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  1. Vixen pulled herself up and over the edge of the cliff, carefully stepping away from the edge before turning to look back at the way she came. Her training on the bouldering walls back home had prepared her for the climb, but it hadn't been easy, and she was thankful to be back on terra firma. The satisfied smile on her face soon fell however when she turned to look at the path ahead. True, she had scaled this cliff, but it fell sharply away again to rocky, dangerous gulley. The edge opposite her was tantalisingly close, but climbing back down and up again would more than quadruple the distance she had to travel. Looking up, she saw some vines hanging from a sturdy tree branch, which all but traversed the gully. Could there be another way across? First full challenge in several years! Here we go! I went through the guide to setting smart goals, and came up with the following five areas in bold. These are long-term goals (to be achieved over a year). I've broken them down into SMART goals, and I'm setting a few of those for my challenge. Hang Glide When I was little I said this was my life ambition. I've decided to actually just do it this year. Because there's no time like the present. Hang glide this year was my 2018 New Year's Resolution. Research places to do it, and best time of year to go. Make a spreadsheet with all the places & times & send to partner in crime Become a Gymnastic Ring Aficionado I'm on the last level of the bodyweight path in the NF Academy, and I'm ready to take it to the next level. My other half isn't keen on me buying the rings/handstands course, so I'm researching what I can do on my own first. Schedule BW workouts for the month. Strength training x3 a week (includes climbing/hoop) Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Build up a bookmarks folder of ring training advice Become Proficient at Aerial Hoop Hoop is my new favourite thing in the world. I love it. I want to do it MORE. Schedule classes for the month. Hoop class x1 a week Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Yoga five times a week Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Write First Draft of a Story Another one of the things I always said I would do. I went on an OU creative writing course last year, now to start putting it into practice! Vixen is a character in one of my WIPs, btw. Schedule in one writing session a week for a month Write once a week as above! Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Find a New Job My other half is a doctor, and we will be moving for his work in August. I'm trying to put in the groundwork now, so I can find a new job that I like! All written work for care certificate completed E-mail technical lead and network/ask about jobs - this is no longer relevant as I'm not going to Glasgow E-mail Phys Soc contact and ask about research in Liverpool Whew! I know that seems like a lot, but I don't think it's too bad. The workout stuff is mainly at the level I'm already working at. I just finished the 30 days of yoga challenge, so missing yoga a couple days a week is almost a step back... and I'm head over heels in love with hoop so I'm sure to get to classes (famous last words?). It's more all the admin stuff I'm going to find harder, because ugh, speaking to people. Introverts unite!
  2. Hello Rangers! *waves furiously* In the spirit of a new year, and because most of my awesome friends here are Rangers, I thought I'd swap guilds for this challenge! (And possibly subsequent challenges, but don't tell the assassin's guild... ) I'm starting the year off with .... lots of work. Two auditions, my first professional trial, and at least two concerts in the month of January. Oh. And my 25th birthday. So I'll be busy. But, the challenge. Because even if I'm super busy with work, that doesn't mean I don't have the time or the inclination to do other things. I'm going to be doing a writing-based challenge, because I love those, and because I saw Rogue One and have been itching to write a fix it ever since. So... Meet Petra Andor. Yes. That Andor. She grew up trying to be just like her big brother, and she succeeded. She gets sent on the missions no one else wants to go on, the dangerous ones, the 'morally ambiguous' ones. {That gun? That's Petra's...} Challenge the First: Getting Away from the Bad Guys In a fit of momentary madness for which I'm currently grateful, I signed up for Run The Edge's Run 2017 Miles in 2017 challenge. What that means, though, is that I need to run an average of 5.5 miles a day every day this year. My first challenge is to run at least 170.5 miles miles in the month of January (5.5 x 31), and, secondarily, to run 25k on my 25th birthday (more on that later). In addition, because running from the bad guys is more than just being able to outpace them, I'll be doing a minimum of three non-running workouts a week (NF workouts, climbing, etc) Challenge the Second: Track Your Target I'm attempting to try tracking my food again. I'll count this goal a success if I track 5 days out of 7. Happily, my new planner has a little section at the bottom of each date that I have been using to write down what I eat. I'm anticipating this will be the most difficult challenge, as I'm least emotionally attached to it (even though I know it's an important habit), and it's the 'easiest' one... Challenge the Third: Understand the Locals Well, the locals in Ireland, anyway. I received a Rosetta Stone Irish subscription for Christmas, and I am *in love* with it. Seriously. Learning new and obscure languages is one of my favourite things... To complete this challenge, I will do some Irish learning six days a week. I'd love to know what anyone thinks, and I'm excited. 2017 is gonna be awesome! For the Rebellion, Stoney
  3. A house sits in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, far away from the prying gaze of civilisation.... Agent 78, pulls up to the house - no, glorified log cabin - and waits. Her eyes track automatically, out the windscreen to the house, the rear-view mirror, the gun case in the back seat, and repeat. The door opens, and her eyes snap to it, watching as a bald man in a black wool overcoat walks slowly through the door and onto the small front porch. He doesn't say anything, nor does 78 expect him to, simply nods once. She nods in return, then opens her car door and steps out, boots crunching through the snowpack a few inches before holding her weight. "You're late," 47 says. "I was held up." 78 holds her head up high. No need to inform 47 of the other agents she'd lost at the Jackson Hole airport two days ago. "Are you ready?" "Diana didn't send me." Another person would have thought the conversation odd, held from fifty feet apart, speaking in conversational tones, the simple questions and answers carrying only the first level of meaning. Are you ready? To fight me? To try and killed me? Don't forget, 78, many have tried, all have failed. Diana didn't send me. I'm not here to kill you. I'm not working for the organisation any more. 78 raised her hands slowly, watching 47 watch her movements as she removed her own black overcoat and blazer, revealing the lack of holster beneath. She turned slowly on the spot, meeting 47's eyes once again as she took the final step. "Why?" Do you have a death wish, 78? "I met 90." This was it, the dangerous statement. I met your sister. I met her, she told me who she was and where you were. And I came, unarmed. Don't kill me. 78 registered the movement, but stayed perfectly still as the silver 9mm levelled at her forehead. "Katya?" The tone was different now. Where 47's voice had been almost robotic, it now almost held a note of concern. 78's mouth twisted in a half-smile. "Your sister is fine, 47." She kept perfectly still, the wind starting to bite through her white button-down. "She sent me." "Why?" The muzzle of the gun remained trained on 78's head. "Why kill for Diana?" Why kill for her when she's trying to kill you? And Katya? When you saved my life? 47 waited five seconds, then ten. Then he lowered his weapon. "Come in." He turned and 78 followed, boots crunching through the snow. 47 didn't turn, but his voice still carried. "Bring your weapons." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Challenge: Mission 1: Work out (10 xp) Run every day and work out three times a week, barring injury or sickness. Mission 2: Hydrate (15 xp) Drink at least 2L of water a day. You are allowed two mistakes. Mission 3: Meditate (15 xp) Meditate 10 minutes a day. Start the practice by using the Headspace app. Mission 4: Languages (10 xp) Practice both French and German every day using Duolingo.
  4. Oh, hi there. You must be the group of friends that my buddy Wolfie here tells me about. I gotta tell ya, you guys are pretty fuckin cool. I mean, look at the beard growth in this community! And the broga (BTW, I’m going to steal that and if you have an issue with it, take it up with my unicorn!) Who am I? Well now, that’s a silly question. I'm Captain Deadpool! No wait..just Deadpool. I do lots of cool shit like this gif below of me from my movie. That's Ajax I'm fighting-he's a nice guy to work with. I’m here to tell you all that I’m not doing this for free, though as most of you would assume with the likeness of Ryan Reynolds and your very own Ryan aka Wolfie that I would, I am not. A man’s gotta get laid...I mean paid, ya know? Are you confused yet? Yeah, so was I until this shitstick of a Ranger named “Wild Wolf†approaches me with a grand scheme. A plan that’s worthy of some things...some personal things… Shut up and get to the point! Okay...okay… someone's a widdle angwee.. Wild Wolf has asked me to introduce his next challenge and be a personal icon or theme or cabana boy...I don’t remember the crazy shit he was talking about, but we both decided to never speak of that night again. (He took his pants off and vowed to mushroom tattoo the whole waiting staff at Taco Bell..or was that me..) All I know is that he wants me here for 4-weeks and now he has me. Kinda. I still gotta beat up the bad guys and bug the shit out of Spiderman and Wolverine...ya know, Wolvie... he’s really not as angry as people say. He’s a gentle soul that…†Sorry Logan..Love ya! BACK TO THE CHALLENGE! As I was saying. I’ll be here. More than likely I’ll be stalking most of you since Wolfie gave me his username and password, but I won't make promises that it will be in the friendly way..I have issues you know? Also...go see my movie! It’s Marvel’s biggest February opening EVER! Don’t take your kids though. I say lots of bad words, I have lots of sex, and I kill lots of people. Did I mention Ryan Reynolds plays me in the movie? Yeah, he’s a cool guy too. Not a great actor, but funny as hell. Speaking of ass... Well that's not very nice, TJ Miller. But it's true...I do like the inside of someone else's asshole... Am I ADHD or what?! Without further-fuckin-ado, I present to you Wild Wolf’s next 4-week challenge where he gives Maximum Effort and Expresses some Rage… Deadpool
  5. Recap of my Adventure: I'm Teros the satyr. I've been here for almost 3 years. Growing up, I was treated like shit and bullied. Got into a relationship as a teenager which started of ok but after about a year, there were issues that gradually got worse and worse. Stayed with her for 12 solid years and it became an enmeshed toxic relationship. I always felt alone my entire life. Extremely socially awkward, had no confidence, and a therapist said that I was probably high-functioning autistic. I was terrified to do ANYTHING outside of my very limited comfort zone. I binged on junk food and played videogames my whole life; wishing that I could be someone else. That 'else' became my gamertag - Teros. It was my ideal. Teros would do this. Teros wouldn't let that stop him. If I could just be like Teros and do ____. I ballooned up to 360 pounds, when my doctor said I should be 220. It got worse with my ex, as she was an enabler and sabotaged me. I lived a depressed and angry life for over 25 years. Then I found NF. Once I did a couple of challenges, I found my groove and found my people. I started working out with a sledgehammer and I identified with it. I started doing pushups as well wall-ups because I was too overweight to do regular pushups. I got more traction and built a homegym: My issue was always a mental one. I could be strong and I could work out. I wasn't afraid of pain and pushing myself. I kept trying and failing though - misdirection in media paired with lack of confidence and dealing with massive waves of anxiety and depression - I became desperate. Once people on here started believing in me, everything changed. I'm a visual person, so I decided to print out a ton of encouraging comments and created my wall of positivity: I also made an RPG character (which NF is about 2 years late to start implementing...) I was losing weight and it was in spite of my g/f at the time. I did a few whole 30s and kept dropping lbs. I was getting stronger. I upgraded my 10lb sledgehammer into a 20lb 'Warhammer', built the above homegym, progressed to incline pushups and then regular pushups. Then I tried a Spartan. The write up of it: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/51002-teros-x-spartan/?p=1166122 I gave it .....everything. After that, there was a swell of support for the next one in a few months later. I was terrified and didn't want to do it but I signed up anyway. http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/55919-teros-xii-redemption/?p=1287162 (I'm the one that looks like Hagrid crossed with grumpy cat with glasses on the far left) That experience at Fenway made me realize something that had been eating away at me for years - I wasn't happy. What made me happy was when I was here. Unless I was with You. All of You. My relationship with my g/f was horrible. I never felt cared about or loved. Never felt like I mattered. Never felt like I was a priority. I had to make progress by fighting her most of the time. Being around people that made me feel like I felt that weekend.... I can't explain it. Words don't describe it. Everyone's lives took a drastic turn because of that experience. I was at a tipping point - for almost 2 years, I had been slowly becoming that person that I looked up to. The person that I wished I could be. I felt completely divided. 50% Mike and 50% Teros. That spartan race and being with people that made me feel alive and loved... it pushed me past the 50% mark. I knew what I had to do: I ended my 12 year toxic relationship. The following 9 months were a fucking disaster. She lived with me and it was a nightmare waiting for her to move out. So many emotions were churning. Everything was raw and painful to talk about and deal with. I pushed her out and made her stop making excuses. I helped her get a car, tried to help her learn how to drive (at 30...), gave her supplies she needed, etc. While this is happening (as in, while broken up), I start falling for a girl that I was friends with. I was scared about what I'm supposed to do about any of this. In the end, she 'agonizes' over the decision and cuts ties while still flip-flopping about things. I truly felt she was someone special. However, I think she was emotionally walled off and didn't give me a real chance, opting the 'safe' choice. After my g/f-now-ex has finally moved out, we had a few more fights. We had said that once things settle down, we were going to stay friends and try again; and we weren't going to go dating anyone. Give each other an 'adult chance'. Despite, in all honesty, me not thinking there was a goddamn thing that I did wrong in the relationship (Oh wow, love yourself and do something besides hate everyone and watch tv, and maybe snuggle with me - what a demanding slave driver I am...) I figured if she grew up, we could try again as 'new' people.... Then she goes onto a dating website and dates a guy while simultaneously fucking a manager at her new store she works at. It was like the entire relationship with her was a fat sack of shit where I felt like I was nothing to her. Her running off within DAYS of moving out was like the cherry on top of a raw shit sundae. Nail in the coffin - she obviously doesn't give a single fuck about me or the concept of 'us'. By August 2015, with my ex mostly out of the picture, and the girl that I admitted that I loved shooting me down; I had to do something that was eating away at me since the spartan race back in November. I had to purge. I wrote my entire life story and purged emotionally. Then I purged physically. 17 empty containers out of 19 which held my entire life... ...gone. This was the start of Project Phoenix and it is what I continue with today. I rebuilt the 'southeast corner' of my Satyr cave: Before: VS After: + Project Phoenix is a 3-6+ long challenge setup to kill off what remains of my old self. I hate my old self. Weak. Scared. Self-pitying. Anxious. Angry. Frustrated. Treated like shit. Made to feel worthless. Unloved. I started it with Satyr Begins. Then The Dark Satyr. Now, The Dark Satyr Rises. I Deserve Better. I Will Make Better. Because I Am Better. There are a ridiculous amount of parallels between myself and the Batman archetype. As I thought what I wanted to do over the next year, I realized that this Project was my future waiting for me. I need to be strong enough to take it - to build it. Last challenge, the Project started: Satyr Begins. The Project in it's entirety: Step #1) Purge: -Purge all negative emotions by telling my story. -Purge all possessions by razing 30 year's worth of memories to the ground. (Burn Wayne Manor) Step #2) Satyr-Cave: -Clean the entire cave (Southeast corner) -Prime/Paint Satyr-cave -Get new flooring -Building Project #1 Bookshelf -Building Project #2 Kitchen table -Building Project #3 ****** -Building Project #4 ****** Step #3) New Look: (Become a symbol) -Face fear of cut hair/beard after 3 years/9 months -Face fear of getting piercing -Face fear of getting tattoo -Face fear of getting hair procedure done -Replace the old NF Symbol -New wardrobe Step #4) Schedule: (The will to Act) -Create a week schedule for the following: -Master's Program homework -Master's Program classes -Socializing -Exercise -Work -Decide on secret Batman lessons Step #5) Train (Ongoing): -Whole 30 -Daily walks(or)bleachers / body-weights -Sledgehammer workouts -****Unlocked after Building Project #3 -****Unlocked after Building Project #4 & -Batman Lessons Step #6) Become the Dark Satyr (cryptic on purpose): -Satyr Suit Defense -Satyr Suit Offense -'Wayne' Lessons -Siren's Call -Facing the Past that never was -Defining who I am Forever This challenge I will be working on completing Step #2, Step #3, and continuing step #5. Whole 30 started. Went for a 2+ mile walk the past couple of days. I'll be doing some sledgehammer workout tomorrow after work most likely. Once the other 2 options are ....'unlocked', I will reevaluate. For now, it is daily walks and 3x for some bodyweights, total gym reps, and sledgehammering. This entire time in my life has been Dark Souls difficulty. In the past two years I have lost 80 pounds, beat a spartan race, went from never being able to do wall push-ups, to being able to do 50 wide-grip regular push-ups, went from swinging a 10 lb sledgehammer for a couple minutes and being a sweating mess - to instead wielding a 20 pound sledgehammer for hundreds of reps (and 20lb is too heavy to even sell in hardware stores.), I built an entire homegym - consisting of kettelbells, sandbags, 250lb tractor tire, and some custom 50lb dumbbells, I wrote two years worth of story for an accountability RPG-based group, and I am here with people that I would consider my family, I've broken out of my shell and can talk to people instead of being an Asperger stuttering mess, became a guild leader, have traveled outside of my comfort zone (trains, first time on a plane, went to different states, and even drove to different states - I used to travel within a 5 mile RADIUS), tried new foods, met people from all walks of life, I've shared with people inner secrets, I ended a 12-year toxic enmeshed relationship, took a gamble on love and was crushed but bounced back, got accepted into the Master's program for social work, burned everything that I owned to the ground in a massive bonfire, and have been rebuilding my satyr-cave from scratch. I created this symbol a while back to represent the Dark Satyr. Horns for a satyr and the chin braid bottom point at the bottom. Red background to represent the flames from burning everything. The Dark Satyr Rises
  6. Hang tight, the insanity is about to begin... Because when you want to leave work, you LEAVE and update your challenge thread after a home made steak dinner, not before. >.< But the least you can do is save yourself a spot on the Rangertrain. Update: 10/26 @ 8:10pm Dinner is DONE (gotta love steak and sweet potato soup), so now it's time to update this thread with my actual challenge goals and such. If you couldn't already tell, the theme to this challenge is... I've decided to stick with my overkill insane motivation for the remainder of the year. I had mixed feelings about using this as a challenge theme; my husband happens to hate the movie, and I know there were a LOT of mixed reception about it. While my knowledge of the 80's TV show is very limited, I still enjoyed the movie for the exact reasons that my husband hates it and more. It brought to life an idea that I've had for a Spec Ops team since I was in middle school, and the ridiculousness, the unrealistic, the hilarious, the insanity, and the EFFECTIVENESS just makes me melt inside (while laughing maniacally). So, without further adieu, I bring to you the challenge in which I become an early bird. Last challenge, I went back to my basics and learned a few things during my struggles. The biggest lesson I learned is that, while it sucks getting up at 5am, it actually makes my life easier to do so and gives me enough time in the day to do the things I need. So, sleep will be added to my basics, along with a few other small things. The Mission: Lose 10lb by December 22nd (my 28th birthday). Team members for the mission: Team Leader: Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith Hannibal is the leader; the brains behind the operation. It is his brilliance in tactics that carries the team through their missions time and again. He is the backbone of the team, always making sure their plans work, one way or another, and gets them out of trouble.Diet is king when it comes to losing weight. So, for this six week challenge, I've decided to take what I've learned about my food issues from last challenge and come up with my own eating plan. I will follow a predominantly Paleo diet while aiming for specific macro-nutrient/calorie numbers. I tend to under-eat while eating clean, so aiming for specific numbers should help me avoid that. The macros should also help with cravings that I just need to nip in the bud and get over. I want to stay as clean as possible though, because it just makes me feel so much better when I do.Macros: CALORIES: 1670|PROTEIN: 145g|FAT: 90g|CARBS: 70gWhat does this have to do with becoming an early bird? Well, if I get my lazy butt up when my alarm goes off, I can actually eat REAL BREAKFAST, something I really need to start doing.Mission role: Eat clean/Paleo at home, following my macros. Reward: +3 CON Team Member: Lieutenant Templeton Arthur "Faceman" Peck His nickname says it all. Peck is the face of the group, always getting into trouble, being the bait and the reel for their plans, and looking damn good doing it. Full of charisma and good-nature, albeit a bit immature at times, he can always be relied on to pull his weight.I will continue with my strength training regimen. Three times a week, push/pull/leg. Although, I'm extending the time from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. This will allow me more time to do a complete workout, main movement and accessory work, not just a main movement. Waking up on time is crucial to this. Peck is also the player of the group, always flirting with the ladies. Because of the bumps that occurred during my last challenge, I'm planning on having a date night with the husband at least once a week. We're still working to put our relationship back on the rails that it was before, so I plan on making a conscious effort in this endeavor.Mission role: strength training 3x week; one date night per week. Rewards: +3 STR, +1 CHA Team member: Sergeant Bosco Albert "B. A." Baracus "Bad Ass" Baracus is the muscle and mechanical brain of the operation. Primarily an "hit first, ask questions later" kind of man, he stands out and is constantly straight forward about himself and his methods. However, being incarcerated has given him a chance to re-evaluate his stance on violence and get in tune with himself to understand how he feels about things.Here's the biggie: SLEEP. I will dedicate EIGHT HOURS to sleep; in bed, no distractions, eyes closed. Even the bedtime routine needs to be done before I start counting. Quality will be tracked with my FitBit. Bedtime is 9pm and I MUST get up with the alarm at 5am, especially on week days. Maybe some leniency during the weekends, but not much. On weekends, I should be out of bed by 8am.My anterior pelvic tilt needs consecutive MONTHS to start correcting properly, so this also needs to be a primary focus, as I didn't spend as nearly enough time or attention to it last time. Waking up early should allow me the time without distractions in order to complete the FULL ROUTINE, instead of just the basic stretches.On the mechanical side of things, I've been a bit lazy at my new job. I've taken the opportunity that it would give me to do more of the things I love (creating, tinkering, etc.), so this is something I will aim to make better. Though, I don't plan on tracking it just yet.Mission role: adhere to bedtime protocol and do my APT therapy routine (full) every, single, day. Rewards: +3 STA, +3 DEX Team member: Captain H. M. "Howling Mad" Murdock Murdock is the pilot and the supposedly insane one of the bunch. Eccentric to the extreme, but completely lovable (in my opinion) and in some ways, ingenious, he completes the team and puts that extra childish, ridiculous flare to their schemes. Always leave it to Murdock to put the madness into the method.EDIT: Play aspect of this challenge will now include any time spent doing any of the following hobbies: sewing, writing, reading, gaming.I will continue to work on my Mandalorian kit. I've got all the fabric swatches and boots, so after I select a fabric for the flight suit, I can purchase it and begin that work. After that's complete, all the other soft parts should fall into place. EDIT: This part will now include all the sewing projects that I have accumulated. I've added a list of what needs to be worked on and completed. Theses do not need to be completed by the time the challenge is over; these are just the articles that I need to spend time working on them. Any time spent sewing costs for this part of the goal.Writing needs more effort than I gave it last challenge. I will try to journal every day, doesn't quite matter about what, and try to get in some serious writing sessions in once a week. This means headphones on, proper writing music in the background, and my pen and notebook. Because, that's how I write.Adulting! There are quite a few adulting chores that I need off my list of things to do. What better way to get them accomplished than to feature them in a Nerd Fitness challenge! I've got a working list so far, but I imagine it'll get things added to it as I remember them.Mission role: work (chores and adulting) and play (sewing and writing hobbies) throughout the week. Rewards: +1 WIS, +1 CHAAdulting List: Sewing List: And there it is, folks! Open and exposed.
  7. [Oh crap, I thought I had another week to get ready! o0! - ed.] Main Quest: Become My Own Hero In celebration of the recent completion of my first (and certainly not last) career in Mass Effect, I’m joining N7! I briefly considered going for one of the “pure†classes, but quickly thought better of it and rolled up a Vanguard - ME’s answer to the classic fighter/mage. My Shepard was a real sweetheart, friend to all living things, and a synthetic’s worst nightmare. Naturally, I relied heavily on the assistance of my crack engineering team, Tali and Garrus, but this challenge is based on the Vanguard skills that got Shep the farthest in his mission. tl;dnr Throw -3min Kip Up practice, 5 days/week Charm - 30 min/week creative writing practice Unity - Loving-Kindness Meditation, 2x/week Barrier - Stomach Vacuums, 4x15s 3x/week Shotguns - All HabitRPG Dailies complete everyday. Let’s get versatile!
  8. Noor woke early under a warm snoring pile of cat and dog. She smiled to herself, amused by the predictability of animals, even wild ones, during a cold mountain night. She looked for Sovellis and saw his bedroll empty. Stretching and yawning, she slid out from under the sleeping pile and moved to the fire to rekindle the flame and finish the porridge she had left to cook overnight in the coals. She knew that now was a time for planning. She had to find a way out of her Stone Giant form and a way to hold the curse further at bay. As she cooked and thought, she hummed an old halfling song to herself. This felt somehow more manageable now that she was not alone. --,--'--@ Long Term Goal: As always, my goal is to lose 200 LBS. My long term goal is also one of my primary focuses this time because I have to see my parents at the end of this challenge and they are super judgemental about my body and fitness. As such, my goals are going to be designed to try and enhance weight loss and building endurance. Goal 1: Logging food I am going to track my food daily because I find that I lose weight much more consistently if I track. It helps me to be mindful of my food. +3 CON 38 or more days tracked +2 CON 28 days or more tracked +1 CON 14 days or more tracked Goal 2: Endurance Through Cardio: I have had no luck with adding in daily cardio, but I really miss being able to walk all over the place and being confident in my body. As such, I will walk for 10 minutes a day every day. Outside. Option to increase the time as the challenge goes. +3 STA 38 or more days +2 STA 28 or more days +1 STA 14 days or more Goal 3: Getting Strong and Flexible: When training I prefer to work strength and flexibility both, training flexibility on my rest days from strength training. I find that I am less sore overall when I use this method, and I can simply alternate between 2 programs in the same 30-minute block of time, making it easy for scheduling and consistency purposes. I will alternate the following two programs this challenge: STRENGTH: Angry Birds Workout +2 STR 19 or more days +1.5 STR 14 or more days +1 STR 7 or more days FLEXIBILITY: Yoga with Adrienne +2 DEX 19 or more days +1.5 DEX 14 or more days +1 DEX 7 or more days Lifestyle Goals: Self-Care: food, exercise, sleep. Creative outlets. Social support. I need all these things. Goal A: Sleep Schedule: I have to nail this because hospital job starts in August. The true goal is in bed by 10 pm, up at 6. life is complex though, so I m going to say bed between 10 and midnight, up between 6 and 8. On gaming nights, bed as soon as we are done, up 8 hours later. Gaming nights and social events don't like to bow to my schedule. +3 CON 38 days or more +2 CON 28 days or more +1 CON 14 days or more Goal B: Creative outlets: I used to be very creative in my life. I was always making things: sewing, weaving, drawing, crafting, and writing. I have lost all of this in my life through mental illness and graduate school scheduling limitations. I lost the motivation to create, and I feel the lack like a wound that never heals. As such, I am going to add a goal of creating one creative project a week. This can include writing, but for a poem to count it has to also have a dynamic visual component. +2 CHA 6 projects or more +1.5CHA 4 projects +1 CHA 2 projects My motivation, as always, is to shed the curse brought on me by mental illness, stress, trauma, and life. I want to get back to me. (one) (two) (three) (four) (five) (six)
  9. [JBReclaim] IV: Living for The American Dream Thanks for stopping by, my name is Josh, AKA JBReclaim. This will be my fourth challenge on NF. I've been away quite awhile, but I'm prepared this time. I'm going to battle with the scale! I know the right guy to call when it's time to eat healthy. !IM READY! Current Weight: 463.6 Main Quest: Get to 427.6 {+1 WIS, +1 DEX, +2 CON, +1 CHA} Goal 1: Avg ~3+ miles/wk [20 Miles Completed Over Total Challenge] {+3 STA, +2 DEX} Goal 2: Become Aquaman [Complete Lvl 1 Workout 2x Weekly] {+1 STA, +1 STR, +1 CHA} Goal 3: Complete Summer 1 Writing Class [Course runs from 6/1-7/2] {+2 WIS, +1 CHA}
  10. The Nerd Fitness Poet's Corner In this softly lit corner at The Nerd Fitness Pub, poets can gather to share and discuss their original writings. The poets corner is a safe space. Swears might fly without being censored, risky and controversial topics may be brought up: This is the nature of creative writing. So a fair warning to weary wanderers, some things posted here may not be child or work appropriate. But honestly, why are you even bringing your kid into The Pub, or drinking on company hours? Ideally, the corner can be used to keep writers accountable to producing new work. When you are posting your poetry: -It has to be your own work. Plagiarizing is lame and sad. If not your own work, please make that very clear. -Let readers know if you want your piece to be work-shopped, or if you would rather not hear suggestions. -Don't be worried about people judging you. This is an extremely open and understanding community. We would love to see your work. If you happen to know of a user who has writing as a goal, it would be great if you passed this along to them! So poets and poetry enthusiasts, grab a drink, sit down, and show us what you've got! Featured Poets Harnvin Ginn Lantana DinoBytes lolavictrola HalJordanGL
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