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  1. It's that time of year here in MN! This time of year has been the hardest, with or without school. Last year, it whizzed by with little problem (except for my dad passing away, that was a whole other thing). I was able to get through it with my support and my own car. Just need to a little grinding with my goals and tracking. The Long Dark Game By the end of the challenge, the winds of Spring will be coming (even if snow does stick around through March). While also getting through Spring break. Now with my Dad's death anniversary (March 9th) comin
  2. Truthfully, It's been a more than a couple years since I've been on this website, so "soft reset" might be too generous of a term. Still, I'm the same person with the same issues---now I'm just working with different stats. I was at a big university, but struggling with my mental health a lot, so I'm at a community college for now. I've lost a lot of the healthy habits I built, and being at back at home now has made me less motivated in my physical health. Right now I'm planning to focus most on water intake and calorie tracking using MFP. I'm hoping this time around I can work o
  3. Hello all, my name is Fluffy_Shark (or Fluffy for short) and this is probably my third time respawning. I am 22 years old. I struggle with depression and anxiety and currently go to school full-time while working part-time. Lately my stress has been through the roof and I've resorted to eating copious amounts of sugar, and drowning myself in the internet, all trying to escape from my stressful world. I have never liked how I look and I have always felt weak and unfit. I haven't worked out in nearly 4 months and I'm sick and tired of it. I have so many things I want to accomplish in life but I
  4. Okay for accountability sake, I'm just posting here. To let myself know I will reward myself with writing my challenge out, when I turn in my letter to help get emergency funds. Writing to people gives me anxiety, and this challenge will be about different parts of writing. So accountability to get this letter turned in within the next 24 hours would be appreciated. (Finished much later than I wished, but at least have it done now and will reap the rewards). (Also returned to Adventurers, after I had a realization during one of my hikes. I have a
  5. Thank you @Leigh for making sure I get on the right thread within 24 hours.... Whoops. *copy and paste* Back with the Druids after my respawn, since a lot of my goals revolve around being mindful while doing them. Along with things that keep me happy is getting outdoors… So I figured out when I respawned giving myself $1 for hitting goals that are a tad difficult has been working. Only way to keep this up though is keeping my budget to what I can live off of and side extra money, and helping to maintain myself. Main goals: - Daily DBT Da
  6. Hello all! so I have school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1p to 7:45p and work 4 days a week, basically every day I'm not in class I'm working. I work from 3a to 11:30a or from 5a to 1:30p depending on the shift. The YMCA in my area is offering a climbing class on Monday from 4 to 5p, pilates from 5:30 to 6:30 and the one I'm most excited about is kickboxing on fridays from 4:15 to 5:15p. I'm not sure about the Pilates class but I might as well try it out, if not I can lift weights, which is what I'm thinking about doing either before or after each class. Though that might be too
  7. Hey, all! A new area of the NF forums I'm going to make my new main base! I had about a six-week break from the forums after having tried Heroes Rising. To see if it could help me sort out a new direction for goals. Found out that it wasn't a right fit for me right now. Learning how to juggle school, work, and extra stuff that can quickly fill it up too quickly while keeping on the upside of mental health. I've been very thankful for this site on teaching me on how to write out a plan and goals in a structure that do work for me. Finally seeing the foundation I ma
  8. I'm on my first year of college, and really struggling with eating healthy (and properly portioned!) food. No kitchen, a dining hall that's only open at certain times, and a menu that I can't control is leaving me floundering. Anyone have tips from their college days?
  9. Hi, I had my very first challenge last month and managed to get really sick during the final week. I still did pretty well overall, but hopefully I can do a little better this month. I’m starting my last semester of college on January 9th so I need to factor that in to this and the next three challenges. Me: I’m a 38 year old female with about 10 more pounds to lose to get to my goal weight. I also really need to improve my fitness and rebuild strength lost due to serious problems with my Crohn’s disease. Diet Goals: 1. Log all food for the month in MFP.
  10. Hi guys I am currently in my fourth year of uni and I am struggling to find the energy for both my workouts and my learning. My goal is to loose a bit of weight (currently 73/74kg, would like to get under 70kg) and tighten up a few areas. Atm I am going to uni in the mornings and hitting the gym in the afternoon/evening (3x a week) and I am loosely tracking my macros. The past couple of gym session though I have experienced feeling "flat" around half way through my workout or being so tired when I get home that I take around a long nap, neither of which are good considering the amount of
  11. Hi Rangers! I'm Sky Elvenword and I am here with an invitation! As part of my first Rebel challenge, I created a backstory for my character, in which she discovers her true identity as the daughter of two visionary scholars who died trying to bring enlightenment to a backward people. She joins a group of Rangers who also happen to be students or scholars; and together they are going back to the savage borderlands and try again to bring education and progress to these people (actually hobbits). I was thinking about this story last night at 1AM, and I started wondering if
  12. Hello again. I took a break from the adventurers last challenge and adventurers over to the druids. But I found myself doing more wandering than meditating (or levitating.) So here I am. Back again. I'm not one for introductions, but your more than welcome to go through my past challenges/intros in my signature links below. For the next eight to ten-ish weeks I'll be working towards the end game in my ir quest. Graduating college. My goals will be more towards productivity that progress me towards walking the stage. The rest of this challenge will be me working towar
  13. Eating drink 90 oz of water a day eat 1600 calories a day Training strength training x3 per week hiking x2 per week Studying 8 pomodoros a day? (minus weekends) 40 pomodoros a week? Rewards: 80% 70% some socks 60% Tea
  14. SECOND VERSE SAME AS THE FIRST! 1. Do physical therapy 2. Eat gluten free 3. Write good things BONUS - Do things THUMBS UP.
  15. Hello rebels! I did things a little backwards and posted in the challenge section because I was so excited to participate. Then I realized I never even introduced myself, D'oh! But better late than never. I stared at the empty box to type for a while till I could calm the tidal wave of anxiety and now here I am posting again! I'm Syd, 22 years old, female. I get self conscious very easily, (even when posting on the internet!) so one of my major goals is to work on my self confidence.Seriously I took voice lessons for 8+ years and still have never sung for my parents (lol but also ) I'
  16. Although technically this is my... fifth challenge. I guess I just wanted to throw a Doctor Who reference in there what with the Regeneration and all. Second verse same as the first! 1. DO PHYSICAL THERAPY 2. EAT GLUTEN FREE 3. WRITE GOOD THINGS
  17. Hi everyone! I'm currently in my last year of university and doing exchange in a foreign Asian country. I've never had Freshman 15, and I was thankful to have a fast metabolism. Now, it doesn't seem to be that way as I find that I'm constantly exploring the world and all the various cheap, yummy food that the world has to offer. It's difficult to commit to a gym or get a trainer as I'm always going here and there. I found this community, also the challenges and I really hope that I can learn from you all! I'll be joining in the challenge starting this Monday. Best, xosaliiixo (I figured t
  18. Greetings fellow rebels! This is Korranation signing on for another challenge. I know it's the new year, and the first challenge of the year, but I'm not gonna get in the hype of resolutions. Although... hypothetically speaking if I were to make a resolution it would be to take my dog for a walk everyday. Goodness knows we both need it. For those of you who don't know me here's a lil background:I'm a college student living at home with the folks. I live with my dad (The Fatherlord), sis (mini me), stepmother (Maleficent) and stepsister (Lilith). I've switched majors a few times and finally d
  19. I've been a member of nerdfitness for a while and have decided to get in the bandwagon and announce my daily log to assassinate kill all the things. That's right. I'm here to conquer. And to tell my tale of triumph and defeat to all (who care to listen.) What to expect during my battles of valor: sarcasm, gifs, videosdaily log of current six week challengepictures of not mehappy postssad postsstories of levling up or just how "how I battle with my exercise"random noob questions. But they'll go away after the quest for answers/enlightenment is done Goals: lose 50 lbs.(Thanks college and stre
  20. Long time lurker, sporadic participant and dedicated student. I have tried doing the challenges, but the timing never works out for me, so I am going to give this daily log thing a crack. My goal: Do a pull up. Then do some more. And get stronger and lose a little weight (goal is to lower bf%). Stats: Female 150 lbs 5' 3" 21 yr Chest - 38" Waist - 31" Hips - 40" former athlete Approach: 1. Bodyweight training 2. Karate 3. Active Rest Days 4. No binge eating! My diet is pretty clean, so I need to focus on energy in/out. It's the student stress life that really gets to me and makes me
  21. Hello, as stated above, I will continue my training, which is basically following the startbodyweight.com progressions. I will mostly update in my daily log, but I have run into complications of schoolwork taking up a lot of my time, so I may not update as often as I would like. I'll try to update weekly with the workouts for the week, but no promises. I practice Karate, as you will see this in my training, but I came to assassins because I, well, "want it all." Assassins sounded like the more logical choice for me as an individual. Last challenge, I realized I was confused about what I need
  22. This is my seventh challenge here on NF. I've learned a lot since then, am still learning now, and hope to continue learning about health, fitness, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle/goals. A little bit about me: I'm a college student living at home with the folks. I thought about being an engineer, but that didn't work out. I got into a car accident a few years ago and that set me back a few semesters. I tried being an accountant but wasn't good enough for the college of business. My grandmother passed away last year. I was so busy taking care of my grandpa and the rest of the family that
  23. Browsing the NF articles fills you with determination... Hello! I've been flitting through NF articles for quite sometime, but now that I'm finally 18 and in college I figured its time to actively join the community! About Me: I'm a hobbit sized lady (ok maybe a little taller, I'm 5'0 ft) with hobbit sized eating habits. Thats probably my biggest problem, over eating! Anyway, I am well established as a cat obsessed young lady in my California hometown and have been known to partake in a varied form of nerdy activities most of which is anime and gaming. If LilLionLamb is too much of a h
  24. Introduction: Heyo! I'm Kati and this is my first challenge. I really like active stuff outdoors - I live in the PNW, it's pretty hard not to. Hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, swimming, kayaking...anything outside I am extremely happy about. Unfortunately, I am a lazy college student, so it's pretty hard for me to motivate myself to do things that aren't either sleeping or watching TV. I also am way out of shape (thanks summertime) and struggle to complete any sort of physical activity. I'm high anxiety which makes it worse - if I feel like I'm dying, I go into full blown panic. So that'
  25. Hey there! I thought I'd come over from the Assassins and play here for a while. I may not post too much this challenge, as I'm in the throes of a new college semester on top of the rest of life (work, kids, et cetera), but I wanted to play anyway. My challenge this time is pretty plain and to the point. I've found something that's working for weight loss, so my challenge is to stick with it in the middle of life. This challenge I want to walk 2 miles at least 5 times a week and to eat fairly low carb (avoiding most of the whites). Just for fun I'll throw in a Life Quest of doing som
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