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  1. One boring Friday morning at Nerd Fitness Academy you decided to unleash your inner Rebel and play a prank on your fellow NFers... You orchestrated a group of Rebels to help you steal all the cauliflower on campus. The great cauliflower heist of 2019. What will they do without their glorious cauliflower?! You were sloppy, though, and in your haste you left a trail that led right to your hiding spot. Steve, the principal, found your jolly group of Rebels and sentenced you all to weekend detention. Groaaaaan. Saturday morning you drag yourself back to the NFA campus and are directed
  2. Welcome, Rebels! And welcome too, all others in the Rebellion! This is a mini designed to encourage creativity. Art is a kind of alchemy, creating something of nothing, and the feeling of purpose and accomplishment that accompanies a completed work can give you a great boost when you're otherwise feeling low. Everyone is busy and working hard on the daily grind, but taking a few minutes to be creative can help oil the gears and keep spirits high. So let's have some fun this challenge and make a portfolio together! This mini, we will each create a piece of art. It may
  3. Welcome to the Juice Bar, the Rebels home away from home! Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. If this is your first challenge here at NF, please post your challenge in the Level 1 / First Time Challengers subforum. Take a minute to introduce yourself, let us know why you're here, tell us something nerdy about yourself, and share a gif! This month, we're all talking about our favorite experience traveling (whether to the nearest big city or the other side of the planet). Have questions? Want some feedback?
  4. (It's been forever since I did a themed challenge, but I always had fun writing them, and the story aspect gave me an extra motivation to get things to go in the right direction. So, here goes nothin') NightWatcher woke up and looked around. The area seemed quiet, which was strange - the last thing she remembered was a loud clatter, a screaming hollow, and a sudden dull pain in her chest. She glanced over at the fire, then down at the mark branded into her skin, and groaned as the memories flooded her mind - the undead asylum, the flight, and the warning that if she didn't restore
  5. This challenge is mostly a continuation of the last challenge for me, since I came in late and the things I was working on are still in progress ^^; There are some modifications though. Main Quest - Grasping the sword (getting up and fighting back against my mental and physical issues) Sidequest 1 - Daily yoga - I have my yoga set for 11am right now, which means I need to be up a bit before that to eat something (before you ask - I work 3:30-midnight, hence the weirdness of my schedule. I'm trying to roll back my timing so I'm up earlier and in bed before 4am) and I wan
  6. This is the beginning of my journey, and I need your help. My name is Lindley. I am an ICU nurse with a really shitty night schedule. I am 5'1" and the heaviest I have ever been at 163 pounds. I was in a very unhealthy five year relationship, had two sons with the individual, and am now a single mom. I struggle with Borderline Personality Disorder, depression, anxiety, binge/purge, and PTSD. Now for the thing that sent me over the edge... June 12, 2016, I woke up and discovered my 5 week old son (Ronin August) had died from SIDS during a nap. Ne
  7. Not sure if this is the place for this thread -- maybe hiking and exploration? But just curious what distance trekkers do for water on lengthy trips. I know you can carry water with you, but I hate the feeling of it sloshing around. (I might just have to get over that; that's fine.) The reason I ask is because recently one of my tried-and-true water fountains disappeared. I used to water at my local library, but someone finally tore out the rotten wood fountain, so now I have to rely on the library being open when I go by so I can use the inside fountain (it usually isn't open in
  8. Hello, introductions are always so tough. Well, let's start with the basic. My name is Alexander, 22 years old and I'm from Sweden! I like daydreaming and coming up with all sorts of fantasies in my head, it's amazingly fun. So, here's the thing. I have always been struggling with my weight, I eat when I'm bored, stressed, sad and the whole spectrum of emotions. After so many years, it has turned into an extremely hard habit too break and I need your help! A place that I can turn to in my darkest hours, when the craving for "sugar" is strong. It feels nice joining Nerdfitness and it's communit
  9. Avengers Assemble!!! Last challenge there was some misguided intentions.... but then a glimmer of hope and a new direction. So, what I need to do is take hold of this glimmer and run with it. And so I shall!!! With a little help and some charting and graphing, things shall be better. And it so greatly helps that I now have more freedom than I have had in almost a half decade!!! So now, time to call on my support system (goals)!!! War Machine War Machine is donned by Lt. Colonel James Rhoads, friend of Tony Stark. War Ma
  10. Now.... Let's try this AGAIN!! Plus, last time that I checked, I'm a badass!! Maybe not like Spezzy or Steve, but I'm a badass none the less. Time to remind myself of that. So now, let's get back to what I know. I know what I like and what I like consists of being a hero and technology. So who better to model this next challenge than the most technical, most badass.... OK, more like most chaotic, most unstable yet more compassionate heroes out there: Iron Man!! How does one become more like Iron Man?? Let's take a look at the pieces that are Anthony Stark:
  11. In keeping with all things "love" for this month, I'm including a lean on others piece. This month I will actively look for ways to accept the strength and wisdom of others. We are all stronger together. I am not alone. ~Daily Gratitude Journal continues, and will include when I'm grateful for the assistance of others. ~Daily gym will continue, with my partner. It's not as though I am incapable or disallowed to go alone, or anything. But it's a powerfully connected time when we go together. ~Onerous Tasks will continue, as ever, and I will make a note of how and when I am able to have help
  12. Next challenge, let's go! Why sharks? Why not! Sharks are cool. Sharks are social creatures. I want to be more involved with people. No reason to be shy, right? This challenge, I am going to read YOUR topics more than I read my own. I am going to follow and comment and support. Sharks keep moving. It's a myth that a shark will die if it stops swimming, but it is true that they need to keep water flowing over their gills in order to breathe. I am going to be a shark and keep moving. This will be a balancing act. I have so many hobbies! I have so many interests! Sometimes I get lazy or
  13. I have made the excellent decision to start taking kettlebell classes again - I took them before, for about 8 months, but it's been about a year and half since I've gone. I've tried to keep up with it at home, but it's just not the same. I'm excited to get my fitness level back up there again (can you say guns?!), and since I HAVE to eat well in order to not die at class, I'm hopeful that it will help with sticking to my nutritional goals as well. Goal One: Work out like an awesome person. Kettlebell classes are 1 hr, Mondays and Wednesdays (although I can go on Tues/Thurs if I need to due
  14. Okay. A bit of backstory: For this past six week challenge (currently in week 5) I have been participating in a program run in a gym not quite near me, but close enough to get to on public transport (I don't have a car.) The program is designed for people to be able to lose 9 kilograms (almost 20 pounds) in 6 weeks, and it coincidentally lined up with the six week challenge here on Nerd Fitness. I've been doing really well on the challenge. I've been following the prescribed nutrition plan and going to the required five fitness classes per week. I've even been going more than required becau
  15. Welcome friends to Challenge Three!! Although we have two weeks til the challenge starts, I'm excited to get on track with this one because I have a theme that will (hopefully) keep my mind centered, focused, and structured for two challenges. Now, introducing the source of my motivations: That right friends, I am using the novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline as the focus for the next two challenges. For the uninitiated, Ready Player One is the story about a contest to find a Easter Egg within a virtual "internet" game with the prize of control of the company and the vast riches of the
  16. Hey there, Rebels! I'm heading into my third challenge, and I'm hoping to push myself even harder. I only have 3 weeks left in this semester, but I'll probably stay on campus for an extra 6 weeks to take a "Maymester" and work. Anyways, life will for sure get a bit easier, so I want to start my summer break off strong by finishing this challenge! I'm breaking this challenge into "Fitness" and "Life" goals, although there's a bit of crossover. Thanks for following me on this journey! Current Weight/Measurements: Weight - 120lbs Bust - 34" Waist - 30 1/2" Hips - 37" Thighs - 21 1/2“ Fi
  17. Hello, I am Spockgrrl and this is my second attempt at my first challenge. I took a break from my fitness journey and really discovered how much I need to commit to this. Main Quest: To reach my "goal weight" of 155 pounds by this time next year. (I currently weigh 195 pounds, so that's 40 pounds to lose) To have a healthy relationship with food. Quest 1: Exercise at least 5 days a week, and do an active recovery day (yoga, a light walk, etc) at least one day a week. Quest 2: Meditate at least 5 days a week, and keep a journal. Quest 3: Record all of my food and exercise.
  18. Hello all, I am starting a community project called Exchange for Change. It is a opportunity to utilize your talents for the exchange of other services. Times are difficult and I know my community is struggling to make ends meet. Do you need a room painted? Your lawn mowed? A yoga class? Food? Childcare? Your pants hemmed? Have something you want to give away or trade for? What ever you may need, make an offer and discuss your exchange. If you are interested in joining you can find us here. Hope to find some nearby rebels to help out. Good luck.
  19. MILLER GOLD PARTNERS I am most fascinated with the idea that fitness clubs can become the corner pub or the youth center of the 21st Century, not just place to exercise but a community of people gathering together to unlock human potential and help each other achieve extraordinary mental, physical and emotional heights. When you look at new technologies such as exergaming, social fitness and fitness wearables it becomes clear that fitness is becoming an integrated part of people's lives. Jonathan
  20. Hey everybody I am boosting about my recent activity, I joined a 60 mile walk in Michigan to help support finding the cure and raise the awareness of breast cancer. I am proud of my progress I have made on nerd fitness. Before I wouldn't even have considered walking a mile. Now I walk 3 miles a day on a treadmill, I have lost 45 pounds since I started and Im confident I will be more then ready for this event. My training will be my six week challenges =D. Thx for the great 3 months so far guys been helping me gain my goals. (I didnt want to post anything to link towards my donation page bec
  21. Today I feel like a sad panda. I just turned in my contract termination to my Crossfit Gym. I know that Crossfit doesn't own high intensity interval training, sweat angels, or Olympic lifts. I believe that I can train smart on my own and obtain the results that I want without paying $140 monthly. Yet, I am going to miss the community. Is anyone else doing Crossfit/Cross training at home? Is there a Nerd Fitness Crossfit Cooperative?
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