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  1. Hello! It's been awhile. Oh... you don't remember me... oh... well... that's not surprising to be honest. I have a tendency to start one of these, post like once or twice, then drop off the face of the Earth for 3 or 4 challenges, then pop back up randomly to do it all again... BUT NO MORE! I have had enough. Lately I've been making more small changes in my life to be more present, active and get out of my comfort zone. I've been attending meetups with *gasp* ABSOLUTELY NO ONE I know *dies of shock* So, to further push myself I will do another challenge! But also back it up with other accountability so I don't completely fail again. So without further ado my goals for this challenge: DIET GOALS 1) Complete a weekly Meal Plan in Real Plans 2) Make planned meals and track calories (we'll be focusing on tracking, not trying to stay in a certain threshold this challenge, to get a baseline and to see how certain meals stack up for later calorie restricting and macro planning) EXERCISE GOAL 3) 1 hour of Contortion progression stretching 3x's a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday) -I am currently researching for a good yoga-esque flow that will work for this, so today will still be counted as a win as long as I find/create a program for the rest of the challenge before end of day today. - This will be documented on my Instagram, I'll be time lapsing the first round (IE sorta like a "this is what I can do pre-warmup... but it will be after a brief warm up... not crazy enough to try and stretch cold >_<) and then time lapsing the last round (Like a "this is what I can do after an hour of work") If you wanna follow that progression, my Instagram is lifeslittlemistrys - I'm thinking each day will be a different foundation work - Monday Front Bends/ Hand balances, Wednesday Backbends (bringing back Wednesday Bridge Club!), and Saturday Splits MONEY GOAL 4) Create a monthly budget and track spending weekly -using the Everydollar app for this, such a good resource. So that's it... pretty simple this time around I hope... the only thing I'm worried about is the 1hr long stretching 3x's a week, but there's not really much point in doing less than an hour when trying to extend your range of motion i think. Any tips, tricks, resources that may be helpful would be much appreciated, and let's get this DONE!
  2. Hi, I'm Mad Hatter, a dabbler and explorer of the circus arts as well as a climber and all-round messer-arounderer. And this is my battle log, where I'll be tracking some of the fun skills I'd like to learn this year (current level in brackets): Handbalancing 10s consistent freestanding handstand (extremely inconsistent handstand kickups, but can occasionally catch long holds 15+ seconds) Make shapes in forearm stand (need the wall to stabilise me) Flying crow (solid crow and ok flying pigeon) Crane (can sometimes hold it for a split second) Crocodile (can balance a finger tip supported variation for a short time) Acrobatics Back walkover (have all the prerequisites but have mental hangups) Front walkover (have all the prerequisites but have even more mental hangups) Flexibility Feet to head cobra DONE! New goal: Ankle grab (I'll add pictures for the flexibility goals these are hard to quantify) Left split (can do it with bad form) Right split *almost* as good as left split (I injured my hamstring a really long time ago and it's never been the same since) Middle split Contortion No hands cobra (as soon as I lift both arms I face plant) Cheststand (have the flexibility for it, but not the strength) Press from bridge to forearm stand Bouldering Climb 10 black problems (can climb most red problems, have climbed 1-3 easy black problems this year) Strength Nice push-ups (almost there) Dips (need heavy assist) 5 pull-ups (3 on a good day) Strict toes to bar (can kind of do ugly ones) Dragon flag (negatives are haaard)
  3. I typically hide out in the assassin's den but for this challenge I thought it'd be fun to embrace my adventurer spirit and, well, go on an adventure! I'm going to Sri Lanka for 3 weeks TOMORROW (nope I haven't packed) and want to do a fun little mini challenge. Since I'm way stressed right now and procrastinating by going to a gig I'm going to get straight to the point. (Did I mention I haven't packed, or done the other million things I need to do?) Goal #1 Do something most days that will be useful for my activities For you that don't know me yet these are: * Handbalancing * Contortion * Climbing * Aerial (on hold right now) More specifically this is what I want to do: * Rings training 6 times - yes we're bringing rings and I really hope we'll find somewhere to rig them. Need to keep up my recent climbing gainzzz as much as possible! * If not then I need to do core training 6 times. * Aand backbends training 6 times * Aaaand give my hips some much needed love as I've been neglecting them for far too long. Ideally at least 5 minutes every day. Goal #2 Catch 'em all part II A few challenges ago Raptron and and Nymeria went on a yoga armbalances binge. There were poses that were too hard for me back then so I'm going to work on them again and hopefully nail at least one new pose. Rule is pic or it didn't happen. This goal is ungraded. Oh yeah and also keep up with regular handstand work. Goal #3 Go adventuring Experience 3 shiny things I've never done/seen before! Goal #4 Take photos of said adventuring! I'm terrible at taking photos which is a bit of a shame so the goal is to take a photo every new place I go. Goal #5 Awaken the foodie within Take note of any particularly yummy food. Part two of this goal will be to try and cook it. Yay challenge! And vacation! I'm so excited to see the sun again.
  4. To infinity and beyond! Last year I’ve been quite negative about lack of progress but truth be told I’m in the best shape of my life. I have a level of fitness that allows me to do things with my body that I’d never imagined doing, be it climbing or aerial or arm balancing or other things that make my mum go whoooah and my dad shake his head, roll his eyes and call me crazy. And that feels amazing. Since I already can do so much I might as well relax and have fun with it rather than get upset or sad because I’m not progressing fast enough or think that I suck because there are things that I can’t do. Because that’s just silly. So in 2016 I will focus on approaching my training from a place of positivity and playfulness and learning. Here are some things I’d like to learn or do: Handbalancing: 10s consistent freestanding handstand, solid forearm stands, flying crow, crane, crocodile Flexibility: Unassisted feet to head cobra, consistent splits (all of them) Contortion: Cheststand, walkovers, ankle grab, runarounds Climbing: Climb all red problems, solve black problems on a regular basis Aerial: Have fun, learn some tricks, link movement together and maybe put together some mini-routines General fitness: Get pull-ups, push-ups & dips, toes to bar/pull-overs, funky squats and cardio to a decent level Diet: Get to an ideal BF% range, eat better to improve energy levels and aid recovery And some life goals: Improve the ratio of passive time (films, games etc) vs boring time (adulting) vs active time (learning, creating) Learn to sew Level up cooking Call friends on a regular basis Be less antisocial and do more things on my own Do more fun things like gigs and mini-excursions Complete Katy Bowman’s 52 week course on biomechanics and movement And here are the goals for this challenge. To keep it in line with the epic quest goals I've picked one (mostly) small goal for each category. Climbing: Dedicated core training 1x/week including leg raises and push-ups Flexibility: Try out 2 hip end-of-ROM strengthening drills each week Contortion: Backbends 1x/week practicing elbow lever to chest stand Aerial: Go to open training 3 times Handbalancing: 15-20 min handstand training 7x/week. At least two of them should include or consist of wrist and forearm prehab/conditioning. Fitness: Cardio 3 times Life goal #1: Sew a shiny new outfit Plan: Week 1 - make a pattern, Week 2 - cut out fabric pieces Week 3 - sew Week 4 - win! Life goal #2: Keep up with Katy Bowman's biomechanics course weekly homework Bring on 2016! It's going to be so shiny!
  5. The one in which Mad Hatter pulls her head out of her ass The past six months have been hectic, for starters I’ve moved flat twice, been to Argentina, Thailand, Barcelona, Laponia and I’ve injured myself - twice. As a result I’ve been struggling to get into solid exercise routines and lost a bit of ground from last year. Instead of accepting my current level and doing whatever I can I’ve often made up excuses and stuck my head in the sand. And instead of being happy about all the fun and cool things I CAN do I’ve been sulking about the things that I can’t do. I’m getting bored with that attitude. It's lame, it won’t get me anywhere near my crazy epic goal of gaining contortion level flexibility and skill, and it’s no fun for anyone. This challenge I’m going to focus on fixing my mental game, pull my head out of my ass and focus on being awesome. Goal #1 Stop being hard on myself Stop comparing myself to others, to my “past†self, or to where I “should†be. I’m strongly counting on you guys and B to slap me whenever I use words like “I used to be able to..â€, “I did this awesome thing, BUT…â€, “I suckâ€, you get the drill. I’ll be counting slaps, and aim to reduce the number of slaps every week. Post daily win Goal #2 Lose the flab I’ve been complaining about my weight for a while now and done nothing about it. Well, I’m doing something about it. I’m aiming to eat 12000 calories/week plus I’m allowed to eat back any calories from running Goal #3 Weekly routine Third time’s the charm? I’m going to keep this goal in every challenge until I run out of excuses. 2x backbends 2x handstands 1x active flexibility Side quest #1: Be awesome There’s so many fun things to play with, and I’m going to do them all. As a side quest I’m going to collect awesome points for all the shiny things. No pressure, just fun. Ideas for fun things Slacklining (extra awesome points for walking across the whole line)Armbalances (extra shiny awesome points for crane pose)Climbing (awesome points for each new problem solved)Flow movementAcro in the park (when summer comes)Lindy hop by the lake (when summer comes) Side quest #2: Sew a dress I bought fabric for a dress over a month ago and it's still untouched, so I'm making it a goal to finish it.
  6. Why the title? Well tomorrow is my 29th birthday. Which is very close to 30. And while I don't have a problem with getting old as such, I always feel like I've accomplished too little and that I still have the same issues as when I was 20, especially relating to body image. I think it's really about time I'll squash those issues so that my 30's can be even more awesome than my 20’s. I don't want to feel weak. I want to keep a consistent level of basic fitness that allows me to try anything I want without being hindered by or worry about lacking fitness. I don't want to feel fat. My eating habits keep roller coasting from really good to really bad and while some natural weight fluctuations are ok, I don’t want the really bad in my life. I want to feel accomplished and I’ve decided on a big epic quest to tackle - to reach contortionist level of bendiness. Why? Besides the obvious that I love circus and contortion, if I ever reach this goal it will be purely because I put in hours and hours of hard work and honestly that’s not something I often do. Things either come to me easily or I give up straight away. It's time to change this and what better way than an utterly ridiculous quest? Goal #1: Contortion Practice contortion 5x/week. This can be either backbends or handstands. Since my hamstring is cranky I'm going to do an experiment where I won't do any freestanding handstands but instead focus on body line drills, wall work and core strength and see what happens after six weeks. Goal #2: Rehab my hamstring Doesn't need further explanation, I just have to do whatever my physio, every day. Goal #3a: Basic fitness 3a) Pull-ups Last challenge I managed to get back to 1 crappy neutral grip pull-up (for the second time). I'd like to up the number to 5 pretty ones. I'm thinking of using a combination of the twentypullups program and Ido Portal's hanging challenge, unless someone has a better program for me? 3b) Run 5 km I know, I know. Running. The thing is that even though I hate running, I still think that every able-bodied person should be able to run 5 km without it being a big deal. And my stamina is terrible, which I'm sure also affects my other activities to some degree. I'm going to aim to run 2-3x/week, but I'm not going to follow a program because I hate it when they tell me when to run. Life quest: Level up my cooking As a birthday present to myself I have binge ordered a whole pile of cookbooks in order to level up my cooking skills. Two recipe books, one technique book for savoury dishes, one for pastry and one inspirational book. Umm, shipping per book was cheaper this way? Cook 25 savoury recipes from the recipe books Cook no more than one sweet thing per week Tackle something technical once a week Make everything from scratch Side quest from last challenge: Add more everyday movement I also ordered Katy Bowman's book Move your DNA and I'm sure I'll get more inspiration from that. For now I just want to keep up with some habits that I started: Walk (or run) 250 km Avoid sitting for more than 50% of the work day Loo push-ups at work 2x/week Loo pistols at work 2x/week So yeah, before you say anything I did try to restrain myself when writing this challenge. The first two goals are the most important though, so I'll focus on those and hope I'll be able to do everything else as well. Here's to a fresh challenge!
  7. Yeah my last challenge started to fall apart after being taken off meds during the last few weeks. Now I seem to be much better now (getting quit use to it now). Art 1) So past few days now started a challenge for myself of drawing an art piece a day for a year (today be day 10) and putting it on all my social media. I gave myself minor guidelines; use circus arts and some use of geekness. I like to make sure that keeps up. No missing days (not even when sick...though I don't have to worry too much on quality if sick...atleast drew something). Must be posted by midnight. 2) Must join an art competition (no matter how small or big just do it). 3) Network with other artists. 4) Finish that program I have to help with getting started with freelancing. 5) Make a schedule. And keep it up. Fitness 1) Run atleast once a week. (Thanks Capt). 2) Use Charity Mile everyday. 3) Work on making my back even more flexible. Fear 1) Start take ownership of my life (and that I'm the only one keeping myself unhappy). 2) Learn to put my foot down for once because my family getting pretty bad now about walking allover me (even my younger brother did this to me a few times) and at work (so much drama over that). 3) Have a backup plan if things go south. 4) Do something that really scares me...have so many of them. (Bonus if I work through other fears) Bonus Points Apologize to people I hurt over the years (from my depression).Get a new job to replace current.Keep off depression meds without a problemGet under the skin of that one coworker and ruin her rule over the day crew As usual using my made up unicorn peso system...don't ask me how it works. I still don't know it works. It's like the currency of string theory. Rewards One fun thing I want to do (preferably in the city). Hopefully this goes lot better than last time
  8. Mad Hatter bends over backwards Hi! I'm a level 15? 1 dabbler assassin (and perpetual noob). In my past lives I've played with circus, aerial, poledance, acroyoga, climbing, kitesurfing, lindy-hop, ballroom dancing, gymnastics, burlesque and I love it all! But lately I've been utterly fascinated by contortion and handbalancing and my current epic quest is to develop super powers in all things bendy and upside down! I feel like the last 1 3 5 challenges have been all over the place, and that I've strayed quite far from this epic quest. Perhaps not in goals, but in spirit. So in this challenge I'm going to concentrate on a single superpower with razor sharp focus - flexibility. Goal #1: Streeeetch! (DEX +5) I'm going to train for flexibility for an hour every day, in some way or other. My training sessions should be a combination of deep stretching, mobility work and strength training for the back, core and hips to keep my body happy and bendy. This is the main goal for this challenge and even if I fail at everything else that's fine as long as I really tried my best to reach this goal! Goal #2: Fix my environment (CON +4) What's the point in training everyday if I'm just going to undo any progress through my daily habits? I've already introduced a few experimental changes at work that I'll expand on some other day, but this goal is not about tracking each of them. It's more exploratory in nature so I'll just see how it evolves. Goal #3: Shinies! (DEX +1) Every week I'm going to explore a new movement that requires a high degree of flexibility. This could be dancey floorwork, or linking a few static poses together into a flow, or just anything cool that I've found on the interwebs. I don't have to nail anything, I just need to challenge myself and give it a good try even if I end up looking like an ass. Goal #4: Love the process! (WIS+2, CHA +3) The first part of this goal is to document the process. I will post a video every week and also a daily reflection. The second part is remember to love the process, and not to be so harsh on myself. I'm going to practice it by saying something positive about my training or my body in the daily reflection. And for full disclosure you might hear lots of other tales in this thread, of handbalancing, climbing, strength training, maybe some aerial and the makings of tasty food! Wheeeeee!
  9. I decided to focus on my assassin side and follow on my quest of being druid assassin. Because I'm the hero of my story. Fitness (Because every great hero needs to focus on their fitness): 1. Parkour practice on the basics because how is one suppose to get great without mastering the not as "cool" stuff. (Sorry that Team America Montage song was stuck in my head again) Practice 2 or 3 times a week (but don't do if it's ridiculously icy out...on second thought indoor training then if icy)Start picking up more cool places to practiceDon't kill myself, especially when poisons snakes decide 'hey this spot'. Please, don't pull that brave bs. It's fun way to the hospital if bitten.Look into a safe thing to store cellphone so it doesn't get smashedRun and lift on your off daysYoga on the lighter of days or if hurt 2. Contortion Be able to do the backward bendLet's see how much I can hypersplit by the end of this challenge (since I mastered straddle and both front splits)Work on getting closer to handstandWork more on shoulderstand (I really want to be her) Social (Because heroes need sidekicks partners): 1. Volunteering Go over to the animal shelter and volunteer 2 to 3 days a week (got to get over how cold it is...dogs don't walk themselves...well they kinda do)Get that form dealt with and finish the processor for volunteering at wildlife rehabilitation center (or the animals will be sad)Don't kill yourself (but cute animals overload is acceptable) 2. Groups Groups Groups Find a groupGo and have a fun timeMake friends (They like being poked right?) 3. Dating Fill out that profileTalk to girls (don't worry about being nervous and thinking every horrible scenery that could go wrong)Possibly go on a date Other (Because heroes always have other goals): 1. Pixie cut (since I still didn't get it) Work out exactly what I want and don't want in my haircutNow pick a damn place to get it done alreadyBe a bad ass and accept that people are secretly jealous of your hair (or just pretend that, which ever is easier) 2. Write for 30 mins (since it's been so long since I've written anything) 3. Plan out my coming out (since my hair and where I possibly am going is going to come into play...so better safe than sorry) (Cake should definably be involved in this matter...everyone loves cake. Can't be upset with cake.) 4. Make a new recipe each week since I've fallen into the lazy cook mode Reward for completing (too lazy to figure out unicorn peso system for self...maybe before Monday): ~Fitbit ~And these bad boys http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/1ce8/?cpg=pi Yay Think Geek So I'm raising the bar again to watch myself suffer, but for good reasons. So let's make this a good one. And I'll become a hero (to myself atleast)
  10. Well ok I'm not really taking a chill pill, I actually have loads of fun things planned!! I have class 3x/week (handstands, contortion and circus), open training on the lyra and I'm going to keep up with my bouldering. Since I can't predict how hard the classes will be each week I don't really feel it'd be a good idea to set any particular fitness goals. Instead I want to make sure my recovery is good, which means eating, drinking and chilling. I do have lots of fun skills to work on, so I'll keep posting about them in my challenge thread, but I won't grade any of it. There might be video though. Goal #1 - Cooking Last challenge I had a cooking goal where I wanted to try 5 new recipes/week, which failed spectacularly. I want to try this again, but on a slightly smaller scale. Also cakes don't count this time. Rather I want to make sure that I eat properly even when I get back late from training or work. To do that each week I will find one recipe that's suitable for batch cooking and one pre/post workout snack recipe. +2 WIS for batch cooking recipes (6 in total) +2 WIS for snack recipes (6 in total) Goal #2 - Recovery I not only need to eat, but I also need to make sure I get enough protein in me. I'm kind of hoping that by tracking my protein intake I will also keep my calories in check as I could really do with losing some of my excess weight... The second part of this goal is to drink enough water. Lately I've been getting random muscle cramps and the first thing to try is to make sure I stay hydrated. And not through tea, to which I confess I have a terrible addiction. I have no intention of stopping my excess tea drinking though, but I can at least make sure to drink 1 big glass water for every cup of tea. And coffee, but I drink max one espresso per day so that's less of a concern. +2 CON 100g protein/day +2 CON 1 glass of water/cup of tea (or coffee) Goal #3 - R & R This is a bit of a weird one, and it has more to do with habits that I find annoying. Like compulsive phone checking say checking my blog roll even if I have no intention of reading the articles at that time or playing on my laptop while watching a movie. It's just a waste of time and makes me feel all over the place. Similarly if I'm tired after work I should rest properly instead of distracting myself online, or by going on a sugar and/or caffeine high. For example watching a show is not really resting, but listening to music or taking a nap is. I also find just switching off doing nothing is a great way to relax, having some me-time and get the brain juices flowing. I'm not sure how to grade this as it's more of a general mindfulness goal but I'll give the following sub goals a subjective grade each day or something. +2 CON Rest properly +2 WIS No mindless browsing on the phone Goal #4 - Video Well I did say there might be video. I want to record some of the handbalancing exercises we do in class, partly as a progress video and partly to share some ideas with the fellow handbalancers around here. +3 CHA Yep, this is a quiet challenge, no shiny things, no fun theme, just trying to make sure I stay on track and keep up with life.
  11. I'm a circus wannabe and dabble in contortion and get questions once in a while on how to get more flexible. But instead of hijacking random threads I thought I'd start this thread for chatting about anything related to more extreme flexibility training like splits and backbends. You know the stuff that looks cool. There was one question about how to start with backbending and a quick google search always results in this link, which I do NOT recommend. It starts at a way too advanced level, uses old fashioned training techniques and doesn't discuss alignment. Instead I'd highly recommend these two videos: Disclaimer - I'm far from an expert, but I've trained with a few knowledgable people, pick things up like a sponge and I'm happy to share what I know and support anyone in their bendy endeavours.
  12. Main Quest - Do my homework! I have about 10 hours of aerial, contortion and acrobatics classes scheduled per week during this challenge so I think it’s fair to say I’m doing ok on the exercise front. But as fun as it is, in all honesty I’m studying too many subjects and I’m probably not necessarily progressing as well as I could. Especially since while I love attending the lectures, I’m a huge slacker when it comes to homework... This challenge I’m going to focus on simple things I can do to improve my work in the classroom. There will be a lot of homework, and I will have to make do without a time turner, but it’s the final spurt before school breaks for summer so I need to buckle down and get to work. For each completed homework I score house points for Gryffindor. For each day or week that I miss Slytherin will get the house points instead. Subject: Contortion (+2 DEX, +2 STR) Homework #1: Daily mobility work - This can include foam rolling, easy long hold stretches, hate stretches that I always avoid, extra work for my right (post-strained) hamstring and just playing with different movements. 0.5 HP/day Homework #2: Back strength - 2 additional back workouts per week. My back is bendy but very floppy. And if I’m not strong enough I’ll never be allowed to work on chest stands for example. 1.5 HP/session Bonus shiny goal: Right front split 5 HP ​ Subject: Aerial hoop and pole (+2 STR) Homework #1: Strength - Pull-ups and inverts is the assigned homework. I already do a lot in class, but one extra practice session will only do me good. 3.5 HP/completed session. Bonus shiny goal: Pull-ups 5 HP ​ Subject: Acrobatics and tumbling (+2 CON, +2 DEX) Homework #1: Daily wrist conditioning - I have a niggly wrist and need to make sure it can keep up. Conditioning can be any combination of juggling, stretches and dumbbell exercises, but it should be done daily. 0.5 HP/day Homework #2: Handstands - I’ve regressed a lot in my handstand work lately. I need to get that back on track. 6 days a week of handstand practice. If my wrist gets worse I can work my headstands or forearm stands instead. 0.5 HP/day Bonus shiny goal: 10s elbow stand 5 HP Side Quest - Prepare for OWLs (Ordinary Workout Levels) (+3 WIS) I much prefer training with a teacher and classmates, but soon the summer holidays begin and I will have to train on my own. Before then I’ll need to absorb as much knowledge as I can cross train and practice skills effectively. I will collect all exercises, warmups, stretches, progressions, thoughts and pointers in a separate battle log so I will be well prepared when time comes. Bonus side quest: Make a training montage Life Quest #1 - Plan summer holiday (+2 CHA) I have 9 weeks holiday this year and no clue what to do with it. I know, I know, woe is me. But really, I do need to figure out what to do, where and when and not leave it to the last minute and find I can get the boss’s approval or something silly like that. Bonus life quest: Harry Potter themed food porn. Boom! Challenge!
  13. Two weeks until the next challenge? Challenge accepted! MAIN QUEST To neatly pack my mental baggage for the next challenge period... Strip my calendar and HabitRPG of low-priority activities. Replace them with my current schedule of training [including blocked off times to train at home] and add to fill holes in practice. Ensure there is one day of recovery.Define goals in aerial hoop, contortion, and dance. Write daily homework to approach each of these goals (and if not already doing, start), brainstorm positive reinforcement reward systemsTake daily notes (even if minimal) in order to get into the habit of checking in with the world. Take pictures/video to illustrate SIDE QUESTS Life: Take photos - I require more pictorial evidence for alibis, progress tracking, promotion, and pleasureStudies: Continue studying ambitious rigging standards for weird, life-supporting art projectsFitness: Self-care - daily foam rolling, monthly massage/PT appts, hot packs MOTIVATION Haley Viloria, Sabrina Aganier, Bunny Holmes, Seanna Sharpe, Mike Estee, Karl Gillick Be the freak you wish to see in the circus
  14. The next few weeks are going to be crazy with work and travel and who knows what. So this challenge I'm going to focus solely on creating daily habits that make me feel good and that I can take with me through my next upcoming life transition. Side quest 1 - Splits and backbends (+4 DEX) My body tends to "curl up" when stressed and tired. Daily stretching restores it to normality. And who am I kidding, I want to become super bendy. Side quest 2 - Happy meals (+4 CON) Simple, the rule is to eat food that makes me happy. Tasty food = good, binge eating = bad. Side quest 3 - Dance! (+4 CHA) Get my boogie on for ONE song a day. Bonus for shimmying, bumping and grinding. Haven't completely forgotten about my Epic Quest Life side quest - Learn to draw! (+3 WIS) I've always wanted to learn but I suffer from a severe case of blank page syndrome. Inspired by NaNoWriMo, I'm going to make one drawing every day this challenge. Quantity over quality! Handstand PvP (+5 AWESOME) 5 min of handstands every day
  15. Epic Quest I want to perform an aerial/contortion/burlesque act. I have the dream, plenty of ideas and a deadline. What I don't have is the the skills or even personality. There's work to be done. Motivation Because pictures say more than a thousand words... Main Quest This challenge doesn't have a specific focus, I just want to become leaner, stronger and bendier Side quest 1: Shed the flab (WIS +3, CON +2) To do what I want to do I need to gain confidence in my body as well as skills. The excess fat is a hindrance to both. The plan is to a ) average ~1800 cals/week (revised halfway through the challenge) b ) eat ~130g protein/day A Average 1750-1850 calories + max 1 day/week missed protein goal B Average 1851-1950 calories + max 2 days/week missed protein goal C Average 1951-2050 + max 3 days/week missed protein goal D Average 2051-2150 + max 4 days/week missed protein goal F Average >2150 + >4 days/week missed protein goal Side quest 2: Practice contortion skills 1x/week (DEX +3) Chasing the shiny things! There's a few skills that I'd love to nail during the challenge but I need some extra practice outside class. A 6 times B 5 times C 4 times D 3 times F <3 times Side quest 3: Pull-up training 3x/week (STR +3) Not sure if it's realistic but I'd love to be able to do one pull-up before the end of the year. Training starts now! A 17-18 times B 15-16 times C 13-14 times D 11-12 times F <11 times Life Quest: Do something Burlesque related 1x/week (CHA +4) In the first challenge I took burlesque dance classes, but classes are not enough to make my epic quest happen! I need to learn to not only dance, but how to perform, walk in high heels, costumes etc... A 6 times B 5 times C 4 times D 3 times F <3 times Let the challenge begin...
  16. Contortion 11/09/2013 Apparently I need to work on my attitude, I'm letting my brain take over too much. I have to trust the process! Also, went to dance physio on Monday and I noticed some definite improvements where she had done her work. Warmup Leg swings, front, side, back Stretch Butterfly Diamond Pike Straddle (twisting to the side) Pancake - Improvement, cheek to floor Front split sequence: Lunge Reverse lunge (pointed foot) Deep lunge - Right leg improvement, lots of thigh on floor Reverse lunge (flexed foot calf stretch) Lunge bend knee Reverse lunge (hands as far forward as possible) Front splits Frog stretch Middle splits - Improvement in form and strength Oversplits (front splits, middle splits) Assisted shoulder stretches (above head both sides, cross behind back, elbows towards each other, hands interlaced on head) Cobra holds Cobra (arm varying distance) Bridge (pushing stomach to ceiling, straight legs, hands as close to feet as possible, elbow bridge, bridge to camel) Skills Bridge walk Twisting in and out of bridge - Why am I still struggling with this?! Stand to bridge to elbow bridge to roll - New fun skill! Forearm stands - Need to practice kicking up Tic-tocs (onto thick mat) - Not much toc still, maybe one-legged bridges will help? Bridge flip over side walks - Got them half-way at least... Back lifts
  17. Hi all This is my first challenge. Fitness was never a pleasure for me when doing it for it's own sake.I am naturally lazy. Dance was my first love! A few years ago I discovered pole dance and aerial silks/hoop/trapeze.I found myself wanting to do pushups/V ups/leg raises and running so that I could get better at my sport! My body type is not naturally agile, however I gain both muscle and fat easily. I wish my starting race was an elf..but I'm more like a cross between a dwarf and an orc?I am naturally quite flexible and if I was a superhero I would be Elastigirl!I used to say I had the weakest arms ever, but noticed improvements in strength after all my circus work! This year I've had a number of injuries/barriers to training this year-disc injury to back,broken nose and recently bereavement in that order. MAIN QUEST My aim is to get back on the horse!!Have enough stamina/strength etc to last 3 hour class again. SMALL GOALS FOR MAIN QUEST 1.Do one core workout per week/one cardio and one strength 2.Take stairs at work every day (5 flights) 3.Up iron intake!(I am vegetarian,don't like eggs and avoid dairy-except for cheese!I forget to take my supplements and end up being anaemic.This does not help with training) LIFE QUEST I'm skipping the life quest since I have a tendency to burn the candle at both ends. Can you do an anti-quest?If so it would be to relax more and slow down! Once I've completed this quest I would probably like to join the assassins guild. Although I'm a druid by nature (even in WOW),my training is more assassin focused. Wish me luck!! Angelyn
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