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Found 2 results

  1. Alrighty then. My stomach had other plans for my last challenge. I did lose weight, but probably not in the most healthy way. Dang it. What I did learn from all that is, just keep going. And maybe if I make my goals a little smaller, I can do more celebrating and certainly that will make me keep going. So, I will keep walking but I'll be dropping my daily goal to 6,000 steps. That's around 2.5 miles a day. So average 17.5 a week and 65 miles over the whole challenge. I may not get to freaking Mordor fast, but I will get there. I'm keeping meditation. Maybe more mindfulness will make my stomach happier too. Can't hurt. So 3 times a week with bonus points for more. Then at least 3 strength workouts a week. Two pilates classes (pretty easy since they are scheduled) But to add a little boost, I want to do 5 real life serious fancy pants pushups. I can do about one and half right now before my wimpy arms give up. Then we have the last challenge. A sketch every day in the sketchbook. No excuses. So there they are. Slightly simpler, slightly smaller, but here we go. In other news, I have somehow found myself the captain of the Cronuts. I'm sorry that the leadership of the Doodlies has fallen to such sad levels, but I will try to at least figure out what I'm supposed to do. Def promises to help and save us if I blow it. Go Cronuts!!!
  2. We are the Doodlies of The Nuthouse Universe Sign up sheet next challenge Happy new year my lovely Nuthouse Doodlies! 2016 Will be our year. At the end of this year we will be stronger, healthier and sexier (for as far as that is possible). We are the bestest, greatest and craziest accountability group here at Nerd Fitness! You can find the score sheet here. Go ahead and follow each others threads. Leave a comment letting them know they have your support this challenge. You are encouraged to follow only the Nuthouse doodlies. Off course you are free to follow other doodlies, but that can be overwhelming pretty fast. Def and Scott are just here to guide you, but they are pancakes at hart and will return to just being pancakes once they have thought you how to be a true doodlie. Follow them if you please, but you don't have to. Don't forget to post the link to your thread in the sign up sheet, so everyone can follow you. Cheer each other on when they have something to celebrate, create a perkele party when someone is struggling and needs to respawn by posting random dance gifs in there thread. Ask for help if you need it. Your mom and dad (Def and Scott) are here to guide you through this challenge. And off course you are always free to send me a PM if you have questions. The pvp thread will do for now as our Head Quarters. Next challenge I will create a separate challenge thread in stead of a pvp thread to function as our Head Quarters. We are the doodlies, let me hear you roar!
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