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Found 14 results

  1. Morning Rangers! I'm Strickland5 a friendly scout leader type who's coming over to y'alls sandbox for his tenth challenge. I'm over here for this challenge as I'm taking part in a six week kettle bell and TRX series with my boot camp as well as run a half-marathon on challenge week 2 (11/14). With that in mind figured I'd come over here and play I'll be filling in the details of this challenge over the next week ... so please stay tuned! Quest 1 : 626 Training (Str+3, Con+2) So the program is called 626 (or six weeks to a six pack) while I know I'm NOT going to get a six pack in si
  2. The Serenity Crew [Full!] For rebels who have failed to complete the past few challenges, but are still trying! Firefly is an amazing little Joss Whedon series that originally aired in 2002 on Fox. It lasted only one season, and eventually had a feature film. This TV show has gone down in geek history as a gem enjoyed by all. I could go on for hours about the show, but most of you probably already know all about it and love it. So let me keep this short -- One of the best things about Firefly is the characters. Each member of the Serenity crew comes to the ship with a history. No one
  3. Hi Doodlies! This is the thread for Team Two of the Miscellaneous Beings Intent on Losing Weight. Your captain this challenge is Deftona, and the main accountabiddlydoodly thread (also Team 1's thread) is here! To join, go to the main thread linked above, say hello, and you'll be sorted into a team. Then once you're sorted, go follow as many people in that team as you want, and revel in the joy of fellowship and teammateship and other kinds of ships. Have fun!
  4. Team Two of the Miscellaneous Beings Intent on Losing weight! Link to the main group thread here - go here if you want to join us and you'll be sorted into a team! This is the space for team two to cheer each other on and plot ways to defeat team one. Good luck, guys! Added: TEAM SHEET! Stick your weekly score on that and we shall see who shall defeat who. Whom. Thing. Yes!
  5. SKULLCRUSHERS!! It's time for our next 6 Week Challenge! Are you ready?! I'm hoping lots of previous Skull Crushers from our last Accountabilibuddies thread will join us to keep the crushing going! Since we're not Level 1's anymore, and are all going off to new guilds (like going to kindergarten for the first day eeeek scary!), we'll need a home base to keep accountable and challenge ourselves to push harder than ever! If you're new to the ways of the crushing, welcome!! Our main goal is to get stronger every day - mind, spirit, and of course body, so we can crush the skull
  6. I know I wasn't here for the last challenge, but I'm back and I'm making sure Rogue Squadron is around this time. As always I'll be updating this post with a member list and a link to their challenge. Make sure to follow your own thread, this thread, and the thread's of other Rogue Squadron members. To sign up just head over here and put your name for our group, then post in here. Rogue Squadron has a facebook group that you can feel free to join, it's made up of a bunch of current and past members of Rogue Squadron. You can find it right here. Good Luck and remember to Stay On Target. M
  7. Rogue Squadron has returned yet again! As always members and their threads will be in this post. Open for all, and we pay no mind to those pithy member limits! Come one Come All! Continuing from last time we'll be trying to find ways to increase the in (this) thread engagement! As always make sure to follow this thread, your own thread, and the thread of the other Rogue's. So Let's Rock Rogues! MEMBER LIST! RogueWelkin: RogueWelkin vs the Kiltiverse Annie1120: Annie1120 - Me Versus Myself. Gingered: Gingered SirHammerlock: SirHammerlock #8: Budgeting is like loosing weight... Tateman: Tate
  8. Hey everybody Rogue Squadron's back! As always this post will be updated with members and their threads. Be sure to sign up on the sign-up sheet. We also have a Facebook Group, check it out! Usual tips apply, be sure to subscribe to this thread, to your own thread, and to the thread of other Rogue's. Hoping to do some challenges and Google Hangouts this time through. MEMBERS RogueWelkin - RogueWelkin References Kilts In A Clever Thread Name (Challenge 9) Annie1120 - Me vs Myself Part II ScoutSays - Scoutsays... ain't it fun... Living in the real world... Challenge 6 Wovercast - Wovercast Gr
  9. Hey all, Rogue Squadron is back yet again. As Always this post will be updated with members and links to their current challenges. Rogue Squadron is mostly about showing support for our members (and non-members) out on their own topics, but we're always open for conversation in here as well. As always make sure you follow this topic, your topic, and the topics of each of our members in order to get the most out of the group. Good Luck this challenge! MEMBER LIST Rogue Welkin: Kilty Kilty Om Nom Nom - RogueWelkin Challenge 7 Wovercast: Wovercast Breaks Down the Macros Mangostrike: A New Hop
  10. Please do not read the following transcript without opening this very important YouTube video below It's 6am as the sun streams through your blinds and on to your dewy morning skin. The usual morning routine begins, perhaps with brushing your teeth, or perhaps with practicing some funky tai-chi on a mountain with a snake (like that woman in that horribly remade movie, Karate Kid). Whatever. The way your morning starts isn't important. You go about your sneaky business. Lurking in the alley-ways (not at all creepy). Traceur-ing to work. Pole-volting your boss. Adeptly eating with
  11. Welcome to Dr. Who's Sidekicks Accountabilibuddies Group! We have 7 people that were together through their first challenge and we really enjoyed working together! I'll be posting more through out the weekend but you can sign up here. Please follow the instructions in the doc here as well as we like to track through a shared google doc. Thanks so much for joining us!
  12. We are the Renaissance Rebels... We're having a Creative Revolution and you're invited! Do you have a creative quest among your challenge goals? Then join this ragtag, eccentric group of nerds and level up your health and fitness habits and your creativity. Sure, that's a lot of balls to juggle over the course of six weeks, but it's a lot easier and more fun when you've got buddies! This is the Renaissance Rebels second challenge. You can check out last challenge's thread here and if it looks like fun, signup on the Cross Guild page and post a reply below to introduce yourself. We
  13. Dear Monks, I am currently participating in my first six week challenge with all you most excellent nerd fitness folks. I'm a ranger with Monk inclinations and our next mini challenge is to reach out and find an accountability buddy within another guild with a common goal. I am in most desperate need of yoga to center myself, calm my raging anxiety, and stretch out all of my muscles from weight lifting and the pavement pounding of a good run. Won't you be my neighbor in this endeavor? My goal is to spend a minimum of one hour this week practicing yoga. We can break it down into whate
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