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Found 3 results

  1. I could have sworn I used that title about 5 years ago or so but I guess not...I checked So once again I find myself in the midst of a move to another state...hopefully by the end of this challenge my house in FL will be sold (as in closed on) the closing date on our house in FL is the 27th, my last day at my job is the 1st, Pride is the 2nd, and I will be in Atlanta on the 3rd. Having to change a few things since most of my house is now packed up in preparation of the move, about half way through the challenge the U-Packs will be picked up on the 18th and after that I will be staying with my mother in law...so cardio is on hold until after I get settled in GA. The Plan... Control - Comfort eating and drinking have been an issue with everything going on, need to get this under control. Might be tough after the 18th but I'll figure it out. Update - Post in thread three times a week. Track - Sleep (at least 7 hours a night) Food (eat when hungry, stop when full, track to be mindful) Extra - Rides, 5k's, events, and any other random stuff goes here Done - 🌈 Not Done - ❄️ Hopefully everything goes as planned and my next challenge will be to set up my new house 🀞🏼🀞🏼 there is a 5K in Piedmont Park on 11/20 that I really want to register for!
  2. My time with the Druids refocused me. The biggest threat to my health last year was not weight or inactivity. I was wounded by the combination of depression, anxiety, and stress. During 2014, I learned resilience despite these wounds. Sleep, clean eating, movement, and simple habits formed new foundations. My journey, however, will be about more than my own health as I strive to love others well. Currently, I am an assassin apprentice. I cannot succeed if I rely solely on instinct, experience, and emotion. Far too often, my pride and stubbornness make me deaf to the wisdom around me, but I will learn to listen carefully. So, I don the black anew and vow to pursue my new quest to listen faithfully. Join me, rebels! Main Quest - Listen January will shift into a crazy work schedule (working 30 hours every fourth day, only 4 days off all month, etc). This is hopefully the last time that I will ever have to work like this. Given the extreme limits on my time and energy, this is a crucial time to strengthen the foundation I built last year. I am making self-care and rest a priority, so that I can begin to listen better to my body and those around me with more wisdom. I will meet these goals consistently and build my new lifestyle around them. This January, I will not succumb to drastic resolutions. After all, "let's not be hasty." 1) Sleep - I turn off screens and prepare for bed at 9pm - bed routine, read, dark room, >7 hours, good naps 2) Eat - I eat two meals per day mindfully and log everything I consume on NF - no screens, no work, no reading, sit down, give thanks, enjoy 3) Move - I move for at least five minutes daily - sun salutation, PT exercises, walk, dance, yoga, BWW Life quest - Listen - I am a woman who actively listens - prayer, silence, mindful conversation, self-reflection, instruction, Bible study Bonus quest - Self-care - I am somebody that cares for myself daily - Mindfulness, Affirmation, Creation, Studying, Decluttering NF keeps me focused in the midst of possible chaos, so I will reward myself for sticking to these goals and logging consistently! - $5 per core/life goal that I achieve and document at least 6 days per week - roll once per day that I complete and log at least 3 self care activities Roll Rewards 1) yoga block 2) zombies run 3) natural calm 4) iPad game 5) read 30 minutes 6) $5 in reward fund 7) new playlist 8) bubble bath 9) new tea 10) browse books Here we go!
  3. 6 Week Challenge Goals: 1a. Walk at least 1 mile every day and take feet photo at beginning and end. 1b. Incorporate No Need For Speed plan. 1c. Incorporate walks to library to donate items. 2. Go to gym at least 3 days a week. 3. Play racquetball at least 1 day a week. 4. Drink 2 Stanley bottles of water per day. 4/20/3103 EDIT: 5. No Plants vs. Zombies or Facebook for the rest of the challenge starting with Week 2.
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