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  1. Charlie Quinn's Holiday Challenge Probably a poor choice of song, seeing as it's not really about drinking cocktails on a beach. I'm off to The Dominican Republic on the 4th of November for 2 weeks, so this is more of a battle log than a challenge. But I'm putting some mini goals in place for while I'm away so I don't spend 2 weeks doing nothing but eating and drinking on a sun lounger. Before I escape: Keep moving - Any form of exercise at least 30 mins per day (one rest day allowed) For the first time in a while, I don't have a race to train for until next year. The aim is just to keep things ticking over until I'm back from holiday. I'm expecting to lose a bit of fitness while I'm away, but I want to limit the damage by keeping things up for the next few weeks. While I'm away: This will depend on what facilities I have available to me when I'm on holiday. I think there is a gym at the hotel but I'm not sure what equipment it has. Running: If there is a treadmill, then I'll aim to run 3 times a week - If there is no treadmill, then I'll get in as much swimming as possible. I don't think running outside is going to be possible due to the heat. I really hope there is a treadmill, as I've stupidly signed up for a run the day after we fly back! That was very bad planning! Strength Training: If the gym has free-weights, I'll aim to be 2 workouts a week Bodyweight training: If there isn't any free-weights, then I'll work on bodyweight movements. Pull ups probably won't be possible, but push-ups, BW squats and dips should be easy to do in the hotel room. Handstands: If there is nothing available then I'll use the free time to work on handstands again. It's something I've always wanted to do and never found the time to fit it into my workout, so seeing as I'll have plenty of time available, I figure, why not give it a try? Before and during my escape: Don't eat like an asshole I'm not fussed about being "beach-body ready" (I'm shuddering just typing that ridiculous term), but I get bloated and uncomfortable when over-eat or eat too much junk, and I don't want to spend my holiday feeling uncomfortable. The hotel is all inclusive so this is more about self-control and "conscious eating". Just because the food is there, it doesn't mean I have to eat it. But it doesn't mean I'm going to deny myself if there is something I really want to try. I should have WiFi in the resort so I might be able to post a bit while I'm away, but I'm going to try to switch off a bit while I'm away. I'm not good at doing nothing but I'm going to try to relax as much as possible without getting completely bored!
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