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  1. Hey all! This isn't my first challenge ever, but it's my first challenge in years so rather than trying to pick up where I was I'm starting from basically level 1 and working my way back. I'm a med student who got pretty depressed first year of med school and is now trying to get healthy so that 1. I don't feel like a hypocrite and 2. I can encourage healthy behavior change in patients when necessary. When I got depressed I gained about 40 pounds, of which I have lost 10 so far. I also stopped cooking, stopped working out and stopped talking to people. I've started fighting back, and am hopin
  2. Reading a few challenge threads, I have determined I am nowhere near as inventive and witty as most of you. So forgive me for not entertaining the same way you have me. For my whole life (it seems) I have struggled with weight. I've always been athletic, I've always been able to move well in spite of my size and/or density. (As an aside, I was told by my supervisor, the one reason I passed the required physical fitness test was because I was athletic. She said it like an insult and then proceeded to tell me I needed to lose weight. I left confused. Being athletic was a bad thing?) I
  3. joedog

    joedog resets

    After last challenge I clearly need to get back to basics. Soon I will be revealing that plan but now I need to do terrible things to asphalt. Okay: Goal 1) 3 work outs per week. Days to be declared at the beginning of the week Goal 2) Track food, meet the calorie goal my trainer set out for me Goal 3) Keep up with YNAB.
  4. I took the last challenge off, and am sliding back into bad habits. This challenge I'm going to track adherence to the No S Diet, and get back into stretching. I will not track how often I ride my bicycle, since it's a given at this point because I'll need the encouragement and will enjoy the visibility of how active I'm being! Fair warning: I am queer, agender, poly, and kinky. I will warn you if any content or links I share is NSFW, and put questionable stuff behind a cut.
  5. Alright so I was tossing around the idea of doing another Challenge, in the past I have crashed and burned, sometimes in great burning gusto, more often than not wee little whimper. This Challenge has me going back to working on consistency. Consistently lifting, consistently eating clean or in my case Paleo, consistently having a little bit of time put aside for me, as selfish as it sounds, but I find that right now I am getting lost in my life. Consistently asking "who am I?" Anyway let's see how we go, with no promising photos, videos and other what not. Eat, Lift, Sleep, Repeat, Consistan
  6. I wasn't sure I was going to participate this time, but then an email inspired a theme and a purpose for the next 6 weeks ..... fixing a bunch of bad habits that have stalled my weight loss efforts!!!! As I skimmed this article from Fitocracy, I realized that I'm guilty on 5 of the 6 counts. If I want to succeed, I need to fix a bunch of mistakes and stop setting myself up for failure!!! Thankfully, I am usually a good shopper with only a weakness for the deli counter, but the others ..... I have my work cut out for me. So, this challenge will be a bit different for me. And newbies be
  7. Well, that last challenge started off so well but ended up spiraling into a disaster. Oh well. We re-spawn and life goes on. I think that the pressure of the challenge got too much for me, and it was bad timing with a vacation and moving and so on... Eh. I've decided to take a more serious approach. I need to work on my habits and build them up over time. I need to work on sustaining things for more than three weeks at a time. And I need to stop bingeing on junk and giving in to my food addiction. 1. Dealing with the food addiction I'm putting myself into food-rehab. I've gotten hold
  8. Greetings All! I'm back for seconds! And this time, I'm joining with my fellow men and women Assassins. Extremely excited to be continuing the journey here for my health and well-being. If the way I'm posting my challenges seems weird, it's because I'm using the method of naming used for the episodes of the series Chuck. I really loved this show and think that they way they had the episodes named made me smile (i.e. Chuck vs. The Wookie, Chuck vs. The Nacho Sampler). So, in my own little way, I'm trying to go from Super Nerd to Super Spy Nerd. Goal #1: To keep up on the progress of changi
  9. Hello all, So... this will be my second time writing this out due to fail-y internet. WHY INTERNET WHY?! Sorry, needed to get that out. This is 6 week challenge number 2 for me, after not really at all completing my first one. The problem with my first one is I set myself some hefty goals at a time in my life when I didn't really have any extra available time for them. I'm still busy at the moment, so I've set myself goals this time around that are extending things I'm already doing (rather than adding in brand new stuff). My priorities at the moment and for at least the next few months are
  10. Meesa Fixes Her Weekly Routine [Level 5] Right so this time I’m going with a slightly clearer method of tracking things; going for a spreadsheet and screenshot kinda deal - rather than text posts. Goal 1 - Consistency I’m going to track everything into my spreadsheet. Split into 2 sections ‘Life’ and ‘Health; Life is things like doing washing; getting my morning routine right; shopping on time and these are weighted at 1 point. Health goals are things like eating healthy meals, exercise etc and most are weighted at 2 points. I’ll need to clock up around 10 points a day to pass an
  11. I'm going to keep this pretty simple. For this challenge, I want to be consistent in my workouts, make progress, and do a heck of a lot better job posting in the forums. Next week I'm going to have an MRI on my knee to check out some suspected ligament damage. For the past few weeks I've done virtually no leg work. This sucks lots as I've really grown to love squats. I've been doing the 5x5 program from Strong Lifts, but for this challenge, I'm going to add in a few additional back and chest exercises along with change up the reps and sets a bit. So, I'm going to stick with the upper body exe
  12. This is my first 6 week challenge and I am looking forward to the journey and the support/supporting of others in the guild. Mission - to lose 12 lbs, build up endurance and consistency - thereby setting the stage for the next 6 week challenge. SMART Quests - 1.) Develop and maintain healthy eating habits 2.) Complete body weight exercise circuit each day 3.) Walk at least 15 minutes a day LIFE Quest - 1.) Develop a new budget with my wife I know this is simple but that is what I need at this juncture in my life. I know what I am capable of but have just not care lately. Need to get bac
  13. The last few challenges, that didn't go so well, made me realize that I have lost focus on my main goal of improving my Karate kicks. It's time to go back to my roots and focus this challenge on making my kicks better. 1. Focus, focus focus on improving my kicks by kicking every day. If I want to continue improving my kicks and I really do, I need to kick more often. I need to do at least 1 side thrust kick and 1 roundhouse kick for each leg, each day. I know, anyone can do 4 kicks a day but I want to be able to do this every day and not have any excuses that I'm too sore or too tired to d
  14. Overarching Long-term Goal: Get to ~25% body fat Goal 1: Training Last challenge I had a goal of finding a new place to lift and getting under the weights at least once/week. I did that so now I’d like to up it to at least twice per week… ooOOOooo I’d like to continue incorporating cardio, yoga, and BW circuits in my training. Plus we got a sweet pull up bar for Christmas that is all set up! I’ve done probably a total of three jumping chin up holds… Ultimately, I’d like to get the following in in each week: 2 weights sessions1 yoga session1-2 cardio sessions2-3 BW circuit sessio
  15. That is a fantastic title, I'm fairly proud of myself for that! Anyway, I feel that missing more than 2 weeks of the current challenge is enough to want to wait until the next one starts to officially log there. That is to say, I will still sort out and start on my goals RIGHT NOW, but I won't join a 6-week challenge until the next one starts (Feb 23 - April 5 I believe is the next one) So a preview and toe-dipping-to-check-the-temperature is what this is, I suppose. There's always room for tweaks and scootching to adjust for the busying of schedules or for more leisure time as it comes
  16. Hello Rebels, I have determined that 2015 is going to be the year of consistency. The last couple of years I have not done so well. I have either dropped out for a couple of weeks or more, or I have switched routines way too often. Hurting myself a few times in there didn't help things either. So, I have declared that this year I will be following a routine based on an old Doug Hepburn routine that is widely available on the internet. I am going to pretty much stick with the big three on this (plus some bro-curls!). I know that I could progress faster at my current strength levels wit
  17. I have really been sweating what to plan for this challenge. I mean, my best excuse...uh...I mean roadblock to success is gone now. I'll be working in the office, regular hours and all. So I was thinking, this challenge has to be perfect. Oh crap, there's the perfectionist self sabotage crap starting again. Couple that with an urge to do ALL the THINGS! and I'm setting up one more huge flop. Sometime yesterday evening it occurred to me, I don't have to be perfect and get the next 6 weeks scheduled in 15 minute increments right now. I just need to pick 3 things and for the sake of all that's ho
  18. Main Quest – Become Resilient People have accused me of becoming “consistent†over the last challenge. Sadly, this remains a struggle for me. Over the last few years, I’ve learned what works to keep me happy and healthy. Far too often, I wander astray because I “deserve some time off†or want to pursue some shiny new method or goal. Time to develop persistence and focus like Batman. Time to bounce back from setbacks even stronger and wiser. Time to become resilient. (BTW, grading = >90% - A 75-89% - B 50-74% - C <49% - F) 1) The Training is
  19. Since I love getting a great start at the beginning of a challenge run, I'm going to do the best possible thing I can do to make the first week a week of a resounding success: go to a martial arts bootcamp at a beach site and relinquish control over my timetable to two crazy trainers who enjoy making us do push-ups in the water (in full gear of course) just a tad bit too much.[1] Oh, and what better place to write a PhD application to, well, anywhere-not-here than by putting us in straw huts with no electricity or paper whatsoever? Doesn't that sound great? … Okay, so now you know where m
  20. Let's get one thing out there. I fucking hate Monopoly. And yet, sitting down with my friends to play a well made board game is the most fun I can conceive of. I'm taking a break from the epic quest of my last several challenge to have a little fun with my goals and get myself back in the game. As I posted at the end of my last challenge, my physical fitness has taken a back seat to my mental health. I feel sad about letting my fitness slide, but at the end of the day, I don't have any regrets about getting my head back on the right way around. This challenge is going to be themed aro
  21. Hello, Brothers and Sisters. Challenge number three for me. And, I have the opportunity to complete it, something I haven't done yet. The theme of this challenge is Consistency. Main Quest: play soccer competitively Goal 1: consistent cardio. 3 days per week, 20 minutes total workout. walking is fine. failing to walk/run is not. I stick with this goal, because last challenge I was doing great for like, 3 weeks, and then I hit a mental wall. I just couldn't get up and get out, perhaps I was working out too hard, or perhaps I'm jsut a baby and need to man up. whatever the
  22. Everything old is new again. I'll be revisiting some old goals which I've had success with in the past, and which have helped me succeed in other areas of my life (mostly in the Life Goal section). The 3 exercise goals are nothing new, but do contain some new details. Overall Challenge Theme: Be Consistent Goal #1 - Run Ok, so I'm getting really sick of this goal, but it's one I still have to stick with whether I like it or not. So, as usual, run 3x/week. Focus is on improving my 2k time to 10 minutes or less. Goal #2 - Strength This isn't so much an old goal as a continuously evol
  23. Hello, all! This is my first challenge with the Assassins, but my, what, seventh with NF? So I will give a brief background for those who I haven't met, yet. I joined NF March 2013 with 50lbs to lose and not much in the way of fitness except a running habit that constantly left me injured. I hopped around throughout a few guilds, namely Adventurers, Scouts, and Monks on a quest to find that perfect combo of training that actually would get me fit and (almost more importantly) not make me cry. In the course of my explorations, I lost about half of my goal (20-25lbs, depending on the day)
  24. I turned 36 during the last challenge, go me, I lived another year! Last Challenge was up & down, and most of it due to my reaction to the unexpected. I had planned pretty well for the Holiday craziness, but we had unexpected out of town guests, we took an unplanned trip, and we had family emergency/illness. If I was eating well, I wasn't exercising, and vise versa. I'm going back to something very similar to my first Challenge goals. This time around it's all about focus, consistency, determination! I shall eat this stinkin' elephant one bite at a time until it's GONE!! Main Goal
  25. This is my very first NF Challenge and I am super pumped. Main Goal Work out consistently and establish the habit. Missions: - BBWW 3x a Week (MWF) - 30 Day Plank Challenge - 20 - 30 min. Stretching on off days Life Quest: - Pay off the new car ($1000) I may have a bit of a head-start on the life quest. I've figured my budget for the rest of january and should be around 700. The challenge will be getting the last 300 dollars before the end of the 6 weeks. Overall, I really like bodyweight training. I want to be toned to about 12-15% body fat (based this picture and this picture, payi
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