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Found 24 results

  1. So I am back from my crazy trip to Korea for work, I am a year older now as well since I hit 33 while I was there, and I am already back to the weight before I left (because I lost while I was there, and my boyfriend has cooked all the horrible amazing things for dinner since I got back). I need a change of pace, and I need to have a serious cut. I know that strength training is important but it's easy for me to get strong, so I am going to focus on what is hard for me to accomplish. For those of you that haven't seen my IG, I am all of 5'1" and built like a Shetland p
  2. Hello fellow Nerds!! My name is Ben, I'm new to Nerd Fitness. I just wanted to extend the olive branch to any other kettlebell enthusiasts. Kettlebells are my favorite.... I am a StrongFirst II Kettlebell Instructor and have been coaching kettlebells for over 7 years. I'm currently a physical preparation coach in Kentucky. I'm open to any discussions on training with kettlebells. Post any questions, topics, programs, etc. I'm currently on a hypertrophy program, but will begin training for the Tactical Strength Challenge in th new year. Is anyone else going
  3. I'll begin w/ the basic format that Hazard lays out in the "Start Here" thread: Here I Go: Pick a Main Quest: Begin the first 4 weeks of a advanced 5K plan (I have the endurance as I just completed my 5th Half Marathon) w/ a focus on building speed (Goal PR in a 5K I have the week after challenge concludes on Thanksgiving Day). Pick 2-3 SMART goals: Run all prescribe runs for plan formulated by Endomondo: "Experienced Going faster plan targeting 5-15KM race distances for runners that are already active" 1 day per week Strength Solutions Course at A
  4. So There is no better hockey theme in the world than Goon.... Which also happens to be the SO's and my favorite date night movie next to Deadpool. Meet Doug, The Thug... Glatt Fire under my ass time. I have been lazy, and un-motivated for quite a while. So I said F'it, I am going to (hopefully, which I managed but just) fit my ass back into my Hockey gear I bought years ago and finally learn how to play properly. I had set up my first personal lesson, and the lady training me said I would be fine going to the team clinic that her and her hus
  5. Hi Guys, I have had a knee problem for almost a decade now. To be specific, its hyper knee along with knee knocking (10 degrees bend) . Lately is has started to hurt; so, I can't run any more. I have been trying to find an alternative which gives me a complete body work out with low impact on my bones. Being a runner, I hate indoor workouts. So please recommend some cross-fit training alternative which can solve my problem. Till now, I have found a machine called "Me-Mover Fit" while searching online. I would really appreciate your comments on this machine or any
  6. This should probably be a Warriors challenge, but after seeing only one four week challenge last go-round I figured I'd stay home or this one. I'm doing some highland games training since my weight room is under construction at the Y. I think I'll be looking for a games to compete in in June/July so this will be a great way to get familiar with the ways of the Highlander. 1 – Learn the ways of the Highlander. I need to learn the heavy athletic throws. This means I need to work on the weight for distance, the weight for height, the hammer throw, the stone put, the sheaf tos
  7. Let's stimulate some activity in the Cross Training forum. What was your WOD today? We did a Front Squat AMRAP for 8 minutes that looked like this: 10 Front Squats @ 45 10 Front Squats @ 65 10 Front Squats @ 75 10 Front Squats @ 95 10 Front Squats @ 105 10 Front Squats @ 120 10 Front Squats @ 135 And then as many Front Squats as you could at 225/145 but I crapped out at 37 reps because I accidentally jumped two rounds in my enthusiasm. There were two strength divisions for advanced/beginner and I'm still 'checking my ego at the door' and taking the beginner route. For conditioning we di
  8. I sandbagged last quest, so I'm carrying stats over onto this one. Goal this quest: showing up to training and doing what my trainer wants me to do. Create solid habits, No over thinking. Q17.01 Combatives: 4 Q17.02 Cross Training: 2 Q17.03 Mixed Movement Arts: 3 Q17.04 Adulting: 5
  9. So, got laid off for a couple of weeks last round, used the opportunity to build a movement park at my house. Also did a bunch of Adulting. back to work (at the same place), but my new work schedule means a little less time for cross training at work. But I still get to roll/spar on occasion. Combatives: MACP/BJJ/MMA Striking 3 times a week at work (hopefully), Sunday Fight Club (Gracie Combatives/Krav Maga Worldwide) at home once a week. KMW Daily Curriculum on any days missed. Front Site Post eye training 2-5 minutes with bed time routine (not graded).
  10. Finally healed up. So it's time to ease back into awesome. I was watching Captain America: Civil War last week. I noticed that I could name or understand so many of the moves in the movie, it just ratified my quest. While some of my knowledge is from the academic study of things like professional wrestling, free running, or other demonstration/tricking arts, some of the other things are from real experiences or useful training I've had in my life. Clearly I'm not a real super hero/stuntman, etc. I can't do a dash vault or a cong, I can't do a muscle up. I turn 49 in October, here i
  11. So this 4WC is about my prep for the Great North Run, the world's largest half marathon. 1. Run four times per week. My plan says that I should run between 3-4.5 miles every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Depending where I am in the plan will determine whether it's an easy, steady or tempo run. On Sundays I should do my long slow run. I will allow myself to alter the days slightly if necessary but will do the four runs. In addition to my training runs I am leading two beginners groups and one intermediate group each week, and I run with a private
  12. Hey guys! Not sure if I should post this in the warrior forum or here, but I felt this is the proper place. So, I have just started barbell training (stronglifts 5x5 + bodyweight exercises) 3x a week. Really having fun, and a change of pace from pure bodyweight strength training. However, I feel like I can do more during my rest days. Usually I go to MA classes (kali) during my rest days, but because of my current schedule, I can't. It's sad, I know. Now I'm wondering what conditioning workout I can do during my rest days that won't affect my strength training too much? I really feel l
  13. I am running a tad behind posting my challenge. To top it off it is outlined on another computer so I am going to modify it as soon as I am able. My main goals for 2016 are to continue to loose weight, build strength, run and bike longer, do a handstand, do a pull up, and just continue to have fun getting healthier as I set a good example for my family. Okay my family and extended family loves RWBY. We have a blast watching it so I am going to have fun and do some RWBY themed challenges (bascially making them fit my goals just because it is fun). Jaune Arc – Leader of team JNP
  14. This song popped up on Pandora while I was on a run the other day. I had vague plans to organize my challenge around some of the lines. When that looked like hammering a square peg into a round hole, I decided to keep the song after all, as a dose of fortifying nihilism. Old School More recent take Dust In The Wind (1977)Kansas I close my eyes, Only for a moment and the moment's gone All my dreams, Pass before my eyes with curiosity Dust in the wind, All we are is dust in the wind Same old song, Just a drop of water in an endless sea All we do, Crumbles to the ground, though we ref
  15. Hello everybody! Since I'm new to the rebellion and seem to be unable to open a new "introdce yourself" thread I will put my introduction right here: I will delay posting my epic quest until clearer news/instructions are posted later today. The experience points stuff hasn't been understood so far so I will add those later, too. So here are the quests: 1) RUN, DONKEY, RUN! I just discovered that I don't suck at running anymore and feel that moving through the woods around my part of the city makes me feel so much better mentally and physically. Since I'm quite active otherwise bab
  16. Dear new-comers to yoga, Hello! I am a soon-to-be certified yoga instructor; my official license comes at the end of the month. My styles is based on cultivating complete body+mind awareness and increased strength, flexibility, stamina, and focus. Many of my routines alternate and often combine elements of deep muscular restorative, yin yoga and strengthening, flow-based asana. If you have any questions about yoga, whether you are just starting out or even stuck in a yogic rut, come on over and give me a message! I want to help out as many people as I can; you DON'T have to be flexible to
  17. Hi everybody. BRHemp here. Going to start my first challenge on the 13th. I am a federal law enforcement officer and a CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 certified instructor. I also hold certs in CF Olympic Lifting, CF Gymnastics, CF Strong Man, CF Kids and am certified with Kettlebell concepts as an instructor. This is why I classify myself as a Ranger My goal for the 6 week challenge is to eat better, lose 5-8 pounds and be a better man and father. My fiance and I will be seeing a sports nutritionist this week and hopefully she can get us on a better eating lifestyle. When I started bac
  18. Introduction: I’m a 30 something fat bloke, I have always been the bigger chap (apart from primary school when I was 4/5 years old and I was sent to the doctor as they thought I was malnourished…boy did I get them back!) but after I joined my current employer (8 years ago) I became quite sedentary and I ballooned. I have over the years started loads of things to change this but I always ended up falling off the wagon, so joining in here I hope will help me find the inspiration and support of others. One of the best habits is to surround yourself with people who have the same goal as youâ€
  19. Greetings, fellow rebels! This is my "n" re-encounter with the NF comunity... hope this time it will last Well, to the point... I started this theard to hold me accountable for the type of training I intend to do. I tought about tell you about my entire life story but I think its better to save it for other time. I just want to tell about the fitness aproach I want to take. I've been always facinated by the Special Forces concept, in reality and in fiction (the to-go guys when the shit REALLY hits the fan), but it was until I read the masterpice "Old Man's War" when something really d
  20. Hello nerds! So I have a pair of Chucks (or converses if that's how you know them) low rise that I got on the recommendation of Steve & Staci as good lifting shoes. However, these suckers DESTROY my feet. i have really narrow heels but a wide toe bed, and no amount of inserts has been able to keep these from ruling my heels raw. So the cut of Chucks doesn't work for me. Any suggestions of other similar shoes that have worked for you? Chucks aren't cheap shoes, and I really don't have the $$ to buy shoes that I can't actually wear (and then can't return because I've worn them at all). An
  21. Hi all, I am training for a half marathon in August and am looking for cross training options that will support my running goals and that can be done with or near my boys (ages 5 and 8) on the days they are with me. This could mean activities done around the home, or outside with the kids participating, or just outside in an environment where the kids can play some other activity nearby (like a park or school athletic field). Basically, no gym, no classes. I'm hoping this thread could become a resource for other parents as well. In a related question, is it okay to vary my cross trainin
  22. I would love some advice. I have two injuries that are making my life (and workouts) a misery. 1. A year ago during a marathon I ended the race with terrible knee pain (but I PR'ed, so worth it?). I took a month off of running and a month later when I tried to do a fun-run relay race, I could barely go further than a mile or two without being in incredible pain. I took more time off then some more then some more and so on (hooray for living overseas where you can't find a reliable doctor to help you out, right?) trying to get my knee to heal itself. This was my 3rd marathon and while I h
  23. So I'm squeaking in under the bar for the start of this this week. I wasn't going to participate as I was unprepared with all these things changing around here with goals and such like. MAIN MISSION: drop 10% body fat This will be ongoing, I expect it to take a few months obviously. I'm starting at basically 31% body fat, which is better than this time last year. I want to be strong and made of muscle and not just jiggly fat. I can see some definition starting in my legs and arms and I want more please, kthxbai. BUT WHY?! I went to roller derby practice today, and got to scrim (play ag
  24. I'm starting a new personal Battle Log because I've been inspired to really take things to the next level. Back story: I'm an amateur/recreational aerialist. I've been doing it for about 3.5 years now and have a fairly intermediate skill level. For about the past 9 months I've been working on building my flexibility up, and I have a fairly good strength base, however I don't do any cardio or endurance work whatsoever, aside from an occasional adult beginner ballet course. I've been kind of searching around for what's going to be my "next level" for a little while and I think I've come up
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