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Found 2 results

  1. Mike reporting in from the Metro Detroit area. I tried thinking up a good nickname to stay in theme, but I kept feeling like George Costanza when he tried assuming the nickname T-Bone at his new job and that didn't work out well for him. As it is I already go by my actual name (Game of Thrones-ized) for my multiple past attempts at blogging my fitness journey. After quitting smoking before my 30th Birthday I took up cycling to train for that year's MS150 (150 miles over 2 days) cycling fundraiser. That was my first foray into endurance sports (about 11 years ago). Since then I added running to my portfolio and have since completed numerous 5K/10K races, 4 Half Marathons and 2 Sprint Triathlons. By the end of the year I will have run my first 10 mile race (next weekend) and my 5th Half Marathon. In order to better incorporate Strength Training & Injury prevention, I'm beginning to incorporate Strength and Circuit Training Workouts into my weekly routine. While I'm not nicknaming myself for use on the forums here I generally use Game of Thrones-esque naming and nomenclature for use on social media and blogging (when I do it). I am a graphic designer at heart so I generally can't help myself when it comes to branding things I'm involved with (See exhibit A below). I look forward to the the upcoming 4 week challenge as I believe that will help keep things interesting going into the final weeks of training for my October Half Marathon.
  2. I'm pretty new to cycling, but this is not my first attempt to get into the sport. I was thinking it'd be nice to have a thread going here with a collection of our best cycling advice for the newbies! I'll start it off: Fit matters. Attempt 2.0 to get into cycling didn't start well. I was sold a horrendously undersized frame from a slick-talking salesman at a local bike shop. I adjusted the hell out of everything that could have been adjusted on that bike and no matter what it just felt wrong. Went back into the shop, they righted the wrong, and I can honestly say the difference is night and day. A bike is not necessarily comfortable, but it shouldn't be actively painful. That being said, it does feel weird at first. Especially if you're moving between bike styles (like...say, from a big steel beach cruiser to a road bike!) But don't be afraid to just ride. You might fall down. Get back up. There are jerks out there on the road. (Typically in cars, but pedestrians, dogs, and other cyclists can all apply.) Don't take it personally and do your best to ignore it. It probably wasn't about you anyways. Everyone said I had to get clipless shoes and pedals. I didn't want to. I'm riding with cages and toe straps, and you can call me a dork, and behind the times, whatever, all you want, but that works for me. If it ever stops working I'll be happy to try something else. I think that really sums it up. Cycling can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Go with what feels right to you. And the only way you find out what feels right is by getting out there and riding your bike.
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