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  1. Howdy nerds! Man, not having internet at home sucks. Thanks AT&T! Hopefully we will have things back up and running soon. Until then, I'm being a typical state employee. Hooray. I have some pretty basic goals this go-round, but it's really gonna be challenging for me. 1. Don't eat ALL the things! (+3 STA, +2 CHA) While I'm not unhappy with how I look most days, I would really like to get a bit leaner. According to some online calculators, I'm hovering between 25-27% bodyfat. I'd like to get that closer to 20. So, here's to the beginning of a cut! Make a plan: 1350 kcals M-F, 145 g PRO, 50 g fat, 85 g CHO* 2000 kcals S-Su, 145 g PRO, 80 g fat, 170 g CHO (yes, this only adds up to 1960. leaves me room to play)* 2. Don't drink ALL the alcohol! (+3 CON, +2 WIS) So, this could really be considered part of the first goal, because if there's anyone who can have a decent diet on 1350 cals and still drink alcohol is a hero in my book, but I wanted to underscore the importance of it. Make a plan: No alcohol during the week. Yes, that's right, no alcohol. None. Not one drop. And I'd like to limit my alcohol intake on the weekends...I haven't come up with a specific goal for that yet. This challenge is all about fat loss, and those liquid calories are really holding me back. 3. DO keep on keeping on! (+2 STR) So while I'm restricting calories, I want to keep up the same activity level. This should be fun. Make a plan: Keep doing what I'm doing. Weight training during the week when my schedule allows (hoping to get to a consistent 4 days a week here, but we'll see), running 1-2 times a week (including a conditioning/interval run), kickboxing once a week, and maybe some yoga when I feel up to it. 4. Get my shit together already. (+3 DEX) Okay, so maybe this isn't really dexterity, but it's juggling multiple things so it's mental dexterity! That's what I'm saying. I'm tired of rushing around in the morning trying to get everything ready for the day, especially since I'm really not very good with mornings. Make a plan: Get my food (+1), work clothes (+1), and workout clothes (+1) ready the night before work. I can't math right now (morning, remember?) but this will be based on a percentage of total possible points. So. Let's do this. *I may change this to be Su-Th, and then F-S. I don't know yet. P.S. I'm starting tomorrow with the calories. Because today we are celebrating 3 (!) birthdays at work, and there's going to be pizza. I can't resist pizza. But, I will still try to be mindful the rest of the day.
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