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  1. Overview / Motivation: Well, as with most holidays when everyone is home and the routines are thrown off, the fitness and nutrition drops off... While I've been able to focus on nutrition, but fitness routine was lacking. I'll be using this challenge to burn off the bird and all the pumpkin pie I've been eating since Thanksgiving - ramping up the burpees and planks this time around while maintaining my running and lifting goals. Also looking forward to checking out 'Think and Grow Rich' - seems like a must-read in the personal development arena. Good luck to all the rebels as we get back on track following Turkey Day! Main Quest: Work towards building my bench and squats to 250 pounds Side Quests: Average 6 Miles of Running / Week Points Potential: STA+3 Grading A= Average > 90% B= Average > 80% C= Average > 70% D= Average > 60% F= Average < 60% Average 210 Burpees / Week & Complete Daily Plank [Week 1 & 2: 1:15 Minutes, Week 3 & 4: 2 Minutes] Points Potential: DEX+4 Grading: A= Average > 90% B= Average > 80% C= Average > 70% D= Average > 60% F= Average < 60% Average 3 Weight Training Workouts / Week Points Potential: STR+5 Grading A= Average > 90% B= Average > 80% C= Average > 70% D= Average > 60% F= Average < 60% Life Quest: Read "Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill Points Potential: WIS+3 Grading A= Average > 90% B= Average > 80% C= Average > 70% D= Average > 60% F= Average < 60%
  2. No, I won't leave, I want to try everything, I want to try even though I could fail~ In case it's not become clear over the last year and a half of being here on NF (wait, what? wow) I really, really love Disney. I worked there a decade ago as an intern, and it's kept a hold on me ever since. I love Zootopia for giving us a main character who gets told 'No' at every turn of her path. 'No', her parents tell her. 'No', says the academy. 'No', says her new friend. But our beloved Carrots does. Not. Quit. She doesn't care if she might get hurt, or look foolish, or make mistakes. She wants to keep going. I do, too. I've tried several things over my challenges, and when goals or activities don't work, I try not to let the failure hold me back. I just look to see what the next thing is that I want to try. Of course, successful framework helps even out any potential mistakes, so I've also got several goals on here that have really worked in the past. Eat Like an Animal: stick to paleo 2x meals a day at minimum. Don't Be Clawhauser: 1 sweet snack a day. Back-Up Tigers: one five minute dance party per day, at minimum. ZPD Academy Climbing, poses, inversion 2x week at minimum Suspended for accident recovery. Push-ups, lifts, rows, planks 2x week at minimum Yoga/stretching 1x minimum Go On Patrol: scooter ride 1/x week minimum Performing Arts Sewing 1x week
  3. Brief Background 3 Years and two pregnancies can do a lot to breakdown a persons fitness level. So I've gone from being able to do 100 consecutive push ups to barely being able to do 3. I want to come back stronger and fitter than ever. I've currently got about an extra 10 pounds of fat, that I want to be rid of, but I know if I just focus on building strength and stamina, it'll go away without me focusing too much on it. I am currently exclusively breastfeeding, so while I'll be trying to make the best food choices I can, my diet for the most part won't change. Game Plan -To rebuild a solid foundation - I will be doing the Darebee Foundation Program - It's light, quick and hits all those foundational points I'll be focusing on for the next four weeks, easing back into fitness. - Daily Dares & Weekly Quests - This is like an injection of fun into my days -Mon, Wed, Fri Push ups- Week 1 - 5x5 (x) Week 2 - 10x5 () Week 3 - 15x5 () Week4 - 20x5 () I've really tried to keep my plan challenging but still easy and quick, with a baby and a toddler, I'll be pressed for time. Life Quest Genesis (x) Exodus () Leviticus () Numbers () Matthew (x) Mark (x) Luke () John () I'm not expecting this to be too difficult. We will see. That's all for now.
  4. The end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 were very trying. The overload of emotional stress was overwhelming, and it took a lot to dig myself back out of the hole I was sitting in. I haven't quite reached the top yet, but I am getting closer to the opening. I am so happy to be jumping back into the challenge routine. I am keeping things very simple, but effective. Quest One: Eat Three Balanced Meals Every Day I'm really terrible at making sure I eat a breakfast and a lunch. I usually end up either not having breakfast and going right to lunch, or I eat a very late breakfast (brunch?) which means I skip lunch. By dinner time, I'm starving. This goes hand in hand, in my opinion, to making sure you're eating the right amount of calories/fat/sugar/etc. If you're not eating, you're not getting the amount your body needs, which doesn't help in the health and nutrition field. Did I have a breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day during the challenge? Yes or No Quest Two: Drink 8 Glasses of Water Every Day I had gone almost 300 days without drinking Soda until the second week of December 2015. I drank a total of five sodas, and I regretted it afterward. I felt so sick since I had not had any soda for so long. Needless to say, I have been successfully cruising along the No Soda road since then. However, I am not drinking nearly enough water, or I am trying to cram all glasses at one time in the evening. This should not be difficult because water = feeling good, no headaches, and no body aches. Among other healthy positives of course! Did I drink 8 glasses of water every day during the challenge? Yes or No Quest Three: Yoga for 10-20 Minutes I feel off my yoga train as well, which is very sad. I keep saying that I am going to get back into the routine, but I need to push myself to do it. I have been doing a lot of re-reading in the Academy, and I want to make this commitment to myself. I want to show myself that I am worth those few minutes every day. Even if it's every other day, I am allowed to take that time for myself to work on a better lifestyle. Did I do 10-20 minutes of Yoga for, at least, three days a week during the challenge? Yes or No Quest Four: 15 Minute Sketching To work on leveling up my life, I am going to take 15 minutes every day to sketch something. It does not have to be perfect or complete, but something will have to be on the paper. It can be anything! Rather than continuing to say I need to get back into drawing and art, I will do it.
  5. I accidently posted my challenge in the introductions section Why doesn't the copy and paste not work? Having to retype this kind of sucks. This is my first challenge here, looking forward to starting and joining up with guild (thinking assassins). Main quest - Ultimately I'd like to be stronger, leaner, and more flexible. As far as putting numbers to it, 165lbs and 7% body fat. Currently 159lbs and 14.57% body fat. Long way to go. Challenge goals. Goal #1 Increase core strength. How??????????????? I'm going to add two core only bodyweight workouts per week (I still plan on continuing my daily workouts, see battle log link in sig). My measure will be my plan times. Can't fly the human flag without awesome plank times. I also plan on taking up slacklining, and a strong core should help with balance. Baseline = Left side plank = 1min 7 secs Right side plank = 1min 16 secs Standard plank = 1min 2 secs Goal = 2 mins each Grades = A = 2+ mins B = 1 min 50 secs C = 1 min 40 secs Less = fail Goal #2 Increase flexibility How???????????????? Add 4x a week yoga/stretching for 15 mins. I think this will help with my sleeping as well. It should also help as I've recently gotten into bouldering/climbing and need to limber up. Goal #3 (I added this one from the original I posted in the wrong area) Diet I was doing really well making all my meals at home and have been slacking as of late. I'm going to shoot for 6 of 7 days a week to make all my meals at home. I need to get back into making all my and my families meals on Sunday. Grades = A = 6 days a week B = 5 days a week C = 4 days a week Less = fails Goal #4 Life goal for this challenge There's two, continue to slay my MBA program this semester, however grades won't be in by the time the challenge ends, so making a measurable life goal. Declutter my office area/bedroom. I'm not talking straightening up, I'm talking major effing purge. It seems as though stuff appeared, mated, and gave birth to more stuff on my desk. This one's pass/fail. Even when you clean, rearrange etc. the stuff is still there. If its not a necessary item, its gone. OK, that sums it up, can't wait to start Monday and begin slaying these things.
  6. Cutebug's Survival Skills Challenge! During the last challenge, I made amazing progress in strength training. 12 weeks ago I started to go to the gym for the first time in YEARS, 7 weeks ago I started going to the gym twice a week. I posted my progress from beginning to end: Squat is up by 15 lbs Deadlift is up by 15 lbs Wall Sit variable, but up 20 seconds at its best. Hang from pull-up bar up 5 seconds I started barbell rows and renegade rows, instead of the bent over dumbbell rows I started with. Punches went from 140/min with 3 lb dumbbells to 101/40sec with 8lb dumbells. I had a great challenge, did all the Feats from the optional mini challenges, and also did the extra Rangering Skills from Rangers Gonna Ranger. It was pretty epic. The major stumbling block? I got nowhere nearer my overall goal of losing weight. During the last challenge, I lost NO weight at all. That will be my focus for this new challenge. I've named it Survival Skills because every single little thing is more difficult when you're carrying around extra weight. Being a healthy weight helps you live better in every way. It makes life easier. It makes tying your shoes easier! Walking, running, climbing, pushing, pulling, squatting.... EVERYTHING. So why not make my life easier and be able to do more things? Let's DO this thing! Here's my "before" (which is actually a before, during, AND after, depending on how you look at it) I'm around 195lbs, I guess: Here is me riding a unicorn at Ikea, oh yeah, and it's also my "for now" goal weight (around 180lbs?): Longer Term Goal (about 160lbs): And EVENTUAL loooong term goal is 145lbs, and then re-assess. If I'm super muscly and strong, then 145 is probably juuuuust right, even if I'd still a little squishy in some areas. As long as I am strong and feel healthy and can tie my shoes without having to hold my breath, I'd good SO, on to GOALS for this Challenge! GOAL 1: Stop Eating Garbage! Keep the Fridge Stocked! Take Lunch to Work! When I make a home-cooked meal, it's more often than not very healthy. Piles of vegetables and a lean meat. I stopped buying potatoes and now only have sweet potatoes and squashes in the house. I eat mainly paleo-ish home cooked meals. It's when I eat out, order in, or have snacks that I fail miserably. I know how to cook, I am good at cooking, I have someone to cook for that loves my healthy cooking, so WHY am I still eating crap? Because it's yummy and I lack willpower. To Do: I will review Steve's article about Willpower. I will keep the fridge stocked with healthy food. I will not go shopping while hungry. I will not order in for lunch. I will pack my lunch. I DON'T EAT CRAP. GOAL 2: I will stay accountable to myself, my NF community, and my Facebook Friends, by weighing in weekly and measuring myself weekly. Photos monthly. I have never done the measurements before. I always went by the scale and my clothing. Clothing can be a good indicator of fat loss, but because I was so uncomfortable in my old clothes, I bought lots of big, stretchy things to live in. All the clothes I would *like* to fit into are for the 160lb me, not the 195 or 185lb me. So now it's about measurements and photos. Photos were SUPER helpful last time I lost 30 pounds. I could SEE the difference and it encouraged me immensely. To Do: Take measurements and photos on Monday, September 14th. Take measurements weekly thereafter; take photos monthly thereafter. Post to Thread and Facebook. Record all information in Excel for easy reference. GOAL 3: Focus on Primal Workouts to target certain goals - Core strength, grip strength, Pull/Push & lower body, Cardio/Endurance (Rangering FTW) Core is SO important and EVERYONE should ALWAYS be focused on this. I will be exploring any and all core strength exercises that aren't sit-ups and crunches. I'm LOVING my hanging knee raises. My abs HURT after just a few. Plus that exercise helps with grip AND pull. Yipee! To Do: Steering Wheels with plates, Rolling Bridges, planks, deadlifts... After *FINALLY* getting to try out deadlifting after hearing Steve go on about how great it is, I found out that I really like it too, but I have one thing holding me back: Grip Strength. My hands are weak and I need to improve that to excel in other areas. To Do: Pick up heavy things, climb stuff, pull, carry, crush, pinch, claw grip, drag, wrench, extend... Continue working on Pull-Up training and get back to push-ups. Do more Deadlifts and Squats, but focus more on form than weight with squats. Do the Squat Challenge (get up to 30 mins flat-footed squatting per day). To Do: Bent Over Barbell Rows, Bent Over dumbbell Rows, Deadlifts, Bodyweight Squats, barbell Squats, Holding Flat-Footed Resting Squat, Hanging From Pull-Up Bar, Knee Raises, Dips I always slack a bit on cardio in the fall and winter, because despite living in a temperate rain forest my entire life, I dislike rain. I WILL get out hiking as much as I can, but I will also be adding in indoor swimming and Muay Thai training. A coworker convinced me to purchase gloves and he got some pads. He's going to teach me Muay Thai boxing. I'd love to get a punching bag at some point, but for now I will just hit my coworker To Do: Swimming (let's say every 2 weeks), Muay Thai Training 1-2x per week, hiking 2-4x per month. Personal Goals: 1. Crafting, Creating and Building Combine Art and Ranger Skills - Build with clay and cement. Learn soldering. Whittle, Sand. Leather embossing. Create art from found objects/ nature. Conduct experiments - growing crystals. 2. Sell my Creations Open Etsy Store, research local artisan markets, place ads on CL. Sell paintings, ring dishes, candle holders, earring racks, doily bowls, and other creations. Use profits to purchase more supplies and continue creating and selling.
  7. This is my first challenge here, looking forward to starting and joining up with a guild (thinking assassin's). I was going to add a bunch of gifs and pics but I'm on my phone, and want to get this down, so I may come back later and add some snazzy pics. Main quest - ultimately I'd like to be stronger, leaner, and more flexible. As far as putting numbers to it, 165lbs and 7% body fat. Currently 159lbs and 14.5% body fat. Long way to go. Challenge goals. Goal #1 Increase core strength. How?? I'm going to add two core only bodyweight workouts per week (I still plan on continuing my daily workouts, see my daily battle thread below). My measure will be in my plank times. Can't fly the human flag without awesome plank times. I plan on doing some slacklining as well and need that strong core for balance. Baseline = Left side plank - 1min 7secs Right side plank - 1 min 16 secs Standard plank - 1min 2 secs Goal 2mins each Grades A = 2mins + B = 1min 50 secs C = 1min 40 secs Less = fail Goal #2 Increase flexibility. How?? Add 4x a week yoga\stretching for 15 mins. I think this will also help with my sleeping patterns. It should also help as I'm getting into bouldering/climbing and need to limber up. Grades A = 4x a week average B = 3x a week average C = 2x a week average Less = fail Goal #3 Life goal for this challenge There's two, continue to slay my MBA program this semester. However grades won't be in before the challenge ends so making a measurable life goal. Declutter my office area/ bedroom. I'm not talking straighten up, I'm talking major effing purge. It seems as though stuff appeared, a d spawned and gave birth to baby stuff on my desk. This one's pass/fail. Even when you clean and rearrange, its still there. If it's not a necessary item its gone. OK well, I think that sums it up. Can't wait to start on Monday, and look forward to slaying this thing.
  8. I'm Natalee, I'm starting a new thread for my challenge, I read all the relevant threads after starting so I'm creating this with new format and clearer goals. I'm a uni student on pause haha. I'm 21 with an adorable 9 month old boy. I live at home with my mom and my sis, and my fiance, with other relatives close by. I don't do much to be honest other than household stuff and being a mom... Wait I've started a backyard garden, I envision having a yummy garden soon. It's a little haphazard right now. There are many things that I'm trying to do, but I feel as if I'm failing them all. This is an attempt for me to find some focus. Main Quest a. Tone Buns & Thighs. b. One Minute Handstand Hold Quest One. 10+ min of exercise each day 10+ min of flexibility training. Measurement: A = 10 min, 42 days, B = 10min, 30 days, C = 10min, 20 days Reward: A = +2 STA, +3 STR, B = +2 STA, +2 STR, C = +1 STA +1STR Quest two 3x Core Focus per week 3x Buns and Thighs Focus per week Measurement: A = 18, B = 15 , C = 12 Reward: A = +2 CHA +2 CON +1STR, B = +1CHA +1 CON +1STR, C = +0.5 CHA +0.5 CON +0.5STR Quest three Hollow body hold and handstand practice 2 hours per week. Measurement: A = 1 min Hold, B = 40 sec Hold, C = 20 sec Hold Rewards: A = +2 DEX, B = +1.5 DEX, C= +1 DEX Life Quest a. Read/Listen to the entire bible 2 times in 6 weeks. b. Listen to Notes on Genesis at least once daily Minimum 16 hours per week. Measurement: A = 24 Episodes B = 18 Episodes C = 12 Episodes Fail <10 Rewards: A= +3 Wis B= +2 Wis C= +1 Wis Motivation: In order to be able to take on later challenges, I need my body to be stronger and able to be a master of my own body. By reading the word of God more and in it's entirety then I know I will be able to get closer to the heart of God and also know it. Current Body Stats: Height: 5'3" Weight: 143lbs Waist: 30in Arms: 12in Thighs: 23.5in Hips: 41in Neck: 13.5in With this new and clear format, I really hope to have a good time posting here. Look forward to meeting you all.
  9. So here I go with my 3rd challenge, it doesn't feel like it's been that long yet. Basically I have trouble with my kicking height, especially on my right side ( non dominant leg). yeah... at least this kid got a little height So my goal starting this challenge is to improve the height and control of my kicks. And with no further ado, my steps to complete my challenge. Cheechoe's Game of Pain Alright this may seem a little ridiculous, but i've known for a while that I wanted to add cheechoes stretching routine to my daily routine. the goal here is to stretch out my hips so I have a little more flexibility which should help with both control and height. This might be a bit too much for me... Just sayin. Kicking it Up a Notch Again one more goal designed to help my kicks, this one is focused more on control than on flexibility, but it does help with both, what I am doing here is to practice all basics kicks 20 times a day ( double that for my non dominant leg ). I want to do these with moderate to slow speed to work on form and control. So that some day I can do this That... might take a while. Core-dinate yes, I know that was terrible lol but I liked it lol This goal is meant to focus on building my core strength, which helps with balance during a kick, this one is more for control as well, but hopefully they all work together to improve my kicks. Oh yeah I have to tell you what I'm doing lol The angry birds workout routine, I have been doing it for the second half of this last challenge, but wasn't pushing myself as hard as i could have. If only i could do stuff like this some day ( sooner than later lol) and finally Searching Up Above My life goal this time around is to reconnect with my faith, I have fallen away from it and I am not happy with that, so I will be reading my bible( at least 1 chapter) every night. that way some day I get the chance for him to say to me And that is something I want to look forward to Well that's my challenge feel free to comment ( but if you don't like it i'm sorry, or if you are not christian and are offended by my life goal that was not my intention).
  10. For the next size weeks on my journey to discover my inner dragon . . . my Main Quest is to lose 20 pounds. I have decided on three missions that will help me accomplish my main quest. They are measurable, and attainable. Mission 1: I need to keep my calorie intake at 1700 calories a day, or less, via my My Fitness Pal account (calorie amount determined with the help of one of my favorite Nerds, using this tool). Reward: +2 CON & +2 WIS Mission 2: Walk three miles a week. I don't mean walking three times a week, a mile each time, but a total of 3 miles over the whole week. That will be more attainable for me. I am using Map My Walk to help me measure and keep track of my walking. I have installed it on my iPhone and have used it a few times to test it out. It's pretty nifty, and will help me stay on track. Reward: +2 STR & +2 STA & +1 DEX Mission 3: Continue to do my core strengthening exercises, 5 times a week. In my last challenge, I was supposed to do this daily, and the truth is that I was unable to do so. I have noticed an improvement in my ability to walk, the more I do them, so I will continue to do them as part of my effort to keep myself mobile. Reward: +2 STR & +2 CON Life Goal: Attend my weekly meetings 80% of the time, or better. This is a personal goal of mine. I attend an addiction recover program, TOPS Support, and church meetings on a weekly basis. Or I should, and lately I've been slacking. So I would like to see myself improve this aspect of my life. Reward: +1 WIS & +1 CON My motivation: My mom is immobile, stuck on the couch all day because she is simply too large and too arthritic and out of shape to move. She can't get around without a wheelchair, and even pees in a bucket next to the couch because she can't get up to go use the bathroom. She can't participate in her own life, let alone the lives of those she loves. I don't want to be immobile, stuck in a wheelchair or couch, and peeing in a bucket because I can't get to a bathroom. I want to be able to interact with my four terrific kids, and future (far future, I hope) grandkids. And I want to be able to go out and enjoy the world, instead of staying in my apartment all the time because I'm embarrassed of how overweight and out of shape I am. The pain of staying where I am, and what I am (Wow, I'm starting to resemble Jabba the Hutt!), is far greater than the pain I will have to go through to free my inner dragon!
  11. I took a while off, but I think I could use a little extra motivation and focus for the next six weeks. Been keeping up the climbing/swimming/juggling regularly, eating what I want when I want it and discovering how awesomely that works for me. Came back today on a whim, only to discover it's the beginning of a new challenge - and it's my thirteenth. AWESOME. Goals: 1. Pull-up power. I've let this hang out at a maintenance level of 4 pull-ups while I've focused on actually climbing - time to build some more muscle, get some more reps. I also want to move my rings upstairs from the basement - having them more available should mean using them more. Ten pull-ups a day, every day for the first week. We'll see where it goes from there. 2. Core strength. While I'm hanging out doing pull-ups, might as well add some skin the cat/lever/toes to bar work in there. 3. Juggling math. I love club passing so much, my ball juggling skills have been atrophying. Now that I understand siteswap a little more, I'm going to work on at least one new pattern a week. Learned 531 on Saturday, so that's my first step. 4. Bonus points for handstand work, which I've entirely neglected for months. Looking forward to getting back on the challenge path!
  12. Xena

    Xena runs wild

    I'm going to try to increase the intensity a bit this summer. I also want to remember that it's summer and that this stuff should be fun (hence the "running wild"). I'm going to try increasing my mileage a bit, but also try to run some faster stuff during the warm weather. 1. Run 170 miles I've resisted increasing this goal in the past (usually set at 150), I've decided to rachet it up a bit, but I will adjust if I get sick or injured. Also, I don't usually adapt well to heat...as it heats up, I'll generally need to slow down. I'll use my HR monitor to set an appropriate pace, and be happy with the distance even if it is slow. As a sub-goal, I'll run a race, hard 5K, or hard 5 M each week. Some of these will be at ~tempo pace, some will be full race pace. I'm planning to do a 5K tomorrow. This will be my baseline, and for a variety of reasons, I think I should be able to smash the time in a couple of weeks. +5 STA 2. Mix it up. Cross train at least 3x a week for at least 20 min. This time I will focus on core strength and some problem areas (hip strength/flexibility, upper back stretches, hip flexors, etc etc). Within this cross-training, as a sort of sub-goal, I'll complete the Yoga Journal strong core series (14 videos). +3 DEX 3. 500 pushups!! I can break this up however I want, but each set must start with negatives (or full pushups). In the first week, I need at least 1 negative at the start of the set, and this will increase each week (6 negatives per set in week 6). The rest can be on the knees, as needed. I'm not sure how hard this goal will be, but I think it might be a pretty good challenge. +3 STR 4. Be the smoothie queen I'm sort of feeling this out..for this challenge the goal is at least two smoothies per week. I'm particularly going to play around with adding in more vegetables. I've been testing this during the off weeks and have worked in small amounts of kale, celery and carrot. I'm thinking of getting a nicer blender and/or juicer, but want to make sure I would really use it before I buy more gadgets. +2 CON 5. Maintain camp I've played around with the "Flylady" housecleaning guidelines. What seems to work for me is modifying the "Weekly home blessing" to include the 7 chores I think most need doing. So each week (usually on the weekend), I'll make my list and get the jobs done. Full points for doing this 5 weeks (will be traveling during one of the weeks). +2 WIS Bonus...I'm really going to try to do the mini-challenges this time. They are fun :-)
  13. My life is in flux right now with significant and exciting changes coming, but it means that I need to be realistic about what is important right now, and have that reflected in my goals. My life is going to be very different - I know that intellectually, but I don't know exactly how its going to be different, and i won't know until I get there. So, my focus is on building new habits, and strengthening ones I've already been working on. The purpose, or goal, of this is so that no matter how my life changes, I will have the basic building blocks to maintain a healthy and happy and hopefully balanced life. (I know this isn't necessarily an assassin-type of goal, but I feel like I'm an assassin at heart!) Goals: 1 - cook one new recipe per week CON +2, WIS +2 • ideally this will include either a new ingredient or cooking method. I would also like to do some batch cooking and making meals to freeze for lunches. 2 - stretch every day for 10 minutes DEX +2, CON +1 • this will increase flexibility and reduce stress. I will probably do this at night before bed, or while watching TV. 3 - strength train OR yoga OR Pilates 3 times per week STR +3, STA +1 • this will increase strength, specifically core strength 4 - De-clutter / Cleaning / Organizing WIS +2, CON +2 • this will reduce stress, and set me up for "everything in its place" I tried to do this last challenge, but failed. Learning from my mistakes, I'm adjusting this goal. Instead of working on one area at a time each week, I have to work for a minimum of 1 hour per week. I am going to set up a system of boxes & bags, so that it is ready for me to work on at any time. At this point, my system includes: shredder / boxes & bags for donation / box for things to sell (old books & magazines) / box of things to keep. This way, I can easily move my boxes around to whichever area I'm working on, but I can also move them out of the way when I'm done. Areas to work on: • office - this is the worst area in the house, I have so much clutter in there • bookshelf in bedroom - be harsh and get rid of books I won't read again • wallet (also need to purchase new wallet) • pantry I'll be tracking again on a google doc - that worked out so well last time! Past habits to continue: • drinking water: I did really well on this last challenge, and I'm going to continue. • moving my body: - I'm lucky because I get to walk to work almost every day (4 out of 5 days, I walk, the 5th day I drive because I have a class after work that I need to drive to. I also usually walk home, unless I picked up groceries on my lunch break and have too much to carry. Its about 4.25 km each way. - regular running. I'm not setting distance or time requirements on this, just keep doing it because I enjoy it, as long as I can. And if I can't, that's okay - I have to listen to my body.
  14. I have had about 17 month lazy period of laying in bed and sitting with my computer in various damaging positions, with close to no exercise at all (some mountain hiking in the summer, occasional cycling and swimming) and rampant eating habits as I started eating animal products (milk, eggs) again. Thus my back muscles have withered away, I huff and puff and tire way too easily, there is a unappealing coat of fat on me that slows me down, and that combined with shrunken muscles has made me feel terribly clumsy and out of control. As I love exploring and hiking, I'd love to be able to walk up and down mountains with greater ease. I think of this as training for adventure. And this time maintain (!!! and increase to infinity) the fitness level I achieve. (GR20, Finnish wilderness and the big beautiful unknown of the world, here I come...) Alongside physical changes I'd like to be more in charge of my intellectual growth and get me back on track of learning new things and challenging myself intellectually and emotionally. It's been a week since I started to exercise again and monitor my eating. Main goals right now are losing fat and building endurance. The plan is to continue doing moderate to high intensity cardio workouts five to six times a week, eating clean, having one to three sessions of strength training a week (haven't quite figured this part out yet, but I plan to go to the kettle bell class again) and throw in some yoga and pilates when I feel like it. 178cm / 5"10 74kg / 163lbs ikkipyrola 1.11.2013.
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