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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys! My husband and I are part of a retro video game group called The Ohio Retro Gamers. And we're doing our third convention in July 8th! I'll be there with my own table selling nerd themed desserts . There will be video games being sold, action figures, artwork, contests, etc. Doors open at 9 am and it ends at 4 pm. Cost for a ticket is $5, which you can purchase on the TORG website: http://www.theohioretrogamer.org/ Who wants to go??
  2. Last month I made a map to my goals: I started on my journey last month and kind of wandered into the woods, so didn't make it too far down the path (about a 57% completion rate). So here's where I am on my current journey: - I work with a PT at the moment, so I have two sessions per week handled, and I focus on getting to two other workouts during the week as well. Upping reps and such forth. - We tried 1800 calories, and that was too much, so I'm currently working at a 1700 to see how it goes. I went up in weight and measurements a little, and that's not awful but I gotta keep that in check. - I started Japanese classes last month, so I need to find time to study at least once a week. - I'm trying to stay off Facebook quite so much. It's easy for me to lose an hour at a time when I could be doing something more productive. I have a couple areas I want to focus on for this chapter: Theme A: Work on that debt! We have a goal to reduce our credit card debt to 0 by May. I'm tackling it with two challenges this month. Theme B: Time Management Organization and Prioritization, both at work and at home. I have a bad case of Ranger!Brain and I need to work on not stressing myself out with it. Looking for signs of hazards ahead: VALENTINE'S DAY. I don't know what we're doing, but the potential for the Melting Pot is real and dangerous sometime within the month. A convention that I'm NOT working at - shouldn't be too bad, I'm pretty good at getting food I can have or bringing snacks. Drinking may happen though. And prepping for that convention will need to be arranged, which I'm not always great at, thought this is a casual event, so not too big of a deal. A convention that I'm the ASSISTANT CHAIRMAN for is 3/10-3/11. We have a banquet which should be the only real eating danger. The first week of the month is normally super busy (running a comic creator group and some months showing our card game to sell at a local event). When I also have chiropractor this week it gets hectic, but March looks like it'll be okay. Otherwise I have a Monday tabletop game, and we have one session of Dresden files tabletop that I need to finish character creation for. These eat into my "productive" time. Challenge 1: CAMPFIRE COOKING! Guys, I am super bad at cooking at home. So I'll work on that this month. This will also help me keep nutrition under better control too! +10 points for each time I eat a meal at home. This includes leftovers, even if they were from going out. Normal breakfast won't count, since it's a protein shake I don't prepare I can track this using Habitica habits. Challenge 2: YES THAT ARMOR IS SHINY, BUT... I don't think my spending is too bad, but I notice I have spending waves - I'll go for a while without buying much of anything, but if I buy one thing it'll cascade for a little bit. So to save money, I'm going to really focus on only buying items that are necessary, or at the very least justified for something specific (see: convention). -10 points each time I buy a frivolous thing. +10 points if I really want something and don't buy it. I can track this using Habitica habits. Challenge 3: PREPARE FOR THE FESTIVAL! Since the con is at the end of the challenge, I need to focus on deadlines and getting things in order before the convention. I'm effectively the communications for the con, so things like the website and programming book are in my bucket. Step 1: Get timeline together Step 2: Do things! Step 3: Don't miss deadlines! Points determined after timeline, which will be 20 points to start. Edit: POINTS +20 for badge creation +20 for prepping for my panel +20 for video editing (also should be done tomorrow) +10 for Workshop prep +10 if I make stickers +10 for newsletters +10 for assistant chairman duties -10 points if a deadline is missed To-Do lists are my nemesis because anything added won't get done, but I need to make sure I'm organized for the con, so will use Habitica To-Do Challenge 4: HELP YOURSELF TO HELP OTHERS! I'll be prone to stress with the convention, and I'm really bad about overscheduling. Also I have a squished femoral nerve, so my knee is a little numb. Not dangerous, but I need to work on getting it better. +5 point Getting 7.5+ hours sleep (tracking with Garmin) +5 points thinking time (with myself or talking with husband) +5 points playing with kitties +5 stretching my leg +10 points for a walk +10 points for yoga +10 taking initiative on getting something done -5 points facebook binging -5 points for overscheduling Tracking in habits in Habitica UPDATE: Ranger Mini Challenge! I'm in on the ranger mini, but in a mini way: Strength: Increase 1 PR this week Ranger: Draw something this week Distance: Take a walk this week Recovery: Yoga this week
  3. Does anyone here attend A-kon Anime Convention in Dallas, TX?
  4. Hi! Is anyone going to be heading to BaltiCon over Memorial Day weekend? I'm new to the area and it'll be my first time at this con, but it's got a great reputation and they've already put me on six panels (yeep!). Shout out if you'll be there!
  5. I was just curious, is anyone planning on going to the Dallas ComicCon: Fan Days this weekend? My wife, daughter, best friend, and I are going to be going (for the first time ever) on Saturday. We won't be dressed up, but I'll certainly be wearing my NF shirt around the place.
  6. Western Rebels, I have a question! I was looking through the programming for Nan Desu Kan (NDK, Denver's largest anime convention), which is coming up this weekend. I noticed that on Sunday morning, there's a fan-run panel entitled "DYEL? Nerd Fitness". The guide summary says "... crash course on why health and fitness is important for everyone, including nerds. Plus, learn some easy ways to get stated and stay healthy." I am curious, is this a coincidence? Or is there a Rebel in the area who's going to be running this panel? If so, I'm most definitely showing up to support!
  7. Hey guys, is anyone going to this convention? http://www.upintheaether.com/
  8. Anyone going to PAX East in March? I heard in the chat room that a few forum members might be going but I was just curious to see who all is planning on attending!
  9. Hey everyone! My husband and I just got our FIRST EVER TICKETS TO COMIC CON! Obviously, I'm very excited about this prospect - I've been wanting to go for years. So who else is all going? We should meet up! If you've been there before - what would be a good place to meet at? I'm not familiar with the layout or any landmarks, but it sounds like a great opportunity to meet fellow NF members! I originally thought about posting this in "meetups" but not everyone who will be there is originally from the West region, specifically. This seemed like the best place to reach most NF members. Also, share your stories from past Comic Cons or even other conventions!
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