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  1. *marker* As of 3/3/2019 I am starting my first week of NF. My goals this week are: -Eat every 2-4 hours -Try to use the NF recipes for ideas on what to eat -Walk five minutes a day -Take my measurements -Take before photos (I have not pulled the trigger on this. -Going cold turkey on TV and movies at home. Will update with my info and current plan. Want to post yesterday's food log and start there.
  2. Bullet Points: -I am officially 30 (and a couple days) but someone said something about a "bone doctor" today and I snickered, so I fully admit age can be a very relative construct in some cases. -I officially told my job about moving to Colorado. They were surprisingly supportive and happy for me and appreciative of my work here. No timeline is set, I told them that I'm flexible and willing to extend my notice quite a bit and that I don't have anything lined up yet in CO, that I still intend on leaving the position in good shape despite being horrendously in the weeds on a lot of projects right now and they were really warm about it all. I mentioned that I'd love to be remote too and they said there wasn't a precedent for that in my position but they'd look into it, which is more than the flat NO I expected. All told everything is as much up in the air as it ever was, but I'm feeling a lot better about having it out in the open and I think that aspect makes all possibilities more workable, so I'm happy. -My birthday was good. I actually told my job about stuff on my birthday, so that was an interesting day. Then I went and treated myself to some shopping. I bought prenatal vitamins and a neurobiology text book, so if your birthday is any summation of where your life is, I don't know what to tell you. Some people surprised me for dinner, so that was nice of them, since I hadn't bothered making plans with anyone, and then I spent the evening calling/texting/social media-ing people back that'd wished me a happy birthday. All told I'm quite pleased with myself in this regard as usually having to return a bunch of phone calls and Facebook messages makes me really overwhelmed and anxious and I end up avoiding doing it for like a week and then I get more anxious and finally respond and feel like an asshole for taking so long. So yeah, I feel like a functioning adult, sort of. -I'm newly in ketosis (I think? I haven't gotten any ketostix to check yet) and it's going pretty well. My reasoning was mostly that I wanted a stricter eating parameter because I've had a lot of trouble with consistency and even when I manage to track and keep calories on the level, some days I still end up with a lot of sugar, some days not, and I think it's all just contributing to a lot of headaches, not feeling well, and overall difficulty staying on routine. I've felt a little better so hopefully this helps. If nothing else, I hope it keeps me more consistent because I don't want to have to get back into ketosis. It hasn't been easy during a birthday week but not nearly as hard as I expected. It's restrictive enough to keep me overthinking about it. -Challenge stuff to be updated. (5/18 edit) Challenge Stuff Update! I dedicate this challenge to Sleep, that elusive seductress. My methods remain pretty consistent, but I am going to try to approach them with intent towards sleeping better, sleeping more, and being more restful. -Keto- continue to track food and keep carbs low. The aim is 20-25 net carbs a day. I actually feel much better on VLC, I think keeping tight reins works better for me. And I definitely feel very awake and lucid with bulletproof coffee so onwards on this front. -Drink all the water- Aim is 100 oz a day. Partly because keto demands it, but it definitely feels better and if I chug water right before bed it's good insurance that I'll be out of bed first thing in the morning. -Work hard, play hard, sleep hard- Aim is some activity daily. Still an inconsistent one for me, and it being 100+ F at night doesn't help, but I envy my dog that sprints her heart out and then conks out for a nap and is off running in her dreams, all within a span of 20 minutes. Exercise helps me sleep. I need help sleeping. -The little extras- multivitamin and omega 3s nightly, figure out a better study schedule for German, continue to chip away at projects at work and get to Colorado.
  3. Oh, look at this! The next challenge is up and I was actually paying attention! This is very exciting and unprecedented. Right in the middle of this challenge, I'll be closing on our house and one step closer to moving to Colorado. So my big sweeping goals for the month are something like this: Pre-close: Continue to camp out in my mostly packed house, packing, doing the billion things involved in selling a house, trying to eat the random stuff left in my pantry and keep my dog company. [/img] She only really needs whipped cream. Post-move: Dog goes with the husband in CO, I move into a family member's winter home (with wi-fi again, thank god), and really buckle down on a CO job search and what my next move is. And through it all, some constants in the form of my semi-regular goals: Eating- Continue to track on MFP (if anyone wants to be friends there, I'd really like to spy on people's menus), try harder to hit macro goals, and eat at least one serving of vegetables for every fruit serving (0 for 0 doesn't count). I'm finding my carbs are mostly coming from starches and sugar and I aim to adjust. Sleep- Set a bedtime, phone off, for 10pm or 11pm if I got a nap, every night. Reading a paper book is okay while I transition. Sweat- Not actually because I don't really sweat, I just pass out and that's a problem, but I digress. Activity, daily. I think mostly walking at the dog park pre-move and sprinting in the pool post-move, with bodyweight or gym days sprinkled in. This is going to be my downfall, but I have to do it. For fun, practice German more consistently. Pre-move use my some language software I have, Post-move get back to DuoLingo with extra web resources. Okay, that's the gist. This is still week 0 so it's a dabble week. I.e. I've eaten well today but I'm about to destroy some ice cream. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  4. Placeholder for a longer post. I'm moving to Fort Collins at some time to be determined. Husband has already moved for his new job. I am selling the house and job searching. Every time I log in to NF I get really overwhelmed by all the notifications I get from following people, but I'm having trouble following an finding people/threads without following. So anyone with tips on how they've set up their content and stuff since the new forum updates, please share. Ironically I have more time at home to be interactive here but now I don't have wifi (husband took the modem, I didn't see the point of buying one for a month or so until the house sells) so the excuses keep on coming. I've been checking in with my phone a little more, but I don't really want to write entire posts that way. But I did suck it up and watch Game of Thrones on my phone last night, so this is probably a hindrance I can navigate. 5/9 update- Okay, longer post. I'm exhausted and tired. I seriously just typed that because I yawned halfway through a 5 word sentence and lost my train of thought. I'm moving to Fort Collins at some point. Right now the plan, in order of immediacy, is clean and pack to put the house on the market, in 2 days go to NYC for a week*, at which point the realtor will be putting the house on the market, get back from NY, job search while working and doing normal things except without most of my stuff which is now packed and without messing up the house, eventually accept buyers' offer, do all the house closing stuff, pack the rest of the big stuff and take it up to CO, along with the dog if it's after a certain date when the husband will actually be in CO and not on a business trip otherwise the dog stays with me, move into in-laws winter home across town with very sparse stuff, figure out if I should tell my job about all this and risk a less enthused response or keep working and long-distance job searching. And maybe actually finding a job. So this plan basically covers my next 7 weeks or 7 months, who the knows. And meanwhile work is work and more stressful because I have a lot to do and on a possibly very accelerated timeline and basically most of my waking hours are spent with the feeling of a fist closing around my heart. *pre-planned trip right before we found out about moving, at which point the planning part flew out the window so now it's more like going to New York, ???, profit I also just found out I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding in October (I've known about the wedding for awhile, I just wasn't aware of my status as a bridesmaid until the bride offhandedly mentioned it this weekend). This is actually not any more stressful because I've already been helping plan the wedding, but a little stressful in that I should probably be focusing a little (lot) more on my health (attractiveness) for the next 5 months. So with all this, here are my modest base goals: -Walk 3x a week. Generally laps at the dog park, generally 2-4 miles -Bodyweight or gym exercises 3x a week, it will be very hard getting to the gym for awhile -Study German 1x a week + some other job/personal development 1x a week -Track it all here/ bullet journal Extra credit possibilities- things I want to do but don't want to scare myself away by demanding I do them: -Get a fitness tracker and start paying more attention to steps/being less sedentary on the daily -Maybe try Couch to 5k -Job search stuff- pimp LinkedIn, resume, start talking to friends in CO, go to PMI meeting -Put together a study plan for myself for German now that the class is ending. -Become pretty -Figure out how people do spreadsheets here. Sidenote: Here was an Excel formula I made today. =IF(C3<>"",CONCATENATE(A3,LEFT($C$1,6),C3),IF(D3<>"",CONCATENATE(A3,LEFT($D$1,6),D3),IF(E3<>"",CONCATENATE(A3,LEFT($E$1,6),E3),IF(F3<>"",CONCATENATE(A3,LEFT($F$1,6),F3),IF(G3<>"",CONCATENATE(A3,LEFT($G$1,6),G3),IF(H3<>"",CONCATENATE(A3,LEFT($H$1,6),H3),IF(I3<>"",CONCATENATE(A3,LEFT($I$1,6),I3)))))))) It's not that complex for Excel people, but it took awhile for me to get it right, so I'm kinda proud.
  5. Hello all, I recently started climbing again and I need a a buddy to climb with, because that's way more fun. Anybody in the Denver area want to go to the Denver bouldering club on Fridays around 2:30 (time and place negotiable, it's just when I get off work and the gym is relatively empty , and I like to boulder more than top rope) PM or reply here if you're interested
  6. Hi! My name is Alan, and I'm currently looking for someone to train with me to get a handstand done for more than one second! I was wondering if there's anyone nearby that would like to train with me/coach me if they already dominate the handstand? I spend most of my time near Scott Carpenter Park (I work at CU Boulder) so we could meet there? I can always sneak out of work for good thirty minutes if needed be. Thanks!
  7. Hey everyone! We always throw this out way too late, but does anyone here plan on doing the Bolder Boulder this year? I'm not using a qualifying time this year, so if anyone is open to wogging it and having a good ole NF meet up time, post here so we can all get together!!! Mr Ham and I are doing it! (I do it for the sweet lunch bag, and the super awesome fun time)
  8. Western Rebels, I have a question! I was looking through the programming for Nan Desu Kan (NDK, Denver's largest anime convention), which is coming up this weekend. I noticed that on Sunday morning, there's a fan-run panel entitled "DYEL? Nerd Fitness". The guide summary says "... crash course on why health and fitness is important for everyone, including nerds. Plus, learn some easy ways to get stated and stay healthy." I am curious, is this a coincidence? Or is there a Rebel in the area who's going to be running this panel? If so, I'm most definitely showing up to support!
  9. Hi Everyone, My name is Windy and I am fat. I had hip surgery 6 months ago and since then I have put on 15 pounds, which is on top of the 20 pounds I already wanted to lose. I have no self control when it comes to food and diet. I need some local support if there is anyone in my area. I went to a yoga class on sunday and actually ended up in tears by the end of the class because I was so frustrated at how bad I was and how out of shape I looked. When I was in virginia I used to hike 20 miles a week. But here you have to drive so far to get to the hiking trails and then they are so steep that I find I can't really go as far. I need some cheer leaders and some folks that maybe could walk with me and show me some new places. I need help.
  10. As part of accomplishing my top Big Mission on my Bucket List, climbing Pikes Peak, I would like to see if there are any other like-minded individuals out there that look up at Pikes Peak and think, "someday." Or possibly you have already conquered this particular moutain or another in the area and would like to do it again. Well I would like to formally invite anyone out there that would like to join me in this particular quest and bask in the glory and claim the bragging rights that goes along with it. I challenge my fellow Nerds to take on the famous Peak with me. I know it's not going to be easy, but it's not Everest either. don't worry I am not going today or tomorrow, but I plan on accomplishing this before my 33 birthday this coming September, so that leaves us a little over 5 months to prepare. If all goes well, I would like to make this an anual adventure, whether it be Pikes Peak each year or a similar challenge. What I am hoping to get out of this club is a chance to get to know my fellow NF'ers in the area, accomplish a goal that I have been dreaming about for too long, and have good fun companionship in the process. Some of my training plans include tackling the Manitou Incline at least every other week or so in addition to my regularly scheduled workouts. Also any other fun and challenging hiking trails in the area will be tackled as much as possible. So Please, leave a comment below and let me know who might be interested in joining me. I look forward to hearing from you all.
  11. Hi Everyone!! I'm very new to Nerd Fitness and I'm a day late but I'm so down for this 6 week challenge. I play roller derby in Northern Colorado and I'm doing this because I really want to step up my game. I broke my collarbone 3 years ago at derby practice and it took a long time to heal, but I started playing again at the beginning of the year. I've been lifting weights and doing circuits focusing on my lower body, I have derby practice 3x a week, and I eat pretty clean (85%ish paleo) My goals: 1) Climb 14,000' up Mount Bierstadt. I'm doing it with a group and the date is set for June 30th - so there's no backing out. 2) Become a skating ninja! I want to skate fast and hard, be agile, solid and balanced. I plan on doing this by kicking up the strength training. 3) Do 5 pull-ups. I can't even do a complete one now... we shall see! 4) I want to be more assertive and confident. As a human resource generalist, these are 2 important qualities to have - which I lack. I will no longer be a door mat!!! So this is what I have ~ Finkzilla #51
  12. Introduction: My name is Garrett and I live in beautiful Colorado, and I have never been to the top of Pikes Peak. That will change this year. I have four wild and active Things (kids), one girl and three boys, a beautiful fiance, two dogs and two cats. I am a 10 year Air Force veteran, three years separated now and just joined the AF Reserves. While I was in the AF, fitness and health were always a struggle for me. Keeping my weight and waist size down was a constant battle that I usually lost. When it came time to do the yearly fitness tests I always squeaked by or failed a couple times, almost killing myself in the process. Things got worse when I separated and I reached an all time high of 250 lbs. Almost two years ago I reached the breaking point when I looked at myself in pictures posted on Facebook that I was tagged in. I had to do something. Since Thanksgiving, 2011, I have been on several different diet plans and exercise regimes and finally made it down around my pre-enlistment weight of 190 lbs, 187 lbs was the lowest I got. Along the way I found that the Paleo diet and those diets that closely resembled it were the ones that I saw the most progress on. Now I am on Nerd Fitness and reading the posts pretty religiously. I have been following the Rebel Strength Guide and Starting Strength, by Mark Rippetoe, for my weight training. I am ready to continue on my own Quest of Awesomeness, lean up and increase my overall health and fitness. This is my second challenge on here and I really look forward to working with all of you and feeding off of each other. I joined a challenge in January this year. I have two jobs and 4 kids now. I am getting married July 13th (the day before the end of this challenge and I want to pick up where I left off and continue to make progress towards the “level 50†me (and look good in the tux . Starting Character: Level: 2 Weight: 187lbs Chest: 42†STR: 6 Race: Human Abdominal: 32.5†Neck: 16.5†DEX: 1 Class: Ranger Arms: 15†Thigh: 24†STA: 5 Age: 32 Body Fat: ~12.5% Waist: 36†CON: 5 Height: 5’11†Calf: 14.5†Lean BM: 164lbs WIS: 6 Body Fat: 23lbs CHA: 6 Diet: I will get back on track to “cleaning up my dietâ€.I will be eating at least 80% of my food as Paleo.I will do this by planning further ahead for my meals (thus far my greatest weakness in this regard); bringing Paleo friendly snacks/meals to both jobs.I will be using intermittent fasting (IF) to supplement and balance out my diet and hopefully boost my fat loss.CON: +1Fitness: I will make fitness a habit and take steps to improve my overall health by:I will make strength training a habit at least three times a week. Continue with the Barbell Brigade/Riptoe inspired weight training 2-4 times a week at the gym with body weight exercises supplementing on weeks when I can only get two gym days in. Current: 10 Pull-ups; 50 Push-upsGoal: 15 Pull-ups; 60 Push-upsI will run/sprint at least 5 miles a week.This will help me reach my long term goal of hiking to the top of Pikes Peak. Current: ~8 min/mileGoal: <7 min/mileI will work on my overall flexibility.This will improve my squatting technique and other areas as well . Current: ~3-4 inches short of toesGoal: Touch my toes sittingSTR: +2, STA: +2, DEX: +3Fitness: I will improve my overall body composition by:Decreasing overall body fat (not weight)(maybe even see my abs for the first time?). Goal: -5 lbs/-2% or more of body fatIncreasing/â€toning†my chest and arms (visual progress or increase in measurements).CHA: +2, CON: +1Level up in Life: I will improve my overall financial situation by:Working out a budget and debt reduction plan and stick to it for the full six weeksPutting away money towards an emergency fund. Current: $0 savedGoal: $200 savedWIS: +3
  13. This is my first challenge on Nerd Fitness, but far from my first weight loss goal setting! I did the Body-for-LIfe program (when Bill still ran it) in 2001 and looked amazing! Then, I slacked, and let the old habits come back. Add getting married and inheriting three kids 7 years ago (all in high school this year) and grudgingly marching toward 44 in November, to say I've slid is an understatement. So, here I am. Working with all of you awesome Adventurers to post our successes, share our weaknesses and become accountable. Besides, I love earning points for stuff, so these challenges are right up my alley! For this six week challenge, here are my goals. I am not grading/rating each goal, as I will either do it or I won't. Lose 20 pounds. I know, this seems high for six weeks, but I have not been eating Paleo or working out like I used to, so I know it's achievable. And, I have a 25 year class reunion in August, so the motivation is there! Workout 4 days a week. This used to be normal for me - 5 days a week - and I slid. Now I travel every week, so it makes it a bigger challenge, but there's a fitness center where I stay, so I have to adjust my schedule and get this done!! Ditch Diet Pepsi. It's my vice - it's got to go. I know how bad aspartame is and the cravings it causes, so time to ween off of the stuff. Help my team! My Melaleuca business is built around healthy principles, and I want to help my team achieve their own goals. For the next six weeks, I will help at least two of my team members advance to Director to start earning regular, residual checks and show them what they are capable of doing by helping others.And there they are…not as eloquent as some, but my goals nonetheless. Not quite ready to upload that fat photo, but as the weight comes off, I'll be happy to share it as a BEFORE I took control I looked like this.
  14. Hello All! I have been checking out this site off and on for sometime now. Nearly started a challenge back in November, though I never did and now wish I had. Looking forward to the challenge starting next week. My high schools days were spent reading Muscle and Fitness, I've done sometime in a Crossfit box, until they raised their rates out of my price range, I have even done a stint on the Paleo diet, and did not stick with it. I am joining the Rebellion now for the community and to build upon and possibly share what knowledge I do have. I look forward to getting to know you all! Ryan (Adipaw)
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