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  1. Hi, my name is V In Night City, the main center of activity in the game CyberPunk 2077, the ultimate goal for all mercs is to become a legend of the Afterlife, the Afterlife being the main bar/hangout for top mercs and fixers. I may be just a regular merc now, but like Jackie and all those other legends before me, I am going places and by the end of this challenge will become a legend of the Afterlife, and even have a drink named after me. Unfortunately, I also have the psyche of dead terrorist Johnny Silverhand uploaded into my brain, so I am going to have to deal with that along the way Workouts: Being a merc is dangerous work, and you have to ready for physical violence at any moment. I don't have any training bots to get me ready for the streets of Night City, so I will have to create my own workouts I was hoping to be at the park already from this week, but a new covid outbreak means I will still be working out from home for a while. This means that some of the items I was planning to work on will be on hold until such time as the park reopens (gymnastics stuff, human flag, iron cross, etc.). I will focus on 5 calisthenics skills with a specific focus each workout. However, I don't want to ignore the others so at the end of each workout session I will continue to do at least one progression of each of the other 4 that were not that day's focus That leaves me with the following workout schedule Monday - Front Lever Tuesday - Planche Wednesday - Pistol Squats (+Leg Day) Thursday - Back Lever Friday - Handstand Pushup Food: Consumables are a big part of the game and can make or break your chances of success in some tight spots. I am in a tight spot now with my weight and BF% hovering around my all time highs. Getting my eating under control is going to give me the edge I need in all of the tight spots popping up on the horizon. Figuring out what I am going to eat for dinner takes away a lot f the uncertainty around food, and getting rid of the uncertainty makes a world of difference when making good food choices. I often end up in the late afternoon trying to figure out what I am going to make for dinner. Not this challenge. I sat down with Ghostlet and we picked around 25 meals that I am going to make at some point over the course of the challenge (Mon-Thu for 6 weeks, with a buffer for weekends if I end up having leftovers that need to be eaten). Fridays are always pizza night. For accountability, the foods I am going to make are listed in the spoiler below, in no particular order Music: Jonny Silverhand was a famous for 2 things: 1) being a rockerboy and frontman for the band Samurai and 2) being a terrorist who dropped pair of tactical nukes on Arasaka Tower. For this challenge I will emulate only one of those two I have left my ukulele idle for too long and it is time to get back at it. As part of that, I have agreed with @juliebarkley to put on a special ukulele/fiddle duet for the fans here. We anticipate the performance to be hilariously disastrous, so please set your expectations accordingly The performance should be posted here before the end of the challenge. In addition to the Uke, I also want to keep working on my piano stuff. I have selected two songs to work on the course of the challenge, but I don't expect to be proficient in either after just 6 weeks (They are both well above my current ability level) but I do hope to suck less at them. Rewards: I have never done a challenge with actual rewards before, but you can't run all over Night City and not expect to pick up at least some loot. If I do well on this challenge I will reward myself with either a new keyboard (one with a full 8 octaves) or a replica Johnny Silverhand Samurai Leather Jacket. Or both. Or something else entirely, we'll see how I am feeling at the end of the challenge
  2. >MailTo:AllRunners >>DearShadowrunners, It is nothing new that things in our line of work can go south. What matters is how deep you’re in and how you plan to get yourself out. In my case, I’m as deep as it gets. In the last month, I have given out jobs to most of you but one in particular came back to bite me in the ass and make me the personal plaything of Hans Brackhaus, who apparently enjoys invading every aspect of my life and humiliate me in public for it. Not a good thing when you’re in our business. That on its own wouldn’t be so bad if Herr Hans was an ordinary man. You see, German employers like to use that name for the sake of anonymity, just like Americans will introduce themselves to you as Mr. Johnson. You see, the level of private life invasion is way too extreme for one man to bother, let alone pull off when out for revenge. That, and the fact that the run was against Saeder-Krupp can only mean one thing. Hans Brackhaus is Lofwyr himself. If you haven’t already shut your commlink thinking “Hell no, Raider!” I appreciate it. If you don’t know who Lofwyr or Saeder-Krupp is, I wonder how you’re still alive, but let me give you a quick update. Lofwyr is a dragon, quite possibly The Dragon. Awakened in 2012, he is the only German dragon who, instead of going on a rampage, actually talked his way past the military forces sent to secure his area of rest. Twenty three years later, he stepped forward as the majority shareholder of the BMW/Krupp and incorporated several other companies to form today’s biggest AAA Megacorp, Saeder Krupp and become the wealthiest individual on the planet. The following year Lofwyr got a seat in Tir Tairngire’s Council of Princes and held it until two years ago. You know, Tir Tairngire, that nation of elves and not dragons? I guess he made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. Not surprisingly, he is also a major player in dragon politics and has his claws into pretty much everything going on around the globe. Now, it would sound epic to say I plan to take down Lofwyr, but that’s insane and unrealistic. What I really want is to get him off my back. Easier said than done when up against someone with draconic mind, infinite resources and a flair for excessive micromanagement. Which is why I’ll need to side with his enemies on the grandest chessboard of them all. I know of the hatred between his brother Alamais and if we are to believe the late Dunkelzahn’s will, that dragon survived an orbital laser shot, so he’d be a valuable ally. Hestaby is a more complicated case; he gave her the seat on the Council of Princes and although that might be part of a trade, it’s not a safe bet to think she’ll want to make a move against him. There’s heat between him and Aden over control of the Middle East, which is another situation that could be exploited. Last but not least, Lofwyr has been hostile against Ghostwalker. The latter is probably indifferent, but might be persuaded to spring into action. Apologies for this long mail, but I wanted you to know what I’ll be putting you up against in the future and who you’ll probably be working for. Anyone uncomfortable with the situation is free to decline. P.S. Due to past experience, I have gone to great lengths to ensure that this message is properly coded and sent through secure channels so that Hans Brackhaus won’t be able to pick it up. Should any of you consider selling it to the man, I am sorry for your treacherous greed but rest assured that getting you is going to be a priority and something much easier to accomplish than shaking Lofwyr off my back.
  3. Volki scans the air as he looks through his night vision goggles. Thousands of numbers stream by in succession along the thin blue biothreads as they arc in every direction across the backdrop of the enormous city of buildings choking the starless skyline. Numbers and bits of code spew forth from each of the clueless denizen’s UID chip. The streams of code are broadcast to the cities central processing hub and archived for inspection. The streams contain information about each person’s natural abilities, social class and firmware version. At age 15 every person is awarded citizenship and has the UID chip implanted into the base of the skull. The chip then synchs up with the synapses of the brain and can upload and download new software packages for any patron with the money to afford the upgrade. For everyone but the Linux corps, these nanomite lines of code are invisible. We are the elite hackers of the grid and incidentally we are hunted by the Kaspersky agents who have placed our faces on every major Access Control List. The Kaspersky agents want our lives because we have found a way to modify our UID chips and have found a way to remain hidden on the network. Our major accomplishment though was when we cracked into the great code libraries and downloaded the ancient knowledge files that laid out how the Cyber Counsel took control and then proceeded to wipe the memories of everyone. I am determined to know what exactly they mean to do with us by turning us into walking zombies constantly consuming the filthy lies they weave for us on every screen. Every day millions of people hang on every word the news and Counsel has to say. They are made to believe that everything is fine and continue to push conformity. I have to get to the Central Hub of the city and sever the link the Counsel has to the masses, only then will we stand a chance to end their reign. I flip a switch on the goggles and enter in a few lines of code on the holo-keys built into my bionic arm. The vision in the goggles flicker and then a single biothread is left flowing from end to end of the city. A voice cracks in over the comm system implant in my ear. “Volki, status update. Have you found him yet?†“Yes sir, I just found his thread right now and I am sending you the comm frequency right now. Do you want me to ghost trail the target?†“You are clear for recon and possible extraction of the target but make sure the target is acquired without damage to the UID nanite link.†“10-4 Recon is a go.†I take a quick inventory of my supplies and throw my goggles into my backpack as the thread path is switched to the navigation program of my forearm screen. I lower myself down the rope that held me high above the mammoth structures that choked every inch of the sprawling city. From this height I can see the cars flying by like a swarming hive of bees. The life of the city moves on without regard for the time of day or night. The year is 2357 and the time of an organic earth was long since dead. It is now the time of the machines; computers and wire replace trees and wildlife. My boots splash down into the dark alley far below the data link tower I had descended. I unhook from the rope and set out toward the path of the target. The cars zoom by overhead and the talking hologram heads all around the city go on about the latest celebrity scandal and which products will make our lives better. I tune them out as I weave in and out of streets and alleyways moving ever closer to the blip on my map. I come to a stop on a rooftop as I peer down the street at a hooded man wearing a bag on his back with a small antennae protruding from the zipper. As the target crosses the busy street with hundreds of others on their way to work I can make out a small device in his hand. Just as he crosses the middle of the 6 ways street he raises his hand slightly as he presses a sequence into the device. Moments later all 20 of the screens in the area showed an insidiously laughing skull with a feather headdress above the flashing words “I AM THE GHOST IN THE MACHINE!†The screens flashed faster and faster until they simultaneously erupted into an explosion of sparks and glass that rained down onto the shocked pedestrians below. “Captain I have sight of the target, I’m moving in.†I grabbed the edge of the building and vaulted myself down to the pavement landing in a quick roll. Bolting to my feet I began to chase the man in the hood as he fled into a nearby alley. He ran from shadow to shadow trying desperately to lose me in the labyrinth of the city landscape. The distance on my Nav screen showed less than 20 yards away and closing fast. I unhooked my pistol from its holster on my hip and switched its charge down to a non-lethal voltage as I round another corner. I could see him clamoring up a nearby fire escape heading for the roof and out of view. I pause only a moment and take aim with my plasma pistol. The weapon lets out a sharp crack and then a blue streak of electricity arcs straight into his back. He lets out a loud yelp and then loses his grip and slips bouncing against the safety cage of the ladder and comes to a stop with a thud against the cold pavement. I rush over and peel back his hood. He has a thin face with sharp features. His hair is cropped into a short Mohawk and complete with an auburn beard. I inspect the UID for any visible signs of damage as well as the sleeping target vitals. “Helix come in, I have the target. He is down and unconscious, send the Vulture to come pick us up in his speeder and bring us home.†In order to be the best Linux Corpse Hacker I can be I am going to need to get stronger, more dexterous and up my programming skills. Goal 1: Fortification I am going to follow a 2X a week schedule for my lifting to allow adequate flexibility with fitting in the gym time with the 12hr work days D1 Pullup 3x10 D1 Skull crusher 3x12 D1 Alt db curl 3x10 D1 L sit dip 3x10 D1 1 arm rows 3x10 D1 DB bench 3x10 D2 DB deadlift 3x10 D2 Front squat 3x10 D2 DB alt lunges 3x12 D2 DB calf raises 3x10 Goal 2: Dexterity I have been following along with a PowerYoga for Athletes program online. I want to do power yoga at least 2Xs a week minimum. Goal 3: Python Programming I need to upgrade my programming skills so I am going to follow along and finish the Python programming course by the end of the challenge available on Codeacademy.com **So basically I am continuing my plan of splitting my focus into quarters this year. I am still in the structural and functional strength portion of my training before I move back into a more lifting heavy routine. **
  4. Becoming a Cyborg - 2nd GIG (^ I might be replacing this with one on my laptop, not sure yet) This is the second and last part of my Cyborg missions, ended up going a little GiTS heavy as opposed to general cyberpunk buuuuuut it works. As most (if not all) of you know, halfway through the last challenge I had corrective surgery on my left eye. This week, zero week, is when I have the second surgery on my right eye. In fact, it’s actually scheduled for tomorrow morning (Oct 28th). As a forewarning, I will be going dark for about a week while my eyes get back to semi-normal. I have no idea what to expect with both eyes healing, especially as far as halos/streaking/glare - which makes reading difficult at times. Though I’m sure it won't be a problem, I ask that you all be patient with me as far as posts and replies. I’m crossing my fingers hoping that this glare stuff does not become a problem, but it worries me immensely. In any case, I am wicked stoked for this challenge, as I will finally be able to ease my way back into a workout routine. Playing couch potato got really old about 3 weeks ago. This is going to be run a little differently than my previous 2 challenges, but in a way that I believe will be best in order for me to accomplish my goals. It’s going to be a point system where objectives are broken down into sub-quests - some will be ongoing, while others are one-time deals. There will be some tweaking, so please bear with me. Without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff _____________________________ Objective A: Section 9 Training Goal - 175 150 points This one is all about fitness - crossfit, roller derby, home workouts, and a bit of flexibility and derby specific training thrown in the mix. Previously, I was planning on starting crossfit 2-3 weeks in, but now I know that I have to wait a full month before I can start anything quite that strenuous. As for derby, I won’t be allowed to participate in contact drills so I’ll be joining the newbies in the basics class. The plan is to gradually ramp up the activity, with crossfit happening the last week or week and a half (I CAN’T WAIT). Except for week 1, all activities are expected to continue through to the end of the challenge, unless completed (Pandora). I don’t have a specific schedule laid out, but I’m aiming for 5 days a week of some kind of activity. Week 1: •Walk (2pts) Week 2: •Keep a workout log/journal (1pt/entry) •Balance or Jumping practice for Derby, 10+ min (2pts) •Darebee’s ‘Age of Pandora’ workout program (2pts/chapter) •20 min yoga (5pts) Week 3: •Attend Open Skate once a week (5pts) ->I will be avoiding this for now, at least until I start Derby again •Derby practice (5pts) -> pushed out to an undetermined date due to eye complications Week 6: •Join Crossfit!! (15pts) •Crossfit classes (5pts) **Added Agile 8 to workout plan (2pts) _____________________________ Objective B: Nix the MREs Goal - 175 points While I’m not necessarily eating horribly, I really could do a lot better. There’s still a bunch of sugar and tons of carbs going on (I’m looking at you, pasta). I’ve decided to take the NF recommended approach and move towards a paleo/primal diet. Long term, I can’t say if I will be strict or not, but I want to give it a serious try. Therefore, I aim to complete 30 full days of paleo/primal eating. This doesn’t necessarily mean in a row, or that I will stop once I've hit 30. For data collecting purposes, I'm also going to track my food using YouFood - previously twogrand if anyone is familiar with that. I might post a meal or two every now and again on here, but it's probably going to be me making a lot of stir fry in my nifty new wok- YAY WOK! Negative points will be given for things I'm trying to cut down on. •30 Days of Paleo (2pts/day) •Track my food in YouFood (previously twogrand) thread/battle log (2pts) •Only 1 snack item per week (5pts) •Weekly Meal Planning (5pts) •Organize and clear out the pantry (10pts) •No overeating on Thanksgiving!! (20pts) •Additional snacks (-5pts) _____________________________ Objective C: Jack out of the Net Goal - 150 250 points This is the section for all other life stuffs, mostly outside of the internet and NF, and is a little all over the place. •Moolah for Kevlar Jeans, $217 (.5pt per dollar) I have been waiting for these amazing women's motorcycle jeans to pop up on kickstarter for almost a year now. They FINALLY dropped yesterday and I jumped on the early bird special. Shaun ordered the men's version from last year, and I've been waiting and waiting to snag a pair of my own. I have until Dec 5 to put aside all the money I need for these, which shouldn't be hard to do. I just need to be diligent about it. •Keep up with a Battle Log (2pts/entry) I'm going to be starting a BATTLE LOG!! I probably wont have it up until week 1 or 2, as I don't think I'll have time between now and 7am tomorrow morning to do so. Maybe I will, I dunno *shrugs*. Anyway, this will be a place for me to post between challenges, about non-challenge related stuff, and various other things. Definitely not strictly fitness related as some are, but not completely off topic either. A healthy mix. Feel free to follow if you're interested, but no hard feelings if you don't (I'll link it in my sig when it's live). •Check in with fellow Rangers' threads (2pts/day) I'm making it a goal this time because I was really bad at it the last challenge. I'm going to set aside time to follow up on all the threads I'm following and maybe check out a few others if there's time. Unless someone has exploding thread syndrome (ETS) again haha, this shouldn't be a problem. •Knitting time (2pts/hour) Gotta put in more time for knitting and/or crochet projects. I need to finish the cowl I started, and I have a sweater than I'd like to start at some point before the winter is over. •Dishes, 5x/wk (5pts/wk) I am so bad at this, so I'm taking this challenge to work on it. Have to do them before I go to bed, 5x per week. End of Story. •Get out and about (10pts/outing) Basically, I need to stop being a hardcore homebody and go out and do something for a change. Go to another paint night with my sister when she's home for the holiday. See a movie with some friends. Get a group together and go to K1 for go-karting fun. Whatever it is, I need to go out and be with other people because I'm too cooped up. This is going to test my anxious introverted self a bit because it means reaching out to people, which is something I'm really, awfully terrible at. I feel like I'm a bother. It may not seem like it here on the forums, but I'm very introverted and shy in person, even sometimes around my friends. •Clear out my closet (15pts) My closet is close to exploding with clothes, so I'm thinking it's time to pare it down quite a bit. I'll sort between donating and chucking. •Reorganize the kitchen (20pts) I've been in my apartment a little over a year now. The way everything is organized worked back then, but not so much now. I have more cooking tools and equipment and it's time to do some rearranging. The pantry goal in Objective B ties in with this one. •Unnecessary spending (-5pts) If I'm going to save all the money for my jeans, I'll need to cut down on unnecessary spending. Points will be docked. _____________________________ Upcoming events in this challenge - Thanksgiving is the big one. My mom is hosting it this year, and I've been told to bake an apple pie and make a dish for dinner. I'm thinking butternut squash of some kind. - Nov 21 I have a mandatory all day derby 'retreat' where we will be planning stuff for the next season. Thankfully it's only down in Plymouth, so there wont be a lot of travelling on my end Moved to another town slightly farther away. Paleo may be a problem here, but I can probably pack something to bring. I'll have to find out. *this is up in the air, I may not need to go - Dec 3 is Shaun's 28th! I have to plan something for him - maybe some karting, or a movie. We usually keep it low key. I'll make some yummy treats instead of a cake. I do have another tracker sheet for this round, found here
  5. “Welcome, chummer. If you’re viewing this, it means I’m either dead or finally out of the running business. Either way, I’m out of the picture so the information contained within can do no harm to myself or those I might care about. I’ve tried to keep any dangerous references to a minimum and even use different names for added protection. For example, you can call me Cloud. Let me introduce you to the rest of my crew. Yeah I know, we use aliases from some video game of ages past, but hey it just clicked once we realized our skills as a team so save me the irony and bear with me, a'ight?” Final Fantasy 7 was the first and probably only RPG where I identified so much with the main protagonist. Mind you, I have played several before and after that, plus I never liked anime, manga, J-RPGs or anything of that ilk, so that’s a big achievement for FF7. It seems to come at a right time for this challenge and not just because a remake was announced. Cloud begins the game distant, indifferent and demotivated, as I have been recently. By the end of it, he has gone through hardships, romance, loss and the burden of leadership. Revelations concerning his identity and his past are not pleasant, but he refuses to accept what appears to be his nature. Cloud transcends it all and even later on (for anyone who’s watched FF7:Advent Children) he struggles with self doubt before crushing it and blazing through his own self-imposed barriers. That’s where I’m at right now, aiming to achieve things that after a year of NF progress my mind has accepted I cannot do. Well guess what: I can. So where does Shadowrun come in? Besides being one of my favourite RPG settings, of course. Well, FF7 might fit into the general groove of the challenge but it’s hard to relate with my actual goals. Shadowrun, on the other hand, competed for theme of this challenge (and several others before) but had no “bigger picture” to inspire me. Until I saw the above image, which made everything fall into place. FF7 has it all: An urban sprawl (Midgar), a megacorporation (Shinra) making profit by destroying the environment (draining the planet’s life force to produce electricity), eco-terrorism (AVALANCHE), cybernetic limbs (Barret’s arm), magic (Materia), dragons (Bahamut), you name it. Heck, even Cloud begins as a Shadowrunner, a mercenary infiltrating and blowing up megacorp property. It totally makes sense to combine them into a single challenge theme. Besides, it’s the Ranger way: when faced with dilemmas, say “why not both?” So this is the fictional tale of my Shadowrunning self and his team, inspired by characters of FF7. Also, thanks to continued inspiration by the mighty, mighty ShadowLion, I will be expanding beyond the 6 Week Challenge format like never before. My goals are not achievable within such a short timeframe, so the challenge will continue and evolve until I nail every single one of them. Just for the sake of S.M.A.R.T. goals, I’m setting a deadline for myself until the end of the year. Keeping it simple with 3 goals, plus whatever is added down the road via guild mini-challenges, accountabillibuddy groups and any other insane stunts you crazy people might drag me into. The Team Tifa Lockheart “Tifa is a physical adept. That means she’s Awakened (the Sixth World term for “Magically Active”) but her magic only affects herself. She uses it to enhance her physical, athletics and martial arts skills, allowing her to perform stunts you would only see in a trideo film. Let me tell you, seeing her fight is mesmerizing. Too bad when that happens, I’m usually busy dodging bullets or worse. When not on a mission, Tifa follows a strict eating, training and recovery regime. I assume it’s got something to do with her powers as well, because I’ve never seen her do the fancy casting show that mages and shamans normally put up. Despite her cheerful personality, that lifestyle comes out at times and she’s my harshest judge when I’m not at the peak of my performance. She never cuts me any slack and I love the way that pushes me to get better and better.” Goal: Get under my lowest weight ever (75,8 kg) How: Weigh myself at the box after every workout. Get the weekly average of that (thanks deftona!) and use calculator to determine my macros, set to Faster Weight loss and 50/50-75/25 carb/fat ratios. Buy groceries and batch cook during the weekend. Track macros on MyFitnessPal. Repeat until goal is met. Rewards: Upon reaching my weight loss goal, I shall reward myself with a proper post-workout supplement and begin the next step of this journey towards lean gains. Vincent Valentine “Nobody really knows the deal with Vincent. The only thing that’s certain is that he’s undead. Not in the zombie or vampire sense of the word, but rather because of the fact that he doesn’t seem to age. From what I’ve been able to piece together on him, he’s spent time as a lab rat, presumably under some super-soldier enhancement program. That would also explain the claw on his one hand, bet there’s probably some scar, burn or mutation he’s hiding underneath because he never removes it. I’m not certain if the experience left him thin and frail or if there’s a bit of elven blood in him, because he’s agile as a cat and a deadshot with firearms. Actually, he has it all. He’s the real deal, the complete package. He’s got strength, agility, brains, skills and an eternity to perfect them.” Goal: Achieve the final Crossfit moves I have been lacking. Muscle Up. Handstand Walk. Strict Handstand Pushups and proper, consecutive Double Unders. How: On training days, spend extra time at the box working on pull ups, dips, muscle up attempts and double unders. On active rest days at home, work on handstands and pushups (regular and handstand pushups) along with NF Yoga. Rewards: A piece of workout gear upon achieving either of the four moves. A Yoga mat after 6 consistent weeks of NF Yoga on rest days Cid Highwind “Cid fills our gap in the Matrix and drone area, but he’s first and foremost a wheelman. If it can be built, repaired, pulled apart, upgraded, driven, walked or flown, Cid’s your man. His weapon of choice is a lance, back from his motorcycle gang days but even that is a last resort compared to various weapons he’s got mounted on vehicles. Apparently Cid has undergone high profile pilot training and saves the nuyen he makes from runs for some super secret project of his. When it comes to spending money, I always check with him to make sure I’m not throwing it away.” Goal: Get a grip on finances and hit 200.000 Nyuen in pure savings How: Put up a balance sheet and track income and expenses, both current and expected in the near future. Update daily. Rewards: Flight tickets and accommodation for the Orte 2016 Spartan, once the plan shows I can afford them without upsetting my financial viability. If things go extremely well, I might throw buying a new motorcycle into the mix.
  6. Hey everyone! This will be my second challenge, and my first as an official member of the Rangers I’m taking things down a notch this time. As it happens, I am having both my pre-op procedure and first of two surgeries during these next 6 weeks. Nothing bad, I’m actually having my vision corrected. Unfortunately, I don’t qualify for Lasik or other laser corrective surgeries due to my awful vision and corneas, so my only option for correction is to have the ICL operation (implantable collamer lens). Due to policy and scheduling, my other eye isn’t getting done until November :/ I wish I could get Laser for ease of process, but this way I get to have BIONIC EYES (kind of…)! So, because of the awesome pseudo-bionic-ness, this is going to be a CYBERPUNK THEMED CHALLENGE!! Did I mention that this is only part 1 of 2? Here is the Tracker I'm using if you’re interested in checking out my stats I'm not counting Sept 7, as I only created this on the 8th _____________________________________ > LOCATION: Somewhere on the east coast > MISSION - LONG TERM: Be the most badass sass talking, hip checking, Derby skating, video gaming, motorcycle riding, soon-to-be bionic chick I can be via strength training, endurance training, and a healthier diet. Lower body fat percentage via food tracking in MFP. MISSION - SHORT TERM: Stay healthy over the next few months while I heal from both ICL procedures. Most exercise will have to take a seat on the back burner for a portion of it, focus is on eating healthy in combination with lower intensity exercises. > _____________________________________ > OBJECTIVE A: ENDURANCE - | 3 STA | 2 DEX | JUMP ROPE 3X PER WEEK FOR SET TIME - INCREASE BY 1 MIN EVERY WEEK 2PTS PER SESSION, 1PT LOST IF NOT DONE FOR FULL TIME Last challenge I set up a jump rope quest, which I will be continuing through this round. I think I’m going to start with 9min in week 0 so that I can officially start the challenge at 10min. > > OBJECTIVE B: NUTRITION - | 2 STA | 2 CON | 1 CHA | EAT SALAD 6X PER WEEK 100% = 6X/WK 75% = 4-5X/WK 50% = 3X/WK 25% = 1-2X/WK I really need to get more veggies in my life, but this step is huge for me. I’m well known as a salad hater amongst friends and family - I just do not find traditional (and the most common) versions appetizing or satiating. Well, I've decided I need to learn to like them to an extent - In preparation for this, I decided to do a bunch of googling and pinterest perusing. I found a good bunch of non-traditional salads: Most of them have leafy greens, some have pasta, and others incorporate chicken and egg, but they all have VEGGIES. I plan on making 1-2 varieties per week and sorting them into jars and tupperware; this way I can just grab them from the fridge without needing to prep. I will bring these to work for lunch. > > OBJECTIVE C: WATER CONSUMPTION - | 2 CON | 1 CHA | DRINK 64OZ OF WATER PER DAY DAILY LOG, WEEKLY PERCENTAGE Water is also something I need to work on consuming more of. In general, I just don’t drink much during the day - my boyfriend is constantly teasing me about it because it will take me hours to finish a drink. Most of what I do drink is not water, and that is what really needs to change. I am going to count green tea towards this goal in addition to plain water, and I will be tracking with Plant Nanny. > _____________________________________ > SIDE OBJECTIVE: | 1 CON | 1 CHA | NO SODA OR COFFEE FOR ENTIRE CHALLENGE + PASS/FAIL I find that I reach for and seek out soda and iced coffee in waves - I have gone days, weeks, and even months without one or both. Then, for whatever reason, I will drink them constantly: daily and more than once per day. It’s a waste of money and it’s not good for me or my stomach troubles. I need to break this cycle, so this quest will more than likely continue into future challenges... > _____________________________________ > OBSTACLES: -Mon, Sept 14 (Wk 1, Day 1): Pre-op procedure done on both eyes in preparation for surgery in early Oct & Nov. Not sure if I will be able to complete Quest A during this week, will adjust if necessary. -Mon, Oct 5 (Wk 4): ICL procedure done on left eye. Do not expect to be able to do much of anything this day, with follow up the next day. Will have to refrain from exercise, not sure for how long (will scale to account for this). Have to do food prep on the 4th (usually done every Sunday anyway). >
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