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Found 14 results

  1. Overview / Motivation: Well, as with most holidays when everyone is home and the routines are thrown off, the fitness and nutrition drops off... While I've been able to focus on nutrition, but fitness routine was lacking. I'll be using this challenge to burn off the bird and all the pumpkin pie I've been eating since Thanksgiving - ramping up the burpees and planks this time around while maintaining my running and lifting goals. Also looking forward to checking out 'Think and Grow Rich' - seems like a must-read in the personal development arena. Good luck to all the rebels as we get back o
  2. No, I won't leave, I want to try everything, I want to try even though I could fail~ In case it's not become clear over the last year and a half of being here on NF (wait, what? wow) I really, really love Disney. I worked there a decade ago as an intern, and it's kept a hold on me ever since. I love Zootopia for giving us a main character who gets told 'No' at every turn of her path. 'No', her parents tell her. 'No', says the academy. 'No', says her new friend. But our beloved Carrots does. Not. Quit. She doesn't care if she might get hurt, or look foolish, or make mist
  3. Brief Background 3 Years and two pregnancies can do a lot to breakdown a persons fitness level. So I've gone from being able to do 100 consecutive push ups to barely being able to do 3. I want to come back stronger and fitter than ever. I've currently got about an extra 10 pounds of fat, that I want to be rid of, but I know if I just focus on building strength and stamina, it'll go away without me focusing too much on it. I am currently exclusively breastfeeding, so while I'll be trying to make the best food choices I can, my diet for the most part won't change. Game Plan
  4. The end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 were very trying. The overload of emotional stress was overwhelming, and it took a lot to dig myself back out of the hole I was sitting in. I haven't quite reached the top yet, but I am getting closer to the opening. I am so happy to be jumping back into the challenge routine. I am keeping things very simple, but effective. Quest One: Eat Three Balanced Meals Every Day I'm really terrible at making sure I eat a breakfast and a lunch. I usually end up either not having breakfast and going right to lunch, or I eat a very late breakfast (brunch?) w
  5. I accidently posted my challenge in the introductions section Why doesn't the copy and paste not work? Having to retype this kind of sucks. This is my first challenge here, looking forward to starting and joining up with guild (thinking assassins). Main quest - Ultimately I'd like to be stronger, leaner, and more flexible. As far as putting numbers to it, 165lbs and 7% body fat. Currently 159lbs and 14.57% body fat. Long way to go. Challenge goals. Goal #1 Increase core strength. How??????????????? I'm going to add two core only bodyweight workouts per week (I still plan on
  6. Cutebug's Survival Skills Challenge! During the last challenge, I made amazing progress in strength training. 12 weeks ago I started to go to the gym for the first time in YEARS, 7 weeks ago I started going to the gym twice a week. I posted my progress from beginning to end: Squat is up by 15 lbs Deadlift is up by 15 lbs Wall Sit variable, but up 20 seconds at its best. Hang from pull-up bar up 5 seconds I started barbell rows and renegade rows, instead of the bent over dumbbell rows I started with. Punches went from 140/min with 3 lb dumbbells to 101/40sec with 8lb dumbells. I had a g
  7. This is my first challenge here, looking forward to starting and joining up with a guild (thinking assassin's). I was going to add a bunch of gifs and pics but I'm on my phone, and want to get this down, so I may come back later and add some snazzy pics. Main quest - ultimately I'd like to be stronger, leaner, and more flexible. As far as putting numbers to it, 165lbs and 7% body fat. Currently 159lbs and 14.5% body fat. Long way to go. Challenge goals. Goal #1 Increase core strength. How?? I'm going to add two core only bodyweight workouts per week (I still plan on continuing my daily w
  8. I'm Natalee, I'm starting a new thread for my challenge, I read all the relevant threads after starting so I'm creating this with new format and clearer goals. I'm a uni student on pause haha. I'm 21 with an adorable 9 month old boy. I live at home with my mom and my sis, and my fiance, with other relatives close by. I don't do much to be honest other than household stuff and being a mom... Wait I've started a backyard garden, I envision having a yummy garden soon. It's a little haphazard right now. There are many things that I'm trying to do, but I feel as if I'm failing them all. This is an
  9. So here I go with my 3rd challenge, it doesn't feel like it's been that long yet. Basically I have trouble with my kicking height, especially on my right side ( non dominant leg). yeah... at least this kid got a little height So my goal starting this challenge is to improve the height and control of my kicks. And with no further ado, my steps to complete my challenge. Cheechoe's Game of Pain Alright this may seem a little ridiculous, but i've known for a while that I wanted to add cheechoes stretching routine to my daily routine. the goal here is to stretch out my hips so I
  10. For the next size weeks on my journey to discover my inner dragon . . . my Main Quest is to lose 20 pounds. I have decided on three missions that will help me accomplish my main quest. They are measurable, and attainable. Mission 1: I need to keep my calorie intake at 1700 calories a day, or less, via my My Fitness Pal account (calorie amount determined with the help of one of my favorite Nerds, using this tool). Reward: +2 CON & +2 WIS Mission 2: Walk three miles a week. I don't mean walking three times a week, a mile each time, but a total of 3 miles over the whole week.
  11. I took a while off, but I think I could use a little extra motivation and focus for the next six weeks. Been keeping up the climbing/swimming/juggling regularly, eating what I want when I want it and discovering how awesomely that works for me. Came back today on a whim, only to discover it's the beginning of a new challenge - and it's my thirteenth. AWESOME. Goals: 1. Pull-up power. I've let this hang out at a maintenance level of 4 pull-ups while I've focused on actually climbing - time to build some more muscle, get some more reps. I also want to move my rings upstairs from the basemen
  12. Xena

    Xena runs wild

    I'm going to try to increase the intensity a bit this summer. I also want to remember that it's summer and that this stuff should be fun (hence the "running wild"). I'm going to try increasing my mileage a bit, but also try to run some faster stuff during the warm weather. 1. Run 170 miles I've resisted increasing this goal in the past (usually set at 150), I've decided to rachet it up a bit, but I will adjust if I get sick or injured. Also, I don't usually adapt well to heat...as it heats up, I'll generally need to slow down. I'll use my HR monitor to set an appropriate pace, and be happy w
  13. My life is in flux right now with significant and exciting changes coming, but it means that I need to be realistic about what is important right now, and have that reflected in my goals. My life is going to be very different - I know that intellectually, but I don't know exactly how its going to be different, and i won't know until I get there. So, my focus is on building new habits, and strengthening ones I've already been working on. The purpose, or goal, of this is so that no matter how my life changes, I will have the basic building blocks to maintain a healthy and happy and hopefully bal
  14. I have had about 17 month lazy period of laying in bed and sitting with my computer in various damaging positions, with close to no exercise at all (some mountain hiking in the summer, occasional cycling and swimming) and rampant eating habits as I started eating animal products (milk, eggs) again. Thus my back muscles have withered away, I huff and puff and tire way too easily, there is a unappealing coat of fat on me that slows me down, and that combined with shrunken muscles has made me feel terribly clumsy and out of control. As I love exploring and hiking, I'd love to be able to walk up
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