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  1. I can't believe after playing hundreds of hours of Skyrim I have never done a Skyrim themed challenge. Time to rectify this oversight. As the Dragonborn gets ready to complete the main questline, it is necessary to pass by Tsun, the Nordic God of Trials Against Adversity who tests all who wish to enter the Hall of Valor. Before that trial of combat, Tsun asks by what right the applicant seeks entrance. If you have done all of the other questlines you can choose a number of rights: Right of Birth: I am Dragonborn Right of Glory: Leader of the companions of Jorrvaskr as Harbinger Right of Cleverness: Head of the College of Winterhold as Archmage Right of Blood: Leader of the Dark Brotherhood, the Tamriel Assassins Guild as Listener of the Night Mother Right of Plunder: Thieves Guild Guild Leader and Nightingale of Nocturnal For this challenge I am going to work on each of these questlines so that I can claim the right to challenge Tsun when I reach Sovngarde to enter the Hall of Valor Right of Birth: This is the main quest so this is going to be about the most important aspect of fitness - food. I have learned to make a bunch of different foods but still end up making the same few things over and over. Goal for this challenge is to make at least 20 different dishes over the course of the challenge. Right of Glory: This is the Skyrim equivalent of the warriors guild so this will be the strength component of my workouts. While I don't do much in terms of weighted work, I do a lot of bodyweight strength work which, through the right use of leverage, can be just as good for building strength and packing on the muscle. I am aiming for at least 3 strength workouts per week, split between push, pull and leg. I will try and get more in, but 3 is the minimum Right of Cleverness: This is the Skyrim equivalent of the Wizard's guild and will be for intellectual pursuits. For this challenge that means reading at least one book and learning at least one new ukulele skill as part of a new song (could be a new chord progression, a new strumming pattern or a new picking pattern). Right of Blood: This is the assassin questline but since I already have my calisthenics through the Companions questline, this is going to be flexibility/mobility work. I have not put much work into flexibility in the past because I didn't believe I would get anything out of it. I am going to experiment in 2021 and see if sticking to it long term can lead to actual progress in flexibility. I have paid for a couple of flexibility programs (GMB and MyFlex) and I plan to put those to use. Goal is at least 3 sessions/week Right of Plunder: This is the thieves guild questline, which mostly involves running around to all of the towns in Skyrim and doing sneaky jobs there. Travel is one of the biggest parts of this so this is going to be my running component. I have decided that I need to supplement my strength workouts with some cardio to get my blood pumping and heart rate up. I plan to run on the treadmill for about 30 minutes and/or 5k after each strength workout Alright, let's go!
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