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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! I know people a lot of times have trouble counting calories, (which I know is my biggest problem) as well as what they are in taking. (again, I big problem for me) we are all here for each other, which is why I wanted to ask people to join me on my fitnesspal as well as on here Please feel free to add me on both here and myfitnesspa I know we all need to support each other Good luck to every one and I'm looking forward to the next Challenge as well! myfitnesspal: LittleFireyPheo
  2. <Incoming Transmission. . . .> To: Hazard Fr: Rebel Intelligence Liaison Re: SpecOps Agent Test Finish up practicing on the proving grounds, candidate Hazard. Your Rebel Intelligence Special Operations Agent field test will begin in five days on 2/24. You will be going live with the skills that you have been practicing, tracking the movements of three High Priority targets for six weeks: Weight, Calories, Protein. Futhermore, MedCorp has determined that excess fat may hinder your ability to maneuver in the field. While this does not disqualify you from your test mission, your advancement within SpecOps may be limited if you do not take immediate steps to remedy this. Also be aware that active Agents are attached to various divisions within the Rebellion. There are seven divisions operating within your assigned theater. Upon successful completion of your field test, you will be given the choice for which division you will be attached. During the course of your test, you are to analyze the modus operandi of the seven divisions so that you can make an informed choice. Good luck, candidate. <End Transmission> EPIC QUEST Turn into More details on my Epic Quest, and my workouts, are in my battle log. MOTIVATION To be healthy, sexy, and inspire awe. QUESTS for this CHALLENGE 1) Track weight, calories, and protein. 2) Do a hard cut until at least March 10th. Decide then if I want to continue the cut longer. 3) Learn about and evaluate the 7 Nerd Fitness guilds to decide which will be my best fit for my second challenge.
  3. Hello everyone! I'm in the process of trying to make a meal plan based on the macros I calculated below (do they look right to you?) First my stats: Age - 28 Female Height - 5' 8" Weight - 143 I do crossfit 4-5 times a week and my goal is to be leaner and toned. 1690 calories Protein - 40% - 676 cal / 179.5 g Carbs - 30% - 538.5 cal / 134 g Fats - 30% - 60 g I have been tracking (but not weighing or measuring) my food intake for the last week. I am generally way over in carbs and fats and never get close to my protein (yikes). I have been on a paleo challenge the last 30 days, but it ends today, so I will be adding dairy and some grains back in to help boost my protein intake. (I found legumes and I don't play well together, so those will stay out). I would like to come up w/at least 3-4 good high protein meals I can rotate throughout the week. I'm just having trouble figuring out what the proper nutrition facts are for whole clean foods. So, I guess my main question is: what resource do you use to find the nutrition facts on foods without labels? I use myfitnesspal to track my food right now, but there are so many varying numbers on any one item, I don't know which to trust. Any advice for someone who is just starting this? I know it will take some time for me to nail my numbers (and of course, a little variation each day is expected). Any advise on food prep? With work and the gym, cooking every night is not something I want to worry about. So I'm ok with dedicating a day to food prep for the week. Thank you for all and any help!
  4. Good afternoon, ladies and gents! As promised, I am back for a third round of trials, tribulations, accomplishments, and woots! This challenge is all about solidifying the core of my health and fitness. Now that I've had two challenges under my belt, it's time I keep the trend going and as a friend pointed out, keep the baby steps coming, but don't over-reach. I'll post up a solid list of my challenges for this round by the end of the day tomorrow. However, here's my initial goal ideas. I will institute levels this time around. If I am dominating my original goals by the middle of the challenge, I will up the difficulty to level 2 and continue. Fitness & Health 1. Counting calories - stay within my allotted limit that the Lose It! app suggests for my weight and try and make the food I consume as high quality as I can muster. Level 1 - 5 out of 7 days, staying at or under calories alloted. Level 2 - 6 out of 7 days 2. Body Weight Workouts - Last time, I managed to get going on 2 body weight workouts every week, by the end of the challenge. I want to push this further. Level 1 - 3 body weight workouts every week Level 2 - 3 body weight workouts every week & at least two days of cardio (walking, jump rope, etc) 3. Cut out the sugar - This is a carry over from last time, but since keeping within my 1-2 sweets a day was more of a "oh where can I find my treat/fix", I'm going to up the challenge. To cut out sweets for 5 days out of the week, that's sweets in drinks, anything sugar, honey, agave, stevia, truvia, etc. That doesn't count towards milk or things that may have some sugar in them but aren't "sweet" treats. Kinda hard to avoid all sugar when some food is processed. Level 1 - zero sweets/sweetener 5 of 7 days Level 2 - Zero sweets/sweetener everyday Life Goal 1. ??? I'm at a loss for my life goal. Last time, I studied courses online for my life goal. I also had a bonus health goal focused on spiritual health... any suggestions? I will update the thread with my starting weight, measurements, pictures/vids, and suggested calories. I'll also start a new spreadsheet and track my progress on there to keep myself accountable and transparent to everyone following/checking up on me. Also, just to put it out there, this isn't all about me. If any of you need help, please don't hesitate to pm me or ask on my thread. I want to help and encourage everyone as much as I've been helped and encouraged and MORE. I know I'm not a mod or anything, but that doesn't mean I can just sit on my hands and do nothing
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