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Found 5 results

  1. Building my first Holocron - Jedi Sentinel Training, Prologue Welcome to my first 'official' challenge with the Rebellion. I've kept many Battle-Logs (and I am running one now - Holo-log - Study of the Jedi Sentinal), but never participated in a four week challenge. Here we go then. Background After years of physical training, experimenting with a number of training domains, I now appreciate the need for dedicated focuses. Short, sharp, intensive periods where I can push to better myself at a select number of skills. I'll call these chapters in the Holocron I am writing on my progress towards becoming a Master Jedi. Prologue - A Foundation 12 Feb - 11 Mar "Do you wish to be great? Then begin by being. Do you desire to construct a vast and lofty fabric? Think first about the foundations of humility. The higher your structure is to be, the deeper must be its foundation." - Saint Augustine A Jedi Sentinel is a Force Adept who blends combat expertise and training in the Force with a more pragmatic approach to their duties. If I truly desire a higher structure, I need to focus on these key elements; I need to ensure my foundation is strong. Challenge parameters: Jedi Physical Training - building the ability for combat expertise - Train each day according to your program. See Battle-Log for structure. This is will always be enduring. Jedi Mind Training - connecting with the Force - Journal each day. - Reflect on the end of each day. - Read 'The Daily Stoic' each day, and write to your family. Jedi Sentinel Training - preparing for expanding to future skills - Complete 'Learning How to Learn' MOOC - Complete 'Mindshift' MOOC - Teach 'Learning How to Learn' principles to an audience
  2. I'm sticking with smaller and simpler, while still keeping my sights on the big goals. The Race to Reveal the Red Scorpion 1. Strength - Bodyweight or other strength training (With amounts and types TBD during Zero Week, then posted here) A - 3x/week B - 2x/week C - 1x/week F - 0x/week 2. Supple Leopard - Work with fitness evaluations and fitness routines from the book "Supple Leopard" for at least 20 minutes per session A - 5x/week B - 4x/week C - 3x/week D - 2x/week F - < 2x/week 3. Sleep - I usually wake naturally at between 7 - 7.5 hours of sleep. I also often short myself on sleep and my attention and energy suffer if I get less than 6 hours. I am aiming to train myself to regularly get around 7 hours per night. A - 7+ hrs/night B - 6.5+ hrs/night C - 6+ hrs/night D - 5.5+ hrs/night F - > 6 hrs/night 4. Study/Cyber/Data Visualization - These are for specific learning projects and portfolio pieces that are currently in progress A - All 3 Coursera courses currently enrolled in completed, on time on subsequent courses, AND 4 portfolio pieces finished B - All 3 Coursera courses currently enrolled in completed, on time on subsequent courses, AND 3 portfolio pieces finished C - All 3 Coursera courses currently enrolled in completed, on time on subsequent courses, AND 2 portfolio pieces finished D - All 3 Coursera courses currently enrolled in completed, on time on subsequent courses, AND 1 portfolio pieces finished F - < All 3 Coursera courses currently enrolled in completed, on time on subsequent courses, AND 1 portfolio pieces finished Simple. Focused. Steady as she goes...
  3. I'm going smaller this challenge, but still keeping my sights on the big goals. 4S - Swim, Sleep, Study, Cyber Security (& Data Visualization) 1. Swim - Get the body in the pool and do as much as I safely can as my back continues to heal A - 3x/week B - 2x/week C - 1x/week F - 0x/week 2. Sleep - Keep with the early to bed, early to rise schedule. Maintain electronics curfew and use red light/screen dimming app. A - 7+ hrs/night B - 6+ hrs/night C - 5+ hrs/night F - > 5 hrs/night 3. Study - Weeks 1 and 2: Exam Prep and Conference, Coursera, and Khan Academy classes A - 6+ hrs/day (average for the week) B - 5+ hrs/day (average for the week) C - 4+ hrs/day (average for the week) D - < 3hrs/day (average for the week) F - < 2hrs/day (average for the week) Weeks 3 and 4: Coursera, Khan Academy, Cybrary, & Udemy classes A - 4+hrs/day (average for the week) B - 3+hrs/day (average for the week) C - 2+hrs/day (average for the week) D - < 1hrs/day (average for the week) F - 0hrs/day (average for the week) 4. Cyber Security and Data Visualization "portfolio" pieces A - 4 pieces/projects B - 3 pieces/projects C - 2 pieces/projects D - 1 piece/project F - 0 projects Simple. Focused. Steady as she goes...
  4. Ready to Hack... On the surface, this won't look that much different than my last challenge. (Don't let appearances fool you.) This challenge, I will still be stretching... Swimming... Getting enough Zzzzzz... Eating my vegetables... Coding... Meditating... Keeping my journal... and taroting. However, some major family dysfunction that went down last challenge has caused me to look far more deeply into my current life situation. This challenge will be about hacking my depression through the above methods and setting up a better system to get me through the rough times. There are some life events that are also be factored into this challenge. We have a new addition to the family - an injured stray tuxedo cat who is a delight and quite the character - but is causing some disruptions to life as we have known it. (Pictures soon!) And, I am studying for an exam to certify in a particular data visualization software the first part of November. It is going to be a real stretch to get ready in time, but I have a plan... Next couple of challenges - Some of the changes I have chosen to make will take a couple of challenges to put into place. Between now and the end of the year, I will: Revamp my Epic Quest Move my challenges back to my more gamified, storified, and creative model of yore Move to a more visual model of challenge tracking. My budding skills as a data analyst/engineer have bumped into to my previous nerdy, rangery desire to create the perfect spreadsheet. The result is a goal to "Viz All the Things!" That should keep me busy. I will be continuing to use an adaptive change model over the course of this challenge. It was a bit bumpy last time, but I think I have worked out a better tracking model and have learned where things went off the rails. More musings on that later...
  5. It's been sort of a whirlwind lately... And I've felt the need to tame the clutter and focus more narrowly. So, I will be concentrating on the Magician's Path this challenge, Instead of running in circles trying to do ALL THE THINGS! (ALL THE PATHS!) The Four Paths The Four Paths - as used in the epic fantasy novel that I have been writing, lo, these many years - is a system of training used by the members of a mysterious order. The paths are: Warrior Scholar Magician Healer Hmmm, sounds kind of like an RPG... I am continuing to use cards from the Tarot for focus and as visual aids and inspiration for my challenges. (Toga Party!) As established last challenge, I am working with the transforming the Fool's energy into that of the Magician. That overlaps nicely with the system of the Four Paths and thus, my challenge title. I like using the Tarot for my challenge themes so far. It helps me focus and to approach things in a more fun and intuitive way. That works well for me, especially since I simply haven't had the time to do the more imaginative gamified things I've wanted to do. I have come up with a multi-challenge sequence that should address all of the major areas I want to improve over the course of the year. It also provides a good framework for gamification and a storyline if I can make the time for that. We shall see. I am also continuing my years theme of "planting my stake in the ground" - commitment and persistence being qualities that I see as needed in my life right now. My Main Goal is to put more MAGIC and FUN into my life 1. MAINTAIN average sleep amount of 7 hours per night. IMPROVE the quality of my sleep through a wiser bedtime routine 2. AUTOMATE more of my systems: a revised set of daily routines, a system of modular "kits" for my more mobile lifestyle to help me organize the stuff I need to cart around for work, lessons, working out, and traveling. 3. GROW my creativity, making more time for fun in my life, things like juggling, drawing, Digital Storytellers group, fiddle. 45 minutes minimum per day. 4. INCREASE my physical fitness - Continue walking, stretching, working on posture. Move more at work - utilize standing desk, do quick bursts of exercise in small breaks to counteract the effects of so much sitting. Add in more bodyweight strength training and increase walking pace. 5. CONTINUE my cyber security training - 2+ half-day visits to the AZCWR (Arizona Cyber Warfare Range) for training; At least six hours of security study and training exercises the other two weeks. The above are a little vague on specific amounts. I plan is to make a spreadsheet with my current baselines and then just aim for hitting the goal numbers for #1 & #3; establish at the beginning of each week what kit I am going to make for #2, go for ~3% increases in mileage, reps, pace as appropriate for #4. #5 is already fairly specific. A few other goals that I am tracking: I will lose at least three pounds this challenge. I will continue my cleaning habits to keep clutter and home chaos at bay. And of course, cats...
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