am not eating when I am actually thirsty, not hungry. * I feel like this could be the most thing I've worked on. My secondary foci: Exercise 2) Run 10 km, 3 times. (STA +3, CHA +1) • I have run 9.7 km, my original goal was to run 10, but I feel like that is too easy. So, in the next 6 weeks, I would like to do three 10 km runs. • I would also like to run twice more per week, but shorter runs, whether its a run home from work, or Tabata training in the mornings. 3) Bring back strength training. (STR +3, CHA +1) • Strength training was a significant part of my original weight loss, and I've let it slip. I want to strength train at least twice per week. My life challenge: De-clutter 4) De-clutter (CON +2) • I have several areas to work on: bookshelves in my bedroom, the spare room / office, my closet and my wallet (I also need a new wallet). Success will be working on at least one area per week.
  13. "I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words......I scatter them, in time and space. A message, to lead myself here." Last challenge I kicked ass, which was extra awesome, because I've had trouble with all of my previous challenges either due to poor goal choices, injuries, and external circumstances. The goals I chose this time are similar to last time. I want to continue to lose fat and maintain my strength if not get stronger. However, I know that summer will weaken my resolve, so I'm playing it safe a little bit. Fitness Goal 1: -Practice a strength routine that can be done in or out of the gym. Dips, elevated push ups, push ups, work outs I did in my rehab sessions, and walking, sprinting. -Get to the fitness center once a week (hopefully more, but one of the weeks I'll be camping most of the days). -Complete 5 push ups, going all the way down -Squats: 3 sets, 10 reps, 60# Fitness Goal #2: -30 minute walks with occasional sprinting 3x a week. -Hiking once a week. -Obviously when I am camping I will be hiking more than walking, but I think an extra hike should count as a walk just fiiiine. Diet Goal #1: -Continue to eat 80/20 Primal. Take advantage of the fresh produce the summer offers. -When we're camping I aim to do my best by bringing seeds, nuts, and dried fruit to supplement whatever primal food we bring. We'll be camping with my dad and my brothers. My dad eats a little more like me, but my brothers are processed food/grain/sugar-avores. -Instead of having a "treat" day, just use common sense when having a splurge, i.e. a small dish of ice cream instead of a large one, or better yet have a homemade primal popsicle, don't blow the whole day away with bad choices, but still enjoy myself. Life Goal 1: Continue the de-cluttering! Last challenge I filled a grocery bag each week to donate/throw out. This time I want to take on a specific room each week. Week 1: Bedroom. Clothing, random junk hiding under the bed or in the closet, things the cat has dragged behind the dressers. I also want to move the spouse's dresser to the other wall so that I can access the closet more easily Week 2: Hall Closet. We'll be camping this week, and while the closet does need a lot of attention, it doesn't need 7 days. Week 3: The kitchen. Smelly tupperware that we no longer use, redundant gadgets, ancient hot plate thing, empty bottles that look cool but just sit around in the pantry. Our kitchen is really quite big for the size of our apartment, but it's become pretty cluttered. Week 4: The living room. This includes the coat closet that we toss junk into, bookshelves that house books we don't even want, the basket that sits under the TV, and also the balcony which has some glasses and gardening debris. Week 5: Craft Room. .Fabric I will never use, crumpled paper, and whoknowswhatelse. We have a big weird shelf in here that houses a lot of junk, which we thought would get us more organized, but it's been an enabler. Week 6: One final sweep of the whole apartment. Really ask myself "Do I need this? Would I buy it now if we didn't have it? Will I use it or will it continue to sit?" ------------------------- Yes, I made an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all of my goals, as well as a sheet to keep track of my workouts each time I exercise. Again. I'll take my measurements on Sunday. I didn't share my progress photos last challenge, but I did take them. I'll share them in another post.
  14. I'm a newbie to the forum and to challenges. My husband and I started doing the beginning body weight workout over spring break, although we could only go through twice the first 3 weeks. We moved to 3 full times last week! My goals: 1) Eat healthy, paleo-ish/low carb 2) drink more water, no pop 3) do the beginning body weight workout 3 times a week, walk or do yoga twice a week 4) clean my room! Cluttered room=cluttered mind I'm 5'5" and weigh 160 lbs. I'd like to get to about 150 over the course of the challenge, but I don't want to make it an actual goal because I think if I follow my goals, I'll get there, and I'm also already seeing a difference in my waistline etc. from what I've been doing. If I understand this correctly, it may take longer to lose weight if I'm gaining muscle? I'll be back with more details on the goals and waist etc. measurements when I find my tape measure, see goal 4 hahaha.
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