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Found 3 results

  1. Now.... Let's try this AGAIN!! Plus, last time that I checked, I'm a badass!! Maybe not like Spezzy or Steve, but I'm a badass none the less. Time to remind myself of that. So now, let's get back to what I know. I know what I like and what I like consists of being a hero and technology. So who better to model this next challenge than the most technical, most badass.... OK, more like most chaotic, most unstable yet more compassionate heroes out there: Iron Man!! How does one become more like Iron Man?? Let's take a look at the pieces that are Anthony Stark: Yeah, I Can Fly Alright, maybe not fly but the next best thing. I need to get these feet moving. So, we're going to try one, maybe two, approaches to accomplish this. Ramp up my walking goals. Normally I've had my step goal set for 8,500 daily and I really didn't care what I got on my days off. Now we're going to try this: 9k on working days, 6k on off days. Simple Pass/Fail. I've been wanting to do a 5K for the longest time, especially since joining up here. We'll see how the first week goes with the challenge and see if this gets added. Flight Stabilizers OK, I really couldn't come up with a better name for this one (I'll take suggestions though) but what I need to do is get my arms stronger, my upper body more primed for greatness. So, primary focus for this goal: Strength Training. Now, I'm more than likely not going to end up at the gym deadlifting massive amounts of weights but we'll do what we can here. I've got bodyweight stuff I can do (considering I have a considerable amount of bodyweight to work with ) along with working with my kettlebell, medicine ball, and might even consider getting some weighted gloves and some shadowboxing. Anything to get my arms working at least 3 times a week. Proof That Tony Stark Has a Heart Now, we know that I do indeed have a heart but it's more about fixing my core. Both literally and figuratively. Primarily, I'm going to take care of the core by making the core harder, stronger and more resilient to what life is throwing out there. So that's going to consist of two things: Most obvious one is to actually do core workouts. Crunches, flexibility moves, anything that can my abs, chest, and midsection engaged and better functioning (with hopefully the added benefit of less mass in the same areas). Again, 3 times a week is the focus for this. Besides working out, that core of mine needs to have better fuel in it. I've been experimenting a little bit with taking lunches to work, making my own food. What I need to do is keep working on the food. Better choices in while keeping the bad choices very far at bay. This is more of a subjective bonus goal, something I need to do for me. Jarvis, You There? This is one of my usual, standby goals but there is a damn good reason for it: I need my Rebels!!! And I need you guys BAD So, how am I going to get support... give it in return I'm here, every day. It might be only a like or two on some days but I need to give meaningful support and assistance on at least 5 days each week. I love this community and I have been absent for too long, worrying about just myself. I need you and you all probably could do with a little more me in your lives Now... Time to Get Moving!!! Because I Am Iron Man!!!
  2. Just moved over to Rangers from the Druids!! I'm excited to be here. These are the exact same goals form my last challenge I'll update the specific numbers this week once i do my time run and weigh myself on Tuesday Hello there I'm YellowRose and i'm back on NF after a rather long break. so lets get to it.... SMART GOALS!!!! 1.Specific three part goal, get down to my happy weight Run more (and run this Ugly Sweater dec 12) Do all of my PT (abdominal split recovery and lower back strengthening) 2. Measurable 133lbs (+/-5lbs) Continue to build on speed (3m time currently 33min, get faster, say 27min) then build on distance (3m w/out stopping, once obtained speed above, increase distance this is a soft metric) 35min PT work out everyother day 3. Attainable currently 142lb (loose 9lbs) so not far off here but i really dont want to loose muscle, additionally i dont like restricting calories while im building any kind of athletic ability. I'll be looking to loose less than a pound a week, say 0.5lbs or less. as long as I'm slightly decreasing my weight i'll consider this goal met. bi-weekly measurments. track my 3ml times, share and post my times, run at least 3 times aweek. note will use MAPMyRUN or my watch to measure my speed. (new watch is a future budget item, current one is broken) 4. Relavant I like the way my close fit when i'm about that weight, i bought all my post maternity clothing when i was about that weight. so lets get back to it. all so i like to be strong and have well working muscles. runners high is good for my soul. The split in my abs hurts, so does my lower back, enough said on that topic. 5. Time Bound For the next 6weeks or so i'd like to have a negative weight differential over each bi-weekly measurement, so say loose 3lbs by the end of 6 weeks. run 3m in 27min in 6weeks. Track PT on a piece of paper keep paper with the printouts of my exercises. go to apt. every other week Note my last run times below, I ran two sub 9min miles WOOOOT!!!!
  3. Brace Yourself Physically Speaking We're going to venture to the Midlands of our bodies and focus our energies on building up our core, including slow-twitch ab muscles like the internal obliques and the transversus abdominis; the piriformis and glutes; and the erector spinae muscles of the back. The goal of this is to improve in these areas as much as you can between now and the beginning of the next challenge. Which means daily workouts, smartly - these muscles recover fast, but still need to recover - organized, and recorded along the way. The competition is going to be fierce. We have a lot of go-getters in the Scout Guild. There will be 2 teams. All the exercises, listed below, need to be accounted for in your team, in order to win. Game starts now. So get on a team - chose the team that's different from the person who registered before you - Example: whomever registers after me is on Team Eagle, not Team Hawk. This way we get an even number for each team, more or less. Then decide which exercises you are going to do and go get 'em done! The winners will have bragging rights during the first week of the next challenge and a little something else, like STAT bonuses. Whoop! Exercises to be completed by your team: 1. BW Squat max number 2. Plank max seconds 3. Side Plank max seconds 4. Bridge - w/2 count hold max number 5. Superman Hold max seconds 6. Hollow Hold max seconds 7. Cobra - w/2 count hold max number 8. Bird Dog max number 9. Weighted Rotations max number 10. Weighted Side Bends max number * If you are on the bench due to illness or injury, choose a physical therapy or stretch exercise to compete with. Jot it down in the spreadie and get to it. ** REMEMBER FORM FIRST Find your starting points and put those numbers in the SPREADIE. You have 2 columns - one for your starting numbers and the other is your ending numbers. There is a percentage box under each name which will have a percentage in it as soon as I format one! lol Keep track of your progress however you like. Best percentage improvement wins! There is an individual winner and a team winner.
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