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  1. Long time no post, but the short version is: I dropped from 67 kg to 59 over the summer, carefully bulked to 62, maintained over the holidays consistently at 62-63 kg. I was planning to cut to 57 from end of January to mid-March so I could bulk a bit before the summer, but I've had to say bye-bye to that plan because nothing is happening. If anything, my weight is increasing - this morning I weighed 64, and almost fainted and/or cried because I can't recall the last time I weighed that much. I don't understand. I've been told time and time again that CICO works, and it did work for me in the
  2. Hi everyone! My name's Mike - first time poster, long time lurker. I started eating Paleo back in March of 2014, after stumbling upon Steve's "Beginner's Guide to the Paleo Diet" article. Since then I've lost about 88lbs! Here are my before and after photos: I still eat non-Paleo stuff on occassion, cheeseburgers, pizzas, soda, etc. I try to keep it 80-20. I definitely indulged myself a little too much over the course of December, with holiday gatherings and whatnot. Hoping this month I can be a little more disciplined. I want to further improve my physique; I'd like to cut down my
  3. Alright! We're back at it with another weightloss PvP. But the storm is coming. For many of us the Holiday season (Nov - Dec) is the worst time to try to start losing weight. It's too easy to give in to holiday feasts and we put it off for the New Year. But why put it off till the New Year? Get ahead of the game. Join this PvP! The rules are simple: 1) Sign up by putting your name and starting weight in the spreadsheet. Set your goal weight in the spreadsheet; originally we set a goal of 10 lbs. over 10 weeks. But you can set whatever you think is most reasonable for your body and
  4. Since during the last challenge I was channeling earthbender stubbornness and determination, I think this one calls for waterbending adaptability. Water is the element of change, and dog knows I need to make some changes before uni starts again. Goal #1: Light as Vapor I've managed to get from 67kg to 61.8kg in three months, but I still need to lose a few more so I can bulk a bit without going over the limit of my TKD weight class. The goal is to get to 59.0 kg. It should be doable, but I've been stuck at my current weight for over a week now, so I need to figure out how to get it moving aga
  5. I bit off a little more than I could chew last challenge, so this time I'm going to try to simplify a couple areas so that I can do better overall instead of excelling in one area (lifting) while the other areas (diet, weight loss progress) stall or go backwards. To accomplish this, I'm going to alter my diet plan a bit so it takes less time/mental energy and hopefully I'll be less likely to backslide or crash. Hopefully this leads to fewer pizzas ordered/eating out/etc. Main Goal: Lose Bodyfat while maintaining or gaining strength. Missions: 1. Average 5/6 gym days per week Self-expla
  6. The next major step for me zeroing in on my goals has got to be figuring out my macros. The trouble is, all the websites seem to disagree with what my macros should be! All of these ratios are of Protein/Carbs/Fats (in that order). For all, I'm researching recommendations (if there is a difference) for an endomorph who is cutting, not an endomorph who is bulking, and not for an ectomorph or a mesomorph. Most of them come out super carb heavy: http://iifym.com/iifym-calculator/ - Entering my info comes out with 30/40/30 http://healthyeater.com/flexible-dieting-calculator - Same info com
  7. Hey Warriors, You read that title right, dsavage is switching teams (from rangers). After close to a year on nerdfitness, I've come full circle. Here's my story: Last August I started nerdfitness. I've always had a pretty unimpressive physique. For years I've been around 150-160lb with a bit of a belly. I come from a family of runners, but I've had a hard time staying focused on fitness since college. For one brief, glorious year after high school I worked out every week, working my way up to 180 lbs by being a gym rat. (In addition to tutoring calculus, the college gym offered me a job be
  8. A MAN, A PLAN, A CANAL, PANAMA! I'm Raptron. I do gymnastics and I lift stuff, so I talk about both in my threads. I'm going THEMELESS this time around. My apologies. Goal 1. Welcome to the Jungle (It's a Bouncy House) *Go for a run 8 times between NOW (May 27) and June 20 *After June 20, add jump work 2x per week into workout program My Spartan Super is June 20. I should probably run a few times between then and now. I know I shouldn't technically have goals that start before the challenge starts, but hey, challenges don't always line up with our lives. Once I've gotten the running
  9. Main Goal: Continue the Cut Aiming for 230lbs, and then going to re-evaluate. That should put me somewhere between 17-20% bodyfat, but it's hard to tell exactly without a real scan. At that point I'll be able to better asses and aim for an end goal. Missions: 1. Average 2600-2700 calories a day. Tracked via Fat Secret App. Mostly paleo, but IIFYM when I don't prepare or get lazy. 2. Miss 10 or Fewer Workouts out of 36. Starting up a high frequency program, which spreads over 6 days each week. We're getting in to summer vacation season I'm already planning to be away from the gym at lea
  10. Challenge #2 - Dawn of the Dhampir I must shed this mortal skin, revealing the beast within! The dhampir is strong, but slim; powerful, yet graceful...like Beyonce. I grew significant muscle during my challenge #1, maintaining my weight. Now I'll go for slower strength gains with dieting. Goals: 1. Stretch daily (+2 CON, +1 DEX) No excuses - it improves circulation, hence speeding muscle recovery - science! 2. Lose 1 lb/week [starting@129] (+1 DEX/+1 STA, +2 CHA) First 2 don't count. 3. Work out as per below schedule (+2 STR, +2 STA, +1 DEX) Max 2 rest days/week to pass. Odd days...
  11. Backstory: martial artist becomes mom, mom buys dumbbells and falls in love with weightlifting. Spends a magical summer perfecting push-ups, pull-ups and slaps plates on a new shiny barbell before shoulder injury (November) and frozen shoulder (January-April) put a spanner in the works. Now respawned and raring to go, Tanuki is no longer freestylin' at home with Youtube tutorials, but has joined a weights-focused gym and signed up with a experienced trainer. The Goals 1. Get stronger. Track workouts, watch numbers get bigger, 4x a week minimum. Work out a plan/program with trainer and see
  12. Hi everyone! So, I've been dieting for over 4 months now (slow cut). During that time the only things I've been drinking are black coffee, water, unsweetened green tea, skim milk (in my protein shakes), and occasionally low-calorie drink mix. I was wondering, what do you guys drink when you are dieting? Or, what do you drink in general? Does anyone have any low/no calorie beverage ideas? Thank you in advance, Mike
  13. Challenge 17 There can be only one....goal. There's something I've been avoiding for a long time. Justifying to myself this way or that way, enough is enough, I need to give Paleo a proper go. Not a bit of a go with a lot of other stuff thrown in and sort of do it, a proper full Paleo go. Controlling food intake has been a long standing battle and I keep dancing around it so this challenge: Goal 1 Full Paleo for 6 weeks. Rules of engagement: - Full Paleo to me means no processed food, no processed sugar, no grains. That pretty much covers it. - Exceptions: I have no issues with
  14. I give no guarantees that I will be as epic as that dwarf. So, in my two and a half years here on NF, I have never done a challenge outside of the Monk’s Guild. I love the Monastery, but lately I’ve been having a goodly chunk of lifting questions and thoughts pop into my head, so I figured now is a good time to show up and learn from all your wonderful Warrior-type people. By and large, this is going to be a weird challenge for me. I go on vacation starting in….. 12 hours? Which means I’ll be doing Challenge-light stuff for the week or so I’m gone. And then starting in the mid
  15. Bro's, it's that time of the year. Summer time and like any good Bro, its time to show off all the hard work of the year. Put down the useless stuff like chalk, weight belts, and sleeves and get out the spray tanners, hair gel and Axe. 1st Goal: Track all foodz and get lean. A Bro knows that starving now = lots of attention later. A Bro lifting status should be known from miles away. The question "do you even lift bro?" should be to so obvious that if asked, the only response is a blank stare. 2. A Bro knows that he has to be ready to bro at anytime. You can't bro if y
  16. First off, I'm new to the community and seeking the advice of fellow Fitness nerds! My base stats are... Age 18, 130 lbs, female, 5'1, generally a couch potato (computer, tv, video games, reading, studying.) My legs are all muscle except for a little chub on my inner thighs. I have been actively going to the gym a minimum of 4 days a week for at least an hour a day for over six months now (cardio and strength training). I have gained a bit of muscle and slimmed down some, but I hope to drop a bit more fat. Originally I tried to maintain a 1200 calorie a day goal, however that left me feelin
  17. Clearly the machines are preparing to rise against us. They've invaded our civilization. They're in our homes. The are even forming parasitic attachments to our heads that cause us to behave in bizarre ways. Before we all get sucked into the matrix, we must take down the robots and live free of there wires and false realities. Main Goal: Learn to Survive in a post-Robocalyptic wasteland. Unfortunately, the battle has already begun as the robots are well poised to destroy us and the damages they will pose to civilization are already happening. Food is becoming scarce. But the fight against me
  18. good day to you guys My battle began 2.5 years ago, 28 years old now, started at 238 lb with no phisical activiy NONE. I went from 238 to my current 204 lb and 26% body fat to my current 21% with only diet, that happened very fast, I accomplished that 4 months and then get stuck, i started doing cardio, spinning, hiking, running and today I'm still stucked. It's been 2 years now, I've been able to maintain my weight and body fat (with a little back n forth), but I can't go below 20% body fat. right now I'm doing 40 min of weight lifting in the morning and 60 min of walking and running in the
  19. Not uninspired to workout, that bit is fine. Uninspired to neatly and creatively knit my goals for this challenge into a unifying theme or something clever. But, I do know what I want to do, and that's the important part, yes? Having a plan is goooood. So, the plan: 6 workouts/week Continuing this from last challenge. Pretty self-explanatory: 6 workouts for 5 of 6 weeks. One week of this challenge is vacation and I hardly expect myself to keep to my workout schedule while in a sunny, beachy environment full of margaritas. Pass/Fail Middle Splits/Straddle To progress in my aerial silks
  20. Been doing this fitness thing on and off for roughly 3 years now. Got myself down close to my goal weight of 200 (really hit 225). Fell apart on my goals. Went from a job where I was able to work out consistantly and eat great. Left that job to go back to an old job where I stress ate, worked WAY to many hours in the week, and couldn't make it to the gym ever. I recently (october) left the crazy job to go back to the OTHER job (I know it gets confusing) been there for about 3 months now and I have a bet going with my new (old yes it is the same boss that I worked for before) boss. We are both
  21. 6 workouts/week General lackadaisicalness and the holidays (Christmas cookies and Dragon Age are a dangerous combination) have wound up with slacker sylph. Time to get back to it. 6 workouts/week is the goal. 3 strength, 3 cardio. Silks practice counts as a strength day. I actually started this week. Yesterday was workout #6. Today is a rest day. We'll see how this fares now that I'm back at work post-holidays. 6 workouts/week for at least 5 of the 6 weeks = pass Less than that = fail Straight arm/straight leg straddle up I am soclose to getting this regularly. But I think I have microbend
  22. So I have been doing SL5X5 for a few months. I started doing them while eating about 1800 calories, and in November was struggling so I have been doing 2300ish calories, sort of a mini bulk. I have however gotten a bit rounder, as I was still a little on the high fat% side when I started. So I am preparing starting February to wind back down to about 1800 and cut. My maintenance is calculated to be 2200ish I have not had to deload yet from 3x failure on the same wight. I had a couple voluntary mini-deloads from injury or to correct form issues. But I am still making progress at 5x5. I
  23. With my last couple of challenges I've attempted cuts and failed miserably, completely my own fault. Loss of focus, laziness, etc. My previous challenge, which I did complete, consisted of two main goals: cutting a serious amount of weight and deadlifting 405. I met the latter of the two goals. The former I dropped the ball on completely. Lately I've had a lot of things pulling me in multiple directions. But now I have a lot of support for my weightloss at home both with family and friends. I really need to focus in on this. My main quest for this challenge, my first challenge to try
  24. I've been busy the last couple of months and missed a few challenges, so I figured it's about time I get back into it and really push myself again! My main quest this challenge is to lose fat and gain some more visible muscle mass Cutting whilst trying to keep my lifts up is going to be a bitch, but it wouldn't be a challenge if it were easy! Goals are: Eat clean and at least 4 times a day I haven't been eating enough through the day and been eating more poorly at night, so it's time to do some meal planning and start eating smaller and more often. Cut caffeine back to once a day, pre work
  25. Challenge 13. I'm heading back to the UK for a holiday in 6 weeks time, perfect challenge timing! I want to be in great shape for my trip so I've decided to repeat the goals I had for my second ever NF challenge, which was a very successful one for weight loss. Only mod is goal 1 now Body Fat % rather than a Kg BMI number. The key focus for the next 6 weeks is going to be fat loss and vanity. When I turn 40 later this year it would be amazing if I was "ripped" but any steps in that direction will be good progress. Goals: Goal 1 - Get to 17.5% Bodyfat. (CHA 5) Goal 2 - Complete 4 worko
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