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  1. Well, I found great success and loved the challenge portion of my first six week challenge. Before the first challenge, I was weak as a kitten and now I can say I am more like a moderately ill-tempered alley cat. Since the goal is to be a strong and lean cheetah, I still have some work to do, and I can't wait to get rolling. Last challenge was difficult because I had a lot of travel to do in the last two weeks, which killed a couple of my goals. With that in mind my main goal is... MAIN GOAL - Work Out and Diet Consistency This goal is super important with traveling and all the other
  2. Will work out a nicer title in time. Trying to lose weight - ideally, 10kgs - in time for my half - which is 13 weeks away - (and in time for my birthday in April). Starting stats: Height 1.69 m Weight 75kg Waist 72.5cm Belly 74.5cm Chest 90cm Hips 101.5cm Neck 34.5cm According to army body fat calculator I have 27%BF, ideally I'd like to lose 5%. I don't want to just recomp however - I did that last year - but that's not enough for me, I'd like to lose volume. Rules: - stay below 1400 kcals/day (track) - 98% low-carb paleo (with one cup of milk a day and allowing some condiments like
  3. Meat Tanking : Battle Patterns Everyone knows that marching into battle without a plan would be asinine. Much is the same with heading in to the gym. If you enter those hallowed grounds with no set plan, you're just wasting your own time. over the course of this challenge, I'd like to get together a plan for how I can use my new found enjoyment of CrossFit to fit into an overall strength plan. A lot of this is rooted in the fact that I'll be heading down to the NF Lift Off in January and really don't want to lose to BigM because of the fact that I haven't been training like a Warrior for 6 m
  4. *peaks in back door* "oh good no one is looking... I can slide back in and it'll be like I never left" Actually I really missed all you awesome people! I'm so glad to be back in a place I can hang out with you all again... In case you wondered where I went, my life exploded as I moved from WI to IA (read: the middle of nowhere) this fall... and while I love people, this move was completely out of my comfort zone. All new faces, new surroundings... (and new gyms to explore ) Unfortunately my beloved barbells and crossfit box are fairly inaccessible these days. (I can sometimes get there 1x
  5. Here's a little background on myself: approximately 1 year from now, my husband and I are planning to quit our jobs and move onto a sailboat, cruising the world. We've been planning and saving for about 2 years now and are super excited to be as close as we are. That being said, I want to make sure that I am ready for life aboard physically as well as mentally to assist with boat jobs and add safety to our journey. (For more info, visit my first challenge thread.) For this particular challenge, I'll be working on maintaining consistent workout habits, as well as breaking the bad habit that
  6. Solar Exaltation is for heroes. Those who look at the world and determine that it could be better and that they will take action. Men and women of conviction and purpose. These individuals can shake the foundations of Creation. In all of their cases, they are presented with their heroic opportunity and they rise to the occasion, standing for their beliefs with the power of the Sun exploding from their bodies. Many people face this opportunity. But some of them fail. Those who have heroic potential still choose to turn away from their destiny. It is too hard. They are frightened.
  7. Alright, so I've only attempted one other challenge and that I never actually completed. So while I stayed true to my goals thoughout most of the challenge, I am not counting it as successful because I never completed that final week. Life got too lifey and I was off of NF for a while. I've been busy. Things have been happening. I've faced much I've not wanted to recently, been brought down by it all, and I crave a fresh start. I am setting my goals this challenge to pull through and find myself in a better place at the end of this 6 weeks. I will build my strength through bodyweight trainin
  8. I have a yo-yo relationship with fitness. It's either full bore, Insanity/P90X addict, or couch potato. The first generally leads to burnout or injury, which leads to the second, which tends to linger until my pants are too tight, which then sends me back to to the first. Rinse and repeat. My ultimate (for now) goal is to build consistency of habit without the extremes; a sane, geek-based approach that keeps me motivated. For me, that means visualizing myself as a kick ass assassin/swashbuckler/ranger who climbs the walls of the castle in the dark of night, subdues the guard and opens the gate
  9. Alright, monks. It's time to separate the real nerds from the people who muck about with video games from time to time. Disclaimer: this is no disrespect to my video game playing brothers and sisters. I am just melodramatic. Rock on, my nerds. Rock on. *** It is a time of tumult. A time for heroes. A man sits at a desk in a library. From the side, he appears average. Thin limbs and pale skin indicate the amount of time he has spent in this place or those much like it. Books are piled high around him. He is hunched over a larger tome, intent upon the words on the page. "Once, Cre
  10. Hey all, I know I'm late to the party and that I won't get to move to a guild until after my second challenge, but I'm not about to wait three and a half weeks just to get started. I actually started losing weight in January. It's now August, about 8 months later, and I'm down to 265 from 341. The attached picture is me then(left) and me today(right). 76 pounds in 8 months? Not bad. But I'm 5'9" and about 90 pounds from my goal weight, but I'm going to try and take it slow. I don't expect to accomplish this challenge in six weeks...it'll probably take 12. Main Goal: Weigh 199 pound
  11. Hi there, I'm new. Last month I started walking and my consistency was hit or miss. This month, my goal is consistency. I have joint and back issues, so I mostly walk or do physical therapy (for back). Sometimes I ride my bike if I have a vehicle to take it to a place where I won't get hit by a car. By the end of the month I hope to have a YMCA membership so I can start to try more and see what I can and can't do. Their "coach" is also a PT assistant, so I feel more confident in starting weight training under her supervision. Also they have a pool. Right now I do only 20 mi
  12. What's up ma nerds! On April 30, I passed my one-year anniversary of activity on the NF boards. My recent challenges have been pretty disappointing, having abandoning them half-way through (or earlier!). This time around, I’m basically doing a maintenance challenge, keeping activities that I’ve worked on in previous challenges. This is to just retain my routine. Consistency. 1. Pose, Push and Prasara 3x weekly Refresh things I learned in previous challenges: -Poses: Crow, Half-crow, headstand, side crow, scissors. -Prasara: I have the Prasara Primer, and – copying from Wolverine â€
  13. For being a spotlight whore, this is really nerve-wracking, but this is something I feel like I need to do to be all in this time. I'm 20 years old, really ambitious and the classic overachiever. I was the homeschool girl who got all As and one B her entire education, took 10 different types of lessons, could outsmart you about politics, world events and history and then win the spelling bee. Yeah, THAT kid. Haha! I'm a junior politics/history major at Drake University, I'm a political activist, write for two political websites, work two jobs, co-founded a volunteer PAC, interned in D.C. t
  14. Little woot, finished Basic Training this morning and didn't miss a single workout the entire 4 weeks! Rock on
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