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  1. Morning Rangers! I'm Strickland5 a friendly scout leader type who's coming over to y'alls sandbox for his tenth challenge. I'm over here for this challenge as I'm taking part in a six week kettle bell and TRX series with my boot camp as well as run a half-marathon on challenge week 2 (11/14). With that in mind figured I'd come over here and play I'll be filling in the details of this challenge over the next week ... so please stay tuned! Quest 1 : 626 Training (Str+3, Con+2) So the program is called 626 (or six weeks to a six pack) while I know I'm NOT going to get a six pack in six weeks as my current body fat percentage is ~30%, I do want to drop the fat which will help me become a faster runner! I've signed up for the program and will be doing two days of kettle bells and a day of TRX PLUS our regular boot camp. I'd liked to drop the body fat so that'll be my goal after I talk to my instructor to see what should be a good % to drop! A : lose 10% of body fat B : lose 9-5% of body fat F : lose 4% or less of body fat Quest 2 : 626 Diet (Sta +1, Wis +2) 626 follows a fairly stick no gluten and no dairy format of fooding. I've done this before and will strive to do it again. I'm going to allow myself 2 of either a week as cause yogurt is my jam! Plus I'd like to have a beer from time to time There is ONE major exception to this. I bought tickets to Strong Beerfest before deciding to do 626 and I LOVE that festival. So I will NOT be counting all the strong beer tastings against this goal. A : 2 or less gluten/dairy items a week B : 3 gluten/dairy items a week F : 4 gluten/dairy items a week Quest 3 : Keep Running (Sta+2,Con+2) I'm a scout and have a half marathon in week 2 of this challenge so running is going to keep happening! Outside of camp I want to do 6 runs - probably going to be on Saturday as that's my "free" day but I need to keep my feet moving. A : 6 runs B : 5 runs F : 4 or less runs Life Quest : Have a little fun! (Chr +1,Wis+2) I'm finding that I'm not getting much in the way of personal time to recharge my batteries. SO to help once a week I want to take some much needed me time - this could be playing D&D with friends, taking some time to do some non-work reading, or even just going for a walk. A : 6 fun thing B : 5 fun things F : 4 or less fun things
  2. The Serenity Crew [Full!] For rebels who have failed to complete the past few challenges, but are still trying! Firefly is an amazing little Joss Whedon series that originally aired in 2002 on Fox. It lasted only one season, and eventually had a feature film. This TV show has gone down in geek history as a gem enjoyed by all. I could go on for hours about the show, but most of you probably already know all about it and love it. So let me keep this short -- One of the best things about Firefly is the characters. Each member of the Serenity crew comes to the ship with a history. No one is really good or evil, but rather just trying to get by and make the best decision possible for themselves (or someone they love). Despite moments of questionable activity and some oh-so-human selfishness, there's a bond between the crew members that the Captain especially holds true: You help one another in times of need. Therefore, this group is for people who have failed the past few challenges and are in some need of success and accountability. Maybe we ghosted the forums, maybe we had something hold us up like an injury, or maybe life just got in the way. Regardless, if you have had difficulty completing challenges recently, this is the place for you. And as far as I can tell while there have been Firefly-themed challenges, there has not been an Accountabilibuddies group? I might be wrong on this, and if so I apologize to the original creator. Much like the crew of the Serenity, our job is to not only go through with our challenges, but to support one another in our time of need. So by being in this group, you are also making a commitment to help one another and reach out when needed. How we do that is up to you -- posting on threads is one thing, but maybe we need emails/texts/facebook contact too? I'll leave that up to all of you. Regardless, our job is to keep each other motivated, accountable, and see to it that we finish this challenge. I also hope to have some fun, Firefly-themed mini-challenges as well that will not add more to do, but give us some ways to bond and have fun. Let's aim for a crew of 9, just to match the crew of our beloved show. We're not going to claim ship positions or anything (unless you all want to), but here's a character quiz for fun to see who you best match out of the Serenity crew. Apparently I best match Kaylee (no surprise there - it's either her or Wash usually for me). Still interested? Post on the thread, share your challenge thread, and let the Chinese-slang begin! And we're full! Don't worry folks - you can always join up next round! Members of the Crew: 1. JessOfAllTrades 2. Kairiel 3. Special Sundae 4. Miw_Sher 5. CrackerWatson 6. sillmarielliane 7. seb1912 8. sterre 9. wovercast 10. avril.obscene 11. Kareesh Mini-Challenge 1: Gather the Crew
  3. Hi Doodlies! This is the thread for Team Two of the Miscellaneous Beings Intent on Losing Weight. Your captain this challenge is Deftona, and the main accountabiddlydoodly thread (also Team 1's thread) is here! To join, go to the main thread linked above, say hello, and you'll be sorted into a team. Then once you're sorted, go follow as many people in that team as you want, and revel in the joy of fellowship and teammateship and other kinds of ships. Have fun!
  4. Team Two of the Miscellaneous Beings Intent on Losing weight! Link to the main group thread here - go here if you want to join us and you'll be sorted into a team! This is the space for team two to cheer each other on and plot ways to defeat team one. Good luck, guys! Added: TEAM SHEET! Stick your weekly score on that and we shall see who shall defeat who. Whom. Thing. Yes!
  5. SKULLCRUSHERS!! It's time for our next 6 Week Challenge! Are you ready?! I'm hoping lots of previous Skull Crushers from our last Accountabilibuddies thread will join us to keep the crushing going! Since we're not Level 1's anymore, and are all going off to new guilds (like going to kindergarten for the first day eeeek scary!), we'll need a home base to keep accountable and challenge ourselves to push harder than ever! If you're new to the ways of the crushing, welcome!! Our main goal is to get stronger every day - mind, spirit, and of course body, so we can crush the skulls of any enemies (or JUNK FOOD) that get in our way. I'm going to do my best to take the reins from Lish and keep the conversation and motivation going, but everyone is always welcome (and encouraged!!) to throw in a mini-challenge or ask everyone how their workouts are going. We're all in this together, and here for each other! Remember, if you join, we're going to need you on the front lines of motivation and cheer-squad duty. Skull Crushers mean business! Signup sheet is here - we are under the "cross-guild" tab. Get your name in there and get ready to crush some skulls! Once you've signed up post here, and I'll update our member list thusly. SKULLCRUSHER TEAM, ASSEMBLE Shaarawy Amdhiel BalionIronguard Brekketechie Ciara Sjard Aeshnidae bananasheena SheHulk KayDubEff Lilia MegaShe-Ra (Edit - Signups CLOSED! Let's do this thing!!)
  6. I know I wasn't here for the last challenge, but I'm back and I'm making sure Rogue Squadron is around this time. As always I'll be updating this post with a member list and a link to their challenge. Make sure to follow your own thread, this thread, and the thread's of other Rogue Squadron members. To sign up just head over here and put your name for our group, then post in here. Rogue Squadron has a facebook group that you can feel free to join, it's made up of a bunch of current and past members of Rogue Squadron. You can find it right here. Good Luck and remember to Stay On Target. MEMBERS Rogue Welkin - Guardians of the Kiltalaxy - RogueWelkin - Challenge X KingLeeroy - KingLeeroy XI - Project refuel Scoutsays - Scoutsays... That's What You Get...Challenge 8 JessOfAllTrades - [JessOfAllTrades] Soul-Searching-Self-Care Challenge SirHammerlock - Sir Hammerlock #11: Preparing to defeat the Iron Horde dhert - dhert Challenge 9 - "I go to seek a Great Perhaps"
  7. Rogue Squadron has returned yet again! As always members and their threads will be in this post. Open for all, and we pay no mind to those pithy member limits! Come one Come All! Continuing from last time we'll be trying to find ways to increase the in (this) thread engagement! As always make sure to follow this thread, your own thread, and the thread of the other Rogue's. So Let's Rock Rogues! MEMBER LIST! RogueWelkin: RogueWelkin vs the Kiltiverse Annie1120: Annie1120 - Me Versus Myself. Gingered: Gingered SirHammerlock: SirHammerlock #8: Budgeting is like loosing weight... Tateman: Tateman's Challenge #8: It's been a year already? Wovercast: Wovercast's Final Challenge ScoutSays: ScoutSays You Are the Only Exception... Challenge 5 KingLeeroy: KingLeeroy: Move On Up towards her 8th Challenge jofalltrades: [Jofalltrades] Don't Forget Challenge Shelyid: Where Shelyid defeats the Wagoner Primeval: Primeval Takes Pictures, Leave Footprints JohnnyShoes: JohnnyShoes hopes to redeem himself jlud007: Do, or do not... there is no try RESOURCES! Rogue Squadron Facebook Group
  8. Hey everybody Rogue Squadron's back! As always this post will be updated with members and their threads. Be sure to sign up on the sign-up sheet. We also have a Facebook Group, check it out! Usual tips apply, be sure to subscribe to this thread, to your own thread, and to the thread of other Rogue's. Hoping to do some challenges and Google Hangouts this time through. MEMBERS RogueWelkin - RogueWelkin References Kilts In A Clever Thread Name (Challenge 9) Annie1120 - Me vs Myself Part II ScoutSays - Scoutsays... ain't it fun... Living in the real world... Challenge 6 Wovercast - Wovercast Grinds it Out (Battlelog) jcsimmons2 - Time for a reboot [jcsimmons2] Annabelle - I'm going on an adventure! - Annabelle heads to Middle-Earth jofalltrades - Jofalltrades's Daily Log Suelk - My First Scouts Challenge JohnnyShoes - JohnnyShoes continues to redeem himself Tateman - Tateman's 9th Challenge: Time to head back to Spartan KingLeeroy - KingLeeroy's Resolve Face - Challenge 9 SirHammerLock - SirHammerlock #9: ORGANIZE! Gingered - gingered challenge #3: Build those arms, bro dhert - dhert challenge 7 - Rumors of My Demise were Grossly Exaggerated SugarRay - SugarRay's Climbing Challenge! geekilee - Viscura's power begins to grow Spockgrrl - Spockgrrl's search for peace jlud007 - Jluddy's second challenge - Adventure Awaits.....
  9. Hey all, Rogue Squadron is back yet again. As Always this post will be updated with members and links to their current challenges. Rogue Squadron is mostly about showing support for our members (and non-members) out on their own topics, but we're always open for conversation in here as well. As always make sure you follow this topic, your topic, and the topics of each of our members in order to get the most out of the group. Good Luck this challenge! MEMBER LIST Rogue Welkin: Kilty Kilty Om Nom Nom - RogueWelkin Challenge 7 Wovercast: Wovercast Breaks Down the Macros Mangostrike: A New Hope, Mangostrike's Back Viriana: Virana: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! JohnnyShoes: JohnneyShoes knew he shoulda taken that left at Albuquerque SirHammerlock: Sir Hammerlock #7: Concentrating on the important things? ScoutSays: ScoutSays Operation: Lost the Weight - Challenge 4 Part Deux Jofalltrades: Jofalltrades Gets Ready for 28 and Graduation Cookie351: Cookie picks her sword back up and says "Not Today" KingLeeroy: KingLeeroy - Climbing to towers for Challenge 7 Sandylion: Sandylion strikes back Tateman: Tateman Challenge #7: Taking it 14 days at a time Gingered: First Challenge: Get Stronger! [insert nerdy reference here-Gingered] AxiosAdept: Do or do not, there is no try Annie1120: Annie1120 - Fell off the ram, stumbled a bit, time to get back on it. Edit 2 (placed before the first because...reasons): Hey guys, I created a facebook group for any members of Rogue Squadron to join, past and present! It's set so that only members can see posts (but anyone can see the group or members, I should be able to change that if desired). Find it here! Edit: A nice FAQ for anyone that wants one. How do I join Rogue Squadron? Well that's easy. Make sure you head over to the accountibillibuddies spreadsheet and put your name in for Rogue Squadron (if it doesn't go to the right page, we're in the cross guild area these days). Post in this topic saying you want to be a rogue and make sure to include a link to your topic, then go through the topics of the other members and post on them. Fun times! Who can join Rogue Squadron? Anyone, really...anyone. We'll welcome you if you're a Level 1 Rebel or in any of the other class guilds, even if you're sitting out this challenge you can feel free to participate. Beyond that we don't even care what part of the world you're in, I can immediately think of having people all over the US, in Scotland, and Germany so we're open to all comers (just try to keep the topics in English, some of us suck at languages 80P) How many people can join Rogue Squadron? We don't keep strict on the number, if you want to join Rogue Squadron, feel free to join Rogue Squadron regardless how many are already here. How active is Rogue Squadron? Rogue Squadron varies in participation in this topic from challenge to challenge, we mostly focus on heading out to the individual challenges and showing our support there, but if you have questions or other concerns feel free to post them here, we're always willing to chat up here. Sometimes we'll even have a Google Hangout if there's interest. I have a question you didn't answer! Sorry! I tried to get as many as I could here, but if you've got a question...ask it in the topic and someone here will answer it, and if you think it deserves a spot up here, let me know and I'll put it in this post!
  10. Please do not read the following transcript without opening this very important YouTube video below It's 6am as the sun streams through your blinds and on to your dewy morning skin. The usual morning routine begins, perhaps with brushing your teeth, or perhaps with practicing some funky tai-chi on a mountain with a snake (like that woman in that horribly remade movie, Karate Kid). Whatever. The way your morning starts isn't important. You go about your sneaky business. Lurking in the alley-ways (not at all creepy). Traceur-ing to work. Pole-volting your boss. Adeptly eating with chop-sticks, when suddenly a shadowy figure appears in your line of movement. Breaking your chi. Ceasing your flow. Preventing your passage.... basically, you stop. You can't quite make out the figure but she looks old, but not fragile. Strong and lean but not bulky. Her skin glows is radiant but withered. She clearly has some stories to tell. You pull your best ninja pose and prepare for battle. The woman calmly pulls a scroll from within her robes and tosses it at your feet. You look down at the paper for a split second, and return your gaze to her direction to see her gone. Disappeared. Missing. Dissipated. No longer there... I guess is the general gist. Not even in a puff of smoke or anything. Just ... gone. You pick up the scroll and unravel it between your hands. Aren't hooded figures annoying when they deliver vaguely coherent haiku's? Notes and Challenge for the SNB's. This challenge, for us - is all about community. Helping to improve our own, internal Stealthy Ninja Bastard Community, helping the wider NF community, helping our own, physical, local communities, and finally, saving the world (just kidding, those last two points are pretty much the same thing). In that order, too! So, Stealthy Ninja Bastard Community Improvement. Most of us have, via the Facebook page, agreed to (ahem, using Aisle4B's word), go almost "Freegan". Eating what we have in our house, and choosing for the length of this challenge, not to eat out, not to get take-aways, and generally use what we already have in our house / cupboards to eat / drink. So your mission this week comes in three small parts: Post an ingredient you have lots of in your house, but don't really know what to do with (for example, I have about 6 avocados in my fridge)Reply via this thread at to at least one other member with a yummy recipe - not necessarily one you've tried, but one that looks and sounds delicious (please note! Because we're all doing slightly different diets, any recipe that's recommended can be tweaked to suit individual needs).Post a picture of your newly created delicious meal. Because food porn, ammiryte? You can find Aerie's Challenge Here. You can find Aisle4B's Challenge Here. You can find Ceasefire's Challenge Here. DChristian doesn't have a thread yet You can find LegoLady's Challenge Here. You can find Neph's Challenge Here. You can find Peggysr's Challenge Here. You can find Primeval's Challenge Here. You can find Rogaecia's Challenge Here. You can find Sabrinamari's Challenge Here. You can find Sicil's Challenge Here. You can find Starpuck's Challenge Here.
  11. Welcome to Dr. Who's Sidekicks Accountabilibuddies Group! We have 7 people that were together through their first challenge and we really enjoyed working together! I'll be posting more through out the weekend but you can sign up here. Please follow the instructions in the doc here as well as we like to track through a shared google doc. Thanks so much for joining us!
  12. We are the Renaissance Rebels... We're having a Creative Revolution and you're invited! Do you have a creative quest among your challenge goals? Then join this ragtag, eccentric group of nerds and level up your health and fitness habits and your creativity. Sure, that's a lot of balls to juggle over the course of six weeks, but it's a lot easier and more fun when you've got buddies! This is the Renaissance Rebels second challenge. You can check out last challenge's thread here and if it looks like fun, signup on the Cross Guild page and post a reply below to introduce yourself. We're happy to have you! Let's rock this challenge together! daggart - prepare to a half-marathon Devyn - WTF Is A Kender, Anyway? Gobnait - Gobnait keeps a log. IronGlider - IronGlider's Bodyware & OS - Challenge 1 Jakkals - Jakkals se kaskenades laurabzz - Tiny Beautiful Things Lt_Laurel - Becoming the Shadow Lion MolecularMachine - Attack on Self-Loathing rowan - RADIO ROWAN: TRUE GRIT RukimiRC - Rukimi's Road to Warrior Princess twitchii - First step to findng my inner Laura Croft vibrantnotions - Winter is Coming - Stocking Up Wollio - Wollio and the Battle of the Willpower Wastelands
  13. Dear Monks, I am currently participating in my first six week challenge with all you most excellent nerd fitness folks. I'm a ranger with Monk inclinations and our next mini challenge is to reach out and find an accountability buddy within another guild with a common goal. I am in most desperate need of yoga to center myself, calm my raging anxiety, and stretch out all of my muscles from weight lifting and the pavement pounding of a good run. Won't you be my neighbor in this endeavor? My goal is to spend a minimum of one hour this week practicing yoga. We can break it down into whatever measures that you want. I was thinking of 20 minutes for three days this week, but, and this is important, I'm flexible. Ha, did you see what I did there? I'm most familiar with Ashtanga, but you are the Monk so I will go with whatever form you prefer. Any interest?
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