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Found 5 results

  1. Yay Halloween! One of my favorite holidays! Time to start making costumes, and work really hard to get in shape to wear mine! So many exclamation marks to start! Let's see...goals... Eat Better: Building on my goal from last challenge, I'm going to keep working on cooking at home more. This time, I'm going for 8 meals/week cooked at home, with at least 2 of them being dinner. Not going to track this right now, but I'm also going to try to eat more paleo. Might try to track it later, but for this challenge the focus is really going to be on cooking meals at home.
  2. With the very real hope that I will set off some kind of throw down, what is everyone doing for Halloween costumes this year? I'm doing a Pictish warrior. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of that, but here's me as Albert Einstein a few years ago. It was at work and I had my whiteboard covered with several of his equations (which no one noticed).
  3. Nightcrawler_Bamff Joins the X-Men! Nightcrawler awakens in the medical center of the X-Men's mansion after his defeat by the Blob. Professor Charles Xavier is at his bedside. "Welcome back, Kurt. How do you feel?" "Like I was hit by a bus" "You took quite a blow, but with a couple days rest, I expect you'll make a full recovery." "I am sorry, Professor. I failed and Blob got away." "No, Kurt, he didn't. Your efforts kept him busy long enough for me to arrive and telepathically subdue him. The police were able to handle him from there." There was a knock at the door and with Profes
  4. And what are you wearing? I love Halloween - I always have and always will. This is the first year I can dress up for Halloween at work in about eight years - my old work wasn't really into that - and so I'm going to dress up and it's going to be awesome. I found the perfect costume - blue Star Trek dress uniform + pointy ears + pixie haircut = fem!Spock. I just hope everything gets here in time, otherwise I'm going to have to go with my backup plan - pirate. So, who else is doing the costume thing? I want to know!!
  5. Hello again nerds, Shukar here. Quick introduction for those of you who may be new around here. I'm a runner who used to be a big fat guy, and now is just a slightly overweight tall guy. I hit my heaviest in college and decided that I was done with being fat and not doing anything about it and started running. I've done a lot of things for my health and fitness journey since then but running has been the constant refrain in my efforts. I do a number of other things mainly to improve my running but also because I just want to be the most awesome I can be. My Mission is to finish my upcoming
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