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Found 5 results

  1. Last month was a month of doing stuff. This month is the same. Some of the goals have changed, but the overall goal remains - to do all of the things in true Ranger style. Should I exceed any of my goals each week, I will be putting £5 into a savings jar per goal exceeded. At the end of the month, I'll use the money to treat myself to something on my Amazon Wish List. Join with me as I sail the 4 Cs with regular stops along the Exercise Islands. Goals: 1. Crochet. Last month my goal was to crochet 3 squares OR sew one row onto the blanket I'm making my son per week. This goal has not changed. By the end of this challenge I should have at least 1.5 rows worth of squares crocheted and 1 row sewed onto the blanket. I will be grading this goal by keeping track of how many squares/rows I get done throughout the week. Squares: 0/3 2. Cook. This is a new goal, but one that I believe I mentioned either on my challenge or someone else's challenge last month. My goal is to clean out the food shelves, fridge, and freezer by cooking one meal each day that I'm home. I will only buy food that is needed to use the food that we already have. For example, if I have a BBQ pulled pork spice pack, then I can buy some pork. The reason I'm doing this is because we have loads of frozen food, sauce packs, tinned food, etc that's been sitting on various shelves for well over a year and they need to be eaten before they go off. My version of the NFA eating plan is going to take a hit this month, but that's ok. Once all of this food is gone, I can start the second part of my plan and start stocking up on stuff that does fit with my eating plan. I'll be tracking this goal by sharing photos of what I cook over on my FB page and will link to the photos here (though you're welcome to add me or follow me over there, if you like). 3. Clean. Because I spend most of my time during the day job hunting, taking my Android Basics course, and taking care of my son's needs, T is meant to do the majority of the housework. However, he has a bad habit of not seeing when something needs to be done (example, he left the dishes piling up for nearly 3 days because we still had clean dishes, so he didn't notice the dirty ones in the sink). So to help him out, I'm going to clean one room from top to bottom each week. Week 0: Living Room Week 1: Kitchen Week 2: Paul's room Week 3: The Master Bedroom Week 4: My Bedroom 4. Class. My Android Basics programming course is nearly done, but that doesn't mean I can slack off. My goal is to get through the rest of my course by the end of this challenge month. (Weekly goals may be changed depending on how well I did the week before) Week 0: Complete at least half of Lesson 3B Week 1: Complete Lesson 3B Week 2: Design final project Week 3: Final project finished and posted in class forums Week 4: Fix any problems noticed by other students and mentors 5. Exercise. Welcome to exercise isles! Each week, we'll have a different goal to complete. Week 0: Go Geocaching. Last week I tried Geocaching for the first time. It was so much fun that I decided to make it a part of this month's challenge. My goal is to find 5 caches this week. To get to their location, I'll either walk or cycle. Week 1: Go on a Virtual Walk. I will choose one race from yes.fit and walk the entire thing this week. Week 2: Go on a Virtual Cycle. Same as above, except instead of walking, I will cycle the entire distance. Week 3: Do NFA Bodyweight workouts 4A, 4B, and 4C at least once (each) this week. Week 4: Battle NFA Bodyweight Level 4 Boss. Counts as exceeded goal if boss is defeated.
  2. Sora.2

    Sora's Shot

    Hello all! It's been quite some time since I was last part of the scouts or the NF community. You may remember me from my previous account, username "Sora". I made a post HERE yesterday detailing my absence and change of account. Regardless, I'm back, and that's what's important! Part of the reason I'm starting this challenge a few days late is my account troubles, but I figure better late than never. So Let's Go! This Summer, I'm completing an internship in Japan, near Kyoto. Some of you may remember my challenges from the past that led up to my first trip to Japan, and I'm really happy to be back in this amazing place. However, I have found that I haven't been living a very productive life while I have been here. It's been almost a month, and I'm sick of being unproductive and wasting this amazing opportunity to improve myself. So, for this challenge, I have decided to channel Saitama from One Punch Man and work towards a better me through aggressive repetition. Goal 1: Workout! Rather than taking Saitama's workout directly (100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats, and 10 k of running everyday for three years), I'll be adapting it so fit my my current fitness level and timetable: Run 5 days a week, and incorporate body weight exercises... week 1: 2 days / week 2: 3 days / week 3: 4 days / week 4: 5 days The idea is to get back into running consistently again, while adding in some other moves to make myself more well rounded. I'm hoping to try out some types of fitness in the next year, so the body weight work (primarily push ups, squats, and sit ups) should help me gain some strength outside of distance running and improve my overall fitness level. There is also a good chance that I'll be climbing Mr. Fuji in July during my trip to Tokyo, so I'll need all the strength I can get! Goal 2: Cook! Cook 1 meal a day at least six days a week. At least one recipe must be new each week. This is my first time living and cooking 100% on my own for an extended period of time, and I've been wasting a lot of money the last few weeks eating out. The food here is AMAZING, but I need to start eating a little healthier and economically. My Goal here is to expand my cooking ability through consistently cooking and trying new recipes. One of my ideas for the next four week challenge is to work towards a paleo diet, but I think the first step towards this goal should be simply cooking in general. Goal 3: Hydrate! Drink 100 Ounces of Water a day, and limit soft drinks to once a day. At home in Michigan, I'm usually much better about staying hydrated. However, since my lifestyle changed significantly when I moved here, I have found myself drinking less. It's also much hotter and humid here than I am used to (yay rainy season!), so it's even more important that I am intentional about my hydration. I also need to try to avoid the many options that the plethora of vending machines here have to offer (Japan has the highest ratio of vending machines to landmass of any nation worldwide). I have downloaded the "iHydrate" app to track my progress. Life Goal: Daily Routine Complete at least three of the following each day, and complete all of them at least: Week 1: 1 time Week 2: 2 times Week 3: 3 times Week 4: 4 times Tasks: Read (20 minutes), Vlog (Film one video OR Edit one video), Study Japanese ( 1.5 hours), Clean (including laundry, dishes, etc. Basically anything in my apartment), Adventure (go somewhere I have never been before), Draw (1 completed sketch of 30 minutes working on full drawing) I have a lot of things I want to accomplish while I'm here, and the only way I'm going to be able to do that is by consistently practicing all of them. I've been doing fine doing them individually, but the problem for me has been giving attention to all of these things at once and finding the proper balance. So, through this goal, I'm hoping to slowly add more on to my plate and adjust to the balance gradually. IN SUMMARY: I'm hoping to slowly add more onto my plate as the challenge progresses. Through repeating everything consistently, I'm hoping to become a hero like Saitama! I'm super excited to be back among the NF community, especially the scouts. I'd love to talk more with you all, and I hope we can all reach our goals together! Let's go!
  3. Failed before, yada yada yada. That doesn't matter, because it's in the past. And you can either run from it or learn from it. So onwards to this challenge, where I'm just going to use whatever images/gifs I think are appropriate. None of my goals really tie together, either. So this is my random challenge! MAIN GOAL: Don't be the fat kid -Everyone else in my main friend group is in rather good shape, except for me. I'm tired of being the fat one, so I'm going to try and lose enough that I can no longer call myself fat. GOAL ONE: Run -Run 3x per week -Ultimate Goal: Run 5 miles straight by the end of the challenge -Exception: Week 1 (I got sunburned really badly on Sunday and now it hurts to even walk. I'm hoping to still get two runs in this week, but I'm going to play it by ear) -Background: I've run off and on for a few years, and towards the end of last year got to the point where I ran over 6 miles without stopping. Then I quit because it was cold, and now I'm back to barely being able to run a mile. I'm using Zombies, Run! 5k to get back to 3 miles, then I'll go back to the normal app after that. GOAL TWO: Cook -Cook at least one Paleo meal per week (I cook in batches, so it's at least three meals, usually four) -Ultimate Goal: Eat 100% paleo during the week, whatever I want on weekends -Background: I've gone back and forth with both eating paleo and eating nothing but garbage. So my compromise is to eat Paleo during the week and whatever I want on weekends. GOAL THREE: Bend -Squat for 5 minutes per day weeks 1 & 2, 10 for weeks 3 & 4, 15 for weeks 5 & 6 -Foam roll at least 5 days/week -Ultimate Goal: Be able to be comfortable in the bottom of a squat -Background: I have very poor mobility. Nowhere is it more obvious than in my squat, so I clearly need to work on that. Also, my calf has been bothering me while running, and I know I should foam roll more, but never do. So that's part of this now. GOAL FOUR: Russian -Listen to 5 Pimsleur lessons per week -Background: I'm going to Russia at the end of September! I'm really excited about it, but don't know Russian. So I want to try and learn the basics of conversation. I'll also be doing a couple of other things when I can, like Memrise for extra vocab and Rosetta Stone. I also have a text book from which I'm going to try and learn a little bit of grammar. -Ultimate Goal: Be able to speak enough Russian that I will be able to learn while I'm there, rather than just struggling. Or to drink with Putin. Whichever. So that's it for now. Oh, and I'm going to own this challenge.
  4. Challenge 10 Going for Level 9 Where art thou going, Terinatum? Mission Statement for 2014 Consistency! Motivation:: I'm headed in the right direction and I know it. Cook -- twice per week * I cooked more than I thought possible last challenge. In order to stay with the consistency objective, I will continue to do cooking twice per week. Cooking by definition (for me) is any meal I cook that entails more than the microwave, slapping meat on bread or using up leftovers - unless bulk cooking is involved. I enjoy cooking so getting started is the main focus of this goal. The tactic I am taking is managing my 'sense' of time better, leaving me feeling like there is plenty of time to make, enjoy, and clean up a nice meal. Worth - - - 4 CON Grading - - A = 2 meals/wk B = 1- 2/3 meals C = 1-1/3 meals D = 1 meal Run -- use up Alter G punch card * I used some hard earned money and bought a 10 punch card for the Alter G treadmill at my PT place. It's a treadmill that takes a percentage of your weight off so you are running with less weight. When I tried it back in the Fall - weighing 245 lbs - I could run 'forever' at 185 lbs. It felt fantastic. Which is why 185 is now my weight loss goal (by end of 2015). Worth - - - 2 STR, 3 STA Grading - - A = 10 punches B = 8 punches C = 6 punches D = 4 punches Work-Out - - wherever I am * I want to do my at home/wherever Squat- Plank-Push Up routine more often. I like how it was feeling, I want to feel that more often and be willing to do it no matter where I am at night/morning. Overnight pet-sitting can put a damper on my routines and I am determined to keep certain routines going no matter what home I might be in. Worth - - - 3 STR Grading - - A = 3 WOs/wk B = 2-1/2 WOs C = 2 WOs D = 1-1/2 WOs Live - - learn to use a consistent application of time towards my goals * I am starting a new phase in my life on several fronts. First is being single after a 17 year relationship. Next is training to be a well-rounded Pet Sitter Guru - being able to groom, train, sit, and heal with energy. And, I want a place of my own. So - being single - I need to divest certain connections with my former partner (ex sounds horrible!): mostly that means debt. Putting a realistic budget together denoting how my funds will be funneled to maximize my credit rating So - Pet Care Specialist - Make a business plan including forms, plan to enter into training, and seek out possible places to do grooming and training (my own place of business/at the pet's home/rent a space at another facility, etc…). So - my own place - Easier said than done for sure, but I need a road map. List options of 'on my own,' judge the worth of these, and take steps to get there. This is the least SMART goal I have ever had as I don't know what I'll run into and how much time these things may take. So! I will be asking for feedback from fellow rebels and other friends IRL. I will detail my plans each week, describe what I did and did not do, and solicit advice and scoring. Worth - - - 3 WIS :: 1 point per above mentioned phases of life. Grading - - SUBJECTIVE GRADING WITH ASSISTANCE FROM REBELS AND FRIENDS IRL Battle On My Rebel Friends!!!
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