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Found 10 results

  1. I missed you! (Thank you Salinger for getting my ass back here!) Im fighting the ear infection from hell. my ear is so swollen that my face isn't symmetrical anymore... crap! ( saw a doc twice and am treated. it just doesnt get better) My counselor tells me to chill the fuck out. She and I think that Ive reached important goals. And I will be here to keep up the work and look for joy and happiness in what I've created for me. I live such a privileged life, being able to do whatever I want, during my days. I work 3 hours a day max.. I made my most important weightloss goal, I stood up after back surgery, recovered like a boss and made it back to cross fit! Its time to shut up about not doing enough and just to enjoy what I have build. but fearless, when you are here you need to have goals!? you ask well my goal is to enjoy what I am building for myself. I want to get up in the mornings exited to start the day! I do not want to push myself further at the moment. intentions: ( totally stole that from you, Iatheyeti ) develop a morning and evening ritual that covers all the fun things you want to do ( stretch, meditate, journal) see if you can include a daily writing hour in your day without stressing about it keep up cross fit 2x /week ( once recovered from the plague of the ear) keep eating healthy keto meals and prepping them to make it easier make sure dog child is happy make sure you are happy
  2. NEW GOALS (version1.0) I start my new challenge tomorrow, because Ive achieved what I wanted during the last weeks. And I cant wait for the new forums to open. fearless: the "spicy writer" challenge starting 10/14 and ending on November 30th. I will write/research daily. I will participate in NANOWRIMO 2020 as a rebel ( details and numbers of words to follow ) I will go to Cross Fit 2 or 3 times a week ( 1 session of cleaning included ) I will stretch/ foam roll / do PT after each Crossfit day (details to be determined) I will try out new spices while cooking ( influenced by the blog. have bought asian and Mexican spices and want to create new go to meals with them) let the new round begin!
  3. Hello fellow nerds! I´ve hung out here on and off for a couple of years, sometimes getting shit done, sometimes not so much. A couple of weeks ago i moved from Berlin to the northern shore of germany and am starting a new part of my life. I found out a couple of years ago that i like bootcamp and cross fit oriented workouts. So one week after moving i found a box and since i can't afford the membership the owners agreed that i can clean the bathrooms in exchange for training!!! yes! this week i started with two workouts especially designed for beginners and one 2 hour cleaning session and am now very sore and happy. i came back for this short challenge to be able to hang out with other cross fitters, learn as much as possible and share my joy about kicking ass while being fat and almost 49. my 2 goals are simple but effective: 1) KICK ASS - go to every training scheduled for you by the coach ( 2 days a week and adding more gradually) and give it your all. 2) EAT SMART - you can only spend 30Euro on food a week. Make sure there is veggies and lean protein on your plate every day
  4. Greetings and salutations, My name is Zack, 27yo of Albion (the UK)... Since 2013 I have been on an epic quest to get healthy, motivated and become the best version of myself. The road has been long and there have been many setbacks... at first the motivation was there and I was unstoppable, I lost 3st of my 4st weight loss goal and went from being a sedentary beer monster with a dodgy ticker to an active guy, taking part in military boot camps, tabata and crossfit. I quit smoking and completely overhauled my eating habits, becoming a vegetarian, which was challenging, but extremely rewarding. This is me, before (complete with heart monitor) and after (complete with mohawk) the initial de-fattening took place: http://i58.tinypic.com/9fzk48.png I hit a bump in the road last winter and suffered very badly with SAD and anxiety, had to take medication which caused weight gain and my motivation took a beating. It has taken me until very recently to get properly back on the horse, and despite continuing head issues, I have rejoined my boot camp, dusted off the weights and am beginning to slay some adipose tissue. After all, "a good mood is only one workout away" - some guy on the internet. Mmm Endorphins... I have gained 13lb since last November and I want to get back to my lowest weight of 13st 9lb by this November. So my main quest is this: Lose 9lb by September the 7th! The sub-quests that I have chosen to take on in order to achieve the main quest are as follows: 1. Never go two days without a serious workout. 2. Use my fitbit fitness tracker to gamify my calorie counting. Update this daily. 3. Only drink beer twice a week (with the one exception below) EXCEPT...The tricky part will be that on the 12th of August I will be at a 4 day music festival, luckily the food there is good quality, lots of veggie noms... but there will be beer... a lot of beer. It's my biggest weakness i'm afraid. The plan is to dance my ass off so that I can mitigate all the delicious amber calories, however I imagine a small weight gain will be inevitable. As soon as I am home I will chuck myself back into fitness and healthy eating. So, to my fellow nerds who are undertaking their own quests for the next three fortnights, good luck and godspeed. Any kind words of support sent my way would be greatly appreciated. Also, to anyone starting out on the path to awesomeness, I will be happy to discuss what has worked for me so far and provide any support if you would like some. TTFN Z.
  5. Still working on finishing writing my challenge, but here is at least a start Quest 1: Fitness: Do something active at least 4 days a week Quest 2: nutrition: 1 cheat meal/desert/thing a week Quest 3 Knowledge: spend at least 3 hours of "me" time a week. Can be reading, napping, anything that just focuses on me. Quest 4/Life quest: Finding balance I have always had an issue with over committing myself and getting too busy. Working the next 6 weeks to find a better balance. I have some commitments I can't change, but I will be trying to not add more than I can do, and working on better time management for what I have to do. Also Reading... maybe Races this Challenge: Spartan Super 1/24 Spartan Sprint 1/25 Mermaid race 2/7 (currently signed up for 10k, thinking of dropping to the 5k) Starting measurements Weight 171 Hips 41 Inches wist 33 inches chest 42 inches approx 35% body fat.
  6. Hi, Ultimate newbie here taking the big step towards a better version of myself Ultimate Life Goal: to be able to be strong and fit enough to survive the zombie apocalypse. which broken down means I'd like to be able to run 5k easily and be able to handle my own body weight at least. and stop being scared by silly unknown things Challenge Goal: 1) To do some physical activity each day, mix of weight based and aerobics. even if its just walking round the block. Mon cross fit tues swimming wed cross fit thurs swim or jog fri cross fit sat surfing if weather allows otherwise walk/jog sun walking points given for each thing done /7 2) with the weather kinda improving ride to work each day. am allowing rain allowance tho points given for each day /5 3) stretch each day at least 10 mins points each day /7 not sure if i need to post anything else. but it begins
  7. Here goes... I have attached my starting picture, taken last weekend 7/27/13 at the Bronx Zoo. I'm the lady, the cutie is my husband. I don't have many pictures of just myself lately because it's embarrassing. Race and Class: I am 30 years old, 5'3'' tall and weigh 175 pounds. I've decided to be a Dwarf Ranger. I've been doing cross-fit style activities daily (and I do mean every single day) for nearly 8 months now, and eating clean (with varying degrees of success) for five months. I'm down 15 pounds since December and am currently fitter than I have ever been in my life, so I'm already on my way. Main Quest: Fit into a size 12 pant. I'm 14-16 right now, depending on the pant. Three Goals: 1. Walk 10,000 steps a day minimum. (+1 Stamina) 2. Have at least 1 vegetable snack a day (I already eat veggies with lunch and dinner, so I'm trying to sneak more in.) (+1 Constitution) 3. Remember. To. Stretch. I skip this step a lot after my workouts, and I'm going to pay for it if I don't change the habit.(+1 Dexterity) Motivation: I'll tell you right now, it's not vanity or insecurity with how I look. That ship has sailed. My main motivation is not feeling like a 70 year old woman whenever I move around. I have back and knee problems and general aches and pains that make me feel ancient. This is ridiculous. Since starting work with a virtual coach/buddy of mine my pain has lessened considerably, but there is so much further to go. Then there's the high cholesterol thing and not wanting to die when I'm 50. Side Quest: Find a new job. I believe I am about to succeed at this in a major way, which would be awesome. I write grants for a living and raise money for non-profits. It's the best work ever. The only problem with my current job is that due to restructuring my position is being eliminated. Yay development! (+1 Charisma) Loot: Battle Gear. I had to add this idea once I saw it. Who doesn't like rewards? My Loot will be this custom made t-shirt. I need more t-shirts now that the old ones are getting too big! Nerd Cred: Science fiction (Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, If you don't know about Buggalo you should go watch Futurama.) RPGs (loving Diablo 3 right now) Comic books (old school X-men + current titles ''X-Factor'', ''Wolverine and the X-Men'', ''X-Men Volume 4.'' Board Games - Munchkin, Marvel Legendary, Settlers, etc. General love of knowledge So that's it, I guess. That's where I begin.
  8. Hello Rebels, I am a travelling hotelier, originally from the UK, enjoying life in Dubai. Happily married to Sybille, my German rock, two fantastic children of 21 and 18. I have to admit I was 10 when the original Star Wars came out. I have always battled with my weight and a succession of knee injuries from rugby have meant that I have struggled with sticking to programmes, and finding something that I can do in the long term. I am 6ft tall (1.83m), weigh 223Ib (101.2kg) and, as of 4 June, had a body fat of 31.2% That's been pretty constant for the last few years, I have started just about every diet around and done lots of different exercise but never seen any long term success - in hindsight I was too focused on cardio. My job means there is always good food and drink around me but it also means that I have access to all the right things as well. I also have to watch the temptation to enjoy too much of the Mos Eisley nightlife. Last year I sorted my knee out (a femoral osteotomy for those of you who might be interested) and I have about 15 years before I need to think about an artificial joint. My running days are over but I have been introduced to the joys of Cross Fit and strength training. Last night I went to bed really excited about the simple WOD I had planned for this morning and I really enjoyed the early start and simple routine this morning. It's a bit warm and humid here at the moment so most of the work over the next few weeks will be indoors but I am travelling back to the UK for my daughter's University graduation on July 13, and I really want to take on the 6 week challenge as an introduction to get me started and get in better shape. I am working on the Paleo; Atkins has always worked for me but with unpleasant side effects and I find it tough to stay on track in the long term. I have a great PT, who is now away for 10 days so I have to stay focused and welcome the support and encouragement that I see on this website and forums. After reading the definitions I have concluded I am a Ranger and have posted my challenge on the forum. Not sure if there is anyone else in Dubai but it would be great to speak to those of a similar disposition. I can offer support, humour (spelt and executed the British way, although I did spend two years at an American Embassy school in Iceland - a few similarities to Hoth..) and the benefits of the wisdom of my advancing years - Yoda level he is not. Thanks for reading this far! James
  9. Good-evening, Nerd Challengers - my name is Christopher J. Buchko and I am a full-time student working towards becoming a Police Officer for the Clackamas County Sheriff's Department in Clackamas, Oregon. As part of my own prerequisite to carrying a shield I have begun some relatively extensive weight-training and dietary changes to better prepare my body for the physical challenges as an officer. My wife is a frequenter of this site and has recently signed up for her own 6 Week Challenge (also starting tomorrow); her enthusiasm for the project was passed on to me and I have decided to embrace this effort with excitement and eager dedication. MR. BUCHKO'S SIX-WEEK CHALLENGE - LIFESTYLE AND FITNESS GOALS Lifestyle Goal: Extinguish my 15-year-long smoking habit. Additional Lifestyle Goal: Cut out carbonated beverages completely. Additional Lifestyle Goal: Cut out overly-sugared sweets and deserts. Fitness Goal #1: Attend StrengthFit Cross-Training for sessions 2x a week. Fitness Goal #2: Achieve well-defined muscles in both arms and abdomen. Fitness Goal #3: Pack on a MINIMUM of 5-lbs of solid muscle. I understand that I am attempting more "Lifestyle Goals" than was required (or is recommended), but as I explained to my friends and family, I need to make these changes, I need to make them immediately, and... frankly, if I'm going to suffer through withdrawals and cravings, I'd much rather suffer all at once. Here we go... wish me luck.
  10. I'm finally posting challenge 2! YAY! Thanks for reading HEALTH I've been fully paleo for awhile now excluding dairy (and loving it) so my diet isn't really a challenge for me anymore day to day. Now I'm focusing more on mental / emotional health: See therapist every other week. I'm coming up with personal goals with her in our sessions, so I'll add more details to this section later! +2 WISFITNESS So much to try.. so little time!! Stay on track with my half marathon training (April 14th - w00t!!). I'm up to 7 miles right now!! Run 3x / week with Saturdays focusing on increasing mileage (I think we're adding a mile every week now so I'll be up to 13 by the end of this challenge ) +4 STA, +2 CONStart swimming lessons Tuesday nights. I'm doing this one with my running partner. We are entertaining the thought of future triathalons and surfing lessons!! Can't wait! First lesson starts next week. +1 CHA, + 1 DEXCross fit 2x / week. Group meetings on Sunday mornings; once on my own per week. I haven't gone yet, so the workout specifics are TBD (please stay tuned!). +3 STRDo at least one rollerskating lesson. Yes, I'm sure I'll be in there with a bunch of 5 year olds. But trying roller derby is a dream of mine (if somewhat silly) - why not go after it?? I'm only making this one lesson for this challenge since my other fitness goals will come first! +1 CHAFINANCIAL Won't use either credit card except in the case of an emergency. Debit card only!! +0.5 WISTrack high-spending areas with Mint.com +0.5 WIS
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