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  1. Translated from Latin, the title is "Light in Darkness." Which not only matches the theme this challenge, but has also been my personal motto for years and part of my first tattoo. I'm still working through what I need from these challenges, but I'm starting to make progress again. So this time around, I'll be focusing on identifying the "lights" I want to work towards. More to come.
  2. Which is a lot better than being all late. As usual, I'm working a hundred different projects and forgetting to update on any of them. So this challenge will be more of the same. I keep hoping that having a thread with people tracking me will make me actually track what I'm doing and accomplishing, instead of just randomly working on things and forgetting what progress I've made. But that keeps not happening. So here are my most recent finished projects, both built from scrapwood as I try to turn my garage from a garbage pile back into a usable workshop.
  3. Late as usual, but getting there. Goals are fluid right now as I work on my motivation to move more and eat better. And work on house projects and costumes. I did finally finish the Little Witch and Wizard costumes, though I don't know when we'll be wearing them now.
  4. I've been on hiatus for the past couple challenges while I de-stressed and now I'm ready to come back to this awesome community. The only problem is that I still have no plan. So I think I'm going to lurk for a bit while I continue working on getting my life back in order. Expect cosplay pictures, because I don't have much else to do while teleworking and eventually there will be conventions again. Goals are going to be super undefined for now: -quit eating when I'm not hungry -actually move around regularly -finish the f&@%ing bathroom And cosplay
  5. Anim stood on his path once again, unsure of where he was beyond that fact. His surroundings had changed dramatically, while he was focused on other things. He had changed as well, in ways he was also unsure of. But he had stalled for too long already, and standing still wasn't helping him assess the changes, both within and without. It was past time to start moving again, and to remember who he was. Anim, god of death, keeper of souls, walker of the path... I've been meaning to make a challenge for a while, and life has lined up to make the new year a good ti
  6. I've spent most of this year trying to get back into my healthy habits with mixed success. And after some forced introspection last challenge, I think I've nailed down the reason: I've never been this happy for this long, and I don't know how to deal with that. Before I met my fiancee, I could always find something to be angry about, and let the rage fuel my quest for change. Now, the anger is still there, but it's less consuming, because how bad can anything really be while she's here? So instead of failing to return to old habits, it's time to go back to the beginning and bui
  7. A couple months ago I tried jumping back into my old habits and failed miserably. So I spent the rest of 2018 figuring out why and coming up with a new plan. And just FYI, the title doesn't really mean anything. I just like dinosaurs, so that's the calendar I got to track my progress: Goal for the year is to build new healthy habits, so I can do the things I want to do without worrying about ability or injury. Goals for January: -Start PLP365 - This is my own take on the PLP Program. On each day of 2019, I want to do reps of pullups/lunges/pushu
  8. Anim had made progress, but slowly, as his lack of focus tread the ground around him into a swamp. It felt like he was going in circles, and circles he had traveled before, at that. Shaking himself off, Anim picked a direction and starting slogging forward. I know I've made progress the past couple challenges, but it doesn't feel like it. Especially last challenge, every week felt mediocre, like I should have done more. Part of the problem is divided priorities. Workouts are getting shortened or skipped to make time for projects, so I never feel like I've done enough.
  9. The terrain was settling into known patterns again and Anim was once again seeing progress. New obstacles continued to make it an uphill journey, however, and it was time to adjust his methods to counter them. Current conditions also required that he split is focus to complete other tasks. With enough time spent planning, it was time to act. I've been taking it easy the past couple weeks while I try to figure out how I want to move forward. But after answering a workout question today, I have a good plan to maintain my workouts while switching my focus at home
  10. The path had been easier to find than expected, once Anim had set his mind to finding it. The familiar ruts had guided him back to the track he had tread many times before. Now he had ground to regain. And obstacles, both new and old, peaked through the grass ahead of him. The best way to prepare for them was simply to keep moving, though, and build up the momentum to smash through when he reached them. Getting back on track last month went better than expected. So instead of changing things up, I'm just going to keep chugging along. Goals: 5 workouts p
  11. Anim looked around again, trying to get his bearings. The past month had been enjoyable, but hectic, and his priorities had been on everything except his longterm goals. But now it was time to return to his quest, as soon as he could find the path again... I spent most of the holidays eating too much and exercising too little, especially the last two weeks at my parents' house. In addition to my normal end-of-year shenanigans, I also have an awesome GF now, who I want to spend as much time with as possible and a new (to me) convention at the end of February to prepare for
  12. The storm had come suddenly, arriving sooner than expected despite the warnings, forcing Anim to find shelter until it passed. It's strength had left new obstacles in his path, slowing his progress even after it passed. But the sun kept peaking through the clouds to illuminate his goals in the distance, so Anim shook himself free of the last vestiges of lethargy and redoubled his efforts forward. After close to a decade of refusing to follow his doctor's advice, my grandpa finally admitted there was something wrong when he started coughing up blood. He was diagnosed with
  13. With the passing of deadlines and goals, Anim's path had opened up to a plain filled with possibilities. But it hadn't taken long for him to find a new hurdle, literally. All of his goals were now blocked by clutter. Even most of the clutter was blocked by clutter. If he wanted to make progress, he was going to have remove these obstacles of his own making. With all of my focus on costuming and conventions this summer, I haven't been keeping up with my cleaning and organizing. Then I got back from DragonCon and threw everything in my "junk room" to avoid dealing with it
  14. "Life sucks and then you die." It was an important lesson. One Anim had learned many times. Yet he still forgot; and the blows had come quickly once his guard was down. The pit had been dark, and climbing out had taken longer than it should have. He had slipped again upon realizing how he had driven away his temporary companion. His mask had slipped, revealing some of the damage beneath, and she was unready. Anim couldn't blame her for that - he didn't like the person behind the mask either. But that was why he had to continue forward, until the mask became unnecessary. The scars
  15. It had taken longer than he liked, but Anim had reestablished his pace across the plain that spread out before him. His current focus helped matters; landmarks in the distance were quickly approaching and he must be prepared. But this path was known -he had tread it more times than he cared to admit- and progress was steady. The new companion was welcome when she chose to join him. Anim was unsure how long their paths would run together, but worrying about the uncertain future would only poison the present. For the moment, her presence helped him focus, as well; his goals becom
  16. Anim's journey had been delayed, but none of the obstacles had proven enough to stop him. Part of him still wanted to go back and destroy the most irritating, but that would only serve to tie him down when he needed to continue forward. There was work to be done, and now he had time to return to it. I ended up dropping a lot of stuff here on the forums, including my own challenges, when problem customers at work decided to cause extra hassles. If arson wasn't so frowned upon, there'd be significantly fewer buildings in the area. But that's (mostly) taken care of, so it's
  17. The shift back to normal was almost complete, but a few areas of twisted reality remained. Anim was tempted to ignore them in favor of more desirable objectives, but recognized that as another path to failure. Perhaps a middle road could be made to work. First he would need to assess his current standing and make a plan to move forward. So I had everything planned out for a "back to costuming" challenge to begin the new year, but that pile of rock still blocking half my driveway isn't going to move itself. Plus all the other projects I've started/have in planning that ne
  18. Over the past month the land had slowly changed, beginning to lose it's skewed and twisted perspective, while the terrain became more and more difficult. Now Anim was mired in a swamp with disconnected shards of the alternate reality peaking through seemingly at random. The mud, and treacherous footing it hid, had slowed him and the few dry-looking islands tempted him to stop and rest. But if he lost what little momentum remained, he may never start again. He hated that desire for an easier path than the one before him; loathed that weakness inside himself, the one that had ke
  19. The skewed world continued to stretch around him for as far as the eye could see and the only progress Anim seemed to make was sideways. Or possibly backwards; it was difficult to tell sometimes. But it was progress, and with some more effort, could be focused in a more desirable direction. I made a lot of progress around my house last month, but haven't finished yet. And the housework came at the expense of things like cooking, so my diet slipped a lot. I also relied on yard work as exercise more than I should have and fell off my regular schedule. So this month I'll be tryin
  20. With the passing of anticipated events, the world had shifted, leaving Anim on skewed plain. The land around him was warped and twisted and though the landmarks were familiar, their appeal had changed, as had the paths leading to them. Reassessing his priorities, Anim set out on a new path, hoping to leave this area quickly. Now that Dragoncon's over, I'm a little burnt out on costuming and have a mountain of chores that I've been putting off for far too long. So for this challenge I'll be pretending I'm an adult for a little while and focusing on getting my house cleaned and so
  21. Deadlines had snuck up, as they tend to do, with only marginal progress to show for the time. The path's unexpected twists and turns had changed an easy stroll to a difficult trudge. Anim knew he could still reach all of his landmarks, but not in the time he had set himself. Choosing a single one, he prepared for a final sprint before time ran out. I fell off any kind of workout plan last challenge, mostly because I just don't like them. But I'm back to calorie counting, since the "I'll just be mindful of what I'm eating" thing doesn't work consistently.
  22. The plain had narrowed with his focus, and Anim now walked a high plateau. The cliffs on either side offered a painful fall if he strayed too far, but there was still plenty of safe room on this path. His chosen landmarks had moved slightly closer, as had several beyond them, but still required more effort to reach. A few potholes had indicated areas for improvement on his current route, but the basic plan was solid and would support him for a while longer. Sticking to a plan worked pretty well last challenge, so I'm just going to refine the things that didn't work
  23. The path had become a wide plain without Anim noticing. Objects in the distance promised great accomplishments, but with so many to pick from, he kept switching focus and making only minimal progress towards any. Buckling down, Anim chose two of the closest that continued to tempt him and formed a plan to get there. The others would have to wait. I tend to take a chaotic view of training, just doing whatever sounds fun at the time. It normally isn't a problem, since I accept that any progress is going to be slow and often unmeasurable. But after kicking myself out of a
  24. Something was wrong, he could feel it was so without knowing exactly what was causing it. Finding a quiet spot beside the path, Anim stopped to contemplate the problem. His journey continued, but progress was becoming frustratingly slow and he seemed to keep treading the same ground over and over. Centered once again, he rose and returned to the path. His problem wasn't solved, or even truly identified, but the first step was collecting the necessary information. I'm not sure what's been off the past couple months, but it's getting worse instead of better. Th
  25. So this is less of a bucket list/epic quest and more a list of achievements available in my game of life. As with most games, some of these achievements are reached just by playing the game correctly and some require varying degrees of extra work to unlock. I'm sure there will be a lot of creep in the requirements, so if anyone has recommendations feel free to let me know. Master Explorer: Complete the All-American, World Traveler, Full Passport, and all Photo Album achievements All-American: Visit every state (lived 7; visited 25/50 complete)
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