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Found 2 results

  1. I really want to sit on the couch, watch some TV, and maybe drink a beer. This challenge will be about me resisting that desire. This battle will consist of 4 rounds: Round 1 - Physical Fitness Homer is seen here performing one armed push-ups with a baby on his back. I have been progressing towards one armed push-ups since the beginning of the summer. My goal will be 3 sets of 20 uneven push-ups. An acceptable alternative would be actual OAPs. Round 2 - Physical Appearance When Homer really put his mind to it, he was able to get in shape. I'd like to lose a couple of inches of my waist in the next few months. My goal this time around will be to hit 5 days a week of 16/8 Intermittent Fasting. Round 3 - Father Figure Homer may not be the ideal father figure, but he manages to find time to do things his kids like. My goal will be to focus on my kids more. Yes, I realize this is an extremely nebulous goal. Refinement forthcoming. Round 4 - Husband I realize that my initial statement was that I want to resist the temptation to sit on the couch and watch TV, but no beer and no TV could make a guy go crazy! Actually my wife loves quality time and "couch dates" are one of our favorite activities. We are excited that the Fall TV season is starting up again soon and have a couple of shows we like to watch together. My goal will be at least 5 couch dates over the next 6 weeks where I let her pick the shows. And who knows, if I hit all my other goals, I could wind up in a situation like this:
  2. EDIT : I effed up my back somehow last week, so I put off my challenge until this week. I don't care about winning - I'm in to feel good again and build a routine set of habits. Since my back is still weird, I'm simplifying my routine just to make sure I do something, but to also try not to hurt myself (no health insurance). Also, since I've been unemployed for a month and my tax return is taking its sweet time finding its way to my bank account, I'm ditching the Paleo too. I need to eat what I have around the house and that's going to involve stuff outside of that framework. *shrug* Hey-o! Winter is killing me. In an effort to shake this hibernation situation, here's my challenge goals: 1) Couch to 5K Walking on treadmill 30 minutes M/W/F A - all 3 days B - 2 of 3 days C - 1 of 3 days F - no days 2) Nerd Fitness Rookie Yoga Workout (weeks 1-3) T/R/S & Recruit Nerd Fitness Rookie Workout (weeks 4-5) T/R/S A - all 3 days B - 2 of 3 days C - 1 of 3 days F - no days 3) Pull Up Workout Solitary Racquetball (fluid, not jerky) M/W/F http://greatist.com/fitness/i-want-to-do-a-pullup-022012/# A - all 3 days B - 2 of 3 days C - 1 of 3 days F - no days 4) No soda or fast food beginning week 1 / eat Paleo weeks 2-6 / 1 gallon of water per day A - all 7 days B - 5 of 7 days C - 3 of 7 days D - 1 of 7 days F - no days (soda / fast food) A - all 7 days B - 5 of 7 days C - 3 of 7 days D - 1 of 7 days F - no days (Paleo) A - all 7 days B - 5 of 7 days C - 3 of 7 days D - 1 of 7 days F - no days (gallon of water) 5) 30 minutes each day of calligraphy / drawing A - all 7 days B - 5 of 7 days C - 3 of 7 days D - 1 of 7 days F - no days I don't have a specific weight goal or progress goal. My umbrella goal is to create a sense of consistency and routine. My scale at home is not working, so I'll have to get a starting weight tomorrow at the gym. Let's do this thing.
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