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  1. I'm coming back after a large hiatus from NF but not such a large hiatus from lifting, although since December 2018 it has not been as frequent or the quality that I wanted. To put it simply, since December 2018 things went to shit! Buuuuuut here we are, closing out 2019, with an application put in for the January 2020 Novice Powerlifting Competition in Perth WA, (my 3rd) hoping to not truly embarass myself, and now having a very solid goal to work towards. A goal to become consistent with training once more, to take that leap and find a coach, to not sweat the small stuff and let
  2. Wu Wei Cup 2018 This year me and my Tai Chi team from the Netherlands participated at the Wu Wei Cup in Germany. The Wu Wei Cup 2018 is a bigg internal martial arts tournament organised by Jan Leminsky. My Dutch Apeldoorn team was made up of: Ferry van der Toorn, Argentina Cotcheza, Douwe ter Horst, Laura Bonthuis, and me Douwe Geluk. In this video you can see my team at the Wu Wei Cup 2018: Wu Wei Cup 2018 team Holland
  3. It finally happened. I finally found a martial arts competition to fight in, it's both forms and sparring (my two favorites) so I'm getting ready to wreck some other karateka (Kinda like this) So I'll have a few really martial arts focused challenges until I complete on 12/1 Here's the goals: Cardio: 3 or more running days a week, gotta keep from gassing out after all, more focus on intervals than long runs to more imitate sparring. Sparring: (duh) 3 or more days a week (one sparring class a week at the dojo, two with my brother) gotta keep up,
  4. 2017 Lifting Competition #2, Hot and Heavy Heroic Hefting 2017! Awhile back, forum member Andy Gates came up with the idea that we do a virtual power lifting meet where everyone tests their 1 rep maxes in the big 3, and we compete for bragging rights. It was such fun that we decided to make in an official Nerd Fitness forum activity that we do every 4 months or so. The competition will be held from July 15th through July 30th. During this time, test your 1RM in the powerlifting lifts (squat/bench/deadlift) and/or in the Olympic lifts (snatch/clean and jerk) and post them in the S
  5. What are the most surprising diet facts you've learned, in your journey to become healthy? I recently found out that fat isn't the enemy when it comes to losing weight, saturated fat especially isn't as bad as we were led to believe. I want to compete in fitness category of bodybuilding, and I was surprised to find out that I can diet down in a really healthy way So why are so many fitness gurus on Youtube still starving themselves until they lose their period?
  6. Hi! I'm KB Girl and I'm going to try sticking with a battle log for a whole year! I will use the challenge schedule as a moment to reflect a bit and maybe set a small sub-goal, but I'll log everything here. So the main topic is a journey to the world championship of kettlebell sport in 2018, with a little stop for nationals and the European championship along the way. Let me give you a little background... I've been lifting kettlebells in competitions for 5 years now and won the national title in 2013 and 2015. I participated in the world championship 2015 in Dublin for the first t
  7. "Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time." The sprawling epic of the Wheel of time is my inspiration this month for practicing better habits in my sleep and my writing. While I'll keep my habit of complaining about my deadlift, I'll also be doing a daily check in for the previous days tally of hours of sleep, creative writing word counts, and journal word counts.
  8. Last challenge I respawned after almost a year of absence (my little girl will turn one year old at the end of this challenge!), so this challenge can be really challenging, right?! As a coach (sports and nutrition) I often tell people to focus on process goals..... but I don't generally listen well to advice Main goal: Break those 100 reps on the one-arm longcycle (aka clean & jerk) with a 20kg kettlebell. I've got a big competition coming up in England in november, unless something unexpected happens, I'll do the 100+ there. (and a little spoiler; I wan
  9. Valkyrie approaches Trinity College, a beautiful establishment of scholarship and the quiet pursuit of knowle- what is that sound? It comes again: thud! Whomp! “Oof!” Valkyrie hastens, drawn by the sounds of people engaged in combat of some sort. She steps inside a building whose door is just ajar, and is confronted by many people in pajamas, rolling around on the ground! How silly, what are they thinking- Oh! Not pajamas! Gis! And they’re not rolling around without purpose, they’re grappling, playing the human chess game of Brazilian jiu jitsu.
  10. Fairly straightforward this time, journal the shit out of the feels while I start an SSRI. No, not subject you people to the journaling, this isn't xanga for christ's sake. But I'll try the fugging check boxes that I've always judged you for, and also whine about my last full training cycle before peaking for a comp. □ Reading □ Journaling □ Meditation □ Puppy Training □ Language □ Physical Therapy
  11. Welcome my fellow Nerds, to this historic event! In the past Doodlies have battled against each other, but now, for the first time we will measure our skills against non-doodlies. If you want to join, you're in for the entire challenge. You can pick an easy challenge for a week when you have a busy schedule, or when you're not feeling well. But you must participate all 4 weeks. Sign up here. So, what are we going to do? If you have any questions you can ask here We start Tuesday. Week 1: 25 Apr
  12. 2017 Lifting Competition #1, The Amorous Assessment of Anatomic Artillery! Awhile back, forum member Andy Gates came up with the idea that we do a virtual power lifting meet where everyone tests their 1 rep maxes in the big 3, and we compete for bragging rights. It was such fun that we decided to make in an official Nerd Fitness forum activity that we do every 4 months or so. The competition will be held from February 11th through February 26th. During this time, test your 1RM in the powerlifting lifts (squat/bench/deadlift) and/or in the Olympic lifts (snatch/clean and jerk) and
  13. Hello guys, I'm back! Just in time for competition too (Comp is January 22nd! Squee!) Feeling a lot better in general, taking some time off did really good things for my mental health. Zero Week Goals: (Challenge goals to follow) -Adulting - buy a singlet/other stuff for meet! It's three weeks away and I haven't bought anything *gasp* (needs to be done ASAP) -Lifting - do the program -Eating - track the foodz -NFing - Post Every Day Challenge Goals! 1a. Tracking in MFP = 10 Points 1b. Completing
  14. Placeholder because Hawaii. I'm in it. Be back next Monday! Goals: Powerlifting something something Zombies Row and stuff NF daily (when not on vacation) Adult Ranger minis Catch y'all later nerds! sent from the depths of the Ionian Nebula EDIT: So here are my goals!
  15. Just about 5 weeks until my first power lifting competition so this challenge will be the final countdown in preparation for that. The challenge goals are pretty basic (lifting and eating as per usual) and adding in some checklist goals that will help me prep as competition comes near. For those that have not been around my challenges before, the competition in August is strictly Man vs Barbell(No weight classes). Its part of a custom GoRuck weekend-long event thus per GoRuck tradition the idea is to earn a ruck patch, in this case for lifting either 1000lb, 1250lb or 1500lb total. Want to pul
  16. With the return of Game of Thrones, I dedicate my challenge to every warrior’s favorite character The mountain. My goals are to eat, train, and sleep like the mountain to prep for my push-pull competition, which JUST SO HAPPENS to be the last weekend of this challenge. https://www.facebook.com/events/1531902903773755/ (If anyone is interested! I happen to be the only female registered thus far, easy way to lock up first place. Haha) https://www.buzzfeed.com/andyneuenschwander/the-mountain-from-game-of-thrones-revealed-his-diet-plan-and?utm_term=.ce2vemVvA#.sxqY8pdY3 htt
  17. Bit late to the challenge party, but here we go. I'm competing on May 28, so I am full on meet preparation mode. I honestly only have a few things I need to focus on: Recover (stretch, sleep, eat) - Meet preparation is a lot of heavy weight at low volume, so it's crucial I recover enough. I also need to not eat TOO much or else I risk coming in over weight. I'm over a kilo under at this point, and I'm hoping to keep it that way. Get my form consistent - My snatch form especially has been all over the place, and I need to rein that in before I lift. I'm hoping to push my openers a b
  18. Okay so pretty much a natural continuation of my last challenge but with a competition and holiday dropped in! The big things happening in April are: I compete again on Sunday 17th of April. It's a big one because I need to hit a qualifying total (525kg at 83kg) to qualify for the Scottish Classic this year I have two weeks off work from Monday 18th of April (SOOOO HAPPY ABOUT THIS) I go on holiday to Spain for a week on Thursday 21st of April I should also break the 500 lb mark in the deadlift either tomorrow in or competition itself. I don't normally
  19. I usually only pop up round these here parts when I'm going to compete (and likely fail) in something. And this time is no different. March 6th I will be (finally) competing in my first powerlifting meet. This is just a placeholder for when I actually think of goals and all the bullshit, which will likely beon Wednesday, but for now... ====================================================================================================================================== So despite bringing a strange, crying, needy alien being into my house I've decided to do my first...long awaited powerli
  20. This is sort of a maintenance challenge for me. I'm competing in powerlifting for the first time on Sunday so I'm pretty much fixed into a routine for the initial week. After that it's going to be about keeping up the good things from the last challenge and focusing on maintaining a good, stable balance between lifting, work and life stuff. Goals! 1. Compete! I am competing in powerlifting for the first time on Sunday 7th of February. IPF-affiliated 83kg class. Planned lifts are mainly submaximal as I'm aiming to go 9/9. 190kg squat, 100kg bench, 220kg deadlift. 2. Maintain! I starte
  21. ... so this last year didn't exactly end on a high note. Dammit, Thrillho, we talked about this... It wasn't all bad! I got to spend a lot of time with my kids, we got to go sledding quite often and we played a lot of board games, and we had a pretty awesome and quiet Christmas at home, without any ridiculous northern Canadian mid-winter travelling (except when we got snowed in at my sister's during a freak storm for two days... which was actually still kind of awesome.) That said, I was sick almost literally from the first day of vacation until... yesterday. I exercised almost less tha
  22. So I've been shamming the past year, hiding behind the concept of Easy Strength for a bit too long. I've convinced myself that I train smart, but I realize that I've forgotten how to train hard. No more. Time to increase the ability to move large loads long distances quickly across broad time and modal domains through constantly-varied functional movement executed at a high intensity. So I went ahead and put some mad money down to commit to a year at a local CrossFit box and signed up for a competition on the 30th, outsourcing all my training programming to someone else so I am forced to work
  23. Okay, so the last couple of challenges, I've got through and survived. There's still progress to be made, though. I have some BIG things coming up in this challenge! 31 October - GBPF (UK IPF affiliate) referee exam28 November-6 December - Vancouver for Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships2 December - Competing in my first international powerlifting comp7-9 December - Visiting Nerds in Seattle9-12 December - Visiting Nerds and family in BostonI'm currently working through a peaking routine so towards the middle and end of November I will be freaked out and really tired. Current maxes: S
  24. Not a very imaginative challenge title.... but that's certainly what this challenge is going to be all about. It'll be terribly boring, i'll whine about my diet (still need to lose 3kg), i'll whine about my hands hurting, i'll whine about my imposter syndrome and I'll likely whine about having to do cardio-ish training..... But all of that hopefully in good spirits, while talking coaching stuff and having the time of my life o/ Main-quest; be all sorts of awesome at kettlebellsport (as an athlete, coach and nerd) Main-sub-quest (lol); be awesome in general (strong, skilled and mobile!)
  25. This challenge instead of focusing on the process (like a smart person) instead i'm going with a list of things I want to achieve these 6 weeks. I'll be posting about what i'm doing to get there. Expect rambling, workout logs and lots of videos. Main-quest; be all sorts of awesome at kettlebellsport (as an athlete, coach and nerd) Main-sub-quest (lol); be awesome in general (strong, skilled and mobile!) Current chapter; qualifying for worlds on september 27th - weigh in on competition day @67.9kg - do 60 snatch reps with the 24kg kettlebell - be well rested (at least 8 hours of sleep
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